The San Antonio Zoo is located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

It is one of the first “cageless” zoos in the United States and continues a long history of successful reproduction of endangered species.

The zoo houses 779 different species and over 8,500 animals..

If you’re looking to take your kids out or go on a romantic date, San Antonio Zoo is the perfect place.

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What Animals will you see at San Antonio Zoo?

There are multiple zones at San Antonio Zoo including:

  • The Reptile House
  • Amphibia!
  • Africa Plains
  • Big Cat Valley
  • Africa Live!
  • Friedrich Aquarium
  • Fun Farm
  • and much more…

You’ll see some of the most popular animals including lions, bears, giraffes, reptiles and a variety of monkeys.

San Antonio Zoo Map

Make sure you grab a free map on entry.

It will help you plan your day or go directly to the animals you love!

What other Experiences are there at San Antonio Zoo?

There are a number of additional fun experiences you can try at San Antonio Zoo to maximise your day. 

For example, you can have breakfast with giraffes or hippos.

Alternatively, you can go behind the scenes with tortoises, lory birds or butterflies. 

For the kids, they’ll love the Zootennial Carousel and Zoo Train.


Zookeepers give talks at popular animal cages throughout the day.

Plan your visit so you can listen to at least one of these informative sessions.


This can be pricey at the zoo, so bring a small backpack with food and drinks to cut costs.

Bring quarters if you want to purchase food from machines at various designated feeding spots.

Expect American food – fries, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches at all the restaurants in the zoo.

Some food stops only serve snacks.

Entrée prices range from $4-$8.

The Fun Farm and the Riverview Restaurant have the best variety.

How to get to San Antonio Zoo

The zoo is only a 10 minute trip from Downtown San Antonio. Here are a few options of transportation:


Bus route 7 stops at the San Antonio Zoo twice an hour (once northbound and once southbound) beginning downtown at about 6:50am and going until about 6:55pm (stops at the Alamo).


It would cost between $10-$15 to travel one way from the Alamo (downtown) to the Zoo.

Ask the hotel for a recommended company. $2-$3+ is a good amount to tip a taxi driver per ride.

Car Rental Agencies

Usually people in the United States choose to rent a car when they travel because the public transportation systems are poor in most cities. 

Rates per day are generally between $37.00 (for an economy car) to $122 (for a van).

If you choose to drive to the San Antonio Zoo, come in the early morning or late afternoon, or you may not be able to find a parking spot.

Also, you can park here and walk to the Japanese Tea Garden or Brackenridge Park.

Locals tend to drive faster but you should always stick to the speed limit (in mph) even if others do not.


  • Colonel George W. Brackenridge founded the San Antonio Zoo in 1914 when he gave the city Brackenridge Park after stocking it with a variety of animals.
  • November 1929 marked the opening of the first two “cageless” exhibits.
  • The Richard Friedrich Aquarium was dedicated in 1948.
  • The Hixon Bird house, which now houses one of the worlds largest collections of birds, opened in 1966.
  • The Zoo train was robbed in July of 1970.

Interesting Facts

  • This was the first zoo to build an amphibian conservation center.
  • More than 1 million people visit the zoo each year.
  • The zoo covers over 35 acres of land.
  • Have bred over 50 endangered snow leopards since 1970.

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