South America Attractions


Most Popular Attractions in South America

1. The Futaleufú River

    The experience of a lifetime awaits you in Chilean Patagonia; climb into a raft, set off down the aqua-marine river and leave the rest behind. Welcome
  • Free
  • 257 Manuel Rodriguez, Futaleufú
  • Futaleufú River
  • Always open

2. Maracajaú

    Located on the northern coast of Natal, Maracajaú is known as the Caribbean of Brazil. The small fishing village is surrounded by natural scenery that
  • Free
  • Maracajaú - State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
  • Always open

3. Barra do Cunhaú

    Quaint fishing village, Barra do Cunhaú offers an authentic experience of Brazil’s North East coast with its glistening blue rivers, white sanded beaches
  • Free
  • Barra do Cunhaú - State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
  • Always open

4. Forte dos Reis Magos

    Enjoy a scenic drive along the coastal city beaches and visit the famous Forte dos Reis Magos on the Natal City and South coast tour. Includes: Hotel
  • Adults - 3 reais. Children under 5 and adults over 60 - Free
  • Rua Forte dos Réis Magos - Jardim Rodolfo Pirani, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil
  • 8am - 4:30pm


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