In April 2006, Chimelong Paradise was the first attraction to open in the Chimelong empire.

The park is a giant superlative among Asia’s theme parks.

It has the largest 4D theater, the largest number of imported rides in China, and a roller coaster listed in the Guiness Book of World Records.

There are also over 70 rides, a variety shows, parades, and a dedicated zone just for younger children.

Families visiting can easily spend the whole day at Chimelong Paradise.

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What are the Best Rides at Chimelong Paradise?

4D Theater

China’s largest 4D theater sits on the eastern edge of the park.

Feature family films from Disney, Warner Brothers, and other rotating films are regularly shown.

Films subject to change, and are mostly only dubbed in Chinese with Chinese subtitles.

Nevertheless, children can still appreciate the experience, regardless of the lack of English.

Happy Kingdom

Many park rides require visitors to be a certain height.

For the kids, Chimelong Paradise created Happy Kingdom which is an indoor temperature-controlled environment.

There are over 40 rides for kids between 8 months – 13 years of age.

Highlights include a double-decker carousel, and bumper cars, as well as carnival games.

Though Happy Kingdom caters to kids, the air-conditioned space is a welcomed place to take a break in the humidity of Guangzhou’s summers.

Roller Coasters Galore 

Chimelong Paradise has Two of the most thrilling rides in China.

They are located in the northern and southern tips of the amusement park.

One is the 10 Inversion roller coaster which has number of flips and twists on 850 meters of track.

The Dive Coaster is 1000 meters of track, reaching heights of 80 meters and a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

At one point in the ride, the dive coaster includes a 90 degree dive.

Other thrilling rides include the Flying Horse coaster, the Motorbike Launch coaster, and the Half Pipe coaster.


Two regularly programmed shows make a rather cliche yet still exciting appearance at Paradise amusement park.

The North American Lumbering Burlesque Show features European and American performers.

The variety show includes wood sawing, axe throwing, wood climbing, and other interesting acts.

The Danger Island Water Show features real stuntmen who preform a variety of death-defying tricks in a Waterworld meets Miami Vice setting.

Shows and programming are generally on time, though weather and performer status may sometimes inhibit regular scheduling.

Chimelong Paradise Tickets

Get a personal guide who can speak English to pick you up in the comfort of an air conditioned vehicle.

Your guide will give you all the tips on the way to Chimelong Paradise so you can enjoy the day hassle free.

The package deal includes admission tickets to the theme park. 

At the end of the day, you’ll be dropped off back at your hotel, so there’s no need to worry about getting lost on public transport!

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Lining up

Spend the extra money for a hot pass, which allows each ticket holder to skip to the front of the line, once per ride.

On weekends and holidays, where some of the larger rides can warrant waits up to an hour, this fast pass is well worth the extra investment.

Tram services

Trams are available throughout the park.

For those with tired feet, an all-day train pass costs 20 RMB per adult (10 RMB per child).

A single ride costs 10 RMB.

No BYO Food & Drinks

Park rules prohibit visitors to bring in any food or drink.

Food service in the park includes sit-down restaurants, cafeteria-style dining areas, food carts, ice cream stands, and even a McDonald’s cafe.

Western and Asian style options are available.

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