Los Cabos is located on the southern tip of Baja California. You’ll find many sandy beaches and desert landscapes, perfect for a family holiday. On land, there are activities like ziplining and horse riding. Or, jump in the water at a swimmable beach, go snorkeling, or join a whale-watching cruise. We’ll also highlight the best area to stay. Keep reading to discover all the best things to do in Los Cabos with your family!

1. Wild Canyon Adventures

Wild Canyon Park is heaven for adventurers. It offers endless fun for kids (minimum age 4 years) and adults. Buy your Wild Canyon Park Pass and have access to all the activities. Choose between bungee jumping and a giant swing for a real adrenaline rush. Try a fun 4-wheel ride on the UTVs or ATVs. To connect with nature, try calmer activities like camel riding, hiking, and trekking. Or, meet the animals of the Park’s Sanctuary. It’s really a perfect place to spend an exciting and fulfilling day in Los Cabos with your family.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 9am-6pm
  • Prices: Pass from $209 USD
  • Address: Carretera Federal Libre Transpenisular, Cabo San Lucas-San José del Cabo KM, Cabo Real, 23405 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico

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2. Whale Watching

If you visit Los Cabos between December and March, don’t miss the opportunity to see whales. These magnificent animals migrate to the warm waters of Baja Peninsula to give birth. You’ll have a chance to see humpback, grey, minke, and sei whales. Take a 2-hour boat tour with a marine biologist guide. Alternatively, book a whale-watching cruise that includes lunch and an open bar. You can also combine it with other activities like snorkeling. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a truly unique and unforgettable experience!

  • Prices: from $60 USD
  • Tour Duration: 2-4 hours

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3. Snorkelling

Some areas of Los Cabos are simply perfect for snorkeling. Swim in between crystal waters, secluded coves, and colored corals. Explore Los Cabos versatile marine life. There are plenty of snorkeling tours to choose from. The Reef Snorkelling Course is great for families and includes lunch and an open bar. You can also opt for luxury yacht sails. For true adventurers, choose a fun kayaking and snorkeling tour.

  • Prices: from $45 USD
  • Tour Duration: 2-5 hours

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4. Ziplining

If you’ve never tried ziplining, visiting Los Cabos is a perfect opportunity for that. In Canopy Costa Azul, you can fly high above scenic green lands. You can experience the thrill of ziplining through canyons and desert landscapes. Wild Canyon Adventures also offers great ziplining. Since most ziplines are outside of the city, many excursions include transportation. So, ziplining can turn into a fun family day trip. And it will surely be an exciting and memorable one!

  • Prices: from $79 USD
  • Tour Duration: 3-6 hours

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5. ATV Tours

Taking an ATV Tour is a great way to discover hidden parts of Los Cabos. Not to mention it’s incredibly fun and exciting. Drive your own ATV through the desert and secluded beaches. Explore all of the area’s natural wonders. G-force Adventures is one company that offers great deals for families. You can also learn all about it from an expert guide. And your kids will undoubtedly love it!

  • Prices: from $65 USD
  • Tour Duration: 2-5 hours

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6. Horse Riding

Another way of exploring the beautiful surroundings of Los Cabos is by horseback riding. Take a horseback tour of the Migrino Desert and el Pozo de Cota. Or, explore hidden places on the spectacular Pacific Coast during the sunset. Most tours last for a couple of hours. It’s something you simply have to experience – you’ll connect with nature in a new and unique way. Moreover, its a kid-friendly activity so it’s ideal for a family day out.

  • Prices: from $60 USD
  • Tour Duration: 2-5 hours

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7. Arch of Cabo San Lucas

One of the things that Cabo San Lucas is world-known for is El Arco. It’s a stunning natural rock formation in the Land’s End, on the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas. When you’re close enough, you can take amazing pictures as the arch frames the sea and the sky. To visit the Arch, you can book a water taxi from the Marina. Or even better, you can book a boat tour and visit all the other attractions as well. It’s a great choice for families who want to take it easy and also learn about the geography of Los Cabos.

  • Tour Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Address: Land’s End, Cabo San Lucas, 23410

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8. Lover’s Beach 

Lover’s Beach (Playa de Amor) is one of the most stunning beaches in Los Cabos. Golden sands, the Sea of Cortez, and limestone rock formations create perfect scenery. With reasonably calm waters, it’s one of the swimmable beaches in the area. It’s also why it’s called Lover’s Beach – opposed to Divorce Beach with dangerous, turbulent waters. There’s plenty to do on Lover’s Beach, from snorkeling and swimming to simply relaxing with your family. The beach can be reached by boat, so there are numerous boat tours to choose from. You can opt for the Glass Bottom Boat tour or a package including lunch and an open bar. Regardless of what you choose, fun is guaranteed!

  • Tour Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Address: Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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9. Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach is nestled along the beautiful secluded cove. It has a calm and serene atmosphere, unlike some other Cabo San Lucas beaches. It’s also a protected marine sanctuary. The waters of Santa Maria Beach are calm, so it’s a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling. You can take the snorkeling tour from the Marina to visit it. Alternatively, you can reach it by car or bus. It’s definitely a great choice if you want to enjoy calm waters and the Mexican sun.

  • Tour Durations: 2-4 hours
  • Address: Along Tourist Corridor, between Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo

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10. Medano Beach

Medano Beach is the longest swimmable beach in Cabo San Lucas. It’s also the liveliest one – essentially, it’s where all the fun and action happens. Besides swimming, you can try water sports and fun beach activities. Try snorkeling, volleyball, kayaking, or paddle boarding. There are also many restaurants and cafes along the beach. And if this vibrant area is to your liking, you can stay at the amazing Hotel Riu Palace. It’s a family-friendly beachfront hotel offering a variety of all-inclusive activities.

  • Best Hotel: Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas
  • Address: Camino Vieja a San José, Cabo San Lucas, 23410

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11. Chileno Beach (Playa Chileno)

Chileno Beach is one of the most beautiful swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas. Although it’s popular, it’s still less crowded than Medano Beach. With its pristine sand and rocky outcrops, it offers a serene, natural atmosphere. Its coral reefs ensure a fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving experience. And since it’s located in the Tourist Corridor, you can easily reach it. The Chileno Bay Resort is a great choice for families as it provides spacious suites and villas.

  • Best Hotel: Chileno Bay Resort & Residences
  • Address: Carretera Transpeninsular San Jose-San Lucas Km. 15 Playa Chileno Bay, 23410 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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12. San Jose Estuary (Estero San José)

The perfect place to truly connect with nature is San Jose Estuary. Situated in San Jose del Cabo, this unique wetland has an abundance of wildlife. The Estuary is home to more than 200 bird species. Take a bird-watching and guided walking tour to make the most out of it. You can also explore the area by bicycle, or even on horseback. If you’re a nature lover, San Jose Estuary is an essential destination for a family day trip.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Tour Duration: 2-6 hours
  • Address: Blvd. Antonio Mijares s/n, Campo de Golf Fonatur, 23400 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico

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Where to Stay in Los Cabos

There are three main areas that most travelers visit in Los Cabos. Cabo San Lucas, Tourist Corridor, and San Jose del Cabo. Each district has its own vibes, but more importantly, there are plenty of luxurious resorts. To find out more about this area, check our guide on Where to Stay in Los Cabos: Best Areas Near the Beach.

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What are the most adventurous things to do in Los Cabos?

Visit Wild Canyon Adventures and try a variety of adventurous things.

With the Wild Canyon Park Pass, you’ll have access to all the activities.

You can choose from bungee jumping, ziplining, ATV rides, camel riding, and much more.

Some Los Cabos beaches like Medano Beach also offer plenty of adventurous activities.

Parasailing, surfing, and paddleboarding are only some of the fun options.

What’s the best swimmable beach in Los Cabos?

The best swimmable beach in Los Cabos is Medano Beach.

It’s a long, sandy beach and a favorite tourist destination.

It’s very lively and it offers plenty of things to do including water sports.

If you’re searching for a calmer beach, visit the stunning Lover’s Beach.

It’s surrounded by scenic rock formations and it’s reachable by boat.

What’s the best thing to do for families with infants?

Families with infants can opt for short boat tours or whale-watching excursions.

Choose a boat cruise on a larger, more comfortable catamaran.

You can visit some of the beaches like Lover’s Beach and Chileno Beach.

You can also find your spot on Medano Beach.

The beach is convenient for families with infants because it’s close to the center.

It’s also lined with restaurants, bars, and hotels.

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