Colorado is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the entire world.

Between its snow-capped mountains and never-ending meadows, it doesn’t get much more scenic than this.

However, the natural hot springs is where most visitors can relax get the most out of Colorado’s natural landscape.

The state is home to lots of natural hot springs that are open to the public.

We’ve done the research and found the 28 best places with natural hot springs in Colorado.

1. The Guest House at Keyah Grande, Pagosa Springs

Book a luxury vacation at The Guest House at Keyah Grande.

This Pagosa Springs resort consists of 10 suites.

Each suite features antique furniture and beautiful artwork.

Meanwhile there are multiple spa facilities, including a hot spring bath and sauna.

Hiking, swimming, and skiing are all popular activities nearby.

There is also a billiards table on-site.

  • Facilities: Hot spring bath, sauna, billiards table.
  • Address: 13211 US-160, Pagosa Springs, CO

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2. Waunita Hot Springs Ranch, Gunnison

Step back in time at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch.

This cowboy-style ranch is suitable for guests of all ages.

It is divided up between the main ranch house and the hillside lodge, each of which offer private rooms for guests.

The ranch is open year round, with different activities being offered throughout the year.

From ATVing to horseback riding, Waunita Hot Springs Ranch is a great place to become a cowboy for a day.

Don’t miss the large hot springs pool complete with a slide and basketball net for the kids.

  • Facilities: Hot spring pool, dining room, private bathrooms.
  • Address: 8007 Co Rd 887, Gunnison, CO.

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3. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Glenwood Springs

Welcome to paradise, otherwise known as Glenwood Hot Springs Resort.

This Colorado natural hot spring is an ideal place to escape to at any time of year.

In the winter, you can ski and finish your day in the outdoor hot spring pool.

In the summer, you can spend the day hiking through the mountains before hitting the water slides.

Other resort amenities include a full-service spa, athletic club, and multiple dining and shopping options.

The lodge offers a mix of standard rooms and premium suites.

  • Facilities: Hot springs pool, daily breakfast, luxury spa.
  • Address: 415 E 6th St, Glenwood Springs, CO.

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4. Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, Ouray

Let your troubles melt away at the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs.

This Ouray, Colorado hot spring resort features both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as soaking tubs.

The lodge itself features a shared lounge, a business centre, and free WiFi.

Rooms are spacious and comfortable.

Each room includes a coffee machine, private bathroom, and hairdryer.

Nearby activities include skiing, hiking, and and cycling.

  • Facilities: WiFi, shared lounge, indoor and outdoor pool.
  • Address: 125 3rd Ave, Ouray, CO.

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5. Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs, Ouray

There’s nowhere better to enjoy Colorado’s hot springs than at the Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs.

This alpine resort has four outdoor hot spring tubs on the property.

Each tub offers 360 degree views of the mountains.

In the lodge, a mix of standard rooms and suites are available.

They also own a secluded, 3-bedroom chalet called the Oak Creek Chalet that can be reserved by guests.

Activities in the area range from skating and skiing in the winter to rock climbing and rafting in the summer.

  • Facilities: Laundry, in-room safes, outdoor hot spring tubs.
  • Address: 45 3rd Ave, Ouray, CO.

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6. The Springs Resort & Spa, Pagosa Springs

Enter a world of natural luxury at The Springs Resort & Spa.

Located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, this beautiful resort has everything you could possibly need.

Firstly, there are 24 different hot spring pools that are open 24 hours a day, year round.

There is a full-service spa offering all types of facials and massages.

Rooms each come with free WiFi and a digital edition of USA Today.

There are also a huge variety of lodging packages available to families and couples staying at the resort.

  • Facilities: Full-service spa, hot spring pools, plush robes.
  • Address: 165 Hot Springs Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO.

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7. Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

For a more rustic accommodation option in Colorado, consider Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

Strawberry Park’s natural hot springs are nothing short of spectacular.

Picture yourself relaxing in hot water beside a snow-covered rock formation.

The resort itself boasts a variety of accommodation options.

There is an area for tented campsites, but there are also small and large cabins available.

You can even opt to sleep in one of their unique covered wagons.

  • Facilities: Hot springs, massages, cabins of all sizes.
  • Address: 44200 Co Rd 36, Steamboat Springs, CO

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8. Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs

As therapeutic as can be, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a natural hot spring found in Colorado.

While soaking in any one of their 16 hot spring pools, you can expect to be treated to stunning panoramic views of the valley and mountains around you.

There is also a larger family pool for adults travelling with kids.

Beyond that, there is an intimate jetted spa.

A bathhouse, as well as different shopping and dining options are only a stone’s throw away.

There are plenty of accommodation options in nearby Glenwood Springs.

  • Facilities: Natural mineral hot pools, jetted spa, Bathhouse.
  • Address: 281 Centennial St, Glenwood Springs, CO.

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9. Splashland Hot Springs, Alamosa

In Alamosa, Colorado is where you’ll find Splashland Hot Springs.

Splashland Hot Springs had a rather unconventional beginning.

The spring was discovered accidentally when people were drilling for oil.

Instead, they found hot water, and in 1955 Splashlands Hot Springs was born.

Today, the swimming pool is open to all.

It has three water slides, a diving board, lap lanes, and even offers swimming lessons and water aerobics classes.

  • Facilities: Restrooms, slides, swimming lessons.
  • Address: 5895 CO-17, Alamosa, CO 

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10. Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs, Redstone

Experience Colorado’s wilderness from the comfort of a natural hot spring.

Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs in Redstone allows you to relax in nature.

The hot springs here are designed around the natural landscape of the land.

There are three hot spring pools on-site that are open year round.

The largest pool even features a 3 foot waterfall.

As for the cabins, there are studios, as well as one, two, and three bedroom cabins available.

  • Facilities: Three hot spring pools, grills, full kitchens.
  • Address: 12863 CO-133, Redstone, CO.

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11. Orvis Hot Springs, Ridgway

Soak beneath the sun and stars at Orvis Hot Springs.

This Colorado natural hot spring is the perfect place to visit at any time of year.

The mineral water is sure to soothe your skin and soul.

Please note that the Orvis Hot Spring pools are clothing optional.

There are camping and lodging options on-site to suit your preference.

There is also a spa where guests can schedule a massages with the resort’s team of massage therapists.

  • Facilities: Massages, hot spring pools, sauna.
  • Address: 1585 County Rd #3, Ridgway, CO.

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12. Overlook Hot Springs Spa, Pagosa Springs

Don’t miss out on Overlook Hot Springs Spa!

This is Pagosa’s newest hot springs spa.

There are a total of 10 hot springs pools at this spa.

Five are on the rooftop overlooking nature, and five are indoor.

To take your relaxation to the next level, massages are also available.

Overlook Hot Springs Spa is open 7 days a week and is even open late on weekends.

  • Facilities: Massages, indoor pools, rooftop pools.
  • Address: 432 Pagosa St, Pagosa Springs, CO.

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13. Antero Hot Springs Cabins, Nathrop

Find tranquility at Antero Hot Springs Cabins.

Antero Hot Springs Cabins is conveniently located a short drive from both Buena Vista and Salida.

It is found inside the San Isabel National Forest, nestled along a picturesque creek.

Enjoy the hot spring soaking pool at any time of day.

And then return to your private cabin to relax even more.

Be sure to look out your window, as you might just spot elk, deer, mountain goats, or even big horn sheep.

  • Facilities: Hot spring soaking tubs, full-service spa, family size cabins.
  • Address: 16120 Co Rd 162, Nathrop, CO

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14. Sand Dunes Recreation Hot Springs Pool, Hooper

Spend some time in Colorado nature at Sand Dunes Recreation Hot Springs Pool.

This Hot Springs Pool is fun for the whole family, with both indoor and outdoor hot spring facilities.

There is a place to rent towels and water toys on-site.

There is also a grill so you can grab lunch and a gift shop.

Swimming lessons and different water classes, like aqua yoga, are offered throughout the year.

And there are multiple accommodation options, ranging from cabins to camping to RVs.

  • Facilities: Swimming lessons, aqua yoga, concession stand.
  • Address: 1991 Co Rd 63, Hooper, CO 

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15. Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Ouray

Unwind and have fun at Ouray Hot Springs Pool.

Ouray is a Rocky Mountain region of Colorado, sometimes referred to as the “Switzerland of America.”

Its naturally heated pools get up to 104 degrees, ensuring a comfortable swim year round.

These hot springs have been operating since 1927 and are a popular destination for anyone visiting the area.

There are adult-only soaking pools, as well as plenty of pools suitable for children.

Some pools even have water slides, rock climbing walls, and inflatable water toys.

  • Facilities: Fitness centre, massages, multiple pools with slides.
  • Address: 1220 Main St, Ouray, CO.

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16. Salida Recreation Hot Springs Aquatic Center, Salida

Who wouldn’t want to visit the largest indoor hot springs in North America?

Salida Recreation Hot Springs Aquatic Center is conveniently located near the town of Salida.

The facilities are open year round for people of all ages to enjoy.

There are diving boards, lap lanes, a waterfall, and a separate, smaller pool.

Swimming lessons and other water fitness classes are offered.

Whether you’re looking to exercise, relax, or go for a leisurely swim, this is the place to do it! 

  • Facilities: Restrooms, showers, swimming lessons.
  • Address: 410 W Rainbow Blvd, Salida, CO.

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17. Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Nathrop

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort will quickly become your home away from home.

This luxurious accommodation offers multiple large pools, creekside hot springs, and plenty of lovely lodging options.

There is a family friendly pool with a 400 foot water slide that adults and children alike are sure to love.

But there is also a historic bathhouse, an ultra natural hot springs pool in a creek, and a larger, mineral-fed soaking pool.

Cabins and suites are available to guests.

There is even a restaurant, country store, and full spa on-site.

  • Facilities: Multiple hot spring pools, full-service spa, on-site restaurant.
  • Address: 15870 Co Rd 162, Nathrop, CO.

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18. Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves, Glenwood Springs

Head underground at Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves.

This unique natural hot spring experience takes you down into a beautiful cave.

It is here that you’ll find the natural hot spring pools and saunas to relax in.

More than 30 therapeutic minerals can be found down here so you can bet your body is in for a treat.

In addition to the caves, there is a full spa on the property.

Options range from foot reflexology to massages.

  • Facilities: Full-service spa, AVEDA salon, hot springs bath/steam room.
  • Address: 709 6th St, Glenwood Springs, CO.

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19. Old Town Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

Let your stress melt away at Old Town Hot Springs.

This popular Colorado hot springs facility has it all!

First off, there are 8 natural hot springs pools on the property.

Second, there are multiple water slides that kids are guaranteed to love.

Third, there are all sorts of fitness classes available.

There is even a rock climbing wall in the pool.

  • Facilities: Water slides, fitness classes, child care options.
  • Address: 136 S Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO.

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20. Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings, Ouray

In a quiet part of downtown Ouray is where you’ll find Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodging.

This historic hot spring features a vapor cave with a soaking pool and an outdoor swimming pool.

If neither of these are up your alley, there is also a private outdoor soaking pool with a waterfall.

Accommodation options range from private suites to full-size cottages.

There are lodges to suit couples, as well as families or larger parties.

And don’t miss out on the many spa services available on-site.

  • Facilities: Full-service spa, private cottages for rent, vapor cave.
  • Address: 81432, 625 5th St, Ouray, CO.

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21. Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa, Moffat

Cleanse your soul at Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa.

This 3-star hotel and spa will put you right in the middle of nature.

Located next to the San Luis Valley, you can expect incredible panoramic views of Colorado’s natural landscape.

The spa is the main attraction here, with multiple outdoor hot spring pools.

Guests have the option of staying in traditional hotel rooms.

But there are also yurts and tipis available in case you want a more unique experience.

  • Facilities: Hot spring pools, massages, tipi/yurt accommodation.
  • Address: 28640 County Rd 58EE, Moffat, CO

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22. Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa is the only natural hot springs facility in Durango.

The hot springs pool is open year round thanks to its naturally warm temperature.

Lockers, robes, showers, and a private sauna are all available for a fee.

There is also a spa where massages are offered.

In terms of accommodations, there is a cozy guesthouse on the property.

Stays at the guesthouse come with free access to the pool and sauna, as well as free WiFi.

  • Facilities: Free WiFi, massages, pool and sauna.
  • Address: 6475 Co Rd 203, Durango, CO.

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23. Valley View Hot Springs, Villa Grove

Become one with nature at Valley View Hot Springs!

This nature sanctuary is known for its natural hot spring pool.

There are multiple on-site, some of which are built into the natural landscape.

The pools are clothing-optional and offer beautiful views of the surrounding area.

In addition to the pools, there are campsites and rustic lodging options available.

Multiple standard rooms, as well as private cabins can be rented.

  • Facilities: Natural hot spring pools, campsites, private cabins.
  • Address: 64393 County Road GG, Moffat, CO.

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24. Healing Waters Resort and Spa, Pagosa Springs

Plan a stay at Healing Waters Resort and Spa!

This scenic resort overlooks the San Juan River.

A heated mineral outdoor pool and soaking tubs are the main attraction.

But there is also a full-service spa with registered massage therapists on site.

Rooms are spacious and come with free WiFi and cable TV.

Some rooms include kitchens or kitchenettes and RV hookups are available.

  • Facilities: Indoor and outdoor baths, free WiFi, RV hookups.
  • Address: 317 Hot Springs Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO.

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25. Cottonwood Hotsprings Inn & Spa, Buena Vista

Hit the mountains at Cottonwood Hotsprings Inn & Spa.

Enjoy the natural mountain ecosystem as you relax in one of many natural hot spring soaking pools.

After relaxing in the pool, schedule a treatment at the on-site spa.

Treatments range from wraps and scrubs to massages and facials.

Lodging options include tent campsites, cottages, standard rooms, and dormitories.

Plus, for all skiers out there, Cottonwood is only a short distance from Monarch Ski Resort and Ski Cooper.

  • Facilities: Full-service spa, hot spring pools, private cottages for rent.
  • Address: 18999 Co Rd 306, Buena Vista, CO.

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26. Desert Reef Hot Spring, Florence

Desert Reef Hot Spring is the definition of desert oasis.

You’ll instantly feel more relaxed as you step foot into this natural mineral hot spring pool.

The pool is clothing optional and open year round.

It is suitable for people of all ages, including families.

The water temperatures changes year round, but is typically between 94 and 102 degrees.

There is a greenhouse on-site with a water cooler, refrigerator, and microwave.

  • Facilities: BBQ grills, greenhouse with kitchenette, hot spring pool.
  • Address: 2463 NE 816 Ave, Old Town, FL.

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27. Indian Hot Springs, Idaho Springs

Soak in natural spring water at Indian Hot Springs.

The indoor pool is available to all and suitable for all ages.

This hot springs facility also has a hotel.

Rooms in the hotel come with free WiFi, televisions, private bathrooms, and toiletries.

There is also a sun terrace.

If it’s serenity you’re after, look no further than Indian Hot Springs.

  • Facilities: Free WiFi, spa, indoor hot spring pool.
  • Address: 302 Soda Creek Rd, Idaho Springs, CO.

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28. Dunton Hot Springs, Dolores

Indulge in the restoring waters of Dunton Hot Springs.

Located in the old mining town of Dolores, Colorado, this natural hot spring is one of the most popular in the state.

It is believed that the Ute Indians used to relax in the warm water here.

Today, Dunton Hot Springs has a rustic chic resort nearby that provides a place to stay for guests visiting the area.

The resort is made up of 1800s-esque log cabins.

It also has a range of amenities, including WiFi and soaking tubs.

  • Facilities: WiFi, dance hall, cabins, hot spring pool.
  • Address: 52068 Co Rd 38, Dolores, CO.

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Is there anything more relaxing than swimming in a natural hot spring?

We don’t think so!

And Colorado is definitely the place to do it.

For everyone taking a trip to the Centennial State, we hope this list has been helpful!

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