The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s most famous, and likely most well-photographed landmarks. It might not be the longest steel bridge in the world, but it is the largest. Measuring some 134 metres above the harbour. The ‘Coathanger’ as it is affectionally called, is Sydney’s most popular attraction surpassing even the iconic Sydney Opera House. It is visible from most places in inner city Sydney, making it a sight that you simply cannot miss.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an amazing architectural feat, and despite being a traffic bridge, it is best explored on foot. There are staircases on either side of the bridge to allow access, and views from the pedestrian pathways are spectacular. There are also activities that can be done on the bridge such as:

The Pylon Lookout:

  • Open since 1934 the South East pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is home to a museum, and a world class view.
  • Travel up 200 steps, through three floors of exhibits regarding the history and construction of the bridge

The BridgeClimb

  • Widely considered to be one of the must do activities in Sydney (for visitors and locals alike).
  • Summit the Sydney Harbour Bridge and see the panoramic views from the very top while the harbour extends beneath you.
  • Climbs run between 2 and 3.5 hours long, with the longest covering some 1,300 steps, and can be taken at dawn, during the day, in twilight hours, or at night.


Bridge Climb
Every ticket to the top includes a group photograph*, a certificate of achievement, and free entry to the Pylon Lookout.

Standard Adult Child
Weekday Weekend Weekday Weekend
Night $198 $198 $148 $148
Day $248 $258 $168 $178
Twilight $308 $318 $218 $218
Dawn*** (includes two print photos)  $348 $348  $228 $228
Peak (Dec/Jan) Adult Child
Night $228 $158
Day $268 $188
Twilight $328 $218
Dawn*** (includes two print photos) $358 $228

Pylon Lookout

General Admission (13 years and over) $13
Concessions (Seniors and Students) $8.50
Children (5-12 years inclusive) $6.50
Children under 4 years FREE


  • Bridge Walk: The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is an ultimate experience, but walking across the bridge is still a great way to experience the amazing views, even if they are at a lower level.
  • Pylon Lookout: Alternatively, the Pylon Lookout has really wonderful views, and is only $13 entry fee.
  • Night View: Make sure you try and get out onto the bridge at night to see the beautiful Sydney city lights, and the many boats in the harbour.
  • New Year’s Eve: Every year, the Harbour Bridge becomes the centre piece of an amazing fireworks display. If you want to see the bridge light up on New Year’s Eve, be warned, there’ll be millions of people fighting for a spot to see the spectacular show.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge can be reached from anywhere in Sydney. The closest station on The Rocks side, which is also a popular tourist area, and the ferry terminal on the city side, is Circular Quay. From Circular Quay you can easily see the bridge, and can either walk underneath it, or follow the signs to the staircase which will take you to the pedestrian walkway area of the bridge.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge was constructed over 8 years, opening in March of 1932. During the construction stage, $4.2 million dollars was spent and 1,400 men worked to drive six million rivets into almost 53,000 tonnes of steel by hand.

Interesting Facts

  • 272,000 litres of paint were used to give the bridge its initial 3 coats of paint.
  • 16 workers died in constructing the bridge.
  • 800 families were moved to make room for the bridge, and their houses were demolished without compensation.
  • The four pylons on the Sydney Harbour Bridge are totally decorative, and have no load-bearing capacity.
  • Actor Paul Hogan worked on the bridge as a rigger before his big break.

12 Reviews

  1. Mila
    Mila 24 Comments
     -  26 Apr 2018

    Flying foxes under the bridge

    We did a great walk on the bridge to take an opera photos. And you also can cycle on the other side. But our main impression was – flying foxes under the bridge. They are really scaring and make a lot of sounds! We have seen them after 8 p.m. when it was dark already.

  2. Hannah Pigram
    Hannah Pigram 23 Comments
     -  05 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Drive, walk and climb the Harbour Bridge! Do it all!
    Amazing views from anywhere on the bridge. For the best views across the Harbour and the city do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. We went at Twilight so climbed while the sun was up, watched sunset from the Bridge and then climbed down with the city lights as our backdrop. I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat.

  3. Tara 2517
    Tara 2517 15 Comments
     -  01 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    We did the bridge climb. Stunning views, great organization, safety equipment and good guides. Even though the total experience was not all that exciting, very hot, it’s about 2 – 3 hours tour, I would still recommend it as a most – do in Sydney, unless you have a fear of heights. Next time have to try the sunset tour.

  4. nieldelrosario
    Philippines 15 Comments
     -  17 Sep 2017


    Who would miss this bridge when you’re within the area. Walked across and back the bridge just to experience it. My friend who love landscape photography said it provided good photo opportunity for him.

  5. Avatar
    Canada 15 Comments
     -  28 Aug 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Great historical monument and information. Even if you don’t walk the bridge, there is a museum and viewing deck hidden within the pillars.

    Worth the walk up however it does cost a few dollars to view it. It’s a really a fantastic tribute to the brave workers who built it.

  6. Jovelyn Delos Santos
    Jovelyn Delos Santos 30 Comments
     -  30 Jun 2017

    It was good

    The location is great but I do not think there is much more to enjoy and see unless you are someone who likes to play spiderman and climbs the bridge or with your special someone overlooking the city at night for a romantic evening. My friends and I opted for the walk and got a really nice picture of the opera house and the city skyline.

  7. Avatar
    tabibu 16 Comments
     -  29 Jun 2017


    I did think the Bridge Climb was way too overpriced and didn’t do it for that reason. But simply walking across it and taking in the view is amazing enough! I also visited the Pylon Lookout which had a great little museum and also a short film showing how the construction was done and what life-threatening situations the constructors were under.

  8. Luh2sell
    United States 11 Comments
     -  14 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Coupled with the Sydney Opera House, this bridge truly blesses the Sydney Harbor Skyline. It’s as massive as it is iconic. What I recommend is that you take a ferry to truly enjoy it’s beauty, and the beauty of Sydney in general. Ferrys are frequent and not too expensive. In hindsight, I wish I had done the bridge climb activity. Don’t let this be your regret. I’ve seen friends’ pictures and it looks pretty awesome.

  9. Avatar
    amandatanjy 19 Comments
     -  02 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Quite a sight in daylight when you stand at Circular Quay and oversee it and the SYndey Opera House. However I drove to the area under the bridge at night and the view was breath taking when the bridge was lit up. Definitely a great spot to go with you partner and night and enjoy the view 🙂

  10. Avatar
    Andritra 9 Comments
     -  22 Apr 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Ah, the majestic Harbour Bridge! You can take a good photo with it in the background while standing at the Opera House. I enjoyed looking at it especially when there were cruise ships passing near it.

  11. Jessica
    Jessica 10 Comments
     -  13 Feb 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    I did the free option of walking across the bridge where you have a decent view of the city through a 5 inch gap of the bridge (where you can also take photos). I was able to get some awesome pictures of the Sydney Opera House from there. If you are looking for good pictures of the Sydney Bridge, go to the Sydney Opera House. The two are adjacent so you get amazing pictures of each from the opposite side. A warning though, I found the stairs to get to the bridge hard to find, even with a map. Ask a local if you are having trouble!

  12. aflorez7
    aflorez7 11 Comments
     -  22 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Do the Bridge Climb!!!! The most amazing views of the city and if you’re lucky enough to go during sunset on a clear day, the colors in the sky will not disappoint. The bridge is absolutely stunning and even just taking a train ride across it to N. Sydney is fun!

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