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  1. AndrewPiper
    AndrewPiper 29 Comments
     -  09 Aug 2018

    Good casual adventure

    Another strong theme park in Orlando, but this differs from mouse ears & roller coasters. There is a high volume of shows at Sea World, obviously including sea creatures, but there are not many physical rides if that’s what you’re looking for. Just make sure you’re ready to get a little wet, because sitting in the splash zone at the bigger shows is all part of the experience and adds to the fun.

  2. Tatiana Freire
    Tatiana Freire 25 Comments
     -  26 Mar 2018

    Fantastic attraction

    I love Sea World! It has very beautiful shows and great roller coasters! It’s fun for all ages.
    The park is big, but it’s manageable to see everything in just one day.

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