Are you planning a visit to Nara for your next trip to Japan?

While most visitors only head to Nara for a day trip since they’re visiting from Osaka or Kyoto, they usually don’t have time to see everything.

Why not spend a day or two in Nara to leisurely explore the Deer Park along with the surrounding temples?

After seeing everything that Nara has to offer, you’ll want to have a good night’s rest.

The best way to maximise your Japanese experience is to find a traditional Ryokan hotel that has a public hot spring onsen or private hot tub to soak your muscles.

We’ve done some research and found the 15 best Ryokan hotels near Nara Deer Park that offer these luxurious facilities.

Hotels with Public Onsen

1. Daiwa Royal Hotel D-Premium Nara

This elegant hotel houses two hot spring onsen – one for men, and one for women.

While the men’s bath has a mural with pine trees, the women’s bath has a gorgeous Yoshino cherry blossom backdrop.

Both baths also have a parent-child booth for two so that both the parent and child can sit together.

If you have a tattoo, you’ll only be able to soak in the communal bath if you have a special tattoo sticker.

The Standard Double Room has interiors adorned with deer patterns and waka poems along with traditional colors.

In the morning, enjoy the extensive Japanese and Western buffet breakfast.

All of the ingredients used are incredibly fresh and range from fresh fish to local vegetables.

  • Guest Rating: 9.4
  • Distance: 2.2 km, 8 minutes drive from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 630-8115 Nara, Nara, 3 jo Honmachi 1098, Japan

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2. Onyado Nono Nara Natural Hot Spring

Just a short walk away from JR Nara Station is Onyado Nono Nara Natural Hot Spring.

The hotel comes with a fully-equipped, gender-segregated communal onsen with a natural hot spring.

Take in the soothing fresh air from the outdoor hot spring, or enjoy a leisurely dip in the jar-shaped tsuboyu baths.

The baths are located on the first floor and it’ll help soothe any muscle aches and stiff joints that you may have.

Rooms are comfortable and come furnished with beds from Serta – rated as one of the world’s best mattresses.

Before heading out to explore Nara, enjoy the hotel’s breakfast dishes which include Asuka Nabe along with Miwa Somen.

There’s also complimentary Yonaki Soba served at the hotel between 9:30 am and 11 pm.

Slurp up these delicious noodles that’s the hotel’s special noodle recipe with a light soy sauce broth.

  • Guest Rating: 9.1
  • Distance: 1.4 km, 4 minutes drive or 18 minutes walk from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 630-8115 Nara, Nara, Omiyacho 1-1-6, Japan

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3. Hotel New Wakasa

Just a short 5-minute walk from the Todai-ji Temple World Heritage Site, Hotel New Wakasa is situated in a convenient location.

Guest rooms come with a magnificent view of Nara, and you can stay in the Deluxe Room for your own cypress bath along with a garden and healing space.

Some rooms also come with a private open-air bath tub along with tatami mats.

After a day of exploring the Deer Park, soak in the hotel’s beautiful rock-style bath to soothe the fatigue away.

For dinner, you’ll also be well taken care of at the hotel with specially selected ingredients along with a myriad of flavors that change with the seasons.

Don’t forget to also head to the roof terrace for a stunning view of Mount Wakakusa and the Todaiji Temple.

  • Guest Rating: 9.0
  • Distance: 450 meters, 6 minutes walk from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 630-8274 Nara, Nara, Kitahanda Higashimachi 1, Japan

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4. Super Hotel Lohas JR Nara Eki

The Super Hotel Lohas JR Nara Eki is also situated in a convenient location – just a minute walk from the JR Nara Train Station.

You’ll love soaking in the hotel’s natural hot spring onsen that comes with locker facilities along with a bathing area.

Since it’s open from 3 pm to 9:30 am in the morning, you can also head for an evening soak before unwinding for the day.

Rooms are comfortable and clean and are decorated in a bright colourful style.

While lunch and dinner are not served in the hotel, you’re in close proximity to a plethora of restaurants.

In the morning, grab some freshly baked bread and other breakfast delights at the hotel before heading out.

  • Guest Rating: 9.0
  • Distance: 1.7km, 7 minutes drive from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 630-8122 Nara, Nara, Sanjohonmachi 1-2, Japan

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5. Mikasa

Located on the slopes of Mt. Wakakusa is Mikasa.

The hotel offers relaxing open-air baths that are perfect for taking in the peaceful Nara scenery.

Choose to soak in any one of the two bathhouses situated at the hotel that uses the mineral “komeiseki” that’s known for its medical effects.

The onsen is beautifully constructed with marble columns and interiors that resemble the Tempyo period.

The gentle komeiseki water will soothe and rejuvenate both your body and mind.

For rooms, Mikasa has three different room categories with some having their own private cypress and ceramic open-air baths.

Some rooms also have superb views of the temple.

In the evening, the hotel also serves a special kaiseki-ryori.

Made with local ingredients, the menu consists of dishes that change with the seasons.

  • Guest Rating: 8.9
  • Distance: 1.2 km, 3 minutes drive or 20 minutes walk from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 630-8202 Nara, Nara, Kawakami-cho 728 , Japan

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6. Daibutsukan

Built-in the Taisho era, Daibutsukan has been around for a while and will provide you with a relaxing stay.

All of the rooms are Japanese-style and come with a range of amenities from facial cleansers to lotions.

Unwind on your tatami mat as you take in views of the pagoda from your room along with the nightscape of Nara.

In the afternoon, head for a soak in the any one of the baths situated in the hotel to soothe any tired muscles.

You’ll find the women’s onsen on the second floor and the men’s onsen on the third floor.

A special kaiseki course is served in the evenings while the hotel serves Nara’s specialty rice porridge breakfast in the morning.

  • Guest Rating: 8.9
  • Distance: 200 meters. 3 minutes walk from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 630-8301 Nara, Nara, Takabatake-cho 250 , Japan

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7. Nara Hakushikaso

Just a short two-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station is Nara Hakushikaso.

The hotel overlooks Nara Park and all rooms come with either dinner and breakfast or just breakfast.

Their onsen is unique as it’s equipped with a bath sterilizing and purifying device that emits silver ions to create a clean and comfortable environment.

All rooms within the hotel have tatami floors, shoji paper screens along with traditional futon beds.

There’s also an air purifier with a plasma cluster to keep the air fresh, along with a unit bath for you to soak in.

At night, you can have dinner in the comfort of your own room as you dine on Japanese dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients.

In the morning, you’ll be served a Japanese breakfast which you can enjoy in the hotel’s banquet hall.

  • Guest Rating: 8.5
  • Distance: 550 meters, 8 minutes walk from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 630-8266 Nara, Nara, Hanashibacho 4, Japan

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8. Hotel Nikko Nara

With bright and airy interior designs, you’ll have a memorable stay at Hotel Nikko Nara.

The hotel’s onsen is situated on the 6th floor of the hotel and comes with all the amenities you need from shampoo to body soap.

If you’d like, you can also work out at the gym that’s also situated on the 6th floor.

Rooms at the hotel are unique, and if you’re looking for something different you can stay at the Concept Rooms.

These rooms were designed with the supervision of various temples such as Todai-ji Temple and Kofuku-ji temple to resemble ancient Nara.

There are also character rooms that feature paintings of an adorable deer character and his friends.

Hotel Nikko has an extensive breakfast spread from western-style to Japanese-style dishes.

If you’d prefer to dine at the hotel, there are also a couple of dining options from restaurant Yoshino for Japanese dishes to Teppan Grill Icho for wagyu beef.

  • Guest Rating: 8.3
  • Distance: 1.7 km, 8 minutes drive from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 630-8122 Nara, Nara, Sanjohonmachi 8-1, Japan

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9. Nara Royal Hotel

From having an onsite natural hot spring to having a selection of four restaurants to choose from, this hotel has it all.

Nara Royal Hotel is one of the few in the area that has a natural hot spring with water sourced from 800 meters below the earth.

Besides their onsen, the hotel also has a sauna, stone sauna, and a relaxation room.

The traditional Japanese osteopathy facilities will also take care of any tired muscles.

Rooms come in various categories from Single to Double, and they’re furnished with plush Simmons beds that guarantee a great night’s sleep.

For breakfast, the hotel has an extensive Japanese-Western buffet spread with plenty of traditional dishes from the Nara area.

On top of that, the hotel also has a plethora of other restaurants serving a range of cuisine from Chinese to afternoon tea.

  • Guest Rating: 8.1
  • Distance: 3 km, 10 minutes drive from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 30-8001 Nara, Nara, Hokkeji 254-1, Japan

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10. Hotel Asyl Nara

Conveniently located near JR Nara Train Station and Nara Park is the Hotel Asyl Nara.

The hotel features a public onsen for guests unwind in along with a Japanese restaurant.

Rooms are airy and comfortable and include a range of amenities from a fridge to an en suite bathroom fitted with a bathtub and shower.

If you’re looking for some quiet time, head to the hotel’s library that features both natural wood and soft Japanese-style lights.

In the evening, you can head to Kagariya Restaurant for Japanese cuisine in an elegant traditional setting.

There’s also a Japanese breakfast buffet served in the morning with fresh fruit and freshly-squeezed juices.

  • Guest Rating: 7.8
  • Distance: 3.4 km, 10 minutes drive from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 630-8247 Nara, Nara, Aburasaka-cho 1-58, Japan

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11. Tenpyo Ryokan

Stay at the Tenpyo Ryokan and you’re sure to love their artificial onsen that uses the natural mineral “koumeiseki”.

After soaking in the bath, you’ll feel rejuvenated and any back and shoulder pain should be alleviated.

The hotel also has four types of rooms and they all feature a simple yet stylish design.

Start your day in Nara with a great breakfast at the hotel.

Some dishes that you can enjoy include tea porridge with a freshly brewed cup of roasted green tea, along with a morning sukiyaki meal set.

Room service is also available for those that get peckish at night, and you can also book a massage if you want to feel supremely relaxed.

  • Guest Rating: 7.7
  • Distance: 450 meters, 5 minutes walk from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Address: 630-8215 Nara, Nara, Higashimukinaka-cho 9 , Japan

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Hotels with Private Hot Tubs

12. Tsukihitei

Only a limited number of individuals can stay at Tsukihitei at a time.

There, you’ll be treated to gorgeous rooms with Japanese-style decor along with panoramic views of the forest.

Since you’re situated in a World Heritage Site – the Kasugayama Priest Forest, you’ll get to experience tranquillity and relaxation.

There are two private baths at the hotel – Wakakusa and Okuyama.

These special private baths are made of cypress, and the entire bath area is also decked out in natural wood.

In the evening, you’ll be treated to authentic kaiseki cuisine with seasonal ingredients, and specially crafted Japanese dishes.

Since Tsukihitei is located in the heart of Nara Park, it’s common to see Deers roaming around the hotel.

Stay at Tsukihitei and you’re sure to have a memorable experience, and feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your stay.

  • Guest Rating: 9.6
  • Distance: inside Nara Deer Park
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 630-8212 Nara, Nara, Kasugano-cho 158, Japan

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13. Nipponia Hotel Nara Naramachi

This unique building used to be one of Nara’s leading breweries and has now been renovated into a stunning hotel.

Consisting of only eight rooms, each of these rooms comprise of distinct features such as high ceilings and exposed beams.

While some guest rooms come with a veranda that overlooks the garden, others come with private cypress baths that have been artistically crafted.

Since the hotel was constructed to preserve the original historical integrity of the building, it doesn’t have that many amenities.

Hence, this is a great hotel to stay in if you really want to unplug and immerse yourself in a tranquil environment.

In the morning, you can enjoy a delicious Japanese breakfast, and while you’re at the hotel you obviously have to taste their specially crafted sake.

  • Guest Rating: 8.6
  • Distance: 1 km, 13 minute walk from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 630-8345 Nara, Nara, Nishijyodo-cho 4, Japan

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14. Hotel Allamanda

Featuring stylish and modern rooms, Hotel Allamanda has three different types of rooms – Zen Gallery, Asia Gallery, and Escape Gallery.

Each of these rooms is situated on different floors and come with their own distinct features.

Those rooms on the 1st floor come with an open-air bath, ideal for couples looking for privacy.

The bath can comfortably fit two people and is a great option for those wanting to soak up the fresh air.

Rooms on the 2nd floor come with gorgeous lush green views and you can also enjoy the refreshing breeze on the terrace.

The hotel’s restaurant – Late Night Cafe serves breakfast in the morning along with Japanese-style desserts during the day.

Dinner is also served at the restaurant, and you can grab a refreshing cocktail in the evening as the space transforms into a bar.

  • Guest Rating: 8.7
  • Distance: 4.4 km, 15 minute drive from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 630-8001 Nara, Nara, Hokkeji 1857-3, Japan

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15. Hotel Lotus Nara

Situated a little further out of Nara is Hotel Lotus Nara.

While its a love hotel, rooms are still spacious and comfortable.

Depending on the room category you choose, some rooms also come with a private onsen baths that you can soak in with your partner.

Other amenities in the room include a karaoke machine along with romantic mood lighting.

Your stay also comes with a free breakfast that consists of either Japanese or American options.

While this is a great hotel to stay at, just remember that it’s not suited for families and is a hotel that’s catered for couples.

  • Guest Rating: 7.1
  • Distance: 3.4 km, 9 minutes drive from Nara Park
  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Address: 630-8104 Nara, Nara, Narazakacho 2793-1, Japan

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Map of Nara Deer Park Ryokan Hotels

While all of these hotels are great and come with their own positives, my personal favorite is Tsukihitei.  

I like the exclusivity of the hotel since there’s only a limited number of individuals that can be allowed at a time.

It’s also situated in Nara Park – which is special and comes with two private baths so you won’t have to share it with anyone else.

Rooms are also comfortable, and the authentic Kaiseki cuisine that you can enjoy in the evening looks spectacular.

If none of the hotels above are to your liking, there are many more ryokan hotels that you can look for near Nara Deer Park.

Find More Ryokan Hotels Near Nara Deer Park


Nara Deer Park HotelsBath FacilitiesRatings
Daiwa Royal Hotel D-Premium NaraPublic Onsen9.4
Onyado Nono Nara Natural Hot SpringPublic Onsen9.1
Hotel New WakasaPublic Onsen9.0
Super Hotel Lohas JR Nara EkiPublic Onsen9.0
MikasaPublic Onsen8.9
DaibutsukanPublic Onsen8.9
Nara HakushikasoPublic Onsen8.5
Hotel Nikko NaraPublic Onsen8.3
Nara Royal HotelPublic Onsen8.1
Hotel Asyl NaraPublic Onsen7.8
Tenpyo RyokanPublic Onsen7.7
TsukihiteiPrivate Hot Tub9.6
Nipponia Hotel Nara NaramachiPrivate Hot Tub8.6
Hotel AllamandaPrivate Hot Tub8.7
Hotel Lotus NaraPrivate Hot Tub7.1

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