Opened in 1971, The Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird sanctuary in Asia and is home to over 5,000 birds.

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy daily shows, feeding sessions, and observe 400 different species of birds.

The specially designed habitats resemble their natural environment so you’ll see lively wildlife no matter which day you go.

Besides amazing birds, what else can you see?

We’ll give you a  rundown of what to expect before arrival including activities, showtimes, and exhibits.

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Activities at Jurong Bird Park

Bird Exhibits

Jurong Bird Park is filled with birds from all over the world.

Exhibits are all custom designed for each species so that they feel right at home.

Some of the birds you will come across include flamingos, penguins, macaws, pelicans, toucans and hornbills.

Show Times

3 shows are performed daily displaying the intelligence and talents of various birds:

  • King of the Skies – See falcons, owls, vultures and eagles demonstrate their hunting skills in this medieval show.
  • High Flyers Show – Watch free-flying birds race, sing, and swoop through hoops before 100 birds flock onto the stage putting on an amazing color display.
  • Lunch with Parrots – Be entertained by talking parrots as they showcase their talents in this 30-minute show while you’re enjoying lunch.
Time Show Venue
10am King of the Skies Hawk Walk
11am High Flyers Show Pools Amphitheatre
1pm Lunch with Parrots Songbird Terrace
3pm High Flyers Show Pools Amphitheatre
4pm King of the Skies Hawk Walk

Waterfall Aviary

See a man-made 30-meter waterfall in this 2-hectare rainforest enclosure where over 600 birds live.

Walk to the suspension bridge to get a perfect snapshot of birds flying around, with the waterfall in the background.

Birdz of Play

With the constant humid weather in Singapore, this is the perfect area for the kids to cool down while parents can catch a breather from all the walking.

Birdz of Play is a bird-themed water playground for kids where they can splash around under a giant tipping bucket, squirt others with water guns or slide down slippery dips.

Feeding Times

During feeding times, the staff will provide commentary so visitors can learn more about the various bird species.

Time Birds Venue
8.30am – 6.00pm Lory Feeding Lory Loft
10.30am Birds Feeding* Waterfall Aviary
10.30am Penguin Encounter* Penguin Coast
11.45am Hornbill Chit-chat Hornbill & Toucan
11.45am Southeast Asian Birds Tour Southeast Asian Birds Aviary
(Available on weekends & public holidays only)
1.30pm Flamingo Feeding* Flamingo Pool
(Available on weekends & public holidays only)
1.40pm Ostrich Feeding* Dinosaur Descendants
(Available on weekends & public holidays only)
2.00pm Pelican Chit-chat* Pelican Coast
2.30pm Birds Feeding* Waterfall Aviary
3.30pm Penguin Encounter* Penguin Coast

* You will have the opportunity to feed the birds in these enclosures. Bird food can be purchased on site.


If you’re Singaporean or a permanent resident in the country, you get free entry on your birthday (as long as you have proof). For everyone else, these are the prices.

  • Adult – $32
  • Child – $21
  • Senior – $15

If you’re looking for package deals so you can see other attractions in Singapore, have a look at passes available to save more money.

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Show Times

There’s usually plenty of space on the sides of each arena, but to get the best seats (in the middle or front) arrive 10 minutes before the show start.

Prepare for the Weather 

The rain comes and goes, but for most days, it gets pretty hot and humid in Singapore.

There are areas between exhibits with minimal cover, so wear sunscreen, bring a hat and an umbrella for the unpredictable rain.


There’s a lot of walking during the day, so take advantage of the tram that circles Jurong Bird Park.

Rides are $5 for adults and $3 for children per round trip.

However, if you purchase a hopper pass or Flexi attraction pass, the tram is included.

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Direct Bus Service to Jurong Bird Park

Easiest way to get there is through the Singapore Attractions Express (SAEx®) Service which stops at various hotels.

MRT & Bus 

The nearest MRT station is Boon Lay.

From here, catch bus 194 or 251.

It should only take 10 minutes by bus from Boon Lay station.

Hotel Pickup

If you want to be picked up directly from your hotel and save time, book a package deal.

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