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  1. Jovelyn Delos Santos
    Jovelyn Delos Santos 31 Comments
     -  01 Jul 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Sydney Capitol Theatre is an excellent place to watch plays at a cheaper price (when you are lucky). While passing by, we saw that Les Miserables was on and we had a spur of the moment decision to go watch it. They have ran out of tickets but the kind staff told us that some people sell out their reserved tickets last minute and we got ours for a bargain price. We were a group of 5 people so the uncertainty of getting 5 tickets was part of the fun. We sat in different seats but who cares. The theatre itself is amazing. Outside the theatre are partly old style shophouses occupied by small retail shops, pubs and restaurants to eat out after a great show.

  2. chisomo1206
    chisomo1206 10 Comments
     -  11 Jun 2017


    The only word i have for this place is woooooow!!!! Beautiful cinema and a great show, a must see if you like Aladdin or Phantom of the Opera. Great places next door to eat before or after the show. An absolute must

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