Scenic World is located in Katoomba within the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

It’s a tourist attraction designed to showcase the natural environment of Australia.

Located about 90 minutes’ drive west of Sydney, Scenic World is comprised of four separate attractions.

This includes The Scenic Railway, the Scenic Skyway, the Scenic Cableway, and the Scenic Walkway.

There are a number of different deals and tours from Sydney available if you want to spend a nice day trip to Scenic World.

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View the Blue Mountains region and all of Scenic World from a bird’s eye view aboard the Scenic Skyway.

It is suspended 270 metres above the rainforest.

The Skyway provides a unique experience as you look down at the surrounding landscape through the skyway’s electro-glass cabin floor.

During the journey, you’ll have 360-degree views along a 720-metre track.

You’ll see the Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley stretching below.

If you’re looking for more stability, the car also offers seating and a solid floor, with stunning views from the windows.


Scenic Cableway provides another perspective of Katoomba.

The 545-metre trip will take you to the depths of the Jamison Valley and back again in a fully enclosed cabin.

Vantage points of the Three Sisters, Orphan Rock, Mt Solitary, and Katoomba Falls are all visible from the Cableway.

It can hold up to 84 passengers.


Take a thrilling adventure on the Scenic Railway, riding down a 52-degree incline.

It is the steepest passenger railway in the world!

The Scenic Railway was redeveloped in 2013.

It provides a completely unusual experience with its glass-roofed carriages offering stunning views of the rainforest and surrounding Jamison Valley.

The Scenic Railway descends 310 metres through a cliff-side tunnel.

You can adjust their seats to 20 degrees for a scarier experience.


Discover the peace and quiet of the old forests in Scenic World’s rainforest area by taking a walk along the 2.4-kilometres Scenic Walkway.

The trek is an all-weather activity.

You’ll become immersed in the surrounding Jurassic rainforest.

Look out for local flora and fauna.

Learn about the area’s mining history with a replica miners’ hut and artifacts along the walk.

Various walking trails and length options are also available.

During the Christmas holidays, they have special exhibitions like dinosaurs.

Food, Drinks, and Shops

Scenic World has two food and beverage options: EATS270 and the Terrace Cafe.

EATS270 is located 270 metres above the Jamison Valley.

It offers Asian, Italian, and Australian cuisine items in a scenic setting from 10:30am – 3:00pm daily.

The Terrace Cafe has coffee, tea, snacks, and bakery treats along with stunning views of the area.

It is open from 9am – 5pm daily.

Scenic World also has a shop on site.

You can purchase souvenirs and similar memorabilia from here.

Beating the Crowds

Scenic World is a popular destination, particularly for locals coming from Sydney.

This means weekends can be a busy time for the attraction.

In order to avoid the majority of the crowds, arrive early in the morning.

Ideally before 10 am.

Alternatively, try to schedule your visit during the week and away from school holiday periods.


Scenic World has created an app for Android and iPhone.

It includes points of interest in the region and offers maps, itinerary planners, and information on events and prices.

How to get to Scenic World


Scenic World is located on the corner of Violet Street and Cliff Drive, Katoomba.

The drive from Sydney is less than two hours via the M4 and the Great Western Highway.

Free parking is available onsite.


You can take a train on the Blue Mountains train line and alight at Katoomba Station.

From Katoomba Station, you can catch either the Blue Mountains Explorer bus.

This will stop at Scenic World and allows you to see a stop at other major attractions in Katoomba.


There are a large number of tour options available that include Scenic World as a part of a larger exploration of the Blue Mountains region.

This is the better option for tourists new to the region.

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The Hammon Family started Scenic World in 1945 when Harry Hammon and his sister Isobel Fahey purchased the lease of the Katoomba Colliery Limited.

At the time, the area had been operating as a mine since 1928.

The siblings made extra money by taking visitors on weekends to explore the area.

They had a  14-passenger car called ‘The Mountain Devil’.

Later, Harry and Isobel decided to operate the incline railway as a sole passenger vehicle and rebuilt it to carry 28 passengers.

They also did substantial work on the Colliery site, including the construction of a souvenir and tea room.

By 1958 the Hammons had constructed Scenic Skyway, Australia’s first cable car.

As the years went on, they continued to make improvements.

In 1960 Australia’s first revolving restaurant opened.

Then in 1974, the Scenic Railway expanded to carry 56 passengers, before increasing the limit to 84 passengers in 1994.

Both The Scenic Cableway and Scenic Walkway were built in 2000.

Although the 2.4 kilometres of the walkway was not complete until 2004.

Scenic World remains a unique part of Australian tourism history and is one of the country’s most visited, privately owned tourist attractions.

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