The Blue Mountains National Park is a region full of stunning scenery. It’s one of the most popular places to visit for travelers from Sydney, particularly for families and couples on weekends. If you want to find out the best places to see in the Blue Mountains, we can show you.  We’ll reveal the best lookouts, scenic trails, and towns so you can get the best out of a relaxing getaway. Or, if you prefer a tour guide, we can help with that too.

Find Tours in the Blue Mountains

1. Echo Point Lookout and Three Sisters

Echo Point is practically a must-stop for tours on the weekend to the Blue Mountains. At the lookout, you can enjoy the view of the popular Three Sisters rock formation and the beautiful Jamison Valley. This is the gateway to some of the best hiking trails. You can take an easy path to the famous rock formation from here. Or go to the Giant Stairway which includes more than 800 steps carved from the mountain, descending down to the valley floor. A legend about Three Sisters says that sisters Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo, members of Katoomba tribe, fell in love with three men from the Nepean tribe. The tribal law forbade this marriage, so men decided to capture them by force. Their attempt caused a battle. An elder turned sisters to stone to protect them but died in the battle, so they remained like that.

  • Opening Hours: Lookout point 24/7; Visitor center daily 9am-4pm
  • Price: Free
  • Address: Visitor center, Echo Point Rd, Katoomba NSW 2780

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2. Scenic World

Scenic World has four attractions: Scenic Railway, Scenic Skyway, Scenic Cableway, and Scenic Walkway. Fresh air and breathtaking views are included too! Scenic Railway is, in fact, the steepest railway in the world. Glass-roofed carriages offer spectacular views of the rainforest. If that’s not fun enough, you should ride the glass-floored Skyway. It travels between the cliff tops located approximately 270 meters above the valley floor. You can, also, enjoy picturesque views over the Jamison Valley from the Cableway in a 545-meter journey. It gently descends into the valley and returns to the top. If you are afraid of heights, you can wander through the Jurassic rainforest on an elevated Walkway.

  • Opening Hours: Monday, Thursday & Friday 10am-4pm; Weekend 9am-5pm
  • Price: from $49.90
  • Address: Violet St &, Cliff Dr, Katoomba NSW 2780

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3. Jenolan Caves

If you like cave walks you should definitely visit Jenolan Caves, one of Australia’s national treasures. Jenolan Caves with their dazzling formations and underground rivers are said to be among the world’s oldest caves. There are many different caves to explore as well as several different routes to suit your fitness level. The Cathedral Chamber, a part of the Lucas cave, is said to have the perfect acoustic and often hosts weddings. Enjoy a unique light show in the Baal cave, or see the Orient, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful caves. If you are looking for a challenge, try Adventure Caving, climbing, and squeezing through undeveloped caves, or a ghost tour. Make sure you book ahead though as weekends are usually the busiest periods.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 9am-5pm
  • Price: from Adults $42; Child $28
  • Address: 4655 Jenolan Caves Rd, Jenolan NSW 2790

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4. Leura and Sublime Point Lookout

The town Leura has been given the name “The Jewel in the Mountains Crown” and there is a good reason for that. It is a picturesque small town with many pristine gardens, privately owned but open to the public. Fine coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, and golf courses are just a part of what you can see here on the weekend. This town hosts one of the finest Toy and Railway Museums within the Leuralla mansion. Everglades Gardens, perfect at any time of the year, offers beautiful Australian landscaping. If you love the outdoors, you can relax in the Leura Cascades, and from there walk to several waterfalls and lookouts. You shouldn’t miss Sublime Point Lookout, located at 900 meters above sea level. In order to get to the platform, you’ll have to cross a bridge over a dramatic ravine. You’ll feel like you are on the edge of the world while soaking up the wilderness.

  • Opening Hours: Lookout point 24/7
  • Price: Free
  • Address: Sublime Point Walking Track, Leura NSW 2780

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5. Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is an idyllic town that offers possibly the most spectacular walks and views. Take a picnic basket and relax at Ingar Picnic Ground. The area is known as Kings Tableland, and it’s recognized as the ancient Aboriginal site. Visit the Wentworth Falls Lake for a BBQ, take a swim, or just watch wild ducks on the lake. If you are a nature lover, take the Charles Darwin Walk that starts in Wilson Park. Follow the Jamison Creek to the top of Wentworth Falls, and enjoy a scenic cascade of crystal clear water. Many more natural attractions are nearby, including Princess Rock Lookout, Queens Cascades, and Empress Falls.

  • Address: Wentworth Falls, NSW, 2782

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6. Anvil Rock Lookout

Head to the Blackheath if you love panoramic views. Follow the signs to Anvil Rock lookout, which is considered to be a warm-up before visiting Pulpit Rock. This lookout offers an amazing view of the Gorse Valley area. The Anvil Rock Lookout got its name because it resembles an anvil. On the top, you can see an actual anvil weighing over 300kg that has been bolted to the rock.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Price: Free
  • Address: Anvil Rock Track, Blue Mountains National Park NSW 2787

7. Pulpit Rock Lookout

After Anvil Rock, head to the Pulpit Rock lookout. Gorgeous views of the Grose Valley will be waiting for you. There are several lookouts so you can get almost a 360-degree panorama across the cliff lines. You can have a picnic far from the hustle and popular spots. This is also a great starting point for a walk along the cliff tops to other lookouts like Boyd and Horseshoe Falls.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Price: Free
  • Address: Pulpit Rock Track, Blackheath NSW 2570

8. Govetts Leap

If you continue your walk from Pulpit Rock Lookout, you’ll get to Govetts Leap, one of the most famous lookouts. It is named after William Govett, the first European who enjoyed this view. Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest single-drop waterfall is what makes it unique. If you aren’t mesmerized by this, surely you’ll be by stunning views of the Grose Wilderness. You can find several hiking trails, some of them leading to the Barrow lookout where you can see the waterfall Govetts Leap. Alternatively, go to Evans Lookout where you can also see breathtaking views of the Grose Valley and sandstone cliff walls. Fortunately, even on weekends, these hiking trails are not too crowded.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Price: Free
  • Address: Cliff Top Track, Blue Mountains National Park NSW 2787

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9. Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens

Despite Mount Tomah being a small town, it hosts one of the major attractions. Mt Tomah Botanic Garden features thousands of species of plants from all over the world on the 28-hectare estate. The plants are arranged geographically, so you can walk among the greenery of different regions, and there is, also, a jungle section. You can see a dinosaur tree or a Wollemi pine, trees over 100 years old, and learn how plants are used as medicine. It’s located at 1,000 meters above sea level, which means there are beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The garden is heritage-listed, and although it’s known as Mt Tomah Botanic Garden, the name was actually changed to Blue Mountains Botanic Garden.

  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday 9:30am-5pm
  • Price: Free
  • Address: Bells Line of Rd, Mount Tomah NSW 2758

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10. Mount Victoria

Step back in time as you enter this heritage-listed town. This village is actually at the top of the Blue Mountains and hosts many historic buildings. Visit an old-fashioned local cinema, Mount Vic Flicks which is the complete opposite of the Edge cinema in Katoomba. Relax by Victoria Falls, and go to “One Tree Hill”, the highest point in the Blue Mountains. Or explore Mount Victoria’s Pulpit Rock and Mout Piddington Lookout to enjoy the views of the Kanimbla Valley. Nearby you can find several other lookouts as well as caves to explore.

Address: Mount Victoria, NSW, 2786

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11. Katoomba

There is more to Katoomba than Scenic World and the famous Three Sisters. The town offers many cafes, restaurants, and galleries which are usually open on weekends. Visit the Edge Cinema and watch a 40-minute documentary titled “The Edge” on one of the largest movie screens in the southern hemisphere. The movie will take you to places in the Blue Mountains that are hard or impossible to access. If you go along Cliff Drive you can find several lookouts. Wander through Yosemite Park and relax by the Mini Ha-Ha Falls. The Explorers Marked Tree is perfect for history lovers. It has the initials of famous explorers dated 1813. The starting point of the Six Foot Track that will take you to Jenolan Caves is also in the vicinity.

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Where to Stay in Blue Mountains

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Blue Mountains Map


How do you get to the Blue Mountains by train from Sydney?

You can catch a train at Central Railway Station to Katoomba station (the closest stop to Echo Point).

Trains run every hour, or more frequently during peak travel times.

The journey is approximately 2 hours.

If your starting point is Sydney airport, there is a rail link that will take you directly to the Central Railway Station.

How do you get to the Blue Mountains by car from Sydney?

Go west on the main road “Great Western Highway” and follow the signs toward Parramatta.

Along the Great Western Highway, you will see a couple of exit roads leading to the “M4” motorway.

There may be some heavy traffic on the Great Western Highway, but once you get onto the M4, it should be a smooth drive all the way to Katoomba.

If you want to enjoy scenic views, you can drive from Richmond to Mount Victoria via Bell’s Line of Road.

You can also enter the Blue Mountains in Hartley if you are traveling from the outer west.

You just have to follow the signs to Lithgow.

How long does it take to get to the Blue Mountains from Sydney?

If you are going by train, it takes 2-3 hours to get to the Blue Mountains.

Of course, that depends on where you want to depart and stop.

Common stops are Leura station and Katoomba station which are approximately 2 hours from Central station.

By car, it is a 50-minutes drive from Sydney to Lapstone in the Blue Mountains.

But, if you want to reach popular tourist destinations like Leura or Katoomba it takes up to 90 minutes.

What should you take to the Blue Mountains?

Bring some water, snacks and a camera.

Don’t forget your sunscreen.

If you are going to a smaller town (like Blackheath) it would be a good idea to pack some food considering there aren’t many shops.

That doesn’t apply to towns like Leura or Katoomba.

What should you wear in the Blue Mountains?

The temperature in the Blue Mountains is pleasant most of the time: it goes from 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) to around 22 degrees (71 degrees Fahrenheit).

That being said, there may be some variations at different elevations.

If you are visiting during summer wear shorts or something comfortable.

If you are going in the winter, bring a jacket.

You can wear comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots (not required).

Don’t forget to check the weather reports for this region a few days before arrival.

How do you get around the Blue Mountains if you’re not on tour?

If you are not on tour, the best way to visit the Blue Mountains is the hop-on-hop-off bus which stops at 29 locations.

A pass is valid for three days with buses running every 30 minutes during the day.

Create your own itinerary and spend the day visiting whatever you like.

The bus departs from Katoomba Railway Station.

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