Are you wondering which London top clubs are worth visiting for the best parties?

London has an array of exquisite and timeless clubs.

From cabaret and classy to upbeat and funky, London has it all!

We’ve checked all the clubs across London and even have access to NYE London tickets if you’re interested in a big night out.

VIP tables at London clubs can be booked ahead.

Dance the night away at one of these exclusive clubs in London.

1. Mahiki Mayfair

Once a popular den for British royals and Hollywood celebrities, Mahiki Mayfair takes its star-studded clubbing scene quite seriously.

The Polynesian-themed club keeps it classy with its intense tropical vibes and timeless features.

As you walk in, you’ll see tiki-themed decor, treasure chests, a beach-styled lounge, a glittering Aloha dance floor and an underground Karaoke room to sing to your heart’s desire.

What’s more, Mahiki Mayfair also has a restaurant if a hunger pang strikes you in the middle of a dance sequence.

The tropical underworld lures local and international visitors.

With no VIP rooms and an open-door policy, Mahiki Mayfair remains one of the most sought-after clubs in London for party-goers till date.

  • Address: 1 Dover Street, Mayfair W1S 4LD London
  • Music: Commercial House, Pop, R&B, Party Anthems.

2. Cafe de Paris Club London

Café de Paris is a great example of bringing France to home.

In this case, the ultimate French clubbing scene in London’s heart.

One of the original show clubs in the city, Cafe de Paris offers premium ‘disco’ cabaret and late-night experiences to the elite class.

Apart from the regular section, the club has mezzanine VIP tables, VIP booths and private rooms.

Here, guests can enjoy an ultimate immersive experience throughout the night.

If you are looking for a lavish venue to throw a fabulous and unforgettable bash, this club is the solution to your woes.

Other than that, you can simply come all glammed-up to have the best night of your life.

  • Address: 3-4 Coventry St, London W1D 6BL
  • Music: Cabaret shows, Hip music.

3. Cuckoo Club London

Attracting discerning clubbers from all around the city, Cuckoo Club has a solid and swanky reputation with just a right hint of quirkiness.

As you enter the club, you’ll see mirror-glazed interiors, velvet upholstery and rich mahogany furnishing.

Cuckoo Club envelops you in a chic and edgy atmosphere where DJs are playing surreal music and the crowd lost in utmost fun.

Celebs and notable figures make regular appearances.

If you want to visit this club, make sure you’re dressed to impress.

If you are ready to mingle with select people in the one of best clubs of London, don your red carpet sexy and head over to Cuckoo Club.

  • Address: Swallow St, Mayfair, London W1B 4EZ
  • Music: RnB, Hip Hop and House.

4. Cirque Le Soir London

Cirque Le Soir London lures jet-setting night owls who are seeking a wild and unparalleled clubbing experience.

As you take a leisurely stroll through the Ganton Street, stop and gaze at black door.

You might hear extravaganza echoing through the walls.

The circus-themed club calls itself ludicrous and insane, inviting a number of VIP clientele.

Past guests include the likes of DiCaprio, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jude Law and Kanye West.

For an exhilarating clubbing experience, book yourself a table, dress sharp, and begin the pursuit of pleasure at Cirque Le Soir London.

  • Address: 5-21 Ganton St, Soho, London W1F 9BN
  • Music: RnB, Hip Hop and House.

5. Libertine Club London

Aimed at London’s crème-de-la-crème and A-list party-goers seeking a night of hedonistic bliss, Libertine Club London is a high-end club located in the iconic street of Fitzrovia.

Libertine is renowned for hosting incredible music performances.

These are led by notable DJS and artists including Drake, Ty Dolla Sign, Jason Derulo, DJ Snake, Ciara and Nelly.

The list is pretty long!

There is a splendid cocktail lounge named ‘Reason and Mankind’ where clubbers can revitalize themselves with drinks and chit-chat.

The lounge incorporates the latest molecular mixology techniques.

There are sleek VIP rooms hidden by secret doorways and of course, a vibrant party floor to dance away.

Music is upbeat and the crowd is generally wild!

  • Address: 4 Winsley St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8HF
  • Music: House, RnB and Hip Hop.

6. Club Drama

Club Drama is a low-key, super posh and trendy club opened by Nick House along with co-founders Tom Eulenberg and Ryan Bish in Park Lane.

According to House, this club exists to bring the ‘movers and shakers’ together.

It’s more like a secret hangout point for celebrities like Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rita Ora.

If you haven’t heard of it, that’s kind of the whole point!

Club Drama has a psychedelic interior with neon painted shopping carts filled with bottles of liquor arranged haphazardly between tables.

A cool silver bridge hangs over the DJ booth with some class-A dancers busting their moves in Agent Provocateur lingerie.

If this isn’t enough, the shark shaped disco ball definitely gives it an edge and sets it apart!

  • Address: Hilton on, 35 Park Ln, Hertford St, Mayfair, London W1J 7SD
  • Music: RnB, Hip Hop and House.

7. Scandal London

Nestled in the heart of London, Scandal nightclub fulfils all you guilty pressures and give you an experience you won’t forget any time soon.

It is more like a refined and cultured Red Light District.

Much like Amsterdam but with the sophistication of London’s Mayfair, with a very distinguished clientele.

It is one of the elite night clubs that’s exclusive for all except Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Don’t be surprised if you spot super models and public figures in the club.

They’re usually swaying to music and indulging in a wide selection of cocktails.

If you make it inside, enjoy the dance floor, red neon lights and cabaret style dancers charming you with their moves.

  • Address: 78 Wells St, London W1T 3QL
  • Music: R&B and Hip Hop.

8. London Reign Showclub

Woo your guests and indulge them in a flashy and over the top party at the London Reign Club.

The setup definitely calls for it, as it’s built on traditional music hall culture with a refined Moulin Rouge level knack and lavishness.

With its art-deco layout, the club gives off a Great Gatsby vibe when holding parties and events.

This is further heightened with the magnificent high ceilings and a prominent stage dotted with talented performers.

It is one of the first ‘show clubs’ in London that has an engaging and extravagant environment for its guests.

From exotic experiences to fancy cocktails, you’ll have a truly luxurious night that’s a treat for the senses.

  • Address: 215-217 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HN
  • Music: Circus-style performances & Party music.

9. Tonteria

If you are looking for a light hearted, fun party experience, Tonteria is just the right fit for you.

The glammed-up club has a laid back vibe with plenty of opportunity to mingle and enjoy with a group of friends on a school night.

For an added flair, the ceiling has a train that delivers tequila shots.

After 10pm, you can start dancing till you drop.

We highly recommend the delicious and refreshing frozen margherita, one of the most popular drinks in the club.

If you are interested in a crazy night of dancing and drinks, hit the club on Mondays where the party doesn’t stop till 3am.

  • Music: Hip Hop, RnB & Commercial House.

10. London Luxx

Luxx club has a very impressive location in the heart of Mayfair on the prominent Berkeley Street.

The finest restaurants and casinos of the area surround the club.

This makes it an excellent spot for some late night fun and partying.

Luxx club offers high class entertainment with premium services that reflects its posh location.

This boutique club has a luxurious yet minimalistic layout with classy catering and hosts the most elite clients of London.

The state of the art ATC sound system significantly improves the music experience along with established DJs from all around the world.

If you are in the mood for it, you can bust a move while mingling with the crowd.

Enjoy your night out to the fullest while taking in the chic vibe and atmosphere of Luxx.

  • Address: 15 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8DY
  • Music: RnB, Hip Hop and House Music.

11. Maddox Club

Tucked away in one of the most exclusive hangout spots in Mayfair, the Maddox Club is without doubt one of the finest private clubs in London.

But reservations are quite tricky as the guest list is highly coveted and there’s always a long waiting list.

Swish and posh, Maddox Club has captured a high-end image of exclusivity after successfully incorporating a DJ booth and a critically-acclaimed restaurant boasting world class cuisine.

Once you have made it inside, you’ll find a ‘club within a club’.

The mysterious ‘Green Room’ has baffled many, and only a handful have been invited.

Maddox is renowned for hosting some of the most popular DJs in London, private parties, upbeat music shows and an elite dining experience.

Of course, the club is rather popular among celebrities and influential figures.

So, don’t blink an eye, if you see a super-star gliding through the dance floor!

  • Address: 3-5 Mill Street London W1S 2AU
  • Music: Commercial, RnB, Tech/Deep House Music.

12. Toy Room

Let’s get this straight – You are either going to hate Toy Room, or love it.

Assuming you are in the latter group, Toy Room beckons a jet-setting crowd with its stylish décor characterized by an exquisitely decorated Italian lounge with brass studs and leather wall paneling.

Let’s not forget the iconic and classical children’s toys popping up here and there.

The boutique club has quickly risen to become the hottest nightlife attractions in Mayfair.

Getting on the Toy Room’s guest list is no child’s play as access is very restricted.

But if you do get in, you get to experience the best R&B and Hip Hop scenes in London.

The Toy Room offers an elite vibe and an intensely memorable night-out experience.

  • Address: The London Paladium, 8-9 Argyll St, Soho, London W1F 7T
  • Music: Hip Hop and R&B.

13. Tape London

Welcome to the Tape Club – a prime contribution to London’s thriving nightlife scene.

It is a members-only club offering an elite crowd with a strikingly exciting ambiance.

In a shockingly short period of time, the club has completely taken over the space that earlier hosted the famous Jalouse.

Tape Club is located in Mayfair Hanover Square, and has built a staggering fan following with its impressive line-up of popular DJs and one of the best soundtrack selections in London.

It is the ultimate epicenter for celebration and partying.

Tape Club attracts a high-world crowd that likes to party in utter style and luxurious comfort.

It also features a live music venue with a recording studio and it hosts some of the best, most coveted music shows in the city.

This exclusive club is immensely popular amongst celebrities.

  • Address: 17 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, W1S 1HU
  • Music: House, Hip Hop and R&B.

14. Shaka Zulu

A South African themed club, Shaka Zulu first opened its doors to the jet-setting crowd of London back in 2010.

Over the last nine years, this club has soared striking heights of popularity.

It has set out to be the perfect venue for a variety of celebrations, including private parties, birthdays and corporate events.

Shaka Zulu offers an eclectic and quirky ambience with its vibrant South African themed décor

It has a state of the art bar and restaurant, which offer a delightful assortment of dishes and cleverly concocted beverages.

The interior is dominated by the massive 20 ft. tall warrior statues while the sleek bar welcomes the club-goers with an assortment of creative drinks.

The best part about clubbing at Shaka Zulu are their competitively priced menu of drinks and cuisines.

You don’t have to break the bank to party at this hip destination.

  • Address: Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AB, United Kingdom
  • Music: Lounge-style music, Funky house.

15. The Box Soho

At the Box Soho, be prepared to drench yourself in the most bizarre and intriguing night club experiences of your life.

It sure does stand out in the midst of London’s lively nightlife scene offering a unique clubbing and cabaret experience in the city.

Swanky and secretive, the coveted club maintains an exclusive guest list with a clandestine outlook certainly meant to deceive you.

It is ‘quietly’ nestled in the heart of Soho boasting an exterior that comprises of nothing but an ordinary wooden door.

On entry, you’ll find yourself exalted by the unique and incredible setting.

  • Address: 11-12 Walker’s Ct, Soho, London W1F 0SD
  • Music: Cabaret Shows and Hip Hop.

16. Dolce Club London

One of the finest clubbing establishments in London, the Dolce Club is a pioneer in sophistication and artistic creativity.

The ambiance, interior design, and vibe of the Dolce Club radiate glamour.

Their exclusive guest list is brimming with celebrities, fashion designers and the jet-setting crowd of Europe.

It may be one of the newest additions to London’s thriving nightlife scene, but in a short span of time, the Dolce Club has risen to the heights of popularity and acclaim.

Located near the South Kensington underground station, the Dolce Club attracts partygoers and club hoppers mainly from Mayfair and Chelsea.

It has emerged as the ultimate spot to dance the night away with London’s A-list crowd.

The exciting Dolce Club offers an exciting line-up of DJs and one of the most stellar soundtrack selections in the city.

  • Address: 17A Harrington Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3ES,
  • Music: Commercial R&B and Hiphop music.

As you can see, these nightclubs have a real wow factor.

If you want to get guaranteed access, it’s best to book ahead.

Call your party people and head out to have the best night of your life in London!

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