Are you looking for things to do in Barcelona at night for a romantic date?

It could be your first opportunity to impress or perhaps there’s a special occasion coming up.

Barcelona is a city of new experiences with mazes of historic streets to explore.

It’s considered a temple of the Mediterranean sea, the home of the modernist movement and the best destination for the most romantic travellers.

There are tons of activities and attractions opened in Barcelona every night.

The city never sleeps. Its vibrant life never waits so we’ve compiled a list of 17 unforgettable night activities in Barcelona for that romantic evening you’ve always craved for.

1. Magic Fountain of Montjuic

The Magic Fountain was designed by the catalan arquitect Carles Buïgas because of the celebration of the International Exposition in 1929, and since the 80s offers a wonderful choreography of light, color, music and water.

You will both love Montjuic neighbourhood and its Magic Fountain.

This is a must-see show once you step into Barcelona, and if you decide to reserve a guided tour, then you would have a complete experience.

If you go during the day, it will be an enjoyable experience, but if you go at night, it will be a romantic occasion you’ll never forget.

What’s Romantic about Magic Fountain?

  • The panoramic view of the city and the port from the Montjuic hill is stunning.
  • Every night, there is a unique display of light and water. Some of the most popular music numbers are played: Star Wars, The Godfather, E.T, and Disney classics.

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2. Barcelona’s Dark History

Do you like history?

Does your partner too?

Then you would love to walk around the streets of Barcelona and learn about many stories that still wander around them.

Surrounding the neighborhood of El Born, there are many legends.

The medieval Barcelona has a lot of secrets that usually are unnoticed by tourists.

If your partner is interested in Barcelona’s past, then this historic walk at night will be the perfect romantic option.

What will you learn on this tour? Stories about the Spanish Inquisitions, its methods of execution, cemeteries, acts of faith and much more.

El Born is an emblematic neighborhood and an intriguing area to explore.

The Santa María del Mar church also has dark secrets. But you will see! This is the perfect environment to hold onto your partner.

What’s Romantic about Barcelona’s Dark History?

  • This walking tour is a bit spooky, so there’ll be moments when you can give your partner a comfort hug while learning about the darkest legends and stories of Barcelona.
  • If you are both curious persons, Barcelona’s dark history will offer some interesting discussions and talking points. A great opportunity to connect and learn more about each other as well.

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3. Barcelona Aquarium

This Aquarium is very special and has a focus on teaching visitors about the Mediterranean sea.

You could even swim with sharks (if you dare to…) or just walk under a glass ceiling to see all kinds of fish.

Barcelona Aquarium is located in the old harbor of the city, the ‘Port Vell’ – a romantic setting for first dates.

Visited by more than 14 million people per year, the aquarium is a very important education centre for the Mediterranean.

There are different zones showcasing the fish of the Mediterranean sea as well as tropical oceans.

More than 450 differents species and around 11,000 animals are awaiting.

What’s Romantic about Barcelona Aquarium?

  • A great option for rainy days or for sea lovers.
  • You can swim between sharks (if you have a diving certification) and get close to the most fearsome creature of the ocean. It will undoubtedly be a memorable date.
  • Walking and learning together is a beautiful experience to share as a couple. If you know a little bit about fish, you even can surprise your partner.

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4. Journey inside La Pedrera

La Pedrera is an authentic and modern architectural legacy designed by Antoni Gaudí.

Also known as Casa Milá, La Pedrera was designed at the beginning of the 20th century and it was the last civil work of Gaudi. 

If you’re both interested in art, you’ll be immersed in the natural forms and shapes embedded around the building.

Visiting La Pedrera at night will take you on an artistic journey through its exhibitions, expositions and Gaudi’s museum up to the rooftop, where you can finally contemplate its famous chimneys in a visual show of lights, colours and shadows.

A highly recommended tour at night, where in addition to a good glass of cava, you will fall in love with the views of the skyline lights of Barcelona.

What’s Romantic about La Pedrera?

  • The tour at night shows you one of the most innovative buildings at its best, with a dazzling display and a fantastic soundtrack, colors and lights.
  • If you’re lucky to visit on a clear night, the shining stars will add to a romantic date with your partner.

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5. Air Balloon at Sunset

If you know your partner has an adventurous spirit, then a balloon ride at sunset will be an ideal option.

Cross the sky of Barcelona (weather permitting) and see the city and its surrounding lands from high above.

It could be a Valentine’s day gift, wedding present, an anniversary, a special occasion or spontaneous activity.

You will never forget a ballon ride for two with your loved one.

What’s Romantic about an Air balloon ride at Sunset?

  • Make love a complete adventure in the air and see the city of Barcelona from a totally unique perspective.
  • It may be colder than usual so its a great opportunity to give your partner a warm hug while admiring Barcelona from above.

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6. Flamenco Show

Olé! Do you want to feel the most authentic passion of a flamenco dance?

Then we propose you to get your body and soul ready to feel the emotion of one of the more famous flamenco ‘tablaos’ in Spain.

Live a romantic and unique experience feeling all the passion in a two-hour show, in which you will have the opportunity to discover why the whole world is in love with this kind of dance.

During show, you will be able to enjoy one of the most authentic Spanish tradition: a fantastic paella, a glass of sangria and an amazing performance.

You could also get a vegetarian menu and order a wide variety of soft drinks and wines.

What’s Romantic about Flemenco Show?

  • There is a lot of passion and emotion in every famenco show and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to dance with your partner.
  • Even if you’re not much of a dancer, you’ll have some quality 1 on 1 time while enjoying an authentic Spanish dinner.

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7. Cooking Class

Have you ever been conquered by all your senses?

This is your time!

Enlighten the flame of your love and learn how to cook together an authentic Spanish paella.

Don’t worry! A Spanish chef will help you throughout the process.

In this guided tour you will explore the famous ‘La Boquería’ market, where you will buy the perfect ingredients to awake your senses.

After buying fresh produce, your guide will lead you to the Born district, where the cooking school is located.

Once there, you begin with cooking (and tasting of course) your own Spanish tapas.

After that, you will learn how to cook paella and prepare sangria. Don’t forget to note down the tricks and the recipes!

What’s Romantic about a Cooking Class?

  • A different experience for you and your loved one to get involved in the fantastic gastronomy of Spain. Learn together how to cook and then enjoy your meal with two glasses of sangria.
  • Sneak in a cheeky taste of your partners food during the cooking lesson.

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8. Thai Massage

Enjoy a Thai massage with your partner and free yourself from stress.

If you want an exotic and refreshing experience, you can’t go wrong with a Thai massage.

The massage sessions last between one and four hours and will take you to a relaxing and romantic world.

They have a fantastic team of massage therapists who are experts in traditional Thai techniques.

There are options to use oils, lotions or tiger balm to ease your muscles.

Packages include head, back, shoulders or foot massages. There are also beauty treatments such a body exfoliation, body mask or facial treatments.

What’s Romantic about a relaxing Thai Massage?

  • A relaxing atmosphere with a body and soul treatment.
  • Rejuvenated feeling after the massage may lead to more romantic moments!

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9. Sunset Sailing from Port Vell in Barcelona

Set sail on a luxury yacht from Port Vell with your partner on this 2 hour tour.

As the sun sets, you’ll get a different perspective of Barcelona’s coastline and traditional landscape.

The skipper will take you past popular landmarks including Olympic port, Icaria beach and famous Cathedrals.

Included on board are snacks, beverages and an optional Spanish Guitarist to create an optimal romantic experience.

What’s Romantic about a Sunset Cruise?

  • Photo opportunities of your romantic cruise along Barcelona coastline.
  • As the sunset draws lower, perhaps a light kiss to mark a memorable night!
  • Perfect atmosphere for meaningful chat with your partner with traditional Spanish music playing in the background.

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10. The Bunkers of Carmel – Turó de la Rovira

Take a deep breath and discover the wonderful views of Barcelona at sunset from one of the most historic places.

The Bunkers of Carmel are located on the top of the ‘Turó de la Rovira’, in the Carmel neighbourhood, and are easily reached by public transport.

This is a viewpoint situated at the top of the hills in the Can Baro neighborhood and is still not very well known.

In the 30s, during the Spanish Civil War, it served as an anti-aircraft battery as a strategic military emplacement, but nowadays, it is a place to get a birds eye view of Barcelona city lights.

What’s Romantic about the Bunkers of Carmel?

  • Panoramic views that go from the sea to the last streets of Barcelona: its neighbourhoods and corners. The whole city is at your feet!
  • Find a spot and take a seat with your partner, overlooking Barcelona while getting to know each other in a peaceful environment.
  • A photo opportunity of Barcelona city lights you both won’t forget.

11. Poble Espanyol: an Open-air Museum

Travel through the entire country of Spain without leaving Barcelona in this architectural open museum.

The Poble Espanyol Architectural Museum was created in 1929 for the International Exhibition of Barcelona to capture the soul of Spain.

You can travel through the entire country of Spain without leaving Barcelona in this architectural attraction.

It is an extremely charming outdoor museum to visit with your partner and stroll through its beautiful houses, squares, theaters, schools, restaurants and craft workshops.

Here you can find more than 300 contemporary artworks by artists such as Miró, Picasso, and Dalí.

There is also a lovely selection of full-scale replicas of the most representative architecture in the regions of Spain.

Poble Espanyol was on the verge of demolition once the Universal Exposition of 1929 was ended.

After some compassionate feedback from the public, the site remains open to the public and offers the best of the Iberian Peninsula.

Do not miss it and share Spaniard kisses with your partner at Poble Espanyol!

What’s Romantic about Poble Espanyol?

  • A journey through Spain, its arquitecture and its artisans working as they did hundreds of years ago creates the perfect romantic atmosphere.
  • With art, culture and the best Spanish restaurants, this is an experience to live unique moments with your partner.

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12. Barcelona Ghost Tour

Do you believe in ghosts? If you want to give your partner a bit of a scare this may be an interesting option.

Embrace your partner and join the Barcelona Ghost tour where you will visit the most mysterious and dark places of the city.

In this guided journey, you will visit Sant Pere and Santa Maria del Mar temples and hear about supernatural stories at these locations.

Stories about exorcisms, witchcrafts, enchanted buildings and ghostly apparitions invading the streets of Barcelona, including the ghost of ‘Canaletes’ and the girl from ‘Barceloneta’.

What’s Romantic about a Ghost Tour?

  • While listening to scary stories in the unnoticed corners of Barcelona, there is an eerie romantic feel about this casual walking tour.
  • Grab a drink after the tour and talk about your scariest moments. Perfect time to offer some comfort for your partner!

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13. Concerts

Barcelona is one of the favourite places to perform for many international artists. At night, there are live music shows all year round, with temples of music venues like the wonderful ‘Palau de la Musica’.

For a truly romantic and unforgettable event with your partner, we suggest you to go to a Spanish guitar concert, flamenco show or some concerts related to the Catalan rumba.

What’s Romantic about Concerts in Barcelona?

  • The live music will set the scene for a romantic evening.
  • Share your emotions during uplifting music in the background.
  • Opportunity to connect with one another during dinner or drinks after live shows.

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14. Dinner at Fabra Observatory

Contemplate the most breathtaking astronomical events while you enjoy a fabulous dinner with your partner at Fabra Observatory. Only a few can say that they have had the Magellanic Clouds or the Andromeda Constellation over their heads, having dinner with the one they love and experiencing an astronomical night.

This is a wonderful and romantic experience, but is only available from June to September. At the Fabra Observatory, you’ll be able to see the distant constellations, stars and solar system. The observatory, and its dome is well preserved from its original state.

What’s Romantic about Dinner at Fabra Observatory?

  • A glass of cava, delicious dinner, and view of sparkling stars make it a special setting for romantic occasions.
  • Enjoy a quiet stroll at the museum, noucentista hall and a peek at the meridian telescope.

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15. Spanish Wine and Tapas

You can’t go wrong with a traditional Spanish tapas and wine meal in the evening.

It’s a custom all Spanish local enjoy with their families and friends.

With so many local restaurants in Barcelona, it’s difficult to know what’s the most authentic and best value, but this is where we can help.

Follow a guide to the Born district, who will take you to some of the most popular and unique bars in the area.

You’ll have the opportunity to taste 10 different wines, enough to create some giggles between you and your partner.

You’ll also sample a variety of tapas which will be similar to a full course dinner.

What’s Romantic about Spanish Wine and Tapas date?

  • Share the same glass as you sample different wines, cava and rose.
  • Enjoy samples of tapas without looking like a hungry mess!
  • After a few drinks, you’re sure to open up and learn more about each other.

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16. Paddle Surf at Night

If your partner loves the water, this will be a unique experience at night.

Paddle along the Barcelona coast with illuminating surf boards, giving you clear visibility of fish in the sea.

A guide will take you along the shores where you’ll get the best views of Barcelona skyline and landmarks at night.

What’s Romantic about Paddle Surf at Night?

  • Expect your partner to fall into the water (or even yourself). You can keep each other warm after this quiet illuminating paddle surf tour.
  • Enjoy the scenery at night and unique experience on the paddle board with your partner.

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17. Tibidabo Amusement Park

Located at the highest point of Barcelona.

The amusement park was founded in 1889 and inaugurated in 1901.

It combines a romantic setting with thrilling rides so people of all ages can enjoy the theme park.

Tibidabo amusement park is a fun place for the old fashioned romantics.

This is where you can do the typical cotton candy sharing and Ferris wheel ride.

The most emblematic attractions of this historic park are undoubtedly the Avio plane and the Talaia tower, but you can also find many shows and even a lovely automaton museum with pieces that are dated back to the 19th century (and they still work).

What’s Romantic about Tibidabo Amusement Park?

  • Spend time with your partner in the popular Ferris wheel and see Barcelona from above.
  • Scream and laugh on the Muntanya Russa rollercoaster while holding your partners hand as it reaches speeds of 80km/hr.
  • Explore the park and share an ice cream between rides.

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As you have already seen, Barcelona has a lot of activities and things to do at night if you are visiting the city with your partner.

You can get out and enjoy the great weather while making lifetime memories and celebrating special occasions.

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