Why not take an hour or two out of your trip to visit what is being dubbed as the worlds largest vertical garden. A maze of beautiful and intricately designed flower arrangements made from over 45 million natural flowers. Its another stunning trophy in Dubai’s cabinet of worlds biggest somethings in the desert and this one is particularly impressive and vibrant. Not for its scale, but for the delicacy and complexity of the collection.


  • Tunnel of Umbrellas – A charming path roofed with colorful umbrellas that makes for a unique and thoughtful attraction.


  • Impressive topiary – A budding collection of windmills, birds, cars, waterfalls, houses and archways lovingly grown despite the deserts harsh climate. Dubai’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, is one of the sizable and recognizable building sculptures Dubai Miracle Garden has arranged its flowers into.


  • A burst of color – The creators of Dubai Miracle Garden sought to make the garden as vividly striking as possible by splashing an endless variety of colors in their creations. The result makes the park look like a Sherbert dreamscape which contrasts gorgeously with the desert.

long shot dubai mircle garden

  • Phase II – The planned phase two of Dubai Miracle Garden involves an immersive experience with butterfly domes and another garden filled with edible plants where guests are invited to try everything they see. Much like a vegan version of the Chocolate Room from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Phase II will be opening October 2014.


  • Check transport – If you take a taxi to Dubai Miracle Gardens, note that there are no buses or metro link within walking distance and taxis are difficult to flag down. Make sure you have a phone number for a taxi or another way back planned.
  • Double check it’s open – The park is closed during the 4 months of the summer where the sun is particularly harsh. It usually opens between September and October with new attractions and sculptures. Make sure to check the official website to see if its open.
  • Don’t expect mad thrills – The park gives off a delightful ambiance of tranquility in what might be an otherwise hectic and fun filled excursion. Come to Dubai Miracle Garden for a pleasant hours unwind with lovely views.


Following directions in Dubai are often painful because many of the streets don’t have names (thanks U2) or are in Arabic so we’ve included a map of how to get there from the main Sheikh Zeyed road coming out of the city center.

  • Bus – Not available
  • Train – You can take the metro to the mall of the Emirates but you’ll need a taxi from there on. It’s a five minute drive from the Mall.
  • Taxi – From Sheikh Zeyed road, take the Mall of the Emirates Exit and follow the map below.


The Future

Dubai Miracle Garden is set to be just one part of Dubai’s plan to have the worlds biggest theme park and tourist hub – Dubailand. This decision to rival Disneyland Florida for size came after Disney denied to build one of their parks in Dubai. The park will cost around $63 billion and open before 2020.

Presumably the folks from the Guinness book of world records are just going to hang out  in Dubailand and save themselves some air miles.

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