We’re all for intimate settings to celebrate your special occasions.

But sometimes the best spot for a couples’ retreat is the least obvious; the one where romance is all the more special because you have to search a little to find it.

In that spirit, Beijing is one of our top cities for an unconventional yet surprisingly intimate romantic getaway.

As long as you know where to look, you’ll find plenty to inspire love.

We’ve uncovered some of the most romantic spots that Beijing has to offer.

1. See Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven

Discover three of Beijing’s top historic attractions on this private romantic tour.

The tour will begin with a convenient pickup from your hotel.

Your guide will then lead you to the 17th century Tiananmen Square to gain insights into landmarks such as the Chairman Mao Memorial and the Great Hall of the People.

Next, explore the 15th century Forbidden City with peeks at Ming and Qing dynasty artifacts in the Palace Museum.

After that, savor an authentic local lunch.

Finally, venture into the Temple of Heaven, wander the massive prayer halls and join the locals in their ancient custom of tai chi.

Why is seeing Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven a great romantic option?

  • Impress your date with your history knowledge about the Forbidden City.
  • Enjoy a romantic lunch of authentic local cuisine.
  • Practice tai chi side by side with your partner.

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2. Forbidden City with Royal Icehouse Dining Experience

Discover the Forbidden City, one of China’s most evocative destinations.

Explore the illustrious history of China as you walk in the footsteps of its great emperors.

Your tour will begin at the East Gate of the Forbidden City where you will first cross a beautiful moat.

Enjoy a comprehensive tour with access to the Treasure Rooms, the Imperial Library and more.

See the stunning former imperial residences including the Wenhua Hall, Wenyuan Pavilion, and the Ningshou and Cining Palace Complexes.

Savor a delicious lunch at the Icehouse where the royals used to store their ice.

Why is the Forbidden City with Royal Icehouse Dining Experience romantic?

  • Enjoy a romantic lunch at the former Icehouse.
  • Picture yourselves as a royal couple as you tour the palaces.
  • The expansive grounds of the Forbidden City are perfect for a romantic wander.

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3. Private Evening to Simatai Great Wall, Gubei Water Town & Romantic Dinner

Enjoy a romantic evening on a private tour to the Simatai Great Wall and Gubei Water Town.

Your excursion will begin in the afternoon when you meet your guide at your hotel.

Wander through the water town before climbing up to the Great Wall of China in a cable car.

Enjoy sights of the 10 watch towers decorated with lights at night.

Don’t miss out on the dancing water fountains at Wangjinglou.

Finally, sit down for an exquisite dinner at Gubei Water Town.

What’s romantic about the Private Evening to Simatai Great Wall, Gubei Water Town & Dinner?

  • The picturesque water town is perfect for a romantic stroll.
  • Seeing the illuminated watch towers after dark is truly magical.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner.

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4. Stroll at Great Wall at Mutianyu Tour with Picnic and Wine

Enjoy an exceptional tour of the Mutianyu Great Wall, complete with a gourmet picnic inside an ancient watchtower.

Your day will begin with a pickup from your hotel in Beijing, followed by a drive to the Great Wall.

Head up the Great Wall marveling at one of the greatest engineering feats in human history.

Your knowledgeable guide will narrate fascinating commentary about the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Around noon, feast on a gourmet picnic lunch of local delicacies and sparkling wine as you soak up amazing views.

Upon your return to Beijing, you may opt to be dropped off at the fantastic 798 Art Zone, where you can explore art galleries, museums and boutique shops.

Why is a Stroll at Great Wall at Mutianyu Tour with Picnic and Wine a great romantic option?

  • Spectacular views of the Great Wall make for ultimate romantic moments.
  • Enjoy a gourmet lunch and toast date with fine wine.
  • The private small group tour ensures that you enjoy intimate moments.

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5. Special & Memorable Huanghuacheng Great Wall Picnic Sunset Tour

Spend a magical evening on the Huanghuacheng Great Wall where you will enjoy a private sunset picnic.

Follow your guide to explore this wild section of the Great Wall constructed during the Ming Dynasty.

Because this section is less visited by tourists, it makes for the ultimate romantic getaway.

Hike through wonderful fruit farm fields on a small trail to reach a secluded part of the Great Wall.

Once you arrive, the jaw-dropping scenery is bound to take your breath away, so just relax and enjoy your picnic.

Have your camera ready to capture breathtaking photos of the sun descending on the horizon.

Why is the Huanghuacheng Great Wall Picnic Sunset Tour romantic?

  • Feast on a romantic picnic and then watch the sunset with your partner.
  • Huanghuacheng Great Wall is a great destination for honeymoons and anniversaries.
  • The tour is great for couples looking for a unique and private experience on the Great Wall.

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6. Great Wall of China at Juyongguan and Ming Tombs

Discover the glory of ancient China on this remarkable tour of Juyongguan Great Wall and the Ming tombs.

On arrival, climb the wall at Juyongguan, the famous pass through the mountains that’s located in a valley.

Listen to fascinating insights from you guide about how Juyongguan was built during the Han Dynasty.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy a delicious Chinese lunch and soak up panoramas of magnificent mountains and lush forests.

Afterwards, walk along the Spirit Way and marvel at the 36 impressive stone statues of guardian officials and animals.

Finally, explore the ancient Ming Tombs that house the emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

Why is the Great Wall of China at Juyongguan and Ming Tombs a good romantic option?

  • Show your partner how supportive you are by literally supporting them up the Great Wall.
  • You can both enjoy spectacular views of the natural surroundings.
  • It’s perfect for a surprise marriage proposal or special anniversary.

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7. Summer Palace, Lama Temple and the Panda Garden at Beijing Zoo

Immerse yourself in Beijing’s rich heritage on a tour of its most spectacular sights.

First, head out to Lama Temple to absorb the sacred ambience within its opulent halls replete with colorful carvings, detailed murals and sacred objects.

Follow your guide through the amazing labyrinth and learn about the gigantic 18 meter high Maitreya Buddha statue.

At the Beijing Zoo, you can see adorable giant pandas in environments similar to their natural habitats.

In the afternoon, you’ll stop to refuel on a traditional Chinese lunch.

Finally, tour the opulent grounds of the Summer Palace, marvelling at the picturesque pavilions, decorated temples, quaint bridges and lush green gardens.

Why is this Beijing tour a good romantic option?

  • Share intimate moments marvelling at China’s ancient history.
  • Purchase a gift of silk for your loved one at the Tianhou Silk Market.
  • Get close to your partner as you watch the adorable pandas.
  • Seeing three different attractions will ensure a fun and exciting day.

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8. Fun at Happy Valley Theme Park

Let your inner child run wild on a private tour of Happy Valley, Beijing’s biggest theme park.

Your tour will begin with a pickup from your hotel in Beijing.

Tour the 6 theme districts at Happy Valley, with favorites including Lost Maya, Atlantis and Shangri-La.

Explore the experiences available such as the recreation facilities, humanity ecological landscapes, and theme games.

The Golden Mask Show will take your breath away with its spectacular performances and stunning backdrops.

Be dazzled by the show’s wonderful dancing, amazing acrobatics and magnificent costumes.

Why is Happy Valley Theme Park a great romantic option?

  • Treat your loved one’s inner child to a fun and exhilarating day out.
  • Lose yourselves in the popular theme districts, imagining you’re characters in a fantasy world.
  • You will both be mesmerised by the Golden Mask Show.

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9. Explore World Park Beijing

Go on a fascinating journey of discovery through the world at World Park Beijing.

Beijing’s World Park is a miniature of the world, with all the 5 continents represented at this creative theme park.

Get to see 109 famous world attractions from 40 countries, and all without leaving Beijing.

Marvel at sights such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Sydney Opera House.

Stroll hand in hand among the Japanese-style gardens dotting the grounds.

Pose for photos next to exact replicas of famous statues such as the Statue of Liberty, the Statue of David and the Mermaid.

What’s romantic about World Park Beijing?

  • While still in Beijing you can see Paris, the ultimate lovers’ destination!
  • Go on a romantic wander through the splendid gardens.
  • Marvel at exact replicas of world-famous monuments.

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10. Romance at Beijing Olympic Tower

Rising to a dizzying 846 feet (258 meters), the Beijing Olympic Tower is the second tallest tower in the city.

You can take your partner to see incredible views of the city landmarks from the Beijing Olympic Tower.

Nearby, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the National Stadium, the National Convention Center and the Water Cube.

On a clear day, you can absorb spectacular views of the city skyline.

Also, make sure you take memorabilia photos of the Beijing’s panoramas from above.

Why is Beijing Olympic Tower a great romantic option?

  • Take in panoramic views of the Beijing skyline with your partner.
  • Marvel at the architecture of the surrounding landmarks.
  • Being so high above ground makes for a great place for intimate conversation.

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11. Peking Man Site, Stone Flower Cave, Marco Polo Bridge

Discover the ancient and modern history of China on a romantic private tour from Beijing.

At the Peking Man Site, visitors can learn more about archaeology and our human ancestors.

Couples that love archaeology will enjoy exploring the Peking Man Site museum.

One of the main highlights on this trip, are the illuminated chambers of the Stone Flower Cave.

Marvel at the splendid collection of stalagmites, stalactites and other rock formations.

Your final stop will be at the Marco Polo Bridge, an architectural masterpiece.

Why is this Beijing tour a great romantic idea?

  • Cozy up to your date inside the illuminated Stone Flower Cave.
  • The tour is a scenic getaway from the busyness of central Beijing.
  • A private guide ensures you have plenty of intimate moments.

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12. Central TV Tower Buffet Dinner

See Beijing like never before high above ground from the Central TV Tower.

Enjoy elevated views of major city landmarks including the Forbidden City, the Hutongs and the Tower of Buddhist Incense.

But first, you’ll start the date at Summer Palace to see the Long Corridor and the Marble Boat.

Next, drive to Shijingshan Park for a thrilling ride on the Ferris wheel.

Then finally, enjoy a luxurious buffet dinner at the revolving restaurant in the Central TV Tower.

Your guide will also take you to the Observation Platform for panoramic views.

What’s romantic about the Central TV Tower Buffet Dinner?

  • Marvel at all the splendor in the Summer Palace.
  • You can both enjoy panoramic views of major Beijing landmarks.
  • Savor a cozy dinner at the highest revolving restaurant in Beijing.

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13. Yunnan Style Dinner and Boat Ride at Houhai Lake

Enjoy three amazing Beijing experiences that blend food and romance all in one night.

Savor a delicious Yunnan-style dinner at Little Yunnan Restaurant.

Next, head over to Shicha Lake Park and board a chartered boat to Houhai Lake.

Enjoy splendid night views of the lake as you sip on tea and snacks while floating along.

Conclude your evening with a stroll among the unique shops at Xie Street in Hutong.

This is a great place to shop for souvenirs to remember your romantic night in Beijing.

Why is a Dinner and Boat Ride good romantic option?

  • Gaze into your partner’s eyes as you cruise on Houhai Lake.
  • Savor a cozy Yunnan-style dinner for two with your partner.
  • Enjoy intimate moments on a romantic cruise.

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14. Illuminated Beijing Tour with Authentic Chinese Dinner on Hutong Street

Under the cloak of darkness, Beijing is transformed into an illuminated fantasy world.

Experience Beijing by night, starting off with an authentic Chinese dinner at Hutong.

Choose from a variety of culinary options including spicy Sichuan fare, rich Shanxi noodles or lamb kebabs.

After dinner, you’ll see famous landmarks all wonderfully lit up at night.

Marvel at Tiananmen Square, the massive LED screens at Place Mall and the Beijing National Stadium.

Conclude your tour with a romantic stopover at the tranquil Back Lakes.

Why is the Illuminated Beijing Tour with Dinner a good romantic idea?

  • No better excuse to cuddle up close than waiting for piping hot noodles at Hutong.
  • By night, the Back Lakes are an enchanting destination that set the mood for cozying up.
  • Stroll hand in hand past Beijing’s illuminated landmarks.

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15. Royal Cuisine Dining Experience and Performances

Beneath the cloak of darkness, Beijing erupts into shimmering neon colors.

Enjoy a personalized tour of the city by night, including a VIP dining experience and performance.

Feast on classic Chinese cuisine at Da Zhei Men restaurant.

As you dine, watch a traditional performance featuring opera and acrobatics.

After dinner, visit the illuminated Olympic Village, Tiananmen Square and Houhai Lake.

Finally, go wandering about the alleys in Hutong.

What’s romantic about the Royal Cuisine Dining Experience and Performances?

  • Enjoy a romantic stroll through the Hutong alleyways.
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner of classic Chinese fare.
  • Be entertained by traditional performance.

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16. Mongolian Hot Pot Dinner, Houhai Lake & Foot Massage

Savor the classic Mongolian hot pot dinner, a lovely visit to Houhai Lake and a foot massage all in one fabulous Beijing evening.

Visit a traditional restaurant and cook meats, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, dumplings and more in a classic hot pot steamboat at your table.

Once you’ve both had your fill, head over to Houhai Lake to enjoy the sights of illuminated waterside bars.

Soak up the sociable ambience and marvel at the lake glistening from the lights of the bars.

Conclude your evening with a rejuvenating acupressure foot massage.

Sit back and relax as your massage therapist uses traditional yin-yang techniques to relieve stress and soothe your aching muscles.

Why is this Beijing tour a good romantic option?

  • Cook for your partner at a traditional hot pot dinner.
  • Take a romantic stroll past the glistening lake waters.
  • The foot massage is ideal for couples’ pampering.

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17. Chinese Cooking Class and Market Tour

Learn the secrets of ancient Chinese cuisine during a cooking class in Beijing.

Immerse yourself into the bustling atmosphere of a local market to uncover the rich culinary traditions of the region.

Absorb the sights and smells as you purchase fresh produce and delicious ingredients.

An expert chef will then guide you in preparing local delicacies and sumptuous dishes inspired by ancient recipes.

During the class, you’ll master the techniques of Kung pao chicken and sweet and sour pork.

Feast on your own delicious creations as you enjoy the relaxed ambience of the family home.

Why is the Chinese Cooking Class a great romantic option?

  • This date offers plenty of opportunities for intimate chats while cooking.
  • Share a feast of your own creations with your date.
  • Just make sure you go on an empty stomach to fully appreciate your own cooking.

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18. Hutong Food and Beer Tour by Tuktuk

Enjoy an action-packed food tour of Beijing’s rich and diverse culinary scene.

Eat like a local while exploring off-the-beaten-track restaurants along the winding alleys of an authentic hutong.

At the start of the tour, meet your guide and hop aboard a tuk tuk for a thrilling ride of a lifetime.

Enjoy unlimited beer as you chow down on some of the city’s most delectable dishes.

Have your fill of different samples at each food stop including savory grilled meats and hand-pulled noodles.

Chat with local families and learn how they have preserved delicious food specialties for generations.

Why is the Hutong Food and Beer Tour a good romantic option?

  • After you get your scrumptious noodles, offer to share them with your date.
  • Show off your knowledge of Chinese food to your date.
  • Get up close to your partner on an exciting tuk tuk ride.

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19. Beijing Night Walking Tour

Discover Beijing’s incandescent beauty by night with your date on an evening walking tour.

Watch the city sparkle as you explore glimmering waterways, narrow alleys and vibrant parks after dark.

During the night, you’ll sample delicious food specialties at the bustling Wangfujing Snack Street.

Browse stalls filled with exotic ingredients at the Donghuamen Night Market.

When the time is right, stroll hand in hand among the ancient and illuminated structures at Imperial City Park.

Conclude your evening excursion with a romantic wander around Houhai Lake.

Why is the Beijing Night Walking Tour romantic?

  • It’s worth leaving your love nest long enough to see Beijing by night.
  • Nights are beautiful in Beijing, and there’s plenty of activities to woo your date with.
  • You’ll have plenty of opportunities to feed each other on delicious food specialties.

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20. Romantic walk at Jingshan Park

Romance your way through Jingshan Park, a beautiful green space in the heart of the city.

Rise early and head over to the park to join the elderly locals who gather to sing or practice Tai chi.

Climb to the top of the park’s central peak for panoramic views of the Forbidden City, Drum and Bell Towers and Beihai Park.

In spring, flowers in the park put on a colorful display, particularly when the 200 varieties of peonies start to bloom.

At the end of the day, enjoy a romantic sunset from the top of Jingshan.

What’s romantic about a walk at Jingshan Park?

  • Couples can go on a romantic stroll through Jingshan Park.
  • It’s an ideal setting for those straight-out-of-a-movie romantic montages.
  • Dance cheek to cheek with your date, alongside elderly locals.

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21. Romantic Dinner at Lost Heaven and VIP Acrobatics Show at Chaoyang Theatre

Combine an entire night’s worth of activities into an unforgettable Beijing tour.

Start your tour with an amazing acrobatic performance at Chaoyang Theater.

For an urban date-night feel, go to Lost Heaven, a softly lit restaurant that really channels love.

Enjoy delicious Chinese dishes as you soak up the pleasant atmosphere.

Finally, stroll along the Houhai Lake soaking up the ambience from the brightly lit bars and restaurants.

The area is a great spot for kick starting a fun night out in Beijing.

What makes a Beijing dinner and show a great romantic option?

  • In Chinese culture, love and food are intimately intertwined.
  • Lost Heaven combines ultra-modern style with pastoral romance.
  • It’s perfect for couples that prefer a bit of an urban edge to their after-dark romance.

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22. Peking Opera Show at Beijing Huguang Guild Hall

Be dazzled at the magnificent Huguang Guild Hall, one of China’s most popular Peking Opera theaters.

Marvel at the elegant architectural style of the Hall with its spacious attic, carved beams, painted rafters and winding paths.

The Huguang Guild Hall offers the most atmospheric location to watch Peking Opera in Beijing.

Sip on Chinese tea with cookies before the performance starts.

Absorb the old time vibe as you watch costumed artists dance, sing, mime, act and perform acrobatics.

Finally, visit the museum to check out fascinating exhibits on the history of opera in Beijing.

What’s romantic about the Peking Opera Show at Beijing Huguang Guild Hall?

  • Be mesmerized along with your partner by a unique show.
  • Share delicious cookies before the performance begins.
  • Enjoy intimate conversations in between performances.

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23. Tour to Pearl Market with Kung Fu Show and Peking Duck Dinner

Experience Beijing by night with a tour of Pearl Market, a Kung Fu show and a Peking duck dinner.

Meet your knowledgeable guide and climb into a private vehicle heading to the Pearl Market.

Your guide will give you the inside scoop on the best vendors and souvenir prices.

After your shopping experience, feast on a traditional Peking duck dinner at a local restaurant.

Learn how to prepare the duck, as well as the traditional way of eating it.

Conclude your evening with a dazzling Kung Fu show.

Why is a this Beijing tour ideal for romance?

  • Browse the Pearl market and find the perfect item for your partner to commemorate your trip.
  • Newlyweds can also find the perfect memento to decorate your new home.
  • Couples thinking of exchanging rings may find a precious gem or two worthy of the occasion.

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Beijing may not be the first destination that comes to mind when picturing intimate moments with your partner – but it should be.

Walks in beautiful parks, cozy dinners and couples massages are just some romantic ideas.

Beijing provides everything you need to strengthen your bond with your loved one.

Wondering where to start?

Try out one of our romantic tours in Beijing.

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