Sirao Flower Garden is one of the most beautiful attractions in Cebu, Philippines.

It is only a 40 minute scenic drive from the main city.

On arrival, you’ll see thousands of different flowers.

In addition to the flower, there are well designed props to compliment the garden.

For instance, there is a giant hand, windmill and a love heart, perfect for romantic couples.

Also, don’t miss Little Amsterdam which is another beautiful garden next door. 

If you’re looking to take plenty of photos in nature, Sirao Flower Garden is the place to go.

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Reviews of Sirao Flower Garden

Leah – May 2019

I really love this place. The place is very beautiful, its full of different flowers. The place is very colorful and majestic. You can enjoy the place by taking pictures and relax while enjoying the view. There aren’t much of this place, but it is very beautiful. Aside from the view, you can also enjoy good varieties of food offered outside the garden. And everything is very beautiful and amazing.

Jessie – May 2019

Our family went there last summer. There are a few flower farms you can choose. We chose Little Amsterdam because it really looks like Amsterdam with all the flowers, windmills and other designs. The place is perfect for selfies. I’d also recommend this for friendly or romantic dates. We went there around 10 am. We ate boiled sweet corn from the corn sellers there. Entrance fee was different for kids and adults as well as the purpose of your tour. They have a canteen inside selling snacks and drinks. We went there by car so I don’t know the fare if you go there riding a motorcycle or PUV.

Anna – April 2019

It’s not just the breezy fresh air from the mountains of Cebu that attracts visitors from all corners of the country, but also beautiful and stunning flower farm and scenery. I’m talking about Sirao Garden that’s located in the mountainous area of Cebu. It is called the Little Amsterdam of Cebu where flowers are captivating and eye-catching. You can visit the place in just few minutes from the City.

Phil – March 2019

Sirao Garden – Little Amsterdam is one of the best attractions in Cebu. It is located in mountainous barangay/community in the City. This is the first flower farm garden in Cebu and I was surprised with the flaming Celosia Flowers in a full bloom. The hillside windmill, a water fountain and a little wooden house are an added offering for tourists who want to capture a perfect scenery for their “selfie.” It will just take 30 minutes drive in a motorbike upon getting there and you will need to pay 50 PHP as your entrance fee.

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