Featherdale Wildlife Park is one of Australia’s best privately owned wildlife parks, located in the Doonside area of New South Wales. Known as Sydney’s hands on wildlife experience, it is home to around 2000 animals, and is a unique attraction offering a day out getting to know Australia’s local wildlife.


  • Animal Encounters – One of the most unique aspects of the Featherdale Wildlife Park is that it encourages visitors to get hands on with the animals and really experience a close up encounter with Australia’s native fauna. There are opportunities for visitors to participate in feeding, and to hear keepers talk about the animals throughout the day. See the timetable below:
All Day Koala Sanctuary
9am – 10am Rapt in Reptiles
10am & 2:30pm Echidna
10:30am & 3:45pm Penguins
11am Pelican
11:15am & 1:45pm Farmyard Animal Encounters and Feeding
12:00pm Baby Animal or Rapt in Reptile encounter (Koala Sanctuary)
1:00pm Devil Enrichment Feed and Talk
2:45pm Flying Foxes
3:15pm Dingoes
4pm Tasmanian Devils
  • Children’s Birthday Parties – Children can have their birthday party celebrations within the Featherdale Wildlife Park. These parties include entry (including discount entry for accompanying parents, and free entry for birthday child’s parents), food, a party host, invitations, an animal encounter, and even a gift for the birthday child. Featherdale Wildlife Park can also host corporate and Christmas parties.
  • Bird Lovers – Anyone who loves birds will be more then satisfied with the incredible group of bird species that call the Featherdale Wildlife Park their home. Visitors to the park can see everything from cassowaries to kingfishers, penguins to parrots and just about everything native to Australia.


General Admission

Adult $29
Child (3-15 years) $16
Student $22.50
Senior $20
Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) $82

Birthday Parties

Package Cost Notes
Joey Package (includes chips, sandwiches and juice box for up to 10 children) $310 $29 per additional child, $19 per infant
Dingo Package (includes hot meal, juice box or soft drink, ice creams and a small gift for 10 children) $340 $32 per additional child, $22 per infant
Kanga Package (include food platters, fruit platters, ice cream and choice of drinks for 10 children) $370 $35 per additional child, $25 per infant


  • Picnic Time – Featherdale Wildlife Park provides ample picnic space and even a BBQ area for visitors to come and enjoy the natural surrounds of the park while they enjoy some delicious home-brought food. The picnic areas are shaded, and easily accessible.
  • Safety – Although Featherdale Wildlife Park is in some ways a free-range park, the only animals that are allowed an unhindered access to visitors are the non-threatening Australian animals. There are of course a number of more dangerous animals on site, like a saltwater crocodile and Tasmanian devil, but these are within enclosures, and closely monitored.


  • Train & Bus: From Sydney CBD travel via North Shore and Western line to Blacktown Station. Catch the 725 bus at bus stand 9 outside the station.
  • Car: You can drive to Featherdale via the M2, M4 or M7, see here for detailed directions.


The Featherdale Wildlife Park has a very interesting history, although it is a relative newcomer to the zoo attraction scene in Sydney. The land that Featherdale sits on was purchased by Charles and Marjorie Wigg in 1953, but it didn’t become Featherdale until their son-in-law Bruce Kubbere came into the picture. He had studied Australian fauna throughout his life, and encouraged them to use the land as a wildlife park, which opened to the public in 1972.

In 1975 their dream was nearly ruined when the land was selected to be a part of a housing commission development that would have forced the park to close. Luckily, thousands of community members came forward and petitioned to save Featherdale, a recognised centre of learning for children in the area, and the government changed their mind.

Interesting Facts

  • The land that Featherdale Wildlife Park sits on was once a poultry farm.
  • Featherdale is one of the largest privately owned collections of Australian animals in the country.

6 Reviews

  1. infinitesundays
    Philippines 25 Comments
     -  27 Nov 2017

    Needs improvement

    I’ve already been to Taronga so I was expecting more from Featherdale but I was a bit disappointed. Despite having the same price for admission, Taronga is way better. Featherdale is smaller. Although you do get to feed the kangaroos and wallabies, I think Taronga is worth your money. Still, I enjoyed the visit, you can be done in two hours. It may be inconvenient for some as it is not near the city but if you live near the area then going there once is justifiable. What I didn’t like is that they sell food to feed the kangaroos and wallabies, but it just gets wasted as I can see excess food all over the ground. They should at least control it or better yet just provide it for free. The animals are overfed.

  2. Hannah Pigram
    Hannah Pigram 23 Comments
     -  05 Nov 2017


    I took a tour group here from the UK and Canada and they had the best time. Even for someone that lives in Australia the setup is fantastic and very hands on. It is nice to get up close and personal with many of our animals.
    Go during the week if you can as weekends are definitely more busy.

  3. shae23
    Australia 115 Comments
     -  28 Jun 2017

    Not a good experience

    I would have been happier to pay a higher entrance fee if the animals were better looked after. I found the enclosures to be small and the animals bored/unhappy. The keepers seemed lovely but a more comfortable setting for the animals is needed if they are to live in captivity!

  4. Luh2sell
    United States 11 Comments
     -  14 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This place is about a 1.5 hours to 2 hours train and bus ride out of the city and into the suburbs. It is well worth the trip. I got to pet a koala and play with some kangaroos. Be careful! The kangaroos will get sneaky and snatch food right out of your hand! The employees there are very nice and will help you take pictures with the animals. I got some awesome pictures here. A very hands-on, enjoyable experience!

  5. chisomo1206
    chisomo1206 10 Comments
     -  11 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    My girlfriend loves animals and she wanted us to go there and we did
    There are plenty of animals to see and feed at the wild life park and we took so many pictures to show everyone at home. We recommended this wildlife park to all our friends and they have told us they will visit soon

  6. Karlics
    Karlics 10 Comments
     -  12 Feb 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    The best place to have the classic Koala picture (sadly you cannot cudle them in Sydney) but you can take a picture with them without paying extra!

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