Chimelong Circus is one of the star attractions in the Chimelong Empire.

With a nightly 1.5 hour show chock full of theatrics, comedy, daredevils, animal tricks, and talented dancers, Chimelong Circus attracts groups of adults and school children alike.

Situated in a large open amphitheater with seating for 7,000, Chimelong Circus has established itself as the world’s largest non-traveling circus.

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What will you see at Chimelong International Circus?

Chimelong highlights their acts on the website, but English descriptions are often awkward not to mention inaccurate.

Despite this fact, each act is always breathtaking in person.

Here are some of the current favorites (acts subject to change).


These clowns are friendly and pleasant, even to those with a fear of clowns.

At Chimelong Circus, the clowns act as emcees and guide the pace of the show, transitioning one act to the next.

In one act, a clown interacts with his primate friend, which is guaranteed to garner a few chuckles from the audience.

Horse Act

The horse act is a thrilling, fast-paced, and action-packed act.

The herd of horses at Chimelong is a talented and well-trained group, with their acrobatic riders equally as graceful and swift.

Watch riders perform tricks – dangling precariously off saddles, standing atop each other on horseback – as the horses gallop around the circus circle.

Carnival Parade

The parade of baby elephants, flamingoes, baby pigs, and glittering showgirls are a welcome mid-show breather.

Head down the stairs to the front for a better view, especially if you have kids.

Human Hamster Wheel

This troupe of three men and one woman performing daring acts on a huge three-ringed rotating wheel, where they flip and perform running tricks inside and on top of the rings.

It’s one of the more thrilling, entertaining acts of the circus – undoubtedly amped by the troupe’s exuberant Latin energy.

Diving Act

The closing act features a group of ten to twenty young men and women who transform the stage into a water and trampoline spectacular.

Featuring diving and acrobatics – a seemingly unusual combination until you see the show – the act is perhaps the most lighthearted.

Choreographed to fun and lively music, it is a high energy and wildly entertaining way to close out the circus.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Circus show and Circus Hotel 1-night

Because the show is a nightly event, families often like to make a day out of their Chimelong trip and visit one of the other attractions for the day.

For example, you can book a package that includes Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Circus Show and 1 night at a hotel.

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  • Chimelong’s website advises advance ticket purchases for the weekend. However, to non-Chinese speakers (and those without China’s UnionPay credit card) the system is clunky and confusing. Depending on weather and season, weekend shows may sell out, so plan ticketing in advance. Shows during the week typically won’t have this problem.
  • Doors open at 6pm, an hour and a half before the show starts. Particularly on the weekends, seats will be filled by 7pm so for the best seats, send one from your party to save a group of seats closer to opening time.
  • Transportation may be a bit chaotic when the show ends, with many local families driving their own cars. Taxis generally circulate the area close to the show’s closing time, so those on foot won’t be completely out of luck, but as usual the metro may be the quickest option.
  • The use of flash is prohibited during the show, for the safety of performers. Remember to turn off your camera or phone flash before the start of the show.
  • Shows rotate regularly, with Chimelong allowing each troupe ample flexibility to curate their shows. As a result the circus may not be the same experience from one season to the next – or even from month to month – making it a refreshing experience with each visit.

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