Hong Kong has countless shopping places and a huge variety of goods to buy.

Shop your way through Hong Kong’s lively streets filled with luxury shopping malls, boutique stores and endless local shops.

Explore colourful and lively markets, where you can grab a bargain on memorable souvenirs.

We’ve listed all the best areas in Hong Kong where you can shop til you drop!

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1. YOHO Mall

Located in Yuen Long, the YOHO Mall occupies a total of 110 million square feet in retail space with over 300 service and storefronts.

Its striking grey mirrors and wooden columns were inspired by the design of the Tokyo Midtown building.

Not only does this shopping mall have dining options, stores, and cinema, but it also provides its customers with lockers for storage, free Wi-Fi, all sorts of baby caring services, borrowing services (phone chargers, umbrellas, wheel chairs, etc), provision services (pet snacks, rain coats, sewing kits), first aid, and more.

For those in need of a break from the city’s busy atmosphere, YOHO Mall also has a nice garden with an area of 50,000 square feet.

This is the place where you can get all your shopping needs done without a worry, have a nice meal, watch a good movie, and see some beautiful plants, all in one day.

Be it if you’re a solo traveler, traveling with your friends, lover, or if you’re on a family vacation, you’re bound to have a great time at the YOHO Mall.

How do you get to YOHO Mall?

  • MTR – YOHO Mall is located very close to the Yuen Long MTR Station on the West Rail Line.
  • Light Rail – The Yuen Long Light Rail Terminus station is also located very close to the YOHO Mall. It connects with the West Rail Line at the Yuen Long MTR Station.
  • Bus and Minibus – There are at least three bus and three minibus stops scattered around the area of the YOHO Mall, including a Transport Interchange Stop on the Ground Level.

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2. Time Square

Opened since 1994, Times Square is not only Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall, but also one of its most popular tourist destinations.

It is located in the Causeway Bay, a district known for being the home of trendy shops and several boutique hotels.

Times Square has two towers, with the shopping area spread out over nine floors.

Numerous exhibitions, cultural programs, charity events, and product launches are held on site every year.

With world renowned names like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, Times Square is a must go for any shopaholic.

What else can you do at Times Square?

  • Watch a movie – Located on the 13th level, Times Square has a theatre with five screens featuring SONY 4K Projection and two 3D digital sound systems by Dolby.
  • Have a meal – With at least 28 dining options, there’s plenty to choose. Frozen yogurt, pizza, sushi and other classic Japanese cuisine, restaurants focusing on healthy food, Macanese comfort food, seafood. Regardless of what you pick, your stomach will thank you.
  • Special events – Tons of events are held at Times Square every year. If you’re planning on visiting Hong Kong, make sure to check their event calendar so you don’t miss out on something amazing.

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3. Landmark Hong Kong

The Landmark is well-known all throughout Hong Kong for not just being a mix between office and shopping developments, but for being one of the places where you can find the world’s most prestigious international brands.

It doesn’t give its customers an ordinary shopping experience.

This is the place for the best high-end stores, where those seeking only the best of the best shop.

They even provide their guests with concierge services. Antiques, food and wine, fashion, beauty, jewelry… There’s plenty here to see and to buy.

What else can you do at The Landmark?

  • Dining – From afternoon tea, Michelin Star restaurants, bars, to beautiful European pastries and other elegant dining options, The Landmark is a great choice for any foodie worth their salt. With both western and eastern choices, you’ll need to come back a few times to try all the delicious dishes available.
  • Workshops – The Landmark hosts numerous workshops throughout the year. You’ll have to register ahead of time, but if you’re looking for a great learning opportunity or self-improving experience, they are definitely worth it.

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4. Sim City Shopping Mall

Located at Mongkok, this is a great stop for any practicing or aspiring photographer.

Sim City has tons of photography gear that will ensure you can capture beautiful shots of your vacation at the highest quality possible.

Affordable, filled with helpful vendors, and providing both used and new accessories and equipment, you can easily find whatever you’re looking for while browsing through its multiple floors.

They do specialize mostly on digital photography, though, so it might be harder to find something if you’re searching for film equipment.

However, with numerous small specialized vendors, tech and photography lovers can easily spend hours browsing through the Sim City Shopping Mall.

What are some tips for shopping at Sim City Shopping Mall?

  • Know what you want beforehand – With so much equipment variety and so many specialized vendors, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed by all the items you can purchase. Unless you’re just interested in browsing, knowing exactly what you want beforehand can save you some time and money.
  • Look through all your options – With so many small vendors, there’s always a chance that someone else might be offering the same product at a better price. Or perhaps they have a better quality product available. Hard to find lenses and other model specific equipment are spread throughout all of Sim City Shopping Mall. In other words, make sure you looked everywhere first before making your purchase so you don’t end up missing out on a great deal.

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5. Peak Galleria Shopping Centre

Located in the Victoria Gap, the Peak Galleria Shopping Centre is a four floor shopping complex that opened back in 1993.

It has a large observation platform that allows its visitors to observe the beautiful views of the city.

With up to two hours free parking, a playground for the kids, and a green minibus service, the Peak Galleria Shopping Centre is not just a great shopping destination, but also a great place to relax.

What can you do at the Peak Galleria Shopping Centre?

  • Eat – From the familiar McDonald’s and Starbucks to traditional Chinese cuisine, when you visit the Peak Galleria Shopping Centre, you don’t have to go through your day hungry.
  • Shop – Chocolate, sunglasses, shoes, handbags and accessories… You’ll have plenty of options to choose from when shopping at the Peak Galleria Shopping Centre.
  • Observation deck – The Peak Galleria Shopping Centre has an amazing observation deck on its third floor. With beautiful views of the city, this was once a location coveted by the most influential residents of Hong Kong. Don’t miss a chance to see what attracted so many locals and foreigners to the area.

6. Pacific Place

Situated right at the very heart of Admiralty, Pacific Place is a complex that hosts office spaces, a shopping centre, and hotels.

Besides a major department store, it also houses over 130 different stores and boutiques.

Pacific Place also houses four five star hotels: the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, the Island Shangri-La Hong Kong Hotel, the Upper House, and the Conrad Hong Kong.

GameStop, Barnes & Noble, Tiffany & Co., Lululemon, Michael Kors, and Victoria’s Secret are some of the stores you’ll find in the four-floors shopping area.

What else can you do at Pacific Place?

  • Cinema – AMC has a total of 11 auditoriums with digital surround sound and great seating. Both Hollywood blockbusters and independent movies are screened here, giving you the opportunity to watch something different every night.
  • Dining – From authentic Italian to traditional Thai cuisine, from American diners to cupcake shops, Pacific Place offers a variety of different culinary experiences. Starbucks, Mexican food, and Taiwanese dumplings are also available. Even the pickiest of eaters will find something to enjoy.
  • Events – Pacific Place hosts numerous events throughout the year. From film specials to art exhibits, there’s always something going on. Make sure to check it out so you don’t miss out on an amazing and unique experience.

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7. Olympian City

Both a shopping and a residential complex, the Olympian city is located close to five different MTR stations.

It houses over 250 stores and 40 different restaurants, and with 800,000 square feet of retail space, it has become a popular location with high-income families.

From fashion to wellness, fine wine to home accessories, Olympian City has a wide variety of selection for shoppers.

They also have a movie theatre and host events throughout the year.

What type of services does Olympian City provides?

  • Escorted Tours – The Olympian City provides escorted tour services to interested visitors.
  • Limousine Services – For those who enjoy traveling in style, you’ll be happy to know that Olympian City does offer limousine services.
  • Currency Exchange – If you’re running short on money or are still in need to exchange some currency, then you can do so right at Olympian City.

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8. New Town Plaza

The New Town Plaza is a shopping mall located at Sha Tin.

A 9-storey building, it has everything from fashion, electronics, fine cuisine, toys, furniture, and beauty.

The New Town Plaza also houses the MOVIE TOWN Cinema, the largest cinema in all of the New Territories.

It has over 1,700 seats and even MX4D motion theatre.

What are some of the dining options at the New Town Plaza?

  • Jade Garden – Known for its traditional Cantonese cuisine, the Jade Garden prides itself not just on its authentic dishes, but also its fresh ingredients.
  • Sichuan Garden – Drawing from Sichuan and Huaiyan cusines, the Sichuan Garden is well-known for its delicious dishes and hospitable ambiance.
  • Cookies Quartet – If you’re the kind of person who loves having sweet snacks with you or at your hotel room, then the Cookies Quartet is the place for you. Their delicious handmade cookies come in cute boxes that you can keep later for small trinkets and other keepsakes.

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9. Kwai Chung Plaza

Both a private housing and a shopping complex, the Kwai Chung Plaza opened back in 1990.

Its retail space occupies four levels specializing mostly on affordable clothing choices.

This is the perfect shopping place for travelers on a budget.

However, despite having numerous trendy clothes and imported Japanese and Korean products, what makes Kwai Chung Plaza different from so many other shopping centres are its collection of food stalls.

All of this gives a nice authentically “local” feel to the place, making it stand out from other Hong Kong shopping malls.

What should you know about Kwai Chung Plaza before visiting it?

  • Easy to get lost – Kwai Chung Plaza is a bit crowded, and therefore it is easy to get lost there. Perhaps it would be best to avoid visiting if you’re traveling with small kids, or if you decide to go, pay extra attention to them.
  • No need to get up early – Because many of the shops of Kwai Chung Plaza don’t open until the afternoon, it’s not really worth visiting early in the morning. Aim for a late visit in order to make the most out of your time.
  • Look around first – Many of the vendors at Kwai Chung Plaza sell similar – or sometimes even the same – items. Make sure to look around before purchasing anything to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

10. K11 Art Concept Mall

Often referred to as “The World’s First Art Mall”, K11 Art Concept Mall opened its doors at the end of 2009.

Numerous art works were handpicked to be displayed across the mall’s four floors, all of them ranging from wall décor, sculptures, work by local artists, ceiling ornaments, and more.

K11 Art Concept Mall also has 19 different exhibition panels with works from local artist.

These exhibits change every three months or so, guaranteeing something unique and different throughout the year.

This is definitely a must-go to any art lover, even if you don’t’ plan on spending any money at the stores.

What else is at K11 Art Concept Mall?

  • Restaurants – There are a total of 20 different restaurants at K11 Art Concept Mall, with at least one on each floor.
  • Store – Though well known for the amazing artwork on display, you can actually shop at this mall. From women’s fashion and cosmetics to boutiques and bookstores, you can find a variety of stores here.

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Located at the famous Nathan Road, iSQUARE is an astounding 31-storey high shopping mall with about 600,000 square feet of retail area.

Its outside is composed of over 4,000 glass components.

While iSQUARE is well-known for having renowned brands like Bose, Pandora, and ELLE Travel Luggage & Bags, one of most amazing things about this shopping mall is its amazing views of Victoria Harbour.

What else can you do at iSQUARE?

  • Dining – iSQUARE provides many fine-dining and multinational culinary experiences. If you want to dine with an amazing view, this is one place to check out.
  • Cinema – iSQUARE has 5 cineplexes with a total of 1,000 seats. This includes IMAX Digital Theatre.

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12. IFC Mall

Short for International Finance Centre, the IFC Mall is a 4-storey mall located within the IFC skyscraper.

It is well-known for carrying some of the world’s most prestige luxury retail brands. Names like Gucci and Valentino are but some of the names you can expect when shopping at the IFC Mall.

You can also find a variety of restaurants there; from Asian cuisine to Western, from comfortable cafes to elegant confectioneries, your taste buds will thank you regardless of your choice.

What are some interesting facts about the IFC skyscraper?

  • Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong – Open in 2005, the IFC houses the only luxury Four Seasons hotel in all of Hong Kong. Besides its near 400 guest suites and 519 serviced apartments, the hotel also has amenities such as a French restaurant, a gym, and a spa.
  • Movie star – The IFC has been featured in numerous Hollywood films, including Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.
  • Amazing views – The IFC has some amazing views of Victorian Harbour. When looked from the IFC’s vantage point, Victoria Harbour’s stunning blue waters will hypnotize you at first sight.

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13. Fa Yuen Street Market

Hong Kong is known for its street markets; their crowded and yet welcoming atmosphere attracts thousands of tourists every day, all looking to browse through the countless vendors and numerous stalls in search of the perfect bargain.

If that’s something that interests you, then the Fa Yuen Street Market is the place for you.

Trendy outfits, exotic produce, craft supplies, unique toys… If you want it, someone at Fa Yuen Street Market is most likely selling it, though items are more geared towards women.

Unlike many of the Hong Kong’s street markets, vendors don’t put a lot of emphasis on tourists, instead focusing on their local clientele doing their daily shopping.

This is one of the places to get a true authentic street market experience.

What do you need to know before going to the Fa Yuen Street Market?

  • No Barganing or Haggling – Unlike many other street markets, you do not haggle over the prices at the Fa Yuen Street Market. Their prices are set in stone.
  • Opening hours – Though hours may vary from vendor to vendor – with some opening or closing earlier than others – the Fa Yuen Street Market typically opens at around 11am, and closes between 9pm and 10pm.
  • Food – Like many street markets in Hong Kong, Da Yuen Street Market has tons of stalls selling food. Either eat in at the food stalls or take it away and enjoy it in the comfort of your hotel room.

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14. Harbour City Shopping Mall

Located next to the Star Ferry Pier, the Harbour City Shopping Mall is a shopping complex featuring many brand boutiques.

With over 450 shops, 60 restaurants, hotels, and a ferry that crosses Victoria Harbour, this is the place to go if you want to cross multiple items off your to-do list in one go.

Here you can find brands like Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Armani, as well as Pandora, Bose, Samsung, and Rolex. Some of the restaurants include Asian Delights, Chinese cuisine, Confectioneries, and Western cuisine.

What do you need to know before going to the Harbour City Shopping Mall?

  • Business Hours – Those of you who are not early birds don’t need to worry; the Harbour City Shopping Mall is open every day from 10am-10pm, giving you plenty of time to sleep in.
  • Transportation – Not only is the Harbour City Shopping Mall right by the Star Ferry, it is also close to bus stops and MTR terminals, making it very accessible.
  • Hotels – Harbour City Shopping Mall has three hotels under their roof. Right at Victoria Harbour and with easy access to many dining options, it might be worth looking into reservations.

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15. Goldfish Market

With walls filled with plastic bags containing tiny colorful fish, the Goldfish Market is a sight to behold.

Considering gold fish are a popular pet in Hong Kong, it should be no surprise that this gathering of fish vendors is so popular with locals and tourists alike.

Maybe this is where you’ll meet your new best friend.

What should you know about the Goldfish Market?

  • Careful with photos – Some vendors do not like tourists taking photos, so be careful with that. You might also want to avoid flash photography to avoid startling the fish.
  • Festivals – Because of the symbolic and cultural importance of the gold fish, locals tend to buy them for their aquarium during festival seasons. This means, if you’re visiting during festivals, the market will be rather crowded.

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16. Flower Market

If you love flowers and love gardening, there are few better shopping experiences than the Flower Market.

Be awed by numerous colorful and pretty flowers, be entranced by their sweet scent, and seek inspiration to grow your own little piece of Eden.

Professional or amateur, if you love flowers, you’ll see something here for you; plants, garden supplies, accessories, pretty pots, and fertilizers.

Everything you could possibly ask to create the perfect garden.

Some of the shops remain open until 6pm, giving customers the opportunity to explore for hours.

How to get to the Flower Market?

  • MTR – You can get to the Flower Market on the Tsuen Wan Line by getting off at the Tsia Sha Tsui Station and the Jordan Station.
  • Bus – The bus route #113 drops you off very close to the Flower Market when coming from Central.

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17. Festival Walk

A shopping centre located in Kowloon Tong, the Festival Walk has over 220 stores and services spread across 7 floors.

It straddles a position midway between high end and bargain prices, being comfortably affordable to middle class customers without being too cheap.

Easily accessible through bus, taxis and cars, the MTR Kowloon Tong Station of Kwun Tong Line, and the East Rail Line, the Festival Walk is a great place to snatch some amazing gifts.

What else can you do at the Festival Walk?

  • Festival Walk Glacier – The Festival Walk Glacier is one of Hong Kong’s largest ice rinks. Surrounded by restaurants and with a nice leisure space to meet up with the rest of your party, everything about this rink has been designed to create the best experience possible.
  • Restaurants – The Festival Walk has numerous restaurants available. From traditional Asian cuisine to familiar fast food, bakeries to cafes, you’ll have your pick of delicious food.
  • Festival Grand Cinema – Operated by MLC Cinemas, the Festival Grand Cinema has eight screens with about 1,200 seats available. It offers a truly luxurious cinematic experience.

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18. Fashion Walk

Combining the convenience of an indoor mall with the relaxing outdoor outlet atmosphere, the Fashion Walk is a shopping mall located right at the very heart of Causeway Bay.

As the name implies, most of its retail space is dedicated to stores and brands that pride themselves in keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

That being said, you can also find furniture stores, beauty and wellness products, and numerous restaurants (most of which are located at the Food Street).

Fashion Walk also has free Wi-Fi services available without the need of a password.

What are the streets of the Fashion Walk?

  • Great George Street – Some of the stores at Great George Street include Aesop, Beautysaur, Kate Spade New York, Ted Baker London, among many others.
  • Paterson Street – Adidas, H&M, and Iro Paris are only some of the stores you can shop at while at Paterson Street.
  • Cleveland Street – While at Cleveland Street you can see stores such as Reedbok Classic, Shine, Maison Kitsune Paris, and other great brands.
  • Kingston Street – Well-known names like Nike, Puma, and Ashley Furniture Homestore reside at the heart of Kingston Street.

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19. Elements

As implied the by the name, Elements is a shopping mall that is divided into five different zones representing the five elements of nature: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Each zone is decorated according to their corresponding theme, with distinctive art and furnishing to help set it apart.

There are just about 123 shops scattered across three floors of retail space.

All of its washrooms come with a comfortable lounge area right outside, where people can wait for their friends and family; they even have some magazines so you won’t get bored.

Elements is also located right on top of the Kowloon MTR Station, making it very accessible.

What else can you do at Elements?

  • Grand Cinema – With 1,600 seats, this is one of the largest cinema complexes in all of Hong Kong. It features 12 screens and an infrasonic sound system.
  • Ice Rink – Elements also has an ice rink located in the Fire Zone of the mall.

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20. Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Located in Kowloon, Yuen Po Street Bird Garden was created in the 1990s, this bird market draws on traditional Chinese garden designs.

The garden itself might be small, but it is still extremely pleasant to walk through, giving nature lovers a nice break from the huge buzzling metropolis.

While children might still enjoy the sights and the birds, Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is especially popular with the local elderly population; many come here to either feed or care for the birds, enjoying the simple pleasures of listening to their songs.

What can you buy at Yuen Po Street Bird Garden?

  • Bird and bird-care products – Many come to Yuen Po Street Bird Garden when trying to find their brand new companion. They also sell everything you might need to take care of your beloved pet.
  • Birdcages – Be it for as a home for your own little friend, a decoration, or something for an arts and crafts project, the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden has countless different birdcages, all with beautiful intricate design. It’s hard to choose just one!
  • Porcelain water dishes – Small porcelain dishes – many of them with beautiful paintings of birds – are also available for purchase at the Yuen Po Street Garden.

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21. Temple Street Night Market

With over 100 stalls and colorful lights, the Temple Street Night Market is a very busy flea market filled with affordable merchandise and traditional cuisine.

Though the market opens at 2PM, it is most lively when the sun goes down and dusk takes over.

From electronics to antiques, little trinkets to clothes, there’s something here for everyone!

What Can You Get at Temple Street Night Market?

  • Men Items – The Temple Street Night Market is so well known for selling items tailored to men that it’s sometimes referred to as “Men’s Street”. Accessories, clothes, shoes… You name it and the Temple Street Night Market has it.
  • Great Seafood and Hotpot – The Temple Street Night Market is well known for its seafood and hotpots. Delicious and cheap, the food stalls are a great option for travelers on a budget.
  • Get Your Fortune Told – From Tarot cards, palm reading, and even face reading, the Temple Street Night Market has tons of fortune tellers ready to predict you your future. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, it will no doubt make for a fun and unique experience.

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22. Stanley Market

A traditional open-air market, the Stanley Market is well known by locals for its cheap bargains and variety of items.

Close to the beach, away from the city center, and with a relaxed atmosphere, the Stanley Market is far less crowded than the buzzing Street Temple Night Market.

But by no means does this make the Stanley Market less worthy of your time; from beautiful Chinese dresses and silk garments to toys and jewelry, this is a great place to browse and find amazing gifts to bring home.

What attractions are around the Stanley Market?

  • The Beach – The Stanley Market is just a few minutes’ walk from the Stanley Main Beach. With designated areas for barbecue and a popular windsurfing spot, this is the ideal place to soak in the sun before or after your shopping trip.
  • Restaurants – The Stanley Market is very close to Stanley Main Street. There you can find tons of amazing restaurants, with choices between Asian and Western cuisine.
  • Murray House – Now an iconic Hong Kong site, the Murray House is an old Victorian building that has been converted into stores and restaurants with beautiful views of Stanley Bay.

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23. City Plaza

Both an office and a shopping complex, the Cityplaza houses over 170 stores spread throughout six floors.

It often has great art and sports exhibitions, and its seasonal decorations make it for an embracing and welcoming atmosphere.

Cityplaza also shares a space with the East, Hong Kong, a hotel that seeks to give their guests a stylish and spacious stay.

What else can you do at Cityplaza?

  • MOViE MOViE Cityplaza – With 6 widescreen theatres filled with incredibly comfortable chairs, this is the perfect place to watch some great movies. It is located right on the 5th floor and has 4k projection that creates a wonderful viewing experience.
  • Ice Palace – Located on the first floor, the Ice Palace is open from 9:30am to 10pm. It was one of Hong Kong’s first ice rinks, and it has lockers and skate rental facilities.
  • Dine – From cakes and tea, traditional Chinese restaurants, fast foods, cafes, and Western cuisine, the Cityplaza has something everyone can enjoy.

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Shopping in Hong Kong is typically a popular night activity.

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