Paris is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

There are plenty of things to do within the city.

However, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems and secret locations outside this popular tourist destination!

Check out this list of the 20 best day trips from Paris for your next travel itinerary. 

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1. Best of Versailles Day Trip from Paris

Discover the wonders of Versailles on this comprehensive day trip from Paris.

Soak up the rich cultural heritage of this magnificent city within the Ile de France region.

It is best known for the sprawling royal palace and gardens built by King Louis XIV.

Travel from Paris to Versailles in style, onboard a luxury minibus. 

What are the highlights of this tour?

  • Get a priority access ticket to tour the Palace of Versailles and skip the long lines!
  • Explore the grand French baroque-style gardens outside the palace.
  • Enjoy a 3-course lunch at a restaurant by the Grand Canal.
  • See the estate of Trianon including the Petit Trianon and the Queen’s Hamlet.

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2. Versailles Bike Tour

See the splendor of Versailles by going on this exciting full-day bike ride. 

Skip the long lines, as this includes priority access to the Royal Palace. 

View the picturesque spots including the local market and Marie Antoinette’s private farm.

Cruise effortlessly on your bike while learning more about the French Revolution.

What unforgettable experiences can you look forward to on the Versailles bike tour?

  • Explore the local market in Versailles and check out the fascinating food stalls.
  • Go on a cycling exploration of the Royal Grounds and the French gardens.
  • Visit the interior of the Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon.
  • See Marie Antoinette’s private domain.
  • Enjoy a lovely picnic lunch along the King’s Lake.

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3. Small Group Normandy D-Day Beaches Day Trip

Travel back in time to the end of World War II on this day trip to Normandy.

Visit the D-Day landing beaches and feel the historical importance of these sites. 

This small group tour with a friendly guide offers a more personalized experience.

Your professional guide will regale you with fascinating stories about the end of WWII.

All entrance fees are included on this tour. 

What activities are included in this tour?

  • Visit the D-Day landing beaches, including Omaha Beach.
  • See German bunkers up close and personal.
  • Visit the Normandy American Cemetery with its 10,000 white crosses in perfect rows.
  • Learn about the liberation of Europe at the Operation Overlord Museum.

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4. Mont Saint Michel Day Trip

Enjoy this day trip to the magical island city of Mont Saint-Michel.

Check out the medieval village surrounding a Gothic Benedictine abbey.

In addition, the views are breathtaking from the top of the village!

It was once one of the most important pilgrimage destinations during the Middle Ages. 

Also, this iconic French attraction is a UNESCO World Heritage Site you shouldn’t miss. 

What makes the Mont Saint Michel Day trip unforgettable?

  • A scenic drive through Normandy from Paris.
  • Afterwards, enjoy a sumptuous lunch on the island before proceeding to explore.
  • Discover the Benedictine Abbey as the pilgrims in the Middle Ages did.
  • Finally, enjoy the fairytale-like scenery of the island with extreme tides surrounding the place.

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5. Disneyland Paris Express Shuttle (with Admission Tickets)

Prepare for a truly magical time riding the express shuttle to Disneyland Paris!

Come and be part of the extravaganza to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

In addition, this tour includes your transportation from Paris and ticket to Disney Parks.

Enjoy this adventure with the whole family for an unforgettable experience.

What makes Disneyland Paris special?

  • This is a family-friendly tour that will surely be enjoyed by family members of all ages.
  • Enjoy all the fun rides and collect memorabilia photos.
  • Watch your favourite Disney character in live shows.
  • Stay late for the spectacular fireworks at night.

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6. Loire Valley Day Trip from Paris

See the stunning castles and chateaux that made the Loire Valley famous on this day trip from Paris.

At the same time, skip the long lines and get direct access to these extravagant structures.

Visit the magnificent Chateau de Chenonceau and Chateau de Chambord.

In addition, a friendly and informative guide will keep you well-informed throughout the tour.

What are the most fascinating parts of this tour?

  • Visit the Chateau de Chambord, one of the world’s most recognizable castles.
  • Next, see the double helix staircase at the Chambord, rumored to be designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Sample three of the most famous wines of the Loire Valley.
  • Likewise, discover the Chateau de Chenonceau, also known as the “ladies’ castle”.
  • Explore the Chateau Royal D’Ambroise and its stunning riverside scenery.

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7. Bruges Day Trip from Paris

Discover the impressive city of Bruges, dubbed as the “Venice of the North”. 

Gaze with awe at the charming cobblestone-lined streets and medieval architecture.

Explore the city on a walking tour and from the water on a canal cruise.

In addition, this fully narrated tour takes you to the most memorable sights in this picturesque city.

What will you see and experience in Bruges?

  • See the historic center’s attractions, including the Town Hall, Beguinage’s monastery and Notre Dame Cathedral.
  • Next, stop for a leisurely lunch and sample local delicacies (including Belgian waffles).
  • Go on a romantic canal cruise.
  • Later, shop for local (Belgian) chocolates.
  • Finally, relax and have a drink on the Market Square.

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8. Day Trip to London by Train Including Hop on Hop Off Tour

You will have a full day to explore London on this exciting tour from Paris.

Additionally, you can see all the attractions on a flexible Hop on Hop off bus tour. 

Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes and prepare for the 2 walking tours included!

You have the freedom to customize your itinerary according to your preference. 

What can you see in London?

  • Free walking tours – the Royal Walking Tour and the Beatles London Tour.
  • Hop on Hop off double-decker bus tour to take you around London’s most famous attractions.
  • Next, a scenic Thames River Cruise to give you a different perspective of London.
  • Finally, check out Piccadilly Circus and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

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9. Wine-Tasting Trip to the Champagne Region Including House of Moet & Chandon

Take a trip to the region best known for its sparkling white wine – Champagne. 

Get to see the cellars of the world’s largest producer of Champagne.

This is a small group tour with a professional guide for a more personalized experience.

Above all, all entrance fees and free drinks are included!

What are the most fascinating parts of this tour?

  • Learn how Champagne is tasted, grown, and bottled from a local winemaker.
  • Next, visit the grave site of Dom Perignon, the father of Champagne.
  • Go on a fully guided tour at the House of Moet & Chandon – the largest producer of Champagne in the world.
  • Finally, visit the magnificent Cathedral of Reims.

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10. Givernet and Monet House Half-day Trip

This day trip to Giverny is a must for all art lovers.

It is the hometown of French painter Claude Monet, founder of the Impressionism art movement.

Specifically, this is where he painted and lived for the last 40 years of his life. 

You will be taken by a guide through the gardens and home of Monet. 

Similarly, you can explore the 2 gardens which have been designed and modified by Monet himself.

What are the highlights on the Givernet and Monet day trip?

  • Visit the interior of Monet’s home to see where he painted and lived. 
  • Next, see the stunning Monet’s Flower Garden with 100 types of flowers. 
  • Visit the Japanese Garden where Monet spent the majority of his time painting the waterlilies in the pond.
  • In addition, see actual photos of Monet and his family members.
  • Finally, visit the great French painter’s grave site.

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11. Somme Battlefields Day Trip

A trip to the Somme Battlefields will take you to a picturesque rural landscape.

The Battle of the Somme was fought by the French and British armies against the German Empire.

With more than 1 million men wounded or killed, it is one of history’s bloodiest battles.

What can you learn on a day trip from Paris to Somme Battlefields?

  • See traces of battles including the remains of trenches and shell holes.
  • Next, see the Lochnagar Crater – a mine hole which is 30 meters deep and 100 meters wide.
  • Meanwhile, visit the Newfoundland Memorial to see an impressively-preserved trenches system.
  • Visit the Historial at Peronne, a museum with more than 50,000 objects about life during the war.

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12. North Burgundy and Chablis Wine-Tasting Tour

Go on a tour of the beautiful French countryside on this full-day trip from Paris.

In addition, you will get to know a part of French history and its rich wine heritage.

This small group tour includes a certified sommelier and history buff as a guide.

Also, lunch is included to keep you energized for this exciting day trip from Paris.

What will you see and experience on a trip to North Burgundy and Chablis Wine-Tasting?

  • Visit the quaint Chablis village on this tour across North Burgundy.
  • Next, follow the path taken by the Knights Templar.
  • Meanwhile, see the centuries-old cellars which were built by monks. 
  • Meet with wine producers and learn how wine is made.
  • Finally, get to taste more than 15 varieties of sparkling, red, and white wines.

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13. Day Trip from Paris to Chartres and its Cathedral

Explore the local streets and the town of Chartres on this fascinating walking tour.

Specifically, Chartres is world renowned for its Cathedrale Notre Dame.

This cathedral is one of the world’s finest examples of Gothic architecture.

Notably, this UNESCO World Heritage Site dates back to the 12th century. 

It features stained glass windows and over 4,000 sculptures.

What can you see on a trip to Chartres?

  • See the Santa Camisa, which is said to be worn by Mary when Jesus was born.
  • Next, gaze at the 176 stained glass windows of the glorious cathedral.
  • Check out the crypt beneath the cathedral, and the labyrinth in the nave’s center.
  • Finally, visit the bishop’s garden for a stunning view of the old town.

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14. Fontainebleau & Vaux le Vicomte Chateaux Day Trip

Prepare to see spectacular French castles on this day trip from Paris.

In addition, each site offers audio guided tours to keep you informed about their histories.

You will also learn about the eccentric royals who resided in these castles.

What are the highlights of this day trip?

  • Visit the Vaux le Vicomte Castle which was said to be inspired by the Palace of Versailles.
  • Wonder at the opulence of the Chateau de Fontainebleau, built by French royalty.
  • Next, explore the ornamental sculptures, fountains, and lakes surrounding the chateau.
  • Finally, learn about the royals who once resided in the Fontainebleau chateau.

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15. Reims and Champagne-Tasting Day Trip from Paris

Visit the unofficial capital of the Champagne region, the city of Reims.

Notably, for over 1,000 years, this is where French kings used to be crowned.

In addition, this small group ensures that you will enjoy personalized service.

What will you see on a day trip to Reims and Champagne

  • See the Reims Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Next, visit the vineyards in Champagne.
  • Afterwards, enjoy lunch which combines wine tastings with sumptuous local dishes.
  • Learn more about French culture, history, and architecture on this tour.

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16. Day Trip to the Basilica of Saint Therese of Lisieux

Take a peek into the life of the young saint, Saint Therese of Lisieux.

Notably, she is popularly known as “The Little Flower of Jesus” or simply, “The Little Flower”.

A huge basilica was built & dedicated to the city where she lived and died. 

What will you see on this day trip from Paris?

  • Visit the saint’s childhood home, Les Buissonnets, which is now a museum.
  • Meanwhile, see the Basilica of Lisieux, built on a hill on the city’s edge.
  • Next, visit the Gothic Cathedral of Saint-Pierre de Lisieux.
  • Finally, see The Carmel where St Therese is entombed.

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17. Gourmet Bordeaux Day Trip

Get ready for an unforgettable gourmet adventure in the heart of Bordeaux.

Significantly, this port city is the center of the renowned wine-producing region.

Private transport will take you to the stunning town of Saint-Emilion.

In addition, your professional and informative guide will give you a full tour of the historic place.

What will you see on a day trip to Bordeaux?

  • You will stop at a small winery to learn about wines produced in the region.
  • Enjoy wine tasting in the cellars with local cookies to clean your palate.
  • Next, you will visit a local chateau’s scent garden to test your sense of smell. 
  • Afterwards, have a lovely lunch on a terrace with vineyards as your view.
  • Finally, enjoy wine tasting at a small winery with some of the region’s oldest grapevines.

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18. Day Trip to Provence and Avignon

Experience the unforgettable beauty of Provence on this day trip.

Specifically, this trip is made even more memorable with a high-speed train ride from Paris.

See Avignon – the city which Popes fled to in the 14th century to escape Rome’s corruption. 

In addition, all entrance fees are included and you will have a friendly & professional guide showing the way.

What will you see on a Paris day trip to Provence and Avignon?

  • Check out the Palais de Papes, one of the largest Gothic palaces in Europe. 
  • Next, listen to the audio guide to discover how Avignon became the City of Popes.
  • See the magnificent Pont du Gard, a well-preserved Roman aqueduct.
  • Afterwards, make a quick stop at the St Remy de Provence, the place where Nostradamus was born.
  • Finally, explore the village to check out stalls where you can buy olive oil and perfume.

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19. La Vallée Village Shopping Outlet Round-Trip Transport from Paris

Go on an exciting retail therapy adventure at La Vallee Village. 

Notably, this open-air outlet mall features high-end boutiques with huge discounts.

Prepare to do some serious shopping with your friend, loved ones, or on your own!

What type of shops will you see at La Vallee Village Shopping Outlet?

  • Go to and from the outlet mall in a comfortable mini-coach or luxury coach.
  • Next, check out older collections with amazing discounts from high-end brands. 
  • Specifically, you will have more than 100 boutiques (French and international) to explore.

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20. WWI Day Trips – Arras and Vimy Ridge Battlefields

This day trip will let you discover France’s World War I history.

Travel to some of northern France’s famed cemeteries and battlefields. 

Learn about the British offensive, the Battle of Arras.

What will you learn on a Paris day trip to Arras and Vimy Ridge Battlefields?

  • Visit the town of Vimy to see the Canadian National Vimy Memorial.
  • Explore the park sprawled over 250 acres, which served as a battlefield for the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
  • See the monument where thousands of soldiers’ names are inscribed into the stone.
  • Visit the Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery.

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These are just 20 recommended day trips from Paris we think are worthwhile on your next holiday.

If these aren’t enough to fill your Paris travel itinerary, check out other day trips from Paris.

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