Are you stopping in Auckland on an upcoming cruise trip around New Zealand?

Still planning on where to go and what attractions to see?

We know it can be difficult to plan one day in Auckland and there’s always the unknown of where your cruise docks.

How far do cruise passengers have to walk or travel to get to each attraction?

We’ll show you the ideal way to spend the day with Kiwi TukTuk, but let’s see which Auckland attractions you should visit first.

Read on to see the best attractions Auckland has to offer.

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1. Taste Local Cocktails

It’s likely you’ve already had a few drinks on your cruise, but have you experienced a real authentic kiwi cocktail?

Join this 3 hour cocktail tour and stop at some of the best hidden gems in Auckland.

You’ll be served unique drinks at each bar as the local bartender shares their philosophy on their creations.

Meanwhile, your driver will share insights on Auckland as you drive past the best attractions in a fun and mobile tuk tuk.

You’ll learn about the history of popular streets, hidden bars, and volcanic geography on this cocktail tour.

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2. Art in Parnell District

If you couldn’t find the artwork you’re after during art auctions on your cruise, don’t worry.

You’ll see a lot of master pieces on this fine arts tour in Auckland.

First stop is the Auckland Art Gallery where you get a private tour of all the Maori, Colonial & Contemporary Art.

After this, you’ll explore the Parnell District in Auckland, stopping at The Parnell Gallery, The Alvin Pankhurst Gallery, The Jonathan Grant Gallery and The Black Door Gallery.

You’ll also meet the famous artist Alvin Pankhurst who will share stories about some of his personal artworks.

If you’re interested in buying a piece of art on the tour, free shipping will be included!

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3. Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki

The Auckland Art Gallery has the most extensive collection of art in New Zealand.

It’s about a 20 minute walk from the cruise port which might be more exercise than necessary for some.

If you love art, you can easily spend 2-3 hours here, admiring the different local and international works of art on display.

The gallery covers four floors, and frequently hold exhibitions throughout the year.

To get the most out of your visit, private tours are available at 11:30am and 1:30pm.

Although the best way to maximise your day out in Auckland, is by joining the Kiwi TukTuk’s fine arts tour.

  • Address: Wellesley Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 10am-5pm

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4. Albert Park

Located just outside the Auckland Art Gallery is Albert Park.

Here, you’ll find open green space with interesting features scattered around the park.

Follow the walking path to see historic canons, Queen Victoria statue, cast iron fountain, blooming flowers and some of the largest trees in the city.

This is a great place for kids to run around while parents can relax on the carpet green grass before moving onto the next Auckland attractions.

  • Address: 33-43 Princes Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7

5. Victoria Park

Located close to the cruise port, Victoria Park is a flat field catered to a number of sports.

There are facilities including a basketball court, cricket pitches and even a jogging path surrounding the park with trees providing shade.

For the kids, there’s a small playground to keep them occupied while you can enjoy a nap on the grass.

It’s the perfect spot to relax and get away from the Auckland city traffic.

  • Address: 203-271 Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

6. Westhaven Promenade

Opened in January 2015, the Westhaven Promenade has become a favourite walking and jogging path for locals.

The 5 meter wide boards follow the coastline around St Mary’s Bay, leading to the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Westhaven Promenade is designed to withstand strong weather conditions and rising tides.

At night, the boardwalk lights up, so locals can still enjoy the cool ocean breeze.

If you’ve had enough of walking around on the top deck of your swaying cruise ship, this will provide more stability as you admire the Auckland harbour views.

  • Location: St Mary’s Bay

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7. Harbour Bridge

Continue your walk from Westhaven Promenade to get to the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Not quite as big as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but is still a magnificent structure to see in Auckland.

The bridge connect St Mary’s Bay to Northcote, and has over 170,00 vehicles cross it everyday.

There’s no pathway for walkers or cyclists, but you can book a bridge climb and see Auckland from a different perspective.

Alternatively, if you’re brave enough, try a bungy jump experience and dive head first into the water!

Climb Bridge Bungy Jump

8. Viaduct Harbour

Only a short walk from the cruise port, Viaduct Harbour has some of the best restaurants in Auckland.

If you’ve had enough of cruise food and want some of the best local cuisine, this is the area to explore.

Enjoy a glass of wine, sip a real cup of coffee or go all out on the freshest seafood, there’ll be plenty of options here.

Do a short walk around this harbour and admire some of the most expensive boats parked in Auckland.

They’re not quite as big as your cruise ship, but still a sight to behold.

Location: 7 minute walk from Auckland Cruise port

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9. Wynyard Quarter

Next to Viaduct Harbour is the Wynyard Quarter.

This part of the Auckland coastline is also filled with more dining options, activities, historic buildings, and unique architecture.

Notable attractions to visit include the Auckland Fish Markets, art exhibition Silo 6, and Daldy Street Park where kids can freely play.

Silo Park also holds a range of special events during the year, drawing locals to the area and creating a lively atmosphere.

Wynyard Quarter has ongoing developments to make it one of the best places to hang out in Auckland!

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10. Auckland Domain

Covering a massive 75 hectares, there are a number of interesting sights at the Auckland Domain.

It is home to one of Auckland older volcanoes, Pukekawa, along with another popular attraction, the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

The open greenery around the museum has a number of sporting fields.

During the year, it’s also used for major events like “Christmas in the Park” or “Symphony under the Stars”.

On arrival, take in the grand natural scenery and stop by the Domain Wintegardens, where you’ll find two large glass houses containing rare plants.

If you need some open space after days at sea, the Auckland Domain is the place to go.

  • Address: Park Road, Grafton, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

11. Parnell Rose Gardens

The Parnell Rose Garden, also known as the Dove Myer Robinson Park, is a great stop for brief visits in Auckland.

Between October and April, you’ll see 5,000 roses blooming, perfect for Instagram shots.

If your cruise is stopping in Auckland in November, you may catch a lively event showcasing local art, crafts along with live performers.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Parnell Rose Garden as well as views of the port.

Best of all, there’s no cost to enter!

  • Address: 85-87 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand
  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7

12. Judges Bay

Are the pools on your cruise always full with kids?

Then go to Judges Bay for a casual swim as there’s plenty of space to fit everyone in your family.

You’ll also find people kayaking in this enclosed bay, however, most locals simply enjoy the boardwalk and stroll along the sand.

Alternatively, sit on the grassy hill and take in the Auckland views.

Located near Parnell Rose Gardens, this quiet area is another hidden gem in the city worth a brief visit.

13. Sky Tower

Standing at 328 meters tall, the Sky Tower is the tallest freestanding building in the Southern Hemisphere.

So if you’re after the best views of Auckland, this is the place to go.

However, there’s a lot more to see and do then just the view.

At the base, you’ll find a variety of bars and restaurants, along with the world class Skycity Casino (if gambling on the cruise isn’t enough).

At the top of the tower, there are 3 more restaurants with views to die for.

For the daredevils, you can try the SkyWalk or SkyJump experience.

  • Address: Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 8:30am – 10:30pm; Friday to Saturday 8:30am – 11:30pm.

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14. Britomart Place

Britomart Place is a lively area close to the cruise port.

There’s a mixture of heritage buildings, open green public spaces, world-class restaurants and innovative co-working spaces.

Britomart Place sits above the train station if you plan on venturing further out from Auckland.

However, there’s already plenty to see in this nine-block precinct.

This is also a great last minute stop for some souvenir shopping before heading back on your cruise.

Enjoy this unique vibe when you get off your cruise before checking out the rest of Auckland.

Location: Across the road from Cruise Port

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As you can see, there are plenty of Auckland attractions to see when you arrive.

One of the easiest ways to get around to all the iconic attractions, is on a Kiwi TukTuk tour.

Each vehicle seats up to 3 passengers, but more vehicles are available if you have a big group.

They’ll ensure you’re picked up and dropped off at the cruise port before departure times.

On every tour, local guides will share insights on the history and culture of Auckland, offering cruise passengers a real Kiwi experience!

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