Manukau Heads Lighthouse, located on the south side of Auckland, is over 140 years old.

Relive the life of a seaman, viewing the vast Manukau Bar, Paratutae, Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges, Auckland City, and all of Manukau Harbour and Mount Taranaki to the south.

View the internal displays as you walk through the historic lighthouse to learn about the location.

Then stroll around the lightkeepers’ balcony to gaze at the amazing views surrounding Manakau Heads Lighthouse.

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Things to See & Do at Manukau Heads Lighthouse

See the Beautiful Scenery

Indulge in nature when visiting Manukau Heads Lighthouse.

The location of the lighthouse offers a wide view of the surrounding area and ocean.

It’s the perfect place for a romantic stroll and breath of fresh air.

Admire Manukau Heads Lighthouse Garden

Absorb indigenous nature in the garden managed by Manukau Heads Lighthouse staff.

All plants are selected so that they survive the winds and the dry spells on the south side of Manukau Heads, creating a unique and beautiful array of plants.

Host a Photoshoot or Event

The breathtaking scenery at Manukau Heads Lighthouse has served as a background for many events including advertisements, weddings, product catalogs, car rallies, family reunions, and corporate functions.

Make a statement by booking your event at Manukau Heads Lighthouse.

Learn about the Past

The lighthouse has been standing for over 133 years.

It has had numerous lighthouse keepers as well as their assistant keepers.

View the history of the lighthouse on internal displays and share the story of Manukau Heads Lighthouse.


Plan for a Day Trip 

The drive up to the south side of Manukau Heads is a long and beautiful one.

Make sure you have enough time to enjoy the lighthouse and the scenic views without worrying about being pressed for time.

Bring Food 

Soak in the scenery of Manukau Heads by bringing food and eating on site.

Manukau Heads asks that no garbage be left on the property and be brought with you when you leave.

Dress Warm 

Being so close to the ocean ultimately produces a cooler climate, and Manukau Heads is known to be windy.

Check the weather before heading out, dress in layers, and bring sweaters.

Visit Awitu Park 

Extend your day trip by visiting Awitu Park.

It is a 25-minute drive from Manukau Heads Lighthouse.

Indulge in the beauty of nature even more with an extension of your visit to the lighthouse.

How to get to Manukau Heads Lighthouse


It is an hour and 35-minute drive from Auckland Airport to Manakau Heads Lighthouse and 30 minutes from the historical township of Waiuku.

The most convenient method of visiting the lighthouse is to rent a car for the day.


  • Over 14 lighthouse keepers from 1874-1947.
  • Until 1957 Manukau Heads Lighthouse become “unwatched”.
  • In 1984 the site of the lighthouse began facing the threat of erosion.
  • In 1999 the Awhitu Historical Club began considering rebuilding the lighthouse with the original separated lighthouse parts.
  • On September 23, 2007, Manukau Heads Lighthouse was relit by Prime Minister Helen Clark 133 years and 22 days past the first lighting of the lighthouse.

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