If you’re looking for ideas for a day trip from Paris, look no further. We’ll show you the best places to visit all within a few hours of the city by car. There are beautiful Châteaus, wine regions, and even a city outside of France. Whether you’re going with family or organizing a romantic day out, there’ll be a place for you. So before you go on your next excursion, here are the best day trips from Paris by car.

1. Palace of Verrsailles

The Palace of Versailles is world-famous and significant. This magnificent structure has been a popular tourist destination outside of Paris. With its opulent interior and beautiful gardens, there are plenty of things to see at this palace. The best attractions include the Hall of Mirrors and Marie Antoinette’s Estate. If you’re it’s your first time visiting the Palace of Versailles, it’s certainly worthwhile signing up for a guided tour. We highly recommend a bike tour, one of the more relaxing ways to see the royal gardens. You’ll get insights into different aspects of French history. A day trip to Versailles is an excellent way to see one of France’s most famous and grand palaces.

  • Distance: 23 km
  • Drive: 30 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Daily 9am-6:30pm; Monday closed
  • Address: Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles, France

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2. Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is an awesome place to visit for a day trip, especially for families. To get the most out of your visit to Disneyland Paris, take advantage of the park’s two park tickets. This allows you access to both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. But if you only have time for one day, go see the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park. The Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain and Indiana Jones are also must-rides for thrillseekers. Other popular activities include behind-the-scenes tours and character meet-and-greets. The Disney App is also an excellent tool, providing wait times for rides, showtimes, and park maps. Disneyland Paris will undoubtedly be an unforgettable day out.

  • Distance: 43 km
  • Drive: 30 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am-9pm; Weekends 9:30am-10pm
  • Address: Bd de Parc, 77700 Coupvray, France

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3. Château de Chantilly

The Château de Chantilly is one of the most beautiful 19th-century châteaux near Paris. This stately home is perfect for a picnic or a game of boules. The château is stunning, with an incredible art and furniture collection. There are also beautiful gardens to explore, a horse museum, and stables. To make exploring more fun, you can rent bikes, golf carts, paddle boats, and even catch a little train. Or, you can join a guided tour to get more insights into this amazing attraction. Both English and French speakers are available. Château de Chantilly is ideal if you’re interested in French history and architecture.

  • Distance: 55 km
  • Drive: 50 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Daily 10am-6pm; Tuesday closed
  • Address: 60500 Chantilly, France

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4. Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is a stunning historical site located outside of Paris. This palace features baroque architecture and offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of French nobility. With its beautiful gardens and fascinating history, this place is a feast for the senses. The best way to experience Vaux le Vicomte is by taking your time and exploring the different attractions. Visitors can tour the interior of the château and learn about its intriguing past. The site also hosts events and activities throughout the year. Whether a history buff or looking for a day out in nature, Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is a great day trip from Paris.

  • Distance: 60 km
  • Drive: 50 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Daily 10am-5:30pm, but check the official site for event closures.
  • Address: 77950 Maincy, France

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5. Château de Fontainebleau

Château de Fontainebleau is a historical palace outside Paris. It is most famous for being the former house of French monarchs, including Henry IV, Louis XV, and Napoleon. The château also boasts four museums ideal for exploring the area’s rich history and culture. New visitors will want to take advantage of the château’s audio guide. Outside the Château, you can go on train rides or horse-drawn carriages. There’s also a Carp lake where you can hire boats. As a popular day trip destination, Château de Fontainebleau is easily accessible by car from Paris. If you’re looking for a cultural experience, this is a must-visit!

  • Distance: 70 km
  • Drive: 55 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Daily 9:30am-5pm; Tuesday closed
  • Address: 77300 Fontainebleau, France

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6. Giverny

Giverny is a village in Normandy. Known for being the home and gardens of Claude Monet, a famous impressionist painter. This attraction in particular draws many visitors from Paris. There are two main areas to explore – a beautiful floral display in the Clos Normand and a Japanese water garden. Other highlights of Giverny include the Church of Saint-Exupery, cafes, and boutiques. And don’t forget to stop by some of the town’s restaurants and cafés to try delicious French cuisine. If you’re looking for a day trip with historical significance and natural beauty, Giverny is ideal.

  • Distance: 75 km
  • Drive: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Garden is open daily 9:30am-6pm
  • Address: Rue Claude Monet, Giverny, 27620

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7. Rouen

Rouen is a beautiful medieval city located in the northwestern region of France. This historic town is best known for its Gothic cathedral, where Joan of Arc burned at the stake. Another top Rouen attraction includes the Gros Horloge, a 14th-century astronomical clock. Rouen is also home to museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts and the Richard the Lionheart Museum. This city makes for an excellent day trip if you’re interested in French history and culture. It is a special place to visit with its historical landmarks and medieval architecture. Make sure you head out early in the morning to make the most of your visit.

  • Distance: 135 km
  • Drive: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Daily
  • Address: Rouen, France

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8. Champagne

Champagne is a region in northeastern France known for its sparkling white wine. This is the perfect destination for a day trip with its scenery and tasty local cuisine. The region boasts a variety of well-preserved cathedrals and charming villages. Additionally, Champagne is home to some of the world’s most renowned vineyards. Visitors can sample wines and take in breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a peaceful picnic spot. Just make sure you have a designated driver, or alternatively, join a tour.

  • Distance: 146 km
  • Drive: 2 hours
  • Opening Hours: Daily
  • Address: Wine region northeast of France

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9. Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge is a historical site located outside of Paris, France. This location is famous for its significant role in military history. It was here that the Canadians played a crucial role in capturing the ridge during World War I. Vimy Ridge is an important tourist attraction with exciting features. Some of the best attractions include former trenches and tunnels. Here, you can walk through expansive views of the surrounding area from the top of the ridge. It will take a bit over 2 hours to reach Vimy Ridge from Paris. Whether a history buff or looking for a scenic escape, this is worth the drive.

  • Distance: 200 km
  • Drive: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Daily
  • Address: Chemin des Canadiens, Route D55, Vimy, France

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10. Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a picturesque region located in central France, a bit over 2 hours from Paris by car. Renowned for its stunning castles, including the Château de Chenonceau and Château de Blois. The Loire Valley is also home to villages, such as Amboise and Chinon. This region is the perfect place to enjoy a slower pace of life and take in the natural beauty of France. There are activities in the Loire Valley, such as wine tasting, cycling, and hiking. It’s best to join a wine-tasting tour as they explore quaint villages as well. Visitors can also explore the region’s many museums and art galleries. So if you’re looking for a memorable day trip from Paris, consider adding the Loire Valley to your list.

  • Distance: 214 km
  • Drive: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Daily
  • Address: Loire Valley, France

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11. Normandy American Cemetery & Omaha Beach

The Normandy American Cemetery & Omaha Beach is a historical site in Normandy, France. This location is significant as it was the site of the D-Day landings during World War II. The cemetery and beach are well-preserved, offering visitors a glimpse into this historical moment. There are over 9,000 American soldiers buried at the cemetery, all involved during the D-Day landings and battles. All who lost their lives during the D-Day landings and battles. On arrival, you’ll instantly notice the peaceful views of Omaha Beach. Visitors can explore the beach or walk through the cemetery. This is a somber but essential day trip from Paris for those interested in World War II history.

  • Distance: 284 km
  • Drive: 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Normandy American Cemetery, Daily 9am-5pm
  • Address: Rte du Cimetiere Americain, 14710 Colleville-sur-Mer, France

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12. Bruges

Bruges is popular with tourists thanks to its architecture, canal system, and history. This Belgian city has been a center of trade and culture since medieval times. Today it draws visitors from all over the world who come to explore its many attractions. The Belfry of Bruges is the city’s most famous landmark. Its soaring spire and impressive collection of bells date back centuries. Nearby stands the Basilica of the Holy Blood, whose famous relic draws pilgrims. Another popular attraction is Market Square, home to historic buildings and chocolate shops.

  • Distance: 200 km
  • Drive: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Daily
  • Address: Bruges, Belgium

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13. Mont St. Michel

Mont St. Michel is an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. This abbey is a gem of medieval architecture with its location surrounded by the vast bay. As a place of historical significance, it has long been a center of learning and culture. Some must-visit highlights at Mont St. Michel include exploring the magnificent abbey itself. Or go strolling along the beaches that have made this place renowned. This unique destination is also famous for its spectacular tidal patterns. Whether you’re looking for historical or natural wonders, there’s something for everyone.

  • Distance: 360 km
  • Drive: 4 hours
  • Opening Hours: Daily
  • Address: Mont Saint-Michel, France

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Paris Day Trips Map

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What’s the best day trip from Paris for wine experiences?

The Loire Valley is best for a wine-tasting day trip from Paris.

It is home to some of France’s most famous wines, including Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc. 

The temperate climate in the Loire Valley is ideal for wine production.

What’s the best beach day trip from Paris?

Omaha Beach is the best place to visit from Paris if you want to relax.

Most people go for a stroll on the long stretch of sand, reflecting on D-day.

You can still go for a swim, sunbake, or build sand castles.

If you’re happy to just see sand, visit Mont St. Michel.

There’s a road and walkway leading to the tidal island.

Although swimming walking on the sand is not allowed since the tide can dangerously rush in.

What’s the best day trip from Paris for families with kids?

Disneyland Paris is easily the best day trip for families with kids.

The park is home to classic Disney characters and fun rides.

You can easily spend two days there – one day at Disneyland Park and one day at Walt Disney Studios Park.

With its convenient location outside Paris, it’ll just be a short drive.

What’s the most romantic day trip from Paris?

Bruges is a charming Belgian city perfect for a romantic day out. 

With its canals and architecture, Bruges has the perfect setting to wander with your loved one.

The city is also home to various romantic restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

Alternatively, you can organize a date to one of the Châteaus near Paris.


Paris Day TripsBy Car
Palace of Verrsailles30 minutes
Disneyland Paris30 minutes
Château de Chantilly50 minutes
Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte50 minutes
Château de Fontainebleau55 minutes
Giverny1 hour 15 minutes
Rouen1 hour 40 minutes
Champagne2 hours
Vimy Ridge2 hours 15 minutes
Loire Valley2 hours 15 minutes
Normandy & Omaha Beach3 hours 15 minutes
Bruges, Belgium3 hours 30 minutes
Mont St. Michel4 hours
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