Quaint fishing village, Barra do Cunhaú offers an authentic experience of Brazil’s North East coast with its glistening blue rivers, white sanded beaches and unspoiled natural beauty. Located a short 80km journey from Natal, Barra do Cunhaú is the perfect getaway for those in need of some relaxation with its soothingly quiet, picturesque and more than beautiful landscape. If you want to experience the rustic beauty of the North East coast and don’t want a typical tourist experience then Barra do Cunhaú is an ideal spot for you.

Beach Barra do Cunhau


  • Boat Rides – A boat ride typically lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes, bringing you through mangroves where you can see the area’s natural beauty and wildlife. They usually stop at the secluded island of Restinga which has dunes and beach huts that serve fresh locally produced seafood, as well as the exotic juices made from fruits grown in the area.

boat ride

  • Extreme Sports – Barra de cunhau has lots to offer for those who like extreme sports. The area gets a strong and steady wind almost the whole year, making the city a very popular destination for kite surfing enthusiasts. Stand up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking and are among other options for visitors to try.

Kite surfing Barra do Cunhau

  • Dune Buddy Rides – Enjoy an adventurous dune buggy ride along Brazil’s picturesque north east coast. Departing from your guest house in Barra do Cunhaú you will spend a full day travelling the coast. Along the way you will get to enjoy many sand dunes, beaches, and lagoons with your own personal driver guiding you to the best places.

Dune buggy ride Barra do Cunhau

  • Enjoy the natural beauty – Take a barefoot walk along Barra do Cunhaú’s unspoiled sandy beach. Breathe in the fresh sea air while exploring the natural beauty that the region has to offer.

Barra do Cunhaú beach


  • Visit Pipa – While in Barra do Cunhaú take a short trip to Pipa, the town is a popular tourist destination with lively nightlife, award winning restaurants and fantastic views of the ocean.
  • Eating Out – Visit one of the restaurants on the seafront. They offer the best seafood and have amazing views that stretch out over the water.
  • Make friends – The locals are incredibly welcoming and enjoy seeing tourists in the area. They have the best advice on places to visit and give an informative insight into culture in the area.



Barra do Cunhau is best reached by car. You also need to take a short barge ride across a lake.

  • Car – Barra do Cunhau is relatively easy to reach by car. Just be aware that in some places the roads are a little bumpy so drive carefully.
  • Barge – Just before arriving at the village you will need to board a wooden barge. The journey takes around two minutes and costs around 10 reais.

Barge ride Barra do Cuchau


  • Kite Surfing Championships – Barra do Cunhaú plays host to the International Kite Surfing Championships. The championships take place in August and are the perfect place to see international kitesurfing stars taking to the water, battling for the championship.
  • Eco-friendly Activities – An idea that started among friends has turned into an eco-friendly activity for locals and visitors alike in Barra do Cunhaú. Every second last Sunday in January, crowds gather to clean up the river and promote awareness of the dangers of pollution on the local wildlife.This year will be the 10th addition and more than 200 people are expected to get together for the clean-up followed by eco-friendly fun, live music and local food.

Recommended Hotels Nearby

Kilombo Villas & Spa Kilombo Villas & Spa  This uniquely designed villa incorporates nature with modern infrastructure. Located on the seafront, the villa is conscientious about its natural surroundings and has optimized the grounds for conservation of turtles and other wildlife. The villa offers a mix of luxury and homely comfort along with an amazing view of the nearby water.
Pousada dos Peixes Pousada dos Peixes – Stay in a luxurious space where you will find peace in a paradise by the sea. Pousada dos Peixes has a range of spacious accommodation options to choose from including cottages, suites and apartments. Outdoors, the villa offers huts with hammocks to relax in, a cinema room and a library of books, magazines and newspapers.The villa is surrounded in greenery, palm trees and flowers and aims to provide an environment for complete relaxation.
Hotel Village Natureza  Hotel Village Natureza  Just a short stroll from Barra Do Cunhau is Hotel Village Natureza beach resort. The resort is harmoniously integrated in the local landscape with eco-friendly wooden bungalows and rooms that have been decorated with an exotic twist. The resort’s restaurant specializes in cuisine from Brazil’s North East region and serves Brazil’s delicious national dish, feijoada, on weekends.

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