Did you know that in addition to sandy beaches, Florida is home to natural springs?

That’s right, the Sunshine State has plenty of freshwater springs for visitors and locals to enjoy.

The springs are a year round attraction and provide plenty of fun outdoor activities.

Plus, there are lots of campsites that surround the springs, making them easily accessible to travelers.

But where can you find these campsites?

Continue reading for a list of the 18 best natural springs in Florida with camping.

1. Kelly Park / Rock Springs, Apopka

Kelly Park is one of the most popular parks in Florida for a reason!

It has a gorgeous natural waterway complete with underwater rock formations.

This makes it a popular spot for both swimming and snorkelling.

However, there are also plenty of other water sports that visitors can partake in, like canoeing and stand up paddle boarding.

There are even clear kayaking tours available in Rock Springs if you’re looking for an ultra Instagrammable activity.

And of course, there is a campsite where visitors can pitch their tents and sleep overnight.

  • Facilities: Concession stand, lockers, picnic areas, playground.
  • Activities On-Site: Tubing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, snorkelling, swimming.
  • Address: 400 E Kelly Park RD, Apopka, FL.

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2. Alexander Springs Recreation Area, Altoona

In the famous Ocala National Forest lies Alexander Springs Recreation Area.

This outdoor area features a deep spring water pool.

It is ideally suited for swimming, snorkelling, canoeing, and kayaking.

The shielded campground is located adjacent to the natural spring.

It has 67 units, toilets, and a picnicking area.

Overall, this is a beautiful spot to spend a week in the summer.

  • Facilities: Picnic tables, drinking water, toilets.
  • Activities On-Site: Canoeing, kayaking, swimming.
  • Address: 49525 County Rd 445, Altoona, FL.

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3. Blue Spring State Park, Orange City

Experience Blue Spring State Park in all its glory.

This Orange City paradise is home to one of Florida’s stunning natural springs.

Not only is there turquoise blue water, but also plenty of exciting wildlife like manatees!

There is even a manatee encounter kayaking tour available in the park that will take you on a 3 hour eco adventure.

If you want to stay overnight, there is a campground with 51 campsites.

The campground is within walking distance to the spring and comes with picnic tables, grills, and water.

  • Facilities: Picnic table, grills, electricity.
  • Activities On-Site: Kayaking, swimming.
  • Address: 2100 W French Ave, Orange City, FL.

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4. Fanning Springs State Park, Fanning Springs

Hit the springs at Fanning Springs State Park.

Picture stunning blue-green waters beneath classic southern oak trees.

What’s not to love?

Fanning Springs State Park is brimming with fun water activities, from paddling to scuba diving.

There are also other outdoor options like hiking and fishing.

Alternatively, stroll through the boardwalk which leads you to Suwannee River where you may spot giant sturgeons jumping from the water.

The campground nearby offers private cabins, a concession stand, and canoe/kayak rentals.

  • Facilities: Cabins, concession stand, Canoe/kayak rentals and launch.
  • Activities On-Site: Boating, fishing, hiking, paddling, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming.
  • Address: 18020 US-19, Fanning Springs, FL.

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5. Hart Springs, Bell

Spend a weekend at the secluded Hart Springs in Bell, Florida.

This natural spring water pool is a great way to unwind in nature.

Visitors are free to swim, snorkel, or just relax on the shore.

Please note that fishing is prohibited in the swimming area.

Nearby, there is a basic campground that offers hot showers, a store, and access to the pool for a fee.

There is also a campground specifically for RVs.

  • Facilities: Hot showers, pool, store.
  • Activities On-Site: Swimming, snorkelling.
  • Address: 4240 SW 86th Ave, Bell, FL.

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6. Juniper Springs Recreation Area, Silver Springs

It doesn’t get better than the majestic Juniper Springs Recreation Area in Silver Springs, Florida.

Pristine water coupled with plenty of outdoor activities make it a must-visit.

The Juniper Springs Recreation Area has a large campground.

It is one of the oldest in the area, dating back to the 1930s.

79 shaded campsites are on offer here, and amenities include picnic tables, hot showers, canoe/kayak rentals, and drinking water.

The campground is one of the most popular in the area so be sure to book your spot in advance!

  • Facilities: Canoe/kayak rental, hot showers, flush toilets.
  • Activities On-Site: Canoeing, kayaking, swimming.
  • Address: 26701 FL-40, Silver Springs, FL.

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7. Manatee Springs, Chiefland

Manatee Springs State Park is a natural oasis near Chiefland, Florida.

The spring itself flows directly into the Suwannee River.

There are plenty of great water activities to do here, like swimming and snorkelling.

It’s also a popular spot among divers as open water diving is allowed in the Main Spring and the Catfish Hotel.

To see the surrounding cypress forest, take a walk on the popular boardwalk which also allows bikes.

Nearby, there is a campground equipped with everything you could possibly need.

  • Facilities: Picnic area, canoe rentals, toilets, playground.
  • Activities On-Site: Paddling, boating, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming.
  • Address: 11650 NW 115 St, Chiefland, FL.

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8. Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon

Explore one of the state’s magical waterways at Rainbow Springs.

Rainbow Springs is one of the best spots in Florida to get in touch with nature.

You can go tubing, canoeing, and snorkelling.

There is even a Rainbow Springs clear kayak tour available to visitors.

Or if you prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of beautiful hiking trails and picnic areas.

A gift shop and visitor center is nearby to add to the learning experience.

The best time to go is early spring when azalea flowers bloom into a range of pink, purple and white.

  • Facilities: Recreation hall, showers, electricity, laundry.
  • Activities On-Site: Tubing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling.
  • Address: 19158 SW 81st Pl Rd, Dunnellon, FL.

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9. Wekiwa Springs, Apopka

Cool off during the hot summer at Wekiwa Springs in Apopka, Florida.

This natural river is only a short distance from Orlando.

And yet you’ll feel like you’re in a totally different world, where you can canoe, kayak, swim, and view incredible wildlife.

In fact, there are day trips to Wekiwa Springs from Orlando that include all transportation and admission fees into the park.

If you only have a day to explore the area, this is definitely the best way to do it!

However, if you plan on camping, the campground features 60 spacious campsites with grills, electrical hookups, and picnic tables.

  • Facilities: Concession stands, picnic area, watercraft rentals.
  • Activities On-Site: Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking.
  • Address: 1800 Wekiwa Cir, Apopka, FL.

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10. Lithia Springs Park, Lithia

Lithia Springs Park is of course, famous for its natural spring.

Unlike other springs, it stays at a constant temperature of 72 degrees year round.

The park itself is set on the Alafia River and spans 160 acres.

Popular water activities include swimming and fishing.

Land activities range from hiking to bird watching.

Weekends are of course always crowded, so if possible, visit during weekday to get the whole spring to yourself!

  • Facilities: Picnic shelters, grills, tables, fire pits, toilets.
  • Activities On-Site: Swimming, hiking, fishing.
  • Address: 3932 Lithia Springs Rd, Lithia, FL.

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11. Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park, High Springs

Nestled on the Santa Fe River lies Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park.

The park is one of the state’s newest, only opening in 2017.

But it’s quickly made a name for itself as it contains a whopping 6 natural springs.

Snorkelling, swimming, hiking, geo-seeking, and paddling are all popular activities at the park.

The campground is basic but has everything you need.

It is also accessible to RVs.

  • Facilities: Sauna and soaking tubs, comic library, game room.
  • Activities On-Site: Kayaking, canoeing, hiking, snorkelling, swimming.
  • Address: 7450 NE 60th St, High Springs, FL.

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12. Ginnie Springs, High Springs

Ginnie Springs is a privately owned park on the Sante Fe River.

Although the springs themselves are cold in temperature, the bottom of the spring is uniquely made of limestone.

There are also deep caverns in the water that make scuba diving the perfect activity.

The campground consists of tent sites scattered over 200 acres of scenic woodlands.

Grills, picnic tables, and running water are available at most sites.

Book in advance to ensure your spot.

  • Facilities: Grills, running water, picnic areas.
  • Activities On-Site: Scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling.
  • Address: 7300 Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, FL.

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13. Otter Springs, Trenton

Escape to nature at Otter Springs.

This natural spring region of Florida is one of the most serene.

The clear waterway is ideal for swimmers, kayakers, and canoers alike.

Meanwhile the campground has some of the best features in the state.

Multiple cabins complete with beds, linens, living rooms, and refrigerators are available to rent.

There are also kayak rentals and an indoor heated pool available to all.

If you have a big family or planning a trip with a group of friends, there is a basketball and volleyball court available for more team activities!

  • Facilities: Indoor pool, cabin rentals, kayak rentals, lodge house for events.
  • Activities On-Site: Kayaking, swimming, canoeing.
  • Address: 6470 SW 80th Ave, Trenton, FL.

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14. Salt Springs Recreation Area, Salt Springs

Salt Springs Recreation Area is a hidden gem within Ocala National Forest.

This natural mineral spring can be found in Central Florida and is also home to the largest campground in Ocala.

If you dive into the spring, you’ll notice natural vertical fissures, which is where the salt forms.

For those looking to catch fish, go further downstream to Salt Springs Marina or Salt Springs Run.

To go hiking, follow the Bear Swamp Trail or Salt Springs Wildlife Observation Trail.

Onsite, there are full RV hookups, spacious campsites, and a specific area for tents.

  • Facilities: Full RV hookups, boat ramp, picnic tables.
  • Activities On-Site: Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, hiking.
  • Address: Fort McCoy, FL.

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15. Devil’s Den, Williston

For an out of this world experience, look no further than Devil’s Den.

This subterranean spring is located near Williston, Florida.

Today, it is owned and operated by a scuba diving training facility.

The water down below is a constant temperature of 72 degrees, making it perfectly comfortable year round.

There are multiple accommodation options including cabins, an RV park, and tent campgrounds.

Please note that lodging does not include diving/snorkelling fees.

  • Facilities: warm showers, electrical hook ups, cabins for rent.
  • Activities On-Site: Scuba diving, snorkelling.
  • Address: 5390 NE 180 Ave, Williston, FL.

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16. Silver Springs State Park, Silver Springs

Fun fact: did you know that Silver Springs is the state’s oldest tourist attraction?

That’s right, this stunning natural wonder first opened to the public in Florida in the 1870s.

Today, it is a popular destination for people all over the country and beyond.

Silver Springsboasts a plethora of activities, including bird watching, glass bottom boats, kayaking, canoeing, and hiking.

There are also two campgrounds, a primitive one and a more comprehensive one.

The larger campground comprises 59 units and has fire rings, picnic tables, and grills throughout.

If you don’t feel like cooking a bbq, there are dining options nearby that serve hot food ad even desserts!

  • Facilities: Fire pits, picnic areas, grills.
  • Activities On-Site: Hiking, boating, canoeing.
  • Address: 5656 E Silver Springs Blvd, Silver Springs, FL.

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17. Vortex Spring, Ponce de Leon

Vortex Spring is a top choice for all adventure seekers.

This Florida natural spring has some of the best camping and diving facilities in the state.

In fact, it is even recognised as one of the safest diving areas in the country.

Beyond diving, visitors can swim, jump off diving boards, or even enter the water via a rope swing.

The campground has plenty of amenities, such as picnic tables, running water, and electricity.

There are also volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts in the surrounding area.

  • Facilities: Picnic tables, playgrounds, wifi, dive and swim shops.
  • Activities On-Site: Swimming, scuba diving, rope swings, diving boards.
  • Address: 1517 Vortex Springs Ln, Ponce De Leon, FL.

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18. Gornto Springs, Old Town

Gornto Springs is a rural outdoor area at its finest.

It features a second magnitude spring that is ideally suited to picnicking or simply enjoying nature.

A small platform extends into the spring, allowing active kids to run, jump and cause a splash in the water.

The spring itself is oblong in shape, spanning 125 metres in length.

It drains into the Suwannee River and is only 10 feet deep.

Despite its small size, there is nothing quite like spending time in this crystal clear spring water.

  • Facilities: picnic shelter, playground.
  • Activities On-Site: swimming.
  • Address: 2463 NE 816 Ave, Old Town, FL.

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As we hope you can see by now, Florida is filled with gorgeous natural springs.

All over the state, visitors will find these natural hidden gems.

Beyond the fun water activities available at each spring, there are also conveniently located campgrounds near each.

We hope this list has helped you plan your upcoming natural springs adventure in Florida!

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