33 Best Alice Springs Attractions Every Tourist Must See

Known locally as ‘The Alice’, this town is at the centre of Australia. Made famous by Neville Shute’s book ‘A Town Like Alice’, Alice Springs has progressed into a modern town divided by a dry river bed, the Todd River. The Alice must be the only place in the world that has a boat race without a river! However, sometimes, in the wet season, the Todd River does have water and even floods.

33 Most Popular Attractions in Alice Springs

1. Anzac Hill Lookout

  • Anzac Hill, located in the north of Alice Springs, is a lookout and war memorial with views over the entire town and surrounds including Heavitree Gap
  • Free
  • Anzac Hill Lookout, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily
  • 2

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2. MacDonnell Ranges

    The MacDonnell Ranges is a 644 kilometre stretch of mountain ranges located in the centre of Australia not far from Alice Springs. This expansive mountain
  • Camping $5-$15
  • Macdonnell Ranges, Hugh, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily

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3. Alice Springs Desert Park

  • The Alice Springs Desert Park, located around seven kilometres from Alice Springs, is an environmental education attraction. A member of both the Zoo and
  • Adult $25, Child $12.50
  • +61 8 89518788
  • Alice Springs Desert Park, Flynn, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily 7:30am-6pm
  • 1

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4. Larapinta Trail

    The Larapinta Trail is an extended walking track located in the Northern Territory, Australia. Beginning slightly outside of Alice Springs, the trail runs
  • camping $5-$15
  • Larapinta Drive, Namatjira, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily

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5. Simpsons Gap

  • from AUD $125
  • Simpsons Gap, Burt Plain, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily

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6. Aboriginal Australia Culture Centre

  • 170 aud
  • 61 9 89 52 34 08
  • 86 Todd St, Alice Springs, Northern Territory 0870, Australia
  • Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

7. The Kangaroo Sanctuary

  • Adult $85, Children (3-17 yrs) $45
  • 61889650038
  • The Kangaroo Sanctuary, Connellan, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Wed to Fri

8. Western MacDonnell Ranges

  • The Western MacDonnell Ranges is located to the west of Alice Springs along half of the 644-kilometre-long mountain range known as the MacDonnell Ranges.
  • Camping $5 - $15
  • +61 8 8951 8211
  • West MacDonnell National Park, Burt Plain, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily
  • 3

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9. Alice Springs Reptile Centre

    The Alice Springs Reptile Centre, located close to the centre of Alice Springs, is a privately-owned reptile and environmental education centre. It is
  • Adult $16, Child $8
  • +61 8 8952 8900
  • Alice Springs Reptile Centre, Stuart Terrace, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily 9am-5pm

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10. Ormiston Gorge

  • from AUD $125
  • Ormiston Gorge, Mount Zeil, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily

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11. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

  • Free
  • 61 8 8956 1128
  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Petermann, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily

12. Finke Gorge National Park

  • Free
  • 61 8 8956 7401
  • Finke Gorge National Park, Namatjira, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily

13. The Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park

  • Free
  • Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park, Hale, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily

14. Standley Chasm

  • Depends on activity
  • 61 8 8956 7440
  • Standley Chasm, Hugh, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily
  • 1

15. The Ghan Train and Rail Museum

  • Free
  • 08 8955 5047
  • The Ghan Train and Rail Museum, Norris Bell Avenue, Arumbera, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Daily 9am-4pm

Top Attractions

The top Alice Springs attraction is the fascinating and unusual landscape. The Outback is at your doorstep when you are in Alice, and it is easy to see it all from the Anzac Hill Lookout. Anzacs are the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who are remembered with the memorial on this hill. Simpsons Gap is another land formation that is well worth a visit. The MacDonnell Ranges are very handy to Alice Springs and offer some interesting country to explore.

Kids & Family

The kids will love a visit to the Kangaroo Sanctuary or the Reptile Centre. Learn about the history of Alice with a visit to Alice Springs Telegraph Station and find the original ‘springs’ that gave Alice Springs its name. Kids love trains and the train that runs through Alice from Adelaide to Darwin is known as The Ghan. Visit the Ghan museum to learn about traveling one of the world’s greatest railway journeys.

Aboriginal Culture

There is no place like Alice to shop for Aboriginal art and there are plenty of artworks available. Explore the Jila Arts, Talapi or perhaps spend your day at the Aboriginal Australian Culture Centre. Expand your day into the evening with Sounds of Starlight, a show focusing on the Didgeridoo, an aboriginal instrument made from hollow wood. They also offer lessons on learning to play the didgeridoo.

Day Tours

The most popular day tour from Alice Springs would be a flight to Ayers Rock (Uluru). However, there are plenty of other amazing landscape features that are worth a visit. Kings Canyon is not too far, while the Devils Marbles are not to be missed. If you prefer to stay closer to town, try the Alice Springs Desert Park for a close-up of the Outback.


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