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18 Best Las Vegas Hotel Attractions

marija writer

If you could only stay at one hotel in Las Vegas, where would that be? It's pretty difficult to decide since this large city in Nevada has not just fascinating ...



13 Things To Do In Denver With The Kids

LizX writer

If you're in Denver and the younger members of the family are driving you mad, running round like little animals and you haven't got a clue what to do with them...



7 Amazing Chicago Things to do at Night

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Are you a bit bored in Chicago at night? Or not sure what to do in the evening? I had the same problem but after some research, we found some amazing activit...



10 Fun Things to do in LA at Night

LizX writer

Hold on and fasten your safety belt because you're about to go on a roller-coaster ride through America's most movie obsessed city! We're not pulling any stu...



9 Things to do in San Diego at Night

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Looking for things to do in San Diego at night? There are plenty of activities and attractions during normal hours, but what are the best places to visit at ...

Most Popular Attractions in USA

2. Atlantic City Aquarium

  • Adult $10 Child $6
  • Atlantic City Aquarium, North New Hampshire Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ, United States
  • Open daily 10am-5pm

3. Central Park

  • Central Park is a place that changes with the seasons, provides entertainment in the most unexpected ways, and can make you lose hours searching for the...

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5. San Antonio Zoo

  • The San Antonio Zoo is located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. One of the first “cageless” zoos in the United States, it has a long history of...

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6. Dallas Museum of Art

  • The Dallas Museum of Art offers a comprehensive collection of artworks from across the globe. The 22,000 pieces in the permanent collection cover eras...
Family at Maui Ocean Center

8. Maui Ocean Center

  • In beautiful Ma‘alaea, Hawaii, the Maui Ocean Center is a must see for any marine life connoisseur seeking adventure. Coral World International opened...

10. Woodland Park Zoo

  • Washington state’s largest collection of live animals resides in a wooded setting just north of the city’s center. The Woodland Park Zoo displays animals...

13. H2Oasis Indoor Water Park

  • Adult $24.99 Child $19.99
  • H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark, O'Malley Road, Anchorage, AK, United States
  • Fri 3pm-8pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-7pm

14. Space Needle

  • Visitors consider Seattle’s Space Needle a “can’t miss” attraction, mainly because you pretty much actually can’t miss it. The 600-foot tower...

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15. Pier Six Pavilion

  • Vary depending on shows
  • Pier Six Pavilion, Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD, United States
  • Time vary depending on shows

16. Clark Planetarium

  • Vary depending on shows
  • Clark Planetarium, 400 West, Salt Lake City, UT, United States
  • Sun-Wed 10:30 am-7pm, Thu 10:30am-10pm, Fri-Sat 10:30 am-11pm

17. Dallas World Aquarium

  • Adult $20.95 + tax, Child $14.95 + tax
  • The Dallas World Aquarium, North Griffin Street, Dallas, TX, United States
  • Daily 10am-5pm
  • 2

18. Mall of America

  • It’s a shopping mall that is also a tourist attraction. Each year, millions of people visit the Mall of America, located in the Minneapolis suburb...

21. Pike Place Market

  • Located in the south part of downtown Seattle, near the waterfront, the Pike Place Market features some nine acres of stands selling market-fresh natural...

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22. Richard H. Driehaus Museum

    The Richard H. Driehaus Museum offers visitors an intriguing view of one of the few remaining examples of the opulent homes erected by the wealthy of America’s...

23. Scarborough Renaissance Festival

    The Scarborough Renaissance Festival pays tribute to the public festivals of 16th century England. Employees dress in period costume and customers often...

24. The Alamo

  • Since its defining event in 1836, the Alamo has occupied a nearly indisputable position as Texas’ most iconic historical site. Soon after the Alamo...

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27. Miller Outdoor Theatre

    Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park is unique in the United States, offering an eight month season of professional, artistically-excellent...

28. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

  • The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden covers eleven acres of urban parkland with some 40 pieces of three-dimensional artwork. A joint project of the adjacent...

30. Japanese Tea Garden

    The Japanese Tea Garden is located near the San Antonio Zoo. Created before World War II, the sign erected after the war reads “Chinese Tea Garden,”...

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