Are you planning a romantic trip to Rome with your partner?

The unique charm of the narrow pebbled streets, beautiful Mediterranean climate and delicious traditional Italian food makes Rome one of the most talked about romantic cities in the world.

In the evening, Rome has something for everyone’s taste: from an intimate dinner in the square, one of many sightseeing tours or a cultural Italian experience with folk music and domestic food.

Here are some of our favorite suggestions on how to enjoy the romantic nights in Rome.

1. Romantic Dinner

One of our first recommendation would definitely be an Italian cuisine.

Beautiful flavors of their culinary delights and fantastic wines will wake up all of your senses.

Take your partner on a romantic dinner in Rome and enjoy a cozy and intimate atmosphere, delicious food and lovely music in the background.

There are many great romantic dinner options in Rome to choose from: find the one you like the most and spend a beautiful evening with your partner.

Rome by Night tour with Dinner

Spend a romantic night out in the streets of Rome, followed by a traditional Italian candlelit dinner in a Roman restaurant.

The night starts with a Italian three course dinner, a true gastronomic adventure including the best local pasta and wine.

Next, you will take a walk to the Trevi fountain, finishing in Rome’s favorite neighborhood Trastevere where you can walk hand in hand under the star lit sky.

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Folk Music with Dinner

A 4-hour night tour beginning with a traditional Italian dinner followed by a group of authentic folkloric singers.

After a great meal, embark on a romantic panoramic walk under the stars.

You will be able to witness all the beauty of Castel Sant’Angelo, St. Peter’s Square and Basilica, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Farnese, Campo di fiori and many other famous spots.

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Rome Gourmet Wine and Dinner Experience in a Private Cellar by the Pantheon

Take your partner on a first class Roman date: have an ultimate romantic dinner in a family-run restaurant.

Enjoy in beautiful aromas of their food and wide selection of wines, wander around the cellars and see the glorious Pantheon by night.

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2. Explore Trastevere

There is no better way to get to know a city than to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of its oldest neighborhoods – Trastevere.

Find a perfect little spot in the real maze of narrow streets, colorful houses and centuries-old piazzas.

You will be surrounded by ancient statues lit up with street lamps and bohemian atmosphere which is characteristic for this part of Rome.

What’s romantic about Trastevere?

  • Trastevere has a great romantic setting which your partner will surely love.
  • Try some of the best Italian wines or craft beers. Take in the Roman atmosphere and enjoy the city til dawn.

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3. Tiber River Night Cruise

Another suggestion for a romantic night in Rome: a 2.5-hour dinner cruise on the Tiber River.

Right after you board the boat you will be served a welcome drink.

Admire the beautiful view and lovely live music playing in the background.

Then finish with a great dinner to go with it!

What’s romantic about a Tiber River Night Cruise?

  • It is the most romantic dinner experience on a boat with amazing food and wine in Rome.
  • You’ll be able to see unique views of some of the most famous Roman monuments.

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4. Love and Sex History of Ancient Rome

The streets of Rome hide the most breathtaking romance stories whose protagonists are famous Roman emperors and artists.

On this one of a kind walking tour you will learn what passion and seduction mean to Romans.

Find out more about the Roman relationships, affairs, authentic wedding rituals and complicated love intrigues.

This tour ends in Piazza Navona: one of the largest and most beautiful squares in the city, with three impressive fountains, a baroque church, and numerous charming restaurants.

Why go on the Love and Sex History of Ancient Rome tour with your loved one?

  • You will hear many intriguing facts about the love life of famous Romans.
  • Enjoy the night spent in beautiful Piazza Navona, one of the most romantic places in Rome.

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5. Paint & Sip

Here is the opportunity to become a real Italian artist for a night!

Take your partner on a Paint & Sip class in Rome where you will spend a fun night creating your masterpiece while enjoying the unlimited selection of delicious Italian wines and food.

The class takes place in a real art studio located in the 17th century building, making this an authentic experience.

Why is the Paint & Sip class a good romantic idea?

  • See your partner’s creative side and have a laugh as you show off your painting skills.
  • Instead of traditional photos, hang your paintings on the wall at home could be a great reminder of the romantic night you had in Rome.

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6. Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour by night

This is a romantic walk to remember for a lifetime.

Start from the splendid Piazza Venezia, then head over to Piazza del Campidoglio.

From here, you’ll have an incredible view of Roman Forum.

Experience breathtaking moments together in one of the wonders of the world: the Colosseum.

You’ll be in awe of the architecture and size of this historic landmark.

What is romantic about the Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour by night?

  • Piazza del Campidoglio is one of the most romantic places in Rome at night.
  • The walk around the Ancient Roman buildings will take you back in time. You’ll learn about the cities past and ponder on you and your partners future.

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7. Romantic City Tour

Just being in one of the most romantic cities in the world with the person you love is possibly enough.

But let`s take a moment and check out some of the exciting and romantic sightseeing tours on offer in Rome.

See all of the churches, monuments, archaeological sites, fountains, squares and breath-taking views of the city.

Take a ride on a segway, a vintage Roman tram, or even in a helicopter-the choice is yours.

There are many different options and each one offers a really interesting and intimate experience.

Helicopter tour above Rome and Surroundings

Witness one of the most beautiful cities in the world from the bird’s-eye view! Enjoy the view of the dazzling sites of Rome with your partner as you sip a glass of Prosecco.

This tour is a great option if you want to surprise somebody you love with something special.

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Romantic Sunset Tour in an Electric Golf Cart

Visit the smaller alleys of Rome in an electric car where larger vehicles are restricted.

See all the famous piazzas, fountains, and lovely pebbled streets.

You won’t have to walk, you won’t be tired and you will have enough time to dedicate yourself to each other, taste wine and enjoy in beautiful Roman spots.

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Rome Night Segway Tour

After brief training and instructions on how to ride a segway, you’ll be taken on a unique night tour through the center of Rome.

You will ride along beautiful Campidoglio, ancient Forum of Traiano and head over to elegant Palazzo Montecitorio.

You’ll also see the Piazza Navona, Temple of Hadrian and the fascinating Pantheon, and arrive to one of Rome’s most picturesque locations – the beautiful Spanish Steps.

The tour ends at the Piazza di Trevi where you will be able to take great photos by the magical fountain.

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2-Hour Rome by Night Bike Tour with Pizza

Feel the fresh Roman night air and spend a beautiful evening on a romantic bike ride.

Major attractions you’ll see include Sant’Angelo bridge, Imperial Walls, Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, and St Peter’s square in the Vatican city.

The most memorable moment of this tour is seeing a glimpse of Rome reflecting against the stillness of the Tiber river, before stopping to take a slice of pizza and a beer next to the Colosseum.

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8. Dip in a hot pool

There are numerous things to see in Rome while you are on your holiday, and the perfect way to relax from all the sightseeing is a beautiful night spent together in a spa, or a romantic evening in a hot pool with the most incredible view.

Spend romantic night away from the city crowd, alone with your partner, relaxing and enjoying each others company.

Relax in a Spa with Welcome Buffet

Pamper yourself in one of the best wellness centers near Rome, ease your body and mind and treat yourself with numerous spa treatments and a rich buffet.

This simple yet meaningful gesture will make your special someone feel truly loved.

You will be relaxed, renewed and ready for new adventures together.

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Hot Tube with Amazing View on Rome

Imagine this: just you and your partner on a rooftop with fantastic views of Rome at sunset, a warm hot tub and a bottle of wine.

It definitely sounds like a perfect romantic evening in the city of romance!

Use this opportunity to relax after a long day of sightseeing and recharge for more sightseeing the next day.

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9. Rome Shows, Concerts & Sports

Are you a fan of a rock band, a true theater lover or you root for Roma or Lazio?

If you are interested in spending a night out in a crowd, there are numerous options to do so.

Depending on your interests, find an exciting concert, a unique opera experience or an exciting football match that will raise your adrenaline.

Why go on a show with your partner?

  • If you have a mutual favorite band or a sports team, take your time in Rome to visit a concert or a match. Nothing bonds a couple like the things you both love.
  • Try something different: Italy is the cradle of many famous operas and singers, so an evening spent listening to true masterpieces should be on your to do list.

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10. Rome Sightseeing by Antique Tram

This is a real Roman antique tram that will take you back to the 1970s!

As you sip wine, your own time travelling tram of love will take you to the stations of Porta Maggiore, Circus Maximus, the Baths of Caracalla and the Pyramid of Cestius.

What’s Romantic about the Antique Tram?

  • Dance with your partner to the incredible band performing live on board as you approach the Colosseum lit up at night.
  • The wine will definitely help with making it a romantic night.

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11. Friday Night Vatican Museums Tour Including Sistine Chapel

If you are planning a visit to Rome during the months of April 20th until October 26th, you should definitely take this tour.

The Vatican stays open on Friday nights in this period for a very unique viewing of its renowned museums and the Sistine Chapel.

Vatican is one of the most fascinating places in the world, and during this tour you will see all of it’s glory by night.

Admire the masterpieces of art in the Vatican Museums, take a moment to appreciate the geniality of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel and take photos in beautiful St Peters Square.

What is romantic about the Vatican Museums Tour?

  • Tthe experience of this incredible place is something you want to share with the person you love.
  • There is something magical in seeing all the phenomenal paintings and sculptures by night. It will be like your own romantic journey back to the Renaissance!

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12. Rome Evening Panoramic Walking Tour, Including Pincio Hill and Spanish Steps

If you are interested in seeing the most beautiful parts in the historical center of Rome at night, make sure to check out this fantastic 3 hour walking tour!

It starts at Piazza del Popolo, a very romantic, wide square and one of the biggest in Rome.

Continue with your walk to the romantic ‘Pincio Terrace’, a place with possibly the most magnificent view, overlooking the Roman rooftops under the magical night sky.

You will also visit Piazza di Spagna , Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona and finish your walk at the square called Campo di Fiori.

After the organized walk, try the best ice-cream in Rome at some of the gelaterias near the romantic Spanish Steps.

What makes the Evening Panoramic Walking Tour so romantic?

  • Gives you a chance to see the most popular attractions of Rome under the stars.
  • Pincio hill is a must see place if you are in Rome with your loved one: the view from this hill is something to hold on as a perfect memory on the days spent in this city.

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13. A night out in a club

Do you feel like dancing till dawn?

Take your sweetheart’s hand and spend a night in one of the many great night clubs in Rome.

There is something for everybody’s taste.

From classy jazz clubs and bars with live music to electronic music venues that are perfect for clubbing.

People in Rome usually like to go out late, so the best time to show up at a club is around midnight.

This is when things are just starting to heat up!

Best night clubs in Rome

  • La Cabala : Our first choice is one of Rome’s most exclusive nightclubs, La Cabala. It is located in a medieval palazzo on top of the restaurant Hostaria dell’Orso, a 14th century building that has an amazing view on the Tiber River. The venue is very spacious and includes a piano bar, a fancy restaurant, and a nightclub. Music is mostly house, dance and techno and the venue is open only on the weekends, Friday to Saturday.
  • Alexanderplatz Jazz Club : Here is to all of the jazz fans, possibly the best jazz club in Rome, with great tradition and high reputation in Italy and beyond. It hosts the best jazz bands, offers a restaurant with delicious food, beautiful atmosphere and friendly service. The club is located in the heart of Prati neighborhood 7 days a week from 8pm to 1am.
  • Le Mura : Le Mura bar and night club is a great option for the live music fans as there are live performances every single night of the week. Le Mura club hosts the best local and foreign bands who play everything: indie, funk, jazz, classic pop or rock. The club name, “le mura”, simply means “the walls”, because it is located right next to a portion of the Aurelian Walls, built by the Romans about 1,700 years ago.

14. Open Air Cinemas

Are you a movie lover?

Then you should definitely feel the magic of an Open Air Cinema in Rome.

Turn off your cell phone, hug your loved one and enjoy a great movie under the Roman sky.

Pick one of the many open air cinemas in the city and enjoy a truly old fashioned romantic date idea.

  • L’Isola del CinemaA part of the project called L’Isola di Roma, this open air cinema lasts from July until September and it offers a great movie program with many categories. The movies can be seen in unique venues on Rome’s beautiful Tiber Island.
  • Cinecittà Film Festival : If it happens that you are in Rome from July 13-15, make sure to visit the famous Cinecittà Film Festival. It takes place in a beautiful Parco degli Acquedotti.
  • Il Cinema in Piazza : This outdoor movie festival lasts from June 1 – September 8. The squares in Rome are being transformed into movie theaters where people can enjoy movies from the entire world, shown in the original language, with Italian subtitles.

15. Get married in Rome

Are you planning a wedding or you are already in a happy marriage?

Possibly celebrating an anniversary or an engagement?

It makes no difference as this unique package offers couples a truly romantic Roman experience.

All the small details are taken care of as you’re escorted to the wedding ceremony via limosine from your 5 star hotel.

A photographer is included along with cocktails and roses to complement the perfect wedding day.

What is romantic about the Get married in Rome tour?

  • You get to create a romantic tour by your own wishes: choose between some of the existing themes or make your own.
  • You will spend a beautiful day together whether you are re-wedding, enjoying your honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary. Everything you need will be provided so you relax and focus on each other!

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We hope that we could help you and your partner with our recommendations.

Rome is one of the cities you should definitely put on your to do list as a couple.

However, if there is a certain romantic Roman experience we did not mention, feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

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