Hua Hin is a seaside resort town in Thailand.

It is a favored getaway location for Tjai royalty and Bangkok residents.

Moreover, it was the country’s first and most popular beach resort.

Above all, it boasts a cosmopolitan yet laidback vibe for a wonderful vacation.

Get ready for fun and adventure with this list of the best things to do in Hua Hin!

1. City Day Tour of Hua Hin

Explore the beauty of Hua Hin with this day tour.

Visit the summer seaside King Palace Mrigadayavan Palace, built in 1923 with golden teakwood.

Next, marvel at the beautiful architecture of the Hua Hin Railway Station.

You will also be visiting the grand image of Luangpho Thuat in the Wat Huai Mongkhon.

In addition, you will also get to experience the sights and sounds of the Samphannam Floating Market.

Finally, an eco vintage village is part of this day’s itinerary.

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2. Hua Hin at Night on Trishaw

Go on a nighttime exploration of Hua Hin while riding a fascinating trishaw (Samlor).

In particular, you will get to know more about the town’s culture and history.

Visit the railway station, and watch boats on the pier as they bring in fresh fish & produce.

Afterwards, enjoy a mouthwatering dinner featuring the freshest seafood.

At the same time, you can unleash your shopping skills at the lively night market.

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3. Cook Authentic Thai Food

Learn to cook authentic Thai food in just a few hours!

Knowledgeable and friendly instructors will guide you through this unforgettable experience.

First, you will visit the fresh food market to get the ingredients you will need.

This is also where you will get a deeper understanding of local Thai ingredients.

Next, you will learn how to prepare the dishes using traditional ways.

For example, you will mix and pound the ingredients to form a curry paste – nothing instant here!

Have fun discussing the cuisine, dishes & ingredients with your classmates and instructors.

Finally, sit down and prepare for a remarkable feast featuring freshly-prepared Thai dishes.

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4. Eat Authentic Thai Food

One of the best ways to experience Thailand is through its cuisine.

Notably, you will visit local eateries to eat as the locals do on a daily basis.

For instance, you will feast on freshly-prepared noodles along with sizzling hot chili jam.

In addition, you will discover the fieriest Thai dishes to set your taste buds dancing merrily.

Another tour offers an exploration of the 4 culinary regions of Thailand.

Furthermore, you can sample exotic local fruits such as dragonfruit, mangosteen, rambutan, longan and jackfruit.

You can opt to go on a food tour specifically designed to be enjoyed by all family members.

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5. Wat Huay Mongkol

Wat Huay Mongkol is where you will see the gigantic Luang Phor Thuad statue.

Essentially, he is a celebrated monk known for his ability to perform miracles.

It is the world’s largest statue of the legendary monk.

Today, it is a very popular tourist spot.

Locals also visit casue they believe it gives them good luck.

Join a tour and you’ll also see the Monsoon Valley Vineyard and Plearnwan for some shopping.

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6. Floating Market and Cicada Market

Get ready for a memorable time as you head towards the Hua Hin Floating Market.

It is a replica of the original market which was set up during King Rama 6th’s reign.

You will be greeted with a plethora of merchandise while going around the market.

To illustrate, you can find everything from delectable snacks to handmade crafts.

In addition, the area is surrounded by a man-made lake and charming countryside views.

Nearby, the Cicada Market is another open-air night market you can explore.

However, it focuses on art and handicrafts.

Be on the lookout for hidden treasures from local artists and use your bargaining skills.

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7. Day Cruise to Monkey Island

Get ready for a unique experience with a cruise to Monkey Island.

Certainly, this is a cruise to be remembered for a long time.

Enjoy feeding the monkeys right out of your hand!

Afterwards, you can swim and relax on the beach amidst a tranquil ambience.

Moreover, you have the option to go for a quick fishing trip within the same area.

A sumptuous lunch with fresh fruits for dessert awaits you onboard.

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8. Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

Gaze at the breathtaking scenery offered by the country’s first marine national park.

Visit awe-inspiring stalagmite formations inside the Phraya Nakhon Cave.

Furthermore, you will see monkeys and colorful birds by the freshwater marsh.

A fishing village and pineapple plantation is also part of the tour.

Finally, a relaxing boat ride takes you to the pristine stretch of Phayanakorn Beach.

This is where you can swim to your heart’s content before the tour concludes.

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9. Boat Ride down the Pranburi River

Enjoy this serene boat ride down the Pranburi River and through a quiet fishing community.

Here, you will see a variety of fishing boats that belong to the local fishermen.

In addition, you will also get to see a mangrove forest.

Also, a trip to the Pran Buri Forest Park is included in your day’s itinerary.

A short stop at a fruit plantation will let you discover the most delectable fruits.

You will be surrounded by pineapples, coconuts, bananas, mangoes, and papayas.

Best of all, you can sample some of these fruits!

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10. Explore Phetchaburi

Phetchaburi means “city of diamonds”.

There are lots of gems to be discovered in this town, which has been inhabited since the 8th century.

First, see the 16-meter reclined image of Buddha inside the Tham Khao Yoi cave, located on a hill.

Next, explore Phetchaburi’s biggest and most beautiful cave, Tham Khao Luang.

It features stunning stalactite formations and breathtaking light scenes due to a hole in the ceiling.

The next stop is the Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park.

In addition, you will get to visit the art nouveau and baroque-styled palace, the Phra Ram Ratchaniwet.

This palace is now the Phetchaburi Historic Arts Museum.

Finally, enjoy a stop at the seaside “palace of love and hope” – Maruekhathaiyawan Palace.

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11. Visit Mon Tribal Village

Discover the traditional way of living that the Mon Tribe still enjoys to this day.

This experience will open your eyes to a different culture and way of life.

Enjoy the performances of Mon dancers and sample the freshly-prepared local cuisine.

Most importantly, check out Thailand’s longest bridge, the Mon Bridge that connects the village to Sangkhlaburi.

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12. See the Erawan Waterfall

It’s time to discover the wonders of the Erawan Waterfall!

This waterfall features 7 waterfalls, each blessed with distinct characteristics.

The 7th tier is challenging to go to, but your effort will be rewarded once you get to the top.

In addition, there are hundreds of small turquoise pools just waiting for your swimming enjoyment.

The small fish in these pools add to the unique experience for you.

Dip your feet in the water, and the fish will gladly eat the dead skin off.

Truly, this is a foot spa you shouldn’t miss!

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13. Visit Karang Village and Pala-U Waterfall

Discover the traditional Burmese way of life in Karang Village.

Here, you can learn more about the villagers’ daily routines and culture.

Next, head on to the jaw-dropping Pala-U Waterfall inside the Kaeng Krachan National Park – the country’s largest.

This waterfall is composed of 16 levels of cool and refreshing water from the mountaintops.

Notably, the 3rd level offers a huge deep pool where you can swim and go fish feeding.

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14. Visit the Eco Vintage Village of Plearnwan

Plearnwan is a replica of a vintage village.

More importantly, you will learn about the way of life in Hua Hin during the 1950s.

Uniquely, the village is built with wooden planks and rusty tin pieces for a more authentic ambience.

Exploring the village will give you a better appreciation of the history and culture of the area.

In addition, you can sample delectable local cuisine and shop for souvenirs to remind you of this time.

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15. Experience the Tak Bat Ceremony

This is your chance to see firsthand the philosophy behind Buddhism of giving back and being good.

Take part in the unique experience offered by a Tak Bat ceremony.

Specifically, it means giving alms to monks.

At dawn, locals and tourists offer free food and drinks to the monks.

You will need to remove your shoes before placing food inside the monk’s bowl.

Above all, females are not allowed to touch the monks to keep the symbol of purity.

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16. Tour the Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

Wine lovers will have a blast on this tour!

The Hua Hin Hills Vineyard is located on a beach which used to house wild elephants.

Here, the climate and soil conditions are ideal for growing a wide variety of grapes.

You will be greeted with a refreshing drink of fresh grape juice.

Alternatively, you can indulge in some wine tasting for an additional fee.

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17. Vana Nava Water Jungle Theme Park

Have fun with the whole family in Vana Nava Hua Hin!

This exciting water park is the first water jungle in Asia.

You’ll see an incredible man-made jungle as well as a variety of courses, rides and slides.

In addition, there are wet and dry activities to suit your individual preferences.

It also houses the country’s longest & largest water slides, the Boomerango and Abyss.

Without doubt, every family member can expect a thrilling adventure in this water park.

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18. Black Mountain Water Park

Black Mountain Water Park is another popular attraction in and around Hua Hin.

It is located just 15 minutes from the city center.

All the rides are spread over 40,000 square meters of land.

For instance, you can cool off in the wave pool, splash in the infinity pool, or sleep in the lazy river.

In addition to this, there is a 55-foot high tower featuring 9 unique slides!

Finally, a children’s pool provides unforgettable thrills for younger visitors.

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19. Baan Sillapin Artists Village

Baan Sillapin is an artists village which offers a retreat for artists from all over the country.

This is where art appreciation awaits you amidst a scenic background.

Wander around and check out the art galleries, artist studios, and antique shops.

In addition, you can take part in painting or drawing classes being offered by some artists.

Alternatively, you can relax and enjoy the scenery at a quaint cafe overlooking a charming lake.

Visit the gift shops for unique souvenirs, or purchase artwork from the talented artists themselves.

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20. Visit Kui Buri National Park

Get up close and personal with elephants and other wildlife in Kui Buri National Park.

The park houses different species of animals such as Malayan tapir, gaurs (Indian bison), and deer.

It is also home to one of the country’s largest herds of wild elephants.

When you join this tour, you will see the park in an open truck, similar to a safari.

This way, you can easily observe the animals in their natural habitat.

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21. Rafting at Kaeng Krachan National Park

Get ready for an adventure in Thailand’s biggest national park.

The park also encompasses a dam.

Upon arriving at the national park, you will proceed to the Bamboo Giver House.

This is where you will get safety instructions and be fitted with a life jacket.

Afterwards, your rafting adventure starts on the Phetchaburi River.

Along the way, you will see local wildlife in and around the tropical forest surrounding the river.

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22. Take a Kitesurfing Lesson

Ready for a whole new adventure on the water and on air?

Go for a kitesurfing lesson from highly-experienced instructors, certified to offer kiteboarding courses (IKO).

Feel the thrills of this watersport as guided by multilingual instructors in the safest manner.

Meanwhile, you have several options to choose from with regards to course length.

You can choose from the 1 hour, 1 day, or the 3-5 day courses.

Afterwards, you will get a personalized IKO kiteboarder card which states the level you achieved.

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