France Attractions

Popular Attractions in France

1. Disneyland Paris

  • Disneyland Paris, the “magic kingdom” of entertainment for adults and children alike, is the most popular touristic attraction in Europe, with a record...

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2. Palace of Versailles

  • The Palace of Versailles is the largest royal domain in the world and an European symbol of absolutism. 20 km southwest of Paris, the edifice is considered...

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3. Disneyland Park

  • Disneyland Park is one of the two parks of Disneyland Paris. It is the largest entertainment park designed after the original Disney in USA, spanning 140...

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4. The Tuileries Garden

    Right next to the Louvre Museum spreads one of the first and most popular public gardens in Paris, the Tuileries Garden. 3000 chairs await for visitors...

5. Place de la Concorde

    Place de la Concorde is the largest and one of the most famous and scenic squares in Paris – both from a historical point of view and design-wise. The...

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6. Louvre Pyramid

  • The Louvre Pyramid is a modern steel and glass structure located right in the courtyard of the famous Louvre Museum. A rather recent addition to the royal...

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7. Père Lachaise Cemetery

    Right in the heart of Paris, the Père Lachaise Cemetery is one of the largest and most visited cemetery in the world. The 109 acre green “City of the...


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