Enjoy a scenic drive along the coastal city beaches and visit the famous Forte dos Reis Magos on the Natal City and South coast tour. Includes:

  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Transport by air conditioned coach
  • Professional guide

Forte dos Reis Magos is a 16th century fortress just a short drive outside of Natal in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The fortress is located at the end of a peninsula at the mouth of the River Potengi and has amazing views of the Ponte Newton Bridge and Atlantic Ocean as well as a beautiful landscape of the city and Natal’s infamous sand dunes to the south. The star shaped fortress was founded by the Portuguese to protect against advances from Europe and Africa. The fortress got its name (Fortress of the Three Wise Men) due to the start date of construction, January 6 1598, the day Catholics celebrate the Epiphany.


  • Cannons – The well preserved 17th century cannons are the main attraction of the fortress and overlook the city, the river and the ocean from the upper level.

Canons Fortaleza dos Reis Magos

Courtyard – The courtyard houses a small chapel with a well, where the soldiers had to drink the salty water while the captains had their own source of fresh water. Courtyard Fortaleza dos Reis Magos

Warehouses and Dungeons – Surrounding the courtyard are some warehouses and dungeons, where prisoners sentenced to death were kept.Warehouses Forte dos Reis Magos

Soldier’s dorms – On the side closest to the ocean you can visit the soldier’s dorms where over 100 soldiers lived in crowded rooms.Soldiers Dorms Fortaleza dos Reis Magos

Caption’s lodgings – On the first floor surrounding the courtyard are the dorms of the captain and commanders on the first floor. These lodgings where built to a high standard, unlike the soldier’s quarters.Caption’s lodgings Fortaleza Reis Magos

Secret Passage – The fortress has a secret passage located under the toilets that could only be used by the captain in case of emergency.forte-dos-reis-magos

Enjoy the View – Take in the breathtaking views of Natal’s Ponte Newton Bridge and Atlantic Ocean. To the south you can see a stunning panoramic of the city and Natal’s sand dunes that are recognisable from most postcards of the area.Atlantic Ocean Fortaleza dos Reis Magos


  • Car – The fortress is a 20 minute coastal drive from Ponta Negra via Costeira. The route is well signposted and the road is of good quality.
  • Taxi – A taxi to Forte dos Reis Magos from Praia da Areia Preta costs R$12.
  • Bus – The number 56 bus from Ponta Negra will drop you 2km from the fortress and costs R$3.
Adults R$ 3
Adults over 60 Free
Children under 5 Free

Top Tips

  • There is a small café located inside the old jail, while you are there you should try their unusual blend of chocolate and pepper ice cream.
  • Just outside the fortress are some market stalls with authentic Brazilian souvenirs such as handmade jewellery, Cachaça and ‘Garrafa de Areia’ – bottles full of colourful sand that has been designed into images.

garrafa de areia

Interesting Facts

  • In 1633, the fortress was invaded and conquered by the Dutch who subsequently overtook the city. Years later, the Portuguese managed to retake the city and the fortress.
  • Forte dos Reis Magos contains the Marco de Touros, a marker stone that was placed by the Portuguese at Praia do Marco in 1501. The marker is considered Brazil’s oldest historical document.
  • Natal was under Dutch rule from 1633 to 1654. During this time they rechristened the fort “Fort Ceulen” after one of their commanders.

Recommended Hotels Nearby

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Aquaria Natal Hotel Aquaria Natal Hotel is a newly built family-friendly hotel in the heart of the city’s most popular location, Ponta Negra. Guests can enjoy the view of the ocean and hear the waves entering the shore from the comfort of their own suite. The hotel offers a range of rooms to suit the needs and budgets of guests.
Serhs Natal Grand Hotel Located between Ponta Negra and Areia Pretafrom is Serhs Natal Grand Hotel. The 5 star hotel stands out for its elegant and modern design and the quality of its services and facilities provided. The hotel was constructed to create a relaxing environment that is classy, comfortable and elegant.

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