Located in the Aegean sea of Greece, Santorini has become a popular romantic destination. There are plenty of places to visit for an intimate trip with your partner. See the best sunsets, relax at beaches, or dine at a classy restaurant, there are plenty of unique experiences. But what’s the best area in Santorini for honeymoons? In this article, you’ll get a breakdown of the best spots so you know where to stay. But before we do that, here are some quick tips

Best Areas in Santorini

  • Best Santorini Area for Nightlife – There is only one correct answer to this – Fira. You have a variety of places to choose from including bars, clubs, restaurants, and dance clubs. While Santorini is still considered to be a romantic island, Fira is the best area for parties.
  • Best Santorini Area for Restaurants – Most visitors prefer restaurants located in Oia and Pyrgos. Pyrgos has traditional restaurants with Greek cuisine. In Oia, you can find both traditional and modern restaurants.
  • Best Santorini Area for Caldera Views – Many places offer a breathtaking caldera view in Santorini. Hotels in Oia, Fira, Pyrgos, and Akrotiri, all have amazing views of the caldera. But Imerovigli is the champion here. What sets this area apart from the rest, is the hiking trail winding along the caldera cliff.
  • Best Beach in Santorini – The red beach is considered to be the best one on the island. It’s not easy to access it – you need to walk for 10-15 minutes to see the unique red sand. The beach is very small and always overcrowded.
  • Best Santorini Area for Privacy – The most secluded village of Santorini is Pyrgos. It is not touristically developed and most of the people in the area are local Greeks. If you are looking for something with more privacy, then you should visit Koloumbos Beach. It is said to be the most secluded beach in Santorini.
  • Most Unique Places to Visit in Santorini – The Fira-Oia hiking trail, beaches, and archaeological sites are just some unique places to visit. Read our guide What to do on Santorini: 13 Unique Places to Visit.

1. Oia

Well known for incredible sunsets, Oia is the perfect honeymoon spot for couples. It’s located in the northern tip of Santorini. You’ll see the blue domes of the Agios Spyridonas and Anastaseos churches – The most photographed place in Santorini. Oia’s traditional beauty also attracts painters, architects, and photographers. This might be one of the more peaceful Santorini villages. But that doesn’t stop it from drawing in “Adrenaline junkies”. You can go cliff jumping at Amoudi bay!

Best Hotels

  • Canaves Oia Epitome [Private pool]  It is one of the best hotels in Santorini that offers an astonishing view of the sea and sunset. Couples will love the Caldera views from the private pool in their room. (Official site)
  • La Perla Villas and Suites [Private hot tub]Stay in elegant cave houses and villas built on the famous Caldera while enjoying unobstructed views of the Aegean sea and Santorini volcano. (Official site)

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2. Fira

Fira, as the capital of Santorini, has lots of shops, restaurants, and hotels for first-time visitors. It has everything that a couple would wish for. You’ll see astounding views of the volcano and the two volcanic islands. Enjoy vivid nightlife, exceptional food, and luxury suites that inspire romance. There are also places of culture such as the archeological museum or the Catholic Cathedral. Fira is where you’ll see golden sunsets that you will never forget.

Best Hotels

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3. Firostefani

Firostefani, the crown of Fira, is more quiet but still within walking distance of the action. It is a traditional place that provides tranquillity and calmness. Luxury hotels and first-class restaurants are designed for honeymoon couples. Walk around the narrow, quaint paths and enjoy the image of the village at night. Firostefani has balanced everything perfectly. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the village during the day. And go party, till the morning hours at Fira – which is right next door.

Best Hotels

  • Splendour Resort [Private pool] The rooms of this resort combine luxury and simplicity. You’ll ave access to suites with private pools, ideal for hotter seasons. (Official site)
  • Exclusive Plan Suites [Private hot tub]Enjoy the best, most panoramic caldera view. The Junior Suite is the most romantic room, combining a cave style and a private hot tub. (Official site)

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4. Imerovigli

The picturesque village of Imerovigli is undeniably the quietest village along the Caldera. It is located between Oia and Fira. Imerovigli is well-known as a romantic destination. It combines luxury hotels, quiet restaurants, and amazing views. The Fira to Oia hike is something that you have to try. This spectacular 10.5 km trail winds along the caldera cliff and through many villages. Another interesting attraction in the village is Skaros Rock. It is a large rock formation created by volcanic activity and shaped by many earthquakes.

Best Hotels

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5. Kamari

Kamari is a village along the shores, situated on the southeastern coast of Santorini. There you can find one of the best beaches of Santorini, Kamari beach. Characterized by its black sand caused by volcanic activity, Kamari beach is a perfect place for swimming. Have fun while scuba diving or snorkeling with your partner. The village’s nightlife consists of bars and restaurants, all gathered on the main paved coastal road. Many couples are attracted to Kamari because the only cinemas on the island are located there. One of them is a charming open-air cinema surrounded by trees. As for the accommodation, many five-star hotels operate in the area.

Best Hotels

  • Casa Vitae Suites [Private pool] – If you’re staying during summer, you’ll want the suite with private pool. They also have a honeymoon suite with a private hot tub. (Official site)
  • Amara Suites Santorini [Private hot tub]Just 300m away from the beach, this hotel offers refinement. All their suites have private spa baths so couples will love it here. (Official site)

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6. Perissa

Perissa is a coastal village, popular for its black sand beach and activities. It is located on the southeastern edge of the island. The beach is formed from black lava with deep blue waters. There you can find sports facilities, diving centers, a water park, and a beach volleyball area. If you prefer adventure, then you should definitely check out an ATV quad tour. Holy Cross is one of the largest churches of Santorini and lies in the central square of Perissa. Nearby, you’ll also find The Museum of The Minerals and Fossils of Thera.

Best Hotels

  • Anastasia Princess Luxury Residence & Spa [Private pool] You won’t suffer from kids crying, as it is an adults-only hotel. Your private pool includes a Jacuzzi. (Official site)
  • Meltemi Blu [Private hot tub]With high-end modern day decor, this hotel is what you call a true oasis. Besides hot tub suites, you’ll be within walking distance to their private beach area. (Official site)

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7. Perivolos

Perivolos is the extension of Perissa, connected by a coastal road. The beach of Perivolos has the cleanest waters on the entire island. Although the beach is considered to be peaceful, there are a lot of beach and cocktail bars. Luxury hotels with private pools and hot tubs are also operating in Perivolos. If you are looking for something cheaper, then studios and apartments are your best option here.

Best Hotels

  • 9 Muses Santorini Resort [Private pool] These suites are elegantly decorated and provide a king-size bed. The private pools are huge so there’s plenty of space for a swim. (Official site)
  • Orabel Suites Santorini [Private hot tub]Just a few feet away from the Perivolos beach, this spectacular place is idyllic for relaxing holidays and honeymoons. It’s adults-only so you’re guarenteed a peaceful stay. (Official site)

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8. Pyrgos

Pyrgos is known as the hidden gem of Santorini. Some people say that its location has kept the village relatively untouched by all the tourists. So if you want privacy and quiet surroundings on your honeymoon, this is the place. The bars and restaurants are more likely to be filled with locals rather than tourists. Sunsets here are spectacular, and the relaxed pace of life makes them even better. Food is defining for Pyrgos. Some of the best restaurants on the island are located there.

Best Hotels

  • Santorini Heights [Private pool] Placed in the highest spot on the island, the view from this hotel is just breathtaking. Santorini Heights combines luxury with nature. Just amazing! (Official site)
  • Skyfall Suites [Private hot tub]Another adult-only hotel ideal for honeymoons. There are many suites with hot tubs on the balcony, including unobstructed Caldera views. (Official site)

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9. Akrotiri

The archaeological site of Akrotiri is one of the most popular attractions on the island. Many don’t know it but there is a village named Akrotiri near the archaeological site. The village is famous for the Red beach – the best beach in Santorini. It is very small and quiet but it’s still one of the most famous ones. Akrotiri is not as touristically developed as other Santorini villages. But that doesn’t stop it from having amazing hotels and restaurants. Don’t forget to visit the lighthouse, close to Akrotiri.

Best Hotels

  • Melidonia Suites [Private pool] These suites are designed for romantic getaways. In fact, there is a suite called Honeymoon suite! (Official site)
  • Astarte Suites [Private hot tub]By offering stunning views of the Caldera, this hotel is one of the best options you have for a honeymoon. While most private hot tubs are inside, they’re still beautifully designed to ensure an intimate stay. (Official site)

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10. Megalochori

Megalochori, south of Fira, is a scenic village with boutique hotels and vineyards. You will come across old traditional houses, historical mansions, and pirate hideaways. Follow a hiking trail that leads down the side of the caldera to natural thermal pools. And don’t miss a photo opp at The Heart of Santorini, a rock formation that literally has a heart carved out. For drinkers, Megalochori is famous for its wine production. It has the best wineries that you can find on the island. Traditional restaurants and cafes are also something you will love.

Best Hotels

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