The lush Swan Valley, a semi-rural area located just 25 minutes drive to the east of Perth, has long been a place for local residents to experience some of life’s luxuries. From quality wine and spirits, to some of the region’s best food, as well as the beautiful natural surrounds, there’s a lot to see in Swan Valley. The region offers endless potential for a day spent sampling the local treats and eats, as well as exploring the interesting cultural history of central hub Guildford.


  • Guildford – The central hub of the Swan Valley area, Guildford is a town established in 1829, classified by National Trust. Located just 12 kilometres from central Perth, the area has seen some development, but there remains a range of historical buildings including the old Guildford Courthouse, build around 1866. The antique building now houses the Swan Valley Visitors Centre, where visitors to the region can find a range of interpretative displays, as well as printed material outlining activities and attractions in the area.


  • Vineyards and Distilleries – The Swan Valley area is noted for its many fine vineyards and distilleries. Although far from a ideal climate for producing wines, the Swam Valley is nevertheless earnt a number of award-winning wineries, around 20 in total, as well as a growing number of breweries and distilleries where visitors can sample the alcoholic beverages of the area. There are a variety of options for visitors, from tours to tastings, and many also have restaurants and cafes on site.



  • Art and Culture – The Swan Valley region is also well known as an artistic and cultural centre. The region is home to a number of galleries, where visitors can peruse a range of creative works spanning from traditional Indigenous art to modern fine art pieces. The Swan Valley region also contains Western Australia’s oldest church, All Saint’s Church, which is also the location at which Perth was declared a colony.


  • Children’s Activities – For families and parents, the Swan Valley is more than an exclusively mature experience. There are a number of family friendly activities that can be enjoyed in the region, suited for children of all ages. These include the Margaret River Chocolate Company, where free samples and fine chocolates can be enjoyed; the WA Reptile Park, where visitors can explore and experience Australian reptiles; the Supa Golf course, a child-friendly golf course with larger clubs and balls; Oggies Ice Creamery, a perfect spot for a cool treats; and the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm, where visitors can feed farm animals and participate in a variety of on site activities.




Tour Details Prices
Swan Valley Wine Cruise See the upper reaches of the Swan River and Perth’s surrounding cities, along with morning and afternoon tea, wine tastings and tours at the Sandalford winery. $150
Swan Valley Tour Take a half day or full day tour of the Swan Valley area and indulge in food and fine wines. Visit a number of wineries for tastings of wine, cheese, chocolate and nougat. Optional extras include lunch and locally crafted ale at a micro-brewery. Half Day $60; Full Day $100
Small-Group Swan Valley Tour Enjoy the best from the Swan Valley on a half day tour from perth to sample honey, chocolate, coffees, ice creams and more than 25 different food tastings along with many of the area’s famed wines. $80


  • Eating and Drinking – The Swan Valley area is famed as the ideal location to indulge your taste buds, with the local tourism authority claiming some 150 locations offer food and beverage. There are also more than 40 seasonal produce stalls in the area. This side of the Swan Valley is best explored via the Swam Valley Food and Wine Trail, a well signed 32 kilometre loop that is offered on free maps from the Visitors Centre.
  • Itineraries – The Swan Valley Visitors Centre have put together four itineraries to help visitors get the most out of the area. These itineraries are available online, and are intended to be undertaken by visitors between Tuesday and Sunday, although alternative options are available for Monday visitors as well.
  • Getting Around Swan Valley – As well as the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail, there are a number of other options for getting around the region. Walking and cycling trails are well developed in the area, and include the Guildford Heritage Trail, the Bells Rapid Trail, the John George Trail and the Swan Valley Heritage Cycle Trail. More information on routes can be found here.


  • Car: Drive out of Perth CBD and follow the signs on State Route 51 towards Guildford. The drive takes 25 minutes. Once you arrive in Guildford, head along James Street and north on Meadow Street to reach the Swan Valley Visitors Centre.
  • Train: Take any train on the Perth to Midland line and alight at the Guildford Train Station, exit the station, walking out onto James Street and then north onto Meadow Street to reach the Swan Valley Visitors Centre.


The Swan Valley region was first explored by Captain James Stirling in 1827. He would later become the governor of the Swan River Colony, and was incredibly impressed with the region, noting that the area possessed scenery “as beautiful as anything of the kind I have ever witnessed…”

In 1829, he established three settlements in the area, including the port at Freemantle, the commercial centre in Perth, and Guildford on the southern end of the Swan Valley. Above all, the area is noted for its unusually fertile soils, which has led to a booming industry in distilling as well as fresh produce farming.

5 Reviews

  1. Avatar
    brendalsh 7 Comments
     -  16 Aug 2018


    One of the best places in Perth! Really enjoyed my day visiting the different wineries and the Chocolate Factory. It will be best for you to drive over from Perth and it takes less than 30minutes.

  2. eliiisaaaa
    eliiisaaaa 5 Comments
     -  03 Apr 2018

    Fantastic attraction

    Swan Valley has beautiful scenery and a huge amount of breweries, wineries and restaurants to visit. My favourite of these is probably Feral Brewery and Sandalford Winery. You can spend all day driving around this area if you like, or you can take an Uber tour (or other organised tour, of which there are plenty) so that you can enjoy the abundance of alcohol on offer!

  3. Dennis
    Dennis 3 Comments
     -  11 Oct 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Hire a car and explore this very pretty valley! It starts around 25 mins from Perth and you can spend the day here popping into all the wineries and fooderies. Among our favourites include Yahava Coffee works, Lancaster winery (where they have free cheese tastings along with wine), Olive Farm wines, the House of Honey, and Elmar’s for eating. Having visited wine regions in Italy, France and the United States, this is actually one of the best in terms of varieties of places, convenience to the city and the fact that it’s free (for example in the US, “wine tasting” is very expensive and nowhere near the lovely experience it is in the Swan Valley)!
    There are also plenty of nice corners where you can stop and enjoy the scenery.

  4. belle_angel
    belle_angel 7 Comments
     -  21 Apr 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Australia is known for its quality wine and visiting this place made me realised the reason why. The region offers the breathtaking vineyards and the winery has a wide variety of wines. Not to mention the sumptous food from the finest restaurants. A worth of a day adventure

  5. Bisma
    Bisma 13 Comments
     -  26 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    A beautiful place to drive through. Lots to see around it. Especially for families. Kids and I went crazy tasting chocolates in the Margaret River Chocolate Company! There was also a coffee tasting place nearby, with a cute little shop in it. Can’t recall it’s name but it was also a very interesting place. Overall Swan Valley is a great place for a day trip in my opinion.

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