Are you thinking about going to Universal Studios in Singapore? If you’ve never been to Universal Studios before, it can be overwhelming on arrival. We’ll give you some tips on how to get there, what to do, and what’s the best way to avoid the crowds. There are 28 rides and attractions in 7 themed zones so there’s a lot to see and experience. Before we dive into the details of what this amazing theme park has to offer, you’ll need to purchase your Universal Studios tickets first. As a special treat to get you started, you can purchase an exclusive offer of cheaper Universal Studio tickets here.

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1. Stay in Sentosa

Universal Studios is located in the sunny island of Sentosa. There are plenty of hotels available at Sentosa, but if you’re looking at a hotel that’s close proximity to Universal Studios, you’d want to stay at Resorts World. Resorts World has a total of six different hotels that cater to various personalities. There’s the Hard Rock Hotel with its rock-and-roll edge, and even a hotel beside one of the world’s largest aquariums. While there are plenty of options to tickle your fancy, the hotels in Resorts World are generally more expensive as they also have a 5-star rating. If you want to save money but still have the convenience of staying nearby, Silosa Beach Resort is the most affordable hotel on the island and also includes breakfast.

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2. Organise Transport to Universal Studios

If you’re not staying in Sentosa, there are plenty of convenient options for you to get there. You can travel in luxury or grab a taxi to drop you off at Resorts World. Alternatively, you can hop on the MRT and head to VivoCity Station. This is generally the cheapest option. Once you’re at the station, you can hop on the Sentosa Express which will drop you off directly at Resorts World Station. Within Sentosa, there are also complimentary shuttles that can conveniently take you around the island.

3. Get Express Pass to Avoid the Queues

By purchasing an express pass, you can easily avoid the lines and speed through the rides. There are two different types of express passes. The Universal Express allows you to take each of the attractions once. On the other hand, Universal Express Limited means you can go on the attractions as many times as your heart desires. The prices of the express pass differ during the season. You can purchase the express passes online or directly at Universal Studios. For some of the more popular rides, the queue can be up to 2 hours wait, so it’s definitely worth it if you want to see all the attractions and experience every ride.

4. Best Time to Visit Universal Studios

The peak seasons of the year are during the June and December school holidays along with March and June. There can also be substantial crowds during the long weekends such as Chinese New Year. During the week, it’s best to avoid the weekends and head to Universal Studios during the weekdays instead. Do note that if you visit on the weekdays however there’s a chance you’ll miss the fireworks show or the parade as they usually only happen during the weekends. There are also extended park hours on the weekends.

5. Arrive Early

Arriving early at Universal Studios is the best way to beat the crowds. By arriving early, you can maximize the most of your ticket and spend the entire day at Universal Studios. If you’re not looking to purchase an express ticket, arrive half an hour before opening time so you can have first dibs on your ride of choice.

6. Check the Map

Universal Studios isn’t that big, but it still has a considerable number of attractions. To have a better idea of the layout of the park and where you’d like to go first, it’s best to download the map and orientate yourself. While you’ll start off in Hollywood, you can decide if you’d like to go to New York or Madagascar first. If you decide to go towards Madagascar, you’ll find the more child-friendly rides first like the Crate Adventure or Enchanted Airways rollercoaster. Heading toward New York will expose you to the rides with bigger thrills including the Transformers ride and Battlestar Galactica rollercoasters.

7. Things to Bring

Singapore is generally sunny and humid, but it can also have tropical thunderstorms. To be prepared for Singapore’s erratic weather, you’ll want to have a hat and sunglasses for the sun. You’ll also need an umbrella or a rain jacket to deal with the unpredictable rain. You might also get soaked while you’re on the Jurassic Park ride so it’s a good idea to bring along a poncho and potentially an extra set of clothes. While you can purchase one at Universal Studios, they can be a tad pricier. Outside food and drinks aren’t permitted in the park, but you can bring along a water bottle as there are water stations around the park.

8. What to Wear

It’s incredibly hot and humid in Singapore, so it’s best to wear lightweight clothing. A cotton T-shirt along with a comfortable pair of shorts would be the ideal outfit. You’ll also need to have a comfortable pair of shoes as you’ll be walking quite a fair distance around the park.

9. What are the Best Rides for Adults?

There are plenty of thrilling rides at Universal Studios that are great for adults. Battlestar Galactica is one of the most popular rides at Universal Studios. There are two different rollercoasters – Human and Cyclone. While they’re both high-speed rollercoasters, the Cyclone rollercoaster has more twists and turns than its Human counterpart. Don’t forget to also check out the indoor Revenge of the Mummy rollercoaster, the exhilarating Transformers 3D ride, and the exciting Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. These are the rides that typically have long queues and can have waiting times up to 2 hours. However, if you arrive early and go straight for the rides you prefer, you may beat the lines. Generally, the lines are shorter late afternoon, so you could target these early in the morning and late afternoon if you don’t have the express pass.

10. What are the Best Rides for Kids?

There are also plenty of rides available for kids at Universal Studios. Start off at Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase – a casual ride that’s filled with cute Sesame Street Characters. The Madagascar Crate Adventure also has whimsical characters from the Madagascar movie and is fun for the entire family. Looking for something a little more exciting? The Canopy Flyer and Enchanted Airways are also great rides for children but with an added touch of thrill.

11. What to Eat at Universal Studios

Dining options at Universal Studios are aplenty. From local options to burgers and even snacks from the stands, there are plenty of options to whet your appetite. Mel’s Drive-In is an All-American diner that’s known for its milkshakes, fries, and juicy burgers. Those looking for local fare can head to the Discovery Food Court for dishes such as roasted chicken rice, and curry noodles. Looking to satisfy that sweet tooth? Gloria’s Snack Shack has churros and bingsu to satisfy exactly that. There are also plenty of options outside Resorts World including Malaysian Food Street – a hawker centre with plenty of local options. Going to the hawker center is definitely cheaper, and there are a lot more authentic options in one location (instead of roaming around USS to see what’s available). Just hold onto your ticket and let the staff know as you exit. There will be no issues leaving and re-entering the theme park after lunch.

12. Plan for Shows

You wouldn’t want to miss the shows and live entertainment at Universal Studios. Before diving right into the rides, you’ll want to have a plan of which shows and entertainment you’d like to catch. WaterWorld is one show you wouldn’t want to miss with its death-defying stunts that include explosions and water effects. Don’t miss out on The Dance for the Magic Beans show either as you’ll get a chance to catch Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws show off their dance moves.

13. Photos with Mascots

One of the great things about Universal Studios is the number of characters you can get take photos with. Depending on the season, some of the characters may also be dressed up in special costumes. Strike a pose with the minions or give a big hug to Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. You’ll also get a chance to meet Egyptian Royalty and even the Autobots from Transformers.

14. Where to Shop for Souvenirs

Want to take home a souvenir from your travels? There are plenty of shops at Universal Studios for you to purchase memorabilia. Know someone that’s a Hello Kitty fan? The Hello Kitty Studio at Universal Studios has exclusive merchandise with everything from stationery to apparel. Minion fans will also be delighted as there’s a minion mart filled with merchandise of this well-loved character. The Universal Studio Store is also stocked with merchandise of the largest variety from toys, collectibles, clothing, and more. All of the different areas of the park usually have a shop corresponding to that attraction. There, you can pick up a wide array of gifts and mementos for family and friends.

15. Facilities

There’s a wide array of facilities available at Universal Studios to accommodate different needs. If you require a wheelchair, there are limited quantities that are available for rent. You can get a wheelchair from the rental area that’s located right after the main entrance of the theme park. There are plenty of restrooms in Universal Studios, and all restrooms are wheelchair accessible. In the event of a first aid emergency, there is a first aid station at the park along with paramedics and nurses on site. There are also nursing facilities for those with babies and a dedicated Baby Care Centre. Need lockers to store your items? There are lockers available around the park for you to store your items as well. Although, we do recommend packing as lightly as possible so you don’t have to pay for these extra costs.

16. Save Money with Package Passes

Visiting other attractions in Singapore? Why not purchase a package pass instead? The city pass is perfect for travelers looking to Singapore for 5-days. You’ll get unlimited hop-on hop-off sightseeing, night tour sightseeing, a ticket to Universal Studios Singapore, and a choice of two other attractions. These attractions include the Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and more. If attractions are more of your focus, the Hippo Pass will take you to 3 or 5 attractions depending on what suits your interest best. The iVenture Card also gives you access to 3 or 5 attractions with the option to include admission to Universal Studios Singapore or 2 skydives at i-Fly Singapore.

While Universal Studios Singapore may not be the largest theme park, it has enough rides, attractions, and entertainment to keep you occupied for a day. You also won’t have to rush. Take your time to wander around this incredible theme park. Remember to purchase your ticket early, plan your adventure, and you’re all set to have an incredible day in this exciting theme park.

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