The mountainous island of Phuket has some of the most beautiful – and popular – beaches in Thailand. 

The beach area is home to a multitude of seafront resorts, restaurants, and spas. 

Choose from a wide range of family-friendly activities in and around the beach. 

Away from the beach, there a lot more sights you can explore with your loved ones.

Experience the warm hospitality of the Thai as you explore the temples and go around this fascinating city. 

Ready to discover the best things you can do with your family in Phuket, Thailand? 

1. Sea Cave Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay

Explore the natural wonders of Phang Nga Bay by kayaking with your whole family. 

The bay is also known as Ao Phang Nga National Park, between Phuket Island and the Thailand mainland.

Discover the beauty of its sheer limestone cliffs, small islands, and mangrove forests. 

Take a peek at the limestone caves and stunning hidden lagoons discovered in 1989 by John Gray, the godfather of sea kayaking.

An experienced guide will guide you through the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of Phang Nga Bay.

Enjoy the day onboard hand-made kayaks which are specially designed to keep you and your family completely safe. 

What makes this a wonderful experience for you and your family?

  • Safely explore limestone sea caves and hidden cliffs with an experienced guide. 
  • Enjoy a wonderful Thai buffet lunch and buffet dinner with your loved ones.
  • Float your own self-made flower “krathong” in a magnificent natural light performance. 
  • Learn about the nature and geological details of Phang Nga Bay.

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2. Phang Nga Bay by Traditional Chinese Junk

See the beauty of Phang Nga Bay in a luxurious and unforgettable boat ride.

This full day lunch cruise takes place on the June Bahtra, a traditional Chinese junk boat.

Enjoy this unique experience with the whole family!

The relaxing journey takes you from Phuket to Phang Nga Bay in a scenic journey.

See the stunning sights from the water, as well as native wildlife in their natural habitat. 

This small group tour ensures that you and your loved ones will enjoy personalized service. 

It includes a professional and knowledgeable guide and return hotel transfers. 

What makes this traditional Chinese junk lunch cruise the perfect tour for your family?

  • Visit the famous James Bond Island where you can swim with the whole family.
  • Explore the mangrove forests, and then venture into a cave for further adventures.
  • Make a stop at a fascinating sea gypsy village.
  • Afterwards, you and your loved ones can savor the sumptuous Thai buffet lunch onboard the June Bahtra. 

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3. James Bond Island Canoe Tour

Get ready to see one of the most famous Phang Nga Bay attractions – James Bond Island.

This famous landmark got its name from being inluded in the James Bond film, “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

Sheer limestone cliffs rising out of the emerald-green water make this place a riveting sight. 

Enjoy seeing native wildlfe in their natural environment with your family.

Your experienced guide will show you where the most riveting sights are located. 

The guide can also take pictures of you and your family for awesome souvenirs of this adventure. 

Includes round-trip hotel transfers for your family’s complete convenience. 

What are the highlights of this tour for your family?

  • Pass through a mangrove forest and a breathtaking forest system while canoeing with a professional crew. 
  • See James Bond Island’s jungle-dotted cliffs more closely. 
  • Take your family swimming or sunbathing at Lawa Island’s picturesque sandy beach.
  • This family-friendly tour also includes a delicious buffet lunch on the boat.

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4. Phi Phi Island Speedboat Tour

Start your day in the best way possible with this sunrise tour from Phuket via speedboat.

This unforgettable adventure is worth the early wake-up up time for the whole family! 

This getaway takes you far from the bustling energy and noise of the city. 

Enjoy a relaxing full day at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, in Phi Phi Island.

This family-friendly tour is designed for small groups for a more personalized experience. 

Feel re-energized by the island’s vivid green mountains, and soft white sand. 

Explore the crystal clear waters and go snorkeling with your loved ones!

What are the best parts of this full-day tour?

  • Visit the stunning Maya Bay, featured in the movie “The Beach”.
  • Go snorkeling at Bamboo Island and Pileh Lagoon.
  • Explore Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, and Loh Samah Bay.
  • Enjoy a light breakfast plus lunch (Thai or western-style) in a beachfront restaurant.

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5. Snorkeling in Koh Rok

Take the whole family to a spectacular snorkeling tour to the twin islands of Koh Rok.

These islands are part of the Mu Loh Lanta Marine National Park, featuring magnificent underwater ecosystems. 

While snorkeling here, you and your family may see sea turtles and moray eels. 

Get the glimpse at the renowned Phi Phi islands on your way to Koh Rok. 

First anchor stop is at Koh Rok Nok where the stunning beaches are almost deserted. 

Next, explore Koh Rok Nai with its outstanding snorkeling options, and a waterfall active only during the rainy season. 

What makes this tour special for the whole family?

  • Enjoy a world-class speedboat trip from Phuket, provided by Siam Adventure World. 
  • Relax and unwind on the fantastic beaches away from huge tourist crowds.
  • Go on an unforgettable snorkeling adventure and discover the area’s rich marine ecosystem.
  • Have a leisurely picnic lunch with you family on a shady dining area in the National Park ranger station. 

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6. Ultimate Island-Hopping Adventure

Why go to just one island, when you can explore 6 of them in one day?

Treat your family to this deluxe island hopping tour onboard a speedboat from Phuket. 

Spend 45 minutes relaxing on the beach and snorkeling in Koh Khai, where you can also see 12 exotic tropical fish types. 

Next, venture to Koh Yao Yai to chill on the beach before going to a private restaurant for a Thai-style lunch. 

Pass by Mosquito Island to take photos, on your way to the breathtaking Bamboo Island.

This heart-shaped island is surrounded by a strip of white sand, while the center features lush vegetation. 

Cruise around Phi Phi Leh and get a glimpse of Maya Beach.

Afterwards, snorkel or swim in Pileh Lagoon while being surrounded by majestic limestone cliffs. 

From the boat, see the Viking Cave and the monkeys running on Monkey Beach.

Check out the bustling center of Phi Phi as you explore the shops and restaurants in Phi Phi Don. 

What makes this tour enjoyable for the whole family?

  • Travel by speedboat to see some of the most beautiful sights from the water.
  • Spend time relaxing on the beach or swimming in crystal clear waters. 
  • Go snorkeling with the familyand see the rich marine life, with snorkel gear included in the tour. 
  • A light breakfast and Thai-style lunch is included to keep you and your loved ones energized throughout the day. 

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7. Phuket Tuk-Tuk City Tour

See the wonderful southern side of Phuket by going on an excitin tuk-tuk ride!

This will surely be a memorable experience for you and your family. 

The tuk-tuk is a 3-wheeled auto rickshaw used as urban transportation in Thailand. 

It can accommodate up to 4 people, and provides a unique yet very convenient way of going around the city. 

The starting point of this tuk-tuk tour is Karon Beach, which is probably the most family-friendly area in Phuket. 

Get ready to see the most scenic spots and make special memories on this tuk-tuk ride with your family. 

What are the best parts of this tuk-tuk tour for your family?

  • Stop at Karon View point and gaze at jaw-dropping views over Karon and Kata beaches from your elevated vantage point. 
  • Next, explore the shops or swim at one of the most gorgeous beaches in Phuket, Nai Harn Beach. 
  • Moving on, see breahtaking views from the Windmill Viewpoint and explore Yanui Beach’s rocky outcrops.
  • Make a stop at Phuket’s southern tip, Promthep Cape. 

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8. Big Buddha

Experience the magnificence of the Big Buddha up close with your family. 

It is one ofthe most revered and popular landmarks in Phuket. 

The gigantic structure is situated on a virgin rainforest on top of the city of Phuket. 

From a distance, the Big Buddha is an impressive structure. 

Upon closer inspection, the Burmese white marble structure is simply spectacular. 

Enjoy the stunnng views form this soaring vantage point. 

Choose from several options of exploring this awe-inspiring landmark.

What are the ways to enjoy the Phuket Big Buddha with your family?

  • Take advantage of the high vantage point and take as many photos as you want with your family.
  • Check out the smaller brass Buddha on the same location, dedicated to the Queen of Thailand. 
  • Go on a climb with your family to the Buddha’s feet to take in the stunning 360-degree views and the relaxing atmosphere. 

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9. Wat Chalong Temple

Wat Chalong is the most important of Phuket’s 29 Buddhist temples. 

This temple is also the most visited and largest of the temples in the city.

It was built as a dedication to 2 abbotts who assisted during the Tin Miner’s Rebellion. 

Check out the abbotts’ gold leaf-covered statues inside the temple with your family.

Thai tourists often visit to receive lucky numbers or to make decisions. 

This is due to the stories about the abbotts and thier magical abilities. 

What makes the Wat Chalong a great attraction for your family?

  • A sightseeing tour to Wat Chalong will give you a chance to learn more about Buddhism.
  • Check out the fascinating 3-storey complex which is filled with Buddha statues.
  • Climb all the way to the top floor, where a terrace offers amazing views of the temple grounds. 

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10. Wat Phra Thong Temple

Discover a riveting legend with your family in one of Phuket’s Buddhist temples.

Wat Phra Thong is renowned for the Buddha statue which is half-buried in its grounds.

It is said to be one of the city’s oldest temples. 

The half-buried golden Buddha is said to be untouchable.

According to legend, anyone who tried to pull it out of the ground has been cursed. 

Seeing the holy image, a monk on a pilgrimage had an idea to build a temple around the half-buried structure. 

Nowadays, Wat Phra Thong is a spiritual center for the local communities. 

What makes this landmark an ideal attraction for your family?

  • Learn about the enthralling legend of the half-buried Buddha on the temple grounds. 
  • Explore the buildings with their fascinating and colorful features. 
  • Check out the museum with interesting historical items donated by locals. 

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11. Hanuman World

The whole family will love this thrilling adventure in Phuket.

Hanuman World is a state-of-the-art zipline course designed for adventurers of all ages. 

It features 16 ziplines, two spiral staircases, and seveal sky bridges & rappels.

This atraction also boasts of a roller, which is an exciting ride that runs through the entire park. 

You and your family will be assisted by highly-trained staff for your complete safety & enjoyment. 

This small group tour ensures that you and your family will enjoy personalized service. 

What are the highlights of this tour for your family?

  • Enjoy spectacular aerial views as you go through the zipline courses.
  • Choose from several options, depending on the number of courses your family wants to enjoy. 
  • A Thai lunch is included in this tour. 

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12. Painting Class with a Local Artist

Unleash your artistic side with this painting class for the whole family. 

This riveting painting workshop is led by an experienced local artist. 

Spend a few hours away from the bustling tourist attractions, in a more relaxed setting.

You can paint either in the artist’s shop, or have your art supplies set up on the nearby beach. 

This is a fun bonding activity for family members regardless of age.

It is also a wonderful chance for you to support a local artist. 

What can you look forward to on this family-friendly acivity?

  • All painting equipment and supplies will be provided for the workshop.
  • You can choose from acrylic, portrait, or abstract styles of painting. 
  • The artist will then guide you and your family to doing your own art pieces. 
  • You can even have your own painting spot on the beach!

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13. Surfing in Kata Beach

Have you always wanted to try your hand at surfing?

This is one of the best places to learn how to surf with your family!

The sandy-bottomed Kata Beach is ideal for first-time surfers.

Even the current and the waves are great for newbie surfers of all ages. 

Alternatively, this beach can also be enjoyed by surfers of all skill levels.

The surf school is composed of a team of local surfers with several years of teaching and surfing experience. 

What makes this an awesome activity for your family?

  • The instructors will teach you and your family how to surf first on the beach. 
  • This first part dedicated to learning how to control your body on a surfboard will take about 15 minutes. 
  • Next, the instructor will guide you to the water and help you find your balance on the board.
  • Your family will also learn more techniques to make the most out of your surfing experience. 

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14. Old Phuket Town Walking Tour

The Old Phuket Town area gives you and your family a glimpse into the city’s captivating history.

It was constructed on the riches from the city’s tin boom during the last century. 

As such,this is where you will see mansions where the tin barons of Phuket once lived. 

Stroll around and gaze at the eye-catching Buddhist and Chinese temples.

Alternatively, you can also check out the lovingly-preserved shophouses in the area.

Soak in the rich heritage and culture of Phuket in the Old Town with your loved ones!

What makes the Old Town an ideal place for families to explore?

  • It has private and public museums which you can explore with the whole family.
  • Old Phuket Town is small enough to be fully explored by walking, without wearing out the feet of all family members.
  • The area has several cafes and restaurants where you can have snacks or refreshments. 

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15. Buffet Dinner Cruise

Enjoy the evening with a buffet cruise designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. 

Take in the magnificent view from the water on this Tong Talay Cruise. 

A welcome drink and snack on the upper desk awaits you and your family when you go onboard.

You will also be given a safety briefing before the cruise starts.

During the cruise, you will pass by Phang Nga Bay and Panak Island.

The dinner has everything for all members of the family, including international and Thai dishes.  

In addition, hotel pickup & drop-off are included for your family’s convenience. 

What are the best parts of this cruise?

  • Enjoy the spectacular scenery with your family as you cruise on the Andaman Sea. 
  • Savor the sumptuous dinner, served buffet-style. 
  • After dinner, a traditional Thai dance & cabaret performance is presented.
  • Finally, feel the magic with the whole family as you watch the fantastic fireworks in the middle of the night. 

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16. Phuket Off Road by Mountain Bike

There is more to Phuket than its beautiful sandy beaches. 

Alternatively, you can do the exploration on land with your family. 

Get ready to enjoy a few hours of biking with your loved ones. 

You can begin with a warm-up ride along Bang Neaw Dam.

You can follow this with a short stroll to check out a small waterfall. 

Then, you and your family will get to see rubber plantations and scenic fields. 

Next, cycle through the woods and over a hill, towards a lake. 

Finally, take a brief trip through eucalyptus trees before the adventure ends. 

What makes this a great way to spend time with the family?

  • The cross-country bike ride is an amazing way to enjoy stunning scenery.
  • Also, you will see less-explored spots with your loved ones. 
  • It is also a great way to exercise with your family while you’re on vacation. 

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17. Zorbing in Phuket

Ready for some exciting spills and thrills with the family?

Zorbing is one of the most fun activities you can do in Phuket. 

It involves rolling down a hill whle inside a giant plastic ball.

As such, you can imagine how exciting this is for family members of all ages.

Incidentally, this attraction overlooks one of the city’s famous beaches to offer great views. 

Get ready to bounce and roll down the hill in the most enjoyable way!

What can you expect from this fun Phuket activity?

  • Get inside the flexible plastic ball with a family member.
  • Afterwards, the ball is gently pushed to safely roll down a hill.
  • You will get wet inside the ball, but you will surely have lots of fun! 

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18. Thai Cooking Class

Thai cuisine offers some of the most flavorful dishes in the world. 

Also, this cuisine as some of the healthiest ingredients and cooking methods.

Why not go for a Thai cooking lesson with the whole family?

You will learn how to prepare traditional Thai dishes in a friendly kitchen. 

In addition, you will also be given a recipe book with the dishes you prepare in class.

This is a small group tour for a more personalized experience. 

It is a family-friendly activity designed to be enjoyed by all ages. 

What are the highlights of this Thai cooking class?

  • The activity starts with a trip to the market to pick up fresh ingredients. 
  • Next, you will learn how tio cook traditional Thai food and recreate it once you get home. 
  • Finally, get to enjoy the meals you prepare with your family!
  • Alternatively, you can bring home the food you can’t finish. 

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19. Food Tasting Tour

This tour will show you why Phuket was crowned by UNESCO as “City of Gastronomy” in 2017.

Also, you will discover why this tour was voted on TripAdvior as Phuket’s top rated food experience. 

This small group tour is perfect for your family to enjoy a personalized activity. 

First, your guide will introduce you to local ingredients that go into the most flavorful Thai dishes. 

In addition, a trip to the market will also expose you to sumptuous delicacies. 

Feast on tasty morsels such as samosas, fresh spring rolls, and meat skewers in satay sauce. 

Finally, your family will gain a deeper appreciation for delectable Phuket dishes at the end of this tour. 

What are the most enjoyable parts of this tour for your family?

  • Try out delicious snacks, such as spiced rice cooked in banana leaves and freshly-cooked naan.
  • Next, see exotic fruits and vegetables when you go to the outdoor market. 
  • Try out bowls of tasty Hokkien noodles in a decades-old restaurant. 
  • Finally, have some tempting sweet drinks and icy desserts to cap off this culinary adventure. 

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20. Night Market Tour

Phuket’s night markets offer a captivating way for your family to get to know the city. 

Also, these night markets can be enjoyed without the searing daytime heat. 

You and your family will have a wonderful time at these night markets’ festive air. 

Interstingly, a different night market is featured every night. 

You and your family will have a more personalized experience with this small group tour. 

In addition, you will have time to explore the night market at your own pace. 

What markets can you explore on this tour? 

  • Explore the high-end shopping mall Central Phuket Floresta on Mondays, while Tuesdays are for the G-Market and its food stalls.
  • On the other hand, you will go to the lively Indy Market on Wednesdays, while Thursdays & Fridays are for visiting the large-scale Chiva Market. 
  • Meanwhile, on Saturdays, you will visit the Phuket Town Weekend Market – the largest night market in Old Town. 
  • Finally, the Sunday Market is the most popular one where people gather to check out the multitude of attractions. 

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21. A-Maze Garden

Phuket’s A-Maze Garden will test you and our loved ones’ directional skills.

This hedge maze was designed by the world-renowned maze designer, Adrian Fisher.

Take a break from the city’s temples and beaches, and take your family to this unique attraction instead. 

It is a fun activity which will surely be enjoyed by family members of all ages.

In addition, the leafy mazes provide scenic backdrops for taking the best photos.

Similarly, you might want to visit the Upside Down House which is situated on the same property. 

What are the highlights of this family-friendly attraction?

  • You can test your orientation skills while trying to navigate the maze.
  • Alternatively, you can challenge your loved ones to race to the finish!
  • You will have fun – and a lot of laughs – while trying to keep your bearings in the intricate maze. 
  • Enjoy snacks and refreshments at the onsite cafe to recharge your energy after the maze.

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22. Phuket ATV Tour

Explore the rugged beauty of Phuket by land with an ATV tour. 

You and your family will have a thrilling time driving through dense jungle areas!

First, safety instructions will be given before the 2-hour ride. 

Get ready to get down and dirty with the elements throughout this adventure.

But don’t worry as helmets are provided for your family’s convenience and safety. 

In addition, your instructors will guide you through the ride’s bumpier portions.

What can you expect from this exciting tour?

  • Prepare for a thrilling ride through dense jungle areas on a 4-wheel drive ATV.
  • Next, pass through rubber tapping plantations and insect-eating plants.
  • See some of the unexplored areas of Phuket, far away from the tourist path. 
  • Finally, enjoy the provided refreshing snacks and drinks after the ATV tour. 

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23. Upside Down House

The Upside Down House is a must-visit attraction in Phuket for families.

All family members will have loads of fun in this one-of-a-kind place.

Moreover, it will literally turn your world upside down!

You will be greeted by the mind-boggling exterior – a pink house standing on its roof.

Specifically, this life-sized optical illusion features everything in an upside down manner. 

Prepare to be disoriented – but only in the most fun ways possible. 

What are the highlights of this family-friendly Phuket attraction? 

  • See items which are suppoed to be on the ground, firmly planted on the ceiling.
  • Similarly, you and your family will feel like you are turned upside down!
  • Friendly staff can suggest the best ways to take your photos. 
  • Check out the magnificent A-Maze Garden view from the 3rd floor windows.

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You and your family are in for an exciting escapade in Phuket’s newest tourist attraction. 

TRIBHUM: The Mystical Three Worlds is the first 3D walk-through adventure theme park in the world.

To illustrate, it will transport you to a fantasy world filled with a famous Asian legend.

Similarly, the creative storytelling will take your family to places you’ve only dreamed about. 

The theme park uses interactive 3D technology to make the adventure seem as lifelike as possible. 

Truly, it is one of the best man-made attractions in Thailand. 

What are the highlights of this family-friendly attraction?

  • The Magic Forest is a beyond-imaginary world filled with mythical creatures and obstacles for adventurers.
  • On the other hand, the Silver Mountain features an animated virtual search competition for the elixir water.
  • Finally, the Underwater World has a flying 4D theater as well as an adventure cruise for the whole family. 

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25. Splash Jungle Water Park

Escape the Phuket heat with a family trip to the Splash Jungle Waterpark. 

It is the largest waterpark in the city offfering a multitude of entertainment options. 

Relax or enjoy a heart-pumping activity with your family – the choice is yours!

First, have a leisurely ride down the lazy river to relax your mind while cooling off.

Alternatively, zip through the thrilling rides for an adrenaline rush.

Every family member will have something fun to do in this Phuket attraction. 

What are the best parts for families in this attraction ?

  • A family raft ride allows children to sit beside their parents as the raft turns, twists, and drops quickly over surprising edges. 
  • Enjoy the body and tube slides in single or double tubes, which are ideal for family members riding together. 
  • Meanwhile, the waterslides come in various heights to cater to different ages. 
  • In addition, the aqua spray park offers fun as it educates about the effects of water and its movements. 

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26. Phuket Trickeye Museum

Check out this must-visit Phuket attraction for the whole family!

The Phuket Trickeye Museum is an interactive attraction designed to stimulate your imagination.

Its permanent collection and temporary installations are aimed at unleashing your creativity. 

In fact, you and your family can literally enter the pictures and exhibits.

This is made possible by using optical illusion to make it seem like objects are in 3D. 

As such, you and your family can interact with these images in their three-dimensional versions. 

What are the fun things to do in this family-friendly attraction? 

  • Pretend to be a part of the most fascinating & funniest exhibits.
  • Next, test your imagination by coming up with the most creative and entertaining poses.
  • Finally, take lots of photos with you and your loved ones with the 3D images.

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27. Authentic Thai Massage

It’s time to give your body a rest from all the island hopping and temple visiting. 

In this case, treat ourself and your loved ones to a relaxing massage!

Mookda Authentic Thai Spa is one of the best places to get a soothing Thai massage. 

The spa uses the power of natural herbal ingredients to ease your body pains.

In addition, they use ancient healing techniques for reinvigorating your body and mind. 

Finaly, a peaceful atmosphere contributes to a relaxing experience for the whole family. 

What are the advantages of this spa experience?

  • The peaceful surroundings help with calming a stressed mind and body. 
  • In addition, the invigorating techniques can make your skin look supple and revitalized.
  • Finally, the spa treatments are designed to soothe body aches for the ultimate relaxation. 

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28. Elephant Jungle Sanctuaries

Spend time watching elephants with your family, the ethical way. 

This half-day tour takes you and your loved ones to an ethically-run elephant sanctuary. 

First, get to the park early in the morning to beat the huge crowds.

The early morning schedule lets you see the elephants as they are most active.

Next, an English-speaking guide will share the cultural and natural history of elephants. 

Mots importantly, the elephants in this park are not used for entertainment purposes, and are truly cared for.

What makes this a great experience for families? 

  • Get to watch the elephants in a safe and ethical environment. 
  • Similarly, learn about the initiatives and projects that enable the elephants to forage and walk in the forests naturally.
  • Watch the animals socializing with each other, free from painful tourist carrying tasks. 

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29. Gibbon Rehabilitation Center

Take the whole family to an attraction whose main goal is to rehabilitate animals.

The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project is on a mission to return gibbons back to the wild after rehabilitating them. 

Similarly, you and your family will learn about Thailand’s serious problem with gibbon poaching.

To illustrate, poachers take gibbons from the jungle and parade them around tourist areas such as bars.

Sadly, the beautiful creatures are often badly mistreated by their owners. 

You can help the center’s mission by not supporting the gibbon handlers that let you take pictures of the creatures in exhange for money. 

Watch the gibbons in the rehabilitation center from a viewing platform, as petting is not allowed. 

What will your family learn at the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center? 

  • Learn how gibbons are rescued from being used as illegal photo props, where they are often mistreated by their handlers.
  • In addition, see how the gibbons are encouraged to socialise normally with other gibbons.
  • Discover how the gibbons are rehabilitated in preparation for their release back in the wild. 

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30. Tiger Kingdom

Get up close and personal with a tiger in this family-friendly attraction in Phuket.

Tiger Kingdom is home to over 60 tigers, with the number expected to grow along with a successful breeding program. 

Here, the big cats live in a comfortable and safe environment where they are well taken care of. 

The proceeds from visitors go to the continuous care and upkeep of the animals. 

An animal encounter usually lasts for around 10 minutes with the big cat of your choosing.

This attraction also offers photography services so your family’s amazing moments with the majestic tiger can be captured profesionally. 

What are the best parts of the Tiger Kingdom tour?

  • Choose an animal you want to take a photo with for your animal encounter.
  • Also, you can get a souvenir photo (for a fee) with a newborn tiger along with a free tiger stuffed toy.
  • Finally, have a snack or refreshing drinks in the restaurant while watching the tigers.

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31. Phuket FantaSea

You will enjoy this magical nighttime Phuket attraction with your loved ones! 

Phuket FantaSea is a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly cultural theme park.

This stunning entertainment complex is sprawled through a 60-acre kingdom. 

The entire theme park is dedicated to showcasing Thai heritage. 

Your family will discover ancient local traditions through visuals and light displays.

On the other hand, a dazzling Vegas-style show features Thai mythology in the most magnificent manner.

Why is Phuket FantaSea show ideal for families?

  • Watch the jaw-dropping visuals and light displays showcasing Thai mythology and culture. 
  • Check out the Festival Village and its market featuring crafts, games, and entertainment options, perfect for kids.
  • You have the option to include a Thai or international buffet dinner for the whole family.

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32. Simon Cabaret Show

Watch the the Simon Cabaret show and spend an unforgetable evening in Phuket with your loved ones.

It is one of the most fantastic shows in Thailand, rivaling the performances in Las Vegas. 

Specifically it is the country’s most famous ladyboy show. 

Prepare to be dazzled by the spectacular sets and costumes in this entertainment extravaganza.

The ladyboys are dressed in outrageously eye-catching attires as they perform their dance and music routines.

Enjoy an evening with your family as you watch musical performances from cultures around the world. 

What makes Simon Cabaret ideal for families? 

  • Be dazzled by the spectacular performances and stunning costumes.
  • Enjoy the night with your family in a luxurious and intimate theater venue. 
  • Take a photo with the glamorous performers for a souvenir of your unforgettable evening.

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Phuket is a city showcasing a wonderful display of contrasts.

It seamlessly combines the traditional and cosmopolitan, the relaxing and exciting. 

Choosing from the almost endless options for entertainment with your family is an adventure in itself.

However, whatever you choose, you will surely end up having the best time on this lovely island in Thailand. 

For all new cities, I go overboard on my itinerary, just to see every major attraction. Countries I've visited include New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Japan and Thailand. Mostly Asian countries. Next target - Europe!