15 Most Romantic Things to Do in Bali For a Sensual Getaway

Are you looking to impress your partner in Bali? Have you run out of ideas for a honeymoon, an anniversary, or just want a romantic island escape?

We understand it takes forever to organise something special, so let us do the work for you. Here are 15 moments of Balinese romance you must experience if you want to get lucky on your next trip!

1. Romantic Dinner For Two

Bali is well-known for it’s beautiful beaches, natural scenery, and unique, ethnic cuisine. Combine this as you soak your feet at the beach, relax in nauture and enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach. Here are a few ideas if you want the most romantic dinner with your loved one.

Seminyak Beach

If you’re staying in the south of Bali, take the time to head to Seminyak beach and eat at one of the many restaurants lining the beach. Such as K Resto, Seminyak. Make an early booking for a romantic dinner for two and they’ll set up a private table, complete with lanterns and candles to add to the ambience.

Jimbaran Beach

Another place to have dinner looking over the ocean with the sand between your toes. Jimbaran Beach offers a range of candlelit restaurants with tables along the sand. If you time your dinner right, you and your sweetheart could be serenaded by local buskers. They’ll amaze you as they can sing (almost) any song requested. Don’t forget to tip them for their services.

Overlooking Ubud Valley

If the beach is not your scene, enjoy a private dining experience in Ubud. For an intimate evening under the stars with flickering candles to set the mood, your chef will create a gourmet six-course dinner. This is the perfect opportunity for guests to celebrate the spirit of love in your own private dining venue ‘Alun-Alun’.

Candlelight Dinner in Seminyak

Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of a private candlelight dinner under the stars in a lush tropical garden in Seminyak. A Special 3-course Indian menu with vegetarian options is provided. Have the option to choose the add on of including a 90-minute romantic couple’s spa treatment in a luxury Spa followed by your Candlelight dinner.

2. Release a Lantern

While you are in Seminyak, take the opportunity for an evening walk together where the sand meets the sea. Release a lantern, sealing the light of your love into the heavens.

3. Kintamani Temple and Active Volcano

Head north into the cooler villages of Kintamani. Have a meal overlooking the active, volcano. On your way back through Kintamani region, see some culture in a tour of Kehen Temple. For those coffee lovers out there, see how traditional Balinese coffee is made, and enjoy your own cup, relaxing in Luwak Civet Coffee Farm.

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4. Romantic Mountain-Top Sunrise

For those more adventurous couples, hike one of Bali’s mountains. Whether it is the Mount Batur, a bit smaller for beginners, or the largest mountain in Bali “Gunung Agung” (which means, Big Mountain), none will regret this venture. The adventure begins a few hours after midnight, and you finish your hike at the top with the sun just waking up. Remember, even Bali gets cool at the top of a mountain. Be prepared with warmer clothes for this tropical venture.

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5. Exploring the underwater ocean life

Bali offers many places to explore the ocean. Whether you’re a beginner snorkeler or an experienced scuba diver, looking for something a bit deeper, you and your partner will be lost in the colourful world awaiting below.


Take a drive up the east coast and view breathtaking scenery along the way. Once there, learn some basics of snorkeling and explore the underworld of exotic, ocean life.

Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach, or locally known as Pantai Pasir Putih, White Sands Beach, located along the east coast. Taking the time to get to Virgin Beach guarantees a quiet day to focus on each other. Aside from snorkeling, Virgin Beach also offers sailing packages to experience the ocean from above the waves.

Dive through a Shipwreck

What magic awaits as you explore the hidden caverns of a 50 year old ship wreck off the north-east coast of Bali. Snorkelling or Scuba Dive Packages are available to suit any experience level.

6. Dolphin Watching

Head to Bali’s northern border. Once arrived in Lovina, book yourselves in for a sunrise dolphin cruise to watch dolphins coming in to feed in this area.

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7. Swim Under a Waterfall

What better way to cool off after a day of exploring Bali’s tropics than to take a dip in the cool lakes of a fresh waterfall?

Git Git Waterfall

Git Git is situated just south of Lovina, and offers a hidden waterfall at the bottom of a jungle trail. Not for the faint of heart as it is about a 30-45 minute walk from the parking lot at the top, but worth it for those looking for nature.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall located about 2 hours north of Denpasar, just south of Ubud, offers a shallow lake streaming out into a river on one end and being refilled by a fierce waterfall at the other. A steep staircase leads you to the bottom, where you’re offered change rooms and a café before reaching the water.

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8. Ubud Monkey Forest

If your holiday takes you away from the beach, head into Ubud. Grab a bargain in the cute boutiques or relax in one of the cafes lining the town centre of Ubud. Then head down to meet some local mischief-makers in the Monkey Forest.

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9. Couples Massage

What better way to relax and grow in intimacy than to have a relaxing massage together. Sign up for The Art of Touch Massage class as you and your lover learn to massage with the power of human touch.

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10. Explore the Rice Terraces

Take a romantic trek through the Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud. Breathtaking views and fresh air away from the busyness and smog of Kuta, Ubud Rice Terraces offer a slow pace day. After working up an appetite with all that walking, why not finish the trek with a satisfying lunch at one of the restaurants and continue admiring the rice fields?

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11. Bedugul Botanical Gardens & Strawberry Picking

Hire a driver for the day and explore Bedugul. Bring a picnic lunch and eat among the picturesque flowers in the Botanical Gardens and explore some exotic plants along natural paths mazing through the gardens. For those looking to add some adventure to their romantic getaway, try some jungle skills in Bali Tree Tops Adventure. On your way back through Bedugul, try some strawberry picking. If time is limited, you can still buy some fresh strawberries off the locals along the street side as you drive back home.

12. Bali Safari Marine Park

If you and your partner are animal lovers, take a trip into Bali Safari Marine Park. There you can board a shuttle bus and see some wild animals in native habitats. Take the tour to a whole new level and book an evening package, complete with dinner and African dances, as you see the nocturnal animals come to life.

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13. Learn the Culture at GWK & Uluwatu Temple

For those couples looking to immerse themselves in the Balinese culture, why not take a trip South of Kuta. Visit Bali Cultural Park, locally known as Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK. Once inside, you can learn some of Balinese Traditions and check the schedule for when the next dance is on in the arena. Then sit back and enjoy the spectacles of beautiful Balinese women and mask-clad men, performing their traditional dances.

Continue your trip south and head to Uluwatu Monkey Temple along the southern cliffs of Bali. Once there, you can learn more about the culture, watch the traditional Kecak show and go a bit further to find a restaurant to enjoy the view of sunset over the southern ocean while you enjoy some local cuisine.

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14. Nusa Penida & Lembongan

Catch a fast boat from Sanur and escape the main island of Bali for a few days. Explore the smaller islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. For those who are able to ride a scooter, recommend to rent a scooter on the island and explore the magical beaches, passing through back roads and jungle-like land to reach almost unknown places. Discover Angel’s Billabong, or go somewhere quiet and secluded and uncover the breathtaking views found at Pantai Atuh Beach. Climb aboard a boat and head to Lembongan for a day and snorkel the colourful reefs along the ocean. Take a romantic stroll along the iconic yellow bridge to Nusa Ceningan or take a day to explore Ceningan Island and ask friendly locals the prime, secret spots.

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15. Helicopter Tour

Sweep your loved one of their feet and take your romance to the skies with Air Bali. Not one of the cheaper options for tourists, but the opportunity to see Bali from the heavens will ensure one unforgettable romantic Bali Holiday. Prices start from 3.850.000 Rupiah / person and go up, depending on the package you choose.

Recommended Romantic Hotels


Intercontinental Hotel, Jimbaran

Secluded within the boundaries of exclusive Jimbaran Bay on the island’s southern coast. The InterContinental Bali Resort was designed to blend modern convenience with traditional Balinese architecture. Built on the shores of Jimbaran Bay, this hotel in Bali caters to the needs of couples, families and business travellers alike. You can find amenities from sports to sophisticated dining, indulgence of Spa Uluwatu and state-of-the-art business services at this luxury Bali beach resort.

Holiday Inn Resort, Baruna

Everything about this Holiday Inn Resort in Bali invites you to relax. The Segara beach stretches all along the front part of the premises. Sun lounges are prepared for your lazy days on the shore. Indulge yourself with a soothing massage in our ocean-facing Tea Tree Spa, or take advantage of complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access throughout this Bali resort and unwind in a private gazebo while browsing the net or reading your favourite book.

Puri Bagus, Lovina

Discover the joys of North Bali’s elegant beachfront retreat – Puri Bagus Lovina. Set on the quiet shores of Bali’s northern coast, Puri Bagus Lovina is a mixture of traditional Balinese design with all the modern amenities you expect from a 4-star resort.
Our 40 spacious rooms and two 2-Villa suites with private pool provide quality, comfort and luxury ideal for honeymooners or leisure travellers. Enjoy the free form infinity pool and open-air restaurant. with spectacular views of the sea and the tropical gardens. Jaya Spa is an oasis for those who seek relaxation and rejuvenation.


Karma Kandara, Uluwatu

Discover the essence of Karma at Karma Kandara on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, known globally as ‘Billionaire’s Row’. Our beautiful villas, Karma Spa…sits harmoniously in a stunning lush greenery landscape offering cliff-side ocean views of tropical beaches. It’s the ultimate destination for intimate groups…drawn by Bali’s beauty and captivated by the spirit of Karma Kandara.


Coco Resort Penida, Nusa Penida

Coco Resort brings to our guests a simple yet meaningful place where guests are able to break away from the frantic pace of daily life and experience true inner peace…that is essentially the elixir of life. Romantic, Decorative, Convenient & Charming… Coco Resort is not just a resort, but a second home re-imagined in a beautiful exotic dream. Perfect for  couples, singles and families as well for those looking for a small romantic resort getaway, ideally located near Sakti Village and close to Crystal Bay Beach on Nusa Penida Island.


  1. Leanne Emily
    Leanne Emily
    United Kingdom 24 Comments
     -  04 Mar 2018

    Fantastic attraction

    Mount Batur was a lot of fun! It takes a couple of hours to trek up the Volcano and a little more than that to come back down. Most tours include a pick up from your hostel/hotel, roughly around 2am and some breakfast for energy (we got pancakes and oranges!) You the reach summit around 6am – it is a bit of a work out and gets steep in places, but so worth it for the spectacular views. Remember to take warm clothing as it is cold at the top!

    Money saving tip: take your time to go into the travel agents/stands in Ubud and don’t just settle for the first price. We saw $400,000 IDR in some places but managed to get ours for $100,000 IDR per person (roughly £5) Essentially you are just paying entrance to the Volcano and for a guide.

  2. Septi Indri
    Septi Indri 25 Comments
     -  03 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Bali is the most romantic place, many attractions here. When you honeymoon please go to Bali. I recommend couple massage to make your relationship with your partner deeper. If you want a romantic dinner you can visit Seminyak Beach or Jimbaran Beach. With views of the open sea and sunset makes the atmosphere more romantic.

  3. Angelo S
    Angelo S
    Indonesia 27 Comments
     -  30 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    I think Bali is the ultimate romantic destination for couples. Bali has it all. Beaches, mountains, waterfalls, food, culture etc. Even though the Island is very touristic, you can still find a nice quiet time for you and your partner. In Bali, you can experience relaxing romantic activities to more adventurous romantic things to do. I’ve been going back and forth to Bali since I was a kid and I still love to the experience! Bali is one must visit places for all couples out there.

  4. ericwicaksono
    ericwicaksono 24 Comments
     -  25 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Bali is a paradise. I should just end my review here. I might be biased because I’m from Indonesia, but I think people have to visit this island once in their lifetime. It is a great tourist place. The people there are nice and they speak English quite well. If you don’t like places that are too crowded, you can run either to the Southern or Northern part of the island. They have a lot of “untouched” places where not a lot of people go to.

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