The Grand Canyon’s West Rim may not have the hustle & bustle of the South Rim (also referred to as the Grand Canyon National Park), but you will still be awe-struck with the fantastic views and activities in this area.

Located within the Hualapai Tribal Reservation, the West Rim is less crowded and offers a more peaceful way to explore the beauty of nature within the canyon.

Read on for ideas on the best Grand Canyon West Rim Tours from Las Vegas!

1/ Bus from Las Vegas

Go on a road trip out of Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim.

You will spend 4 hours enjoying the magnificent views of the Colorado River from Eagle Point and Guano Point.

Learn more about the history of the Native Americans at the Eagle Point Indian Village.

This is where you can watch traditional dances and visit the replica dwellings.

There’s an option to see the Grand Canyon from the Skywalk for a pure adrenaline rush and an unforgettable experience

Alternatively, see the Grand Canyon Floor on a helicopter ride.


  • Hotel pickup and drop off from Las Vegas hotel.
  • Air-conditioned bus/coach.
  • 15 minute stop at Hoover Dam for a scenic photo opportunity.
  • Lunch.
  • Entry to Grand Canyon West.
  • Skywalk, helicopter tour and boat ride if selected.

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2/ Hummer from Las Vegas

On the way to the Grand Canyon West Rim, enjoy the luxurious drive through the majestic Mojave Desert in a custom-built Hummer H2.

See the beauty of nature with remarkable views at Guano Point and get familiar with Native American history at the Eagle Point Indian Village.

Experience the Wild West as you spend more than 3 hours at the Hualapai Ranch, where you can have an indoor buffet – or have a cowboy cookout lunch at Guano Point.

You also have the option to upgrade this tour to include a Skywalk ticket and with a helicopter ride.


  • Hotel pickup and drop off from Las Vegas hotel.
  • Luxurious ride in a specially-equipped Hummer H2.
  • Entry to Grand Canyon West.
  • Lunch – indoor buffet at Hualapai Ranch or cowboy cookout at Guano Point
  • Option to include Skywalk and helicopter tour.

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3/ Off-Road Tour Trekker from Las Vegas

Experience the beauty of the West Rim while you travel in luxury in a cutting-edge designed Tour Trekker, complete with leather captain’s chairs, a flat screen DVD player, and huge panoramic windows.

A knowledgeable guide will be on hand to give you fascinating information about the Grand Canyon!

You have the option to include a 10-minute helicopter ride to the canyon floor, a tour of the Hoover Dam, and a 20-minute boat ride on the Colorado River.


  • Round-trip luxury transportation (from and to the hotel) aboard a Tour Trekker.
  • Lunch.
  • Entry to Grand Canyon West.
  • Knowledgeable, professional guide.
  • Option to include a Hoover Dam tour, 10-minute helicopter ride or a 20-minute pontoon ride on the Colorado River.

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4/ West Rim Ultimate VIP Tour

Spend a full day exploring the magnificence of the Grand Canyon West Rim with this ultimate VIP tour!

A made-to-order breakfast will fill you up in preparation for all the activities and explorations of the day.

Take as many photos as you want of the Hoover Dam with a brief 20-minute stop at the Bypass Bridge.

Prepare for more adventures as you make strategic stops at Eagle Point, Guano Point, and the Wild West town.

You have the option to upgrade this tour with a helicopter ride.

Relax for a sumptuous lunch at Guano Point as you enjoy the breathtaking 360-degree view s of the Colorado River.


  • Round-trip transportation (from and to selected hotels).
  • Made-to-order, hot sit-down breakfast.
  • Lunch at Guano Point.Bottled water.
  • Entry to Grand Canyon West.
  • Separate driver and guide.
  • Option to include a 10-minute helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon.

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5/ White Water Rafting Trip from Las Vegas

Prepare for a thrilling adventure as you go whitewater rafting on the awe-inspiring Colorado River, surrounded by the Grand Canyon’s mighty cliffs.

From Las Vegas, the tour leads you directly to the Hualapai Tribal Reservation, which will be your starting point towards the rapids with a native Hualapai guide.

The 40-mile journey will let you experience class 3 to class 6 rapids, with brief stops to see hidden waterfalls and other awesome scenery.

This includes an option for a short helicopter ride after the whitewater rafting tour, to the Grand Canyon rim.


  • Round-trip transportation (from and to selected hotels) in an air-conditioned van.
  • Whitewater rafting tour.
  • Boxed lunch.
  • Local Hualapai guide.
  • Entry to Grand Canyon West.
  • Option to include a 6-minute helicopter ride.

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6/ Self-Drive SUV Day Trip from Las Vegas

Do your exploration the way you want to and go for a self-drive day trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim in an SUV.

There are no schedules or itineraries to follow – you have the freedom to choose where to go and how long to stay in each location.

You have the option to include a stop at the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a helicopter ride to the canyon floor, a boat ride on the Colorado River, and a high point hike at Guano Point.


  • Self-drive day trip in an SUV (to be picked up at Hertz Rental at Harrah’s Casino).
  • Full tank of gas.
  • Map to and from the Grand Canyon West Rim.
  • Lunch.
  • Entry to Grand Canyon West.
  • Option to include a 6-minute helicopter ride, 15-minute pontoon ride, stop at the Grand Canyon Skywalk or brief hike at Guano Point.

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7/ Overnight Sunset Self-Drive Package

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable overnight stay at the Grand Canyon with this self-drive package.

Complimentary shuttle service will pick you up from your hotel to where your automatic SUV rental is waiting for your 48-hour use.

A tour coordinator will give you an orientation of the events and activities you can expect.

You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to prepare for the trip.

Driving directions and a comprehensive map will be supplied, and you can be on your way to the Grand Canyon West Rim!

Enjoy the views on Lake Mead, Boulder City, and Hoover Dam, and be amazed by the Joshua Tree Forest – which is 900-years old – before reaching the Hualapai Tribe lands.

Explore to your heart’s desire without following a set schedule, before checking in to the Hualapai Ranch – the only place offering overnight accommodation at Grand Canyon West.

This package has the option to include the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a helicopter ride to the canyon floor, and a 15-minute pontoon boat ride.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off.
  • Self-drive overnight trip in an off-road SUV (for 48 hours’ use).
  • Map to and from the Grand Canyon West Rim.
  • Buffet lunch.
  • Entry to Grand Canyon West.
  • Overnight accommodation at the Hualapai Ranch.
  • Photo opportunity together with members of the Hualapai Tribe.
  • Option to include a helicopter ride, 15-minute pontoon boat ride or stop at the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

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8/ Helicopter Tours only

The Grand Canyon West Rim offers views that can best be enjoyed from the air.

Go for an unforgettable adventure with a helicopter ride!

Helicopter tours will give you breathtaking views from above and from beneath the rim of this world wonder, which cannot be appreciated from the ground.

Helicopter tour from McCarren Airport

Take a thrilling 45-minute helicopter ride from the McCarran Airport to Grand Canyon West Rim, where snacks and a glass of champagne awaits.

On the return flight, the helicopter will fly low over the Las Vegas Strip for an unforgettable way to cap this trip.

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Luxury Helicopter Tour from Boulder City

This luxury helicopter tour starts with a pick up from your hotel by a Mercedes Benz van, which will take you to Boulder City where a state-of-the-art A-Star helicopter awaits.

The helicopter will take you to the depths of the Grand Canyon and over the Colorado River.

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9/ Helicopter Tours plus Food

Go for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and savor a meal while on the Grand Canyon – where you will have the most spectacular views to surround you.

Enjoy a leisurely picnic with a glass of champagne as you gaze awe-struck at the majestic cliffs and peaks from your vantage point on the canyon floor.

Or enjoy a full breakfast setup – complete with table linens and fine china – and sip mimosas with your early morning feast with the most beautiful background. (This is your chance to enjoy the views and your meal without the searing heat during the summer months).

Alternatively, for a truly magical experience, have a gourmet dinner on the Grand Canyon West Rim and be awe-struck at the magnificent sunset views that only your unique vantage point can offer.

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10/ Helicopter Complete Tour Packages

Your helicopter tour will be made even more unforgettable when combined with other activities and locations.

Make the most out of your experience at the Grand Canyon West Rim by going all-out with the various activities and location options offered.

4-in-1 Helicopter Tour

This tour includes a 45-minute helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon West Rim, where you will go beneath the rim for a 12-minute boat ride on the Colorado River; you will then go up to the Grand Canyon West Welcome Center where a shuttle bus awaits you for an exploration of the top of the canyon.

Explore the Eagle Point Indian Village and learn more about Native American history, and head on to Guano Point for a Hualapai Indian lunch; you have the option to include a Grand Canyon Skywalk stop to this package.

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West Rim Day Trip by Coach, Helicopter and Boat with Optional Skywalk

Hop onboard a luxury A-Star helicopter which offers amazing views of the Grand Canyon West Rim through the oversized vista windows as you descend to the canyon floor; a pontoon boat ride awaits you for an exhilarating ride on the Colorado River.

After flying back up to the rim, you will ride a shuttle bus to Guano Point and Eagle Point to see the Hualapai Indian Village.

You’ll then enjoy a cowboy cookout lunch at the Hualapai Ranch!

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11/ Grand Canyon Helicopter Wedding

Make your wedding day even more special by saying your vows in the Grand Canyon.

A 6-seater helicopter will fly you, 2 guests, a minister and a photographer from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim, where you will land on a secluded bluff that offers the most spectacular views for your wedding background.

After saying your vows, have a champagne picnic before taking the most unforgettable photographs with the Grand Canyon as your backdrop.

You have the option to have a Johnny Cash or Elvis impersonator to officiate the wedding, at an additional cost.

  • Private limousine transportation from Las Vegas hotel to the marriage bureau, to the helipad, and back to the hotel.
  • Roundtrip helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon.
  • Wedding ceremony.
  • Rose bouquet and matching boutonniere.
  • 100 professional photos on CD.
  • Minister’s gratuity.
  • 6-inch wedding cake.

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Things to Do & See on Grand Canyon West Rim Tours from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Operated by the Hualapai Tribe, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is an open-air, bridge made of glass.

It extends 70 feet over the rim of the canyon at 4,000 feet above the canyon floor.

The bridge is shaped like a horseshoe and gives you unobstructed views of the Grand Canyon, down to the floor as you gaze down through the glass platform.

If you are nervous about standing on glass, rest assured the bridge is strong enough to support the weight of seventy 747 airplanes.

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Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is a modern engineering marvel located on the border of the US states of Arizona and Nevada.

Originally called Boulder Dam, it was renamed Hoover Dam for President Herbert Hoover in 1947.

Get up close to this gigantic concrete arch-gravity dam.

A guided tour of the dam will give you instant appreciation of this architectural wonder.

Head on to the Visitor Center for maps and photo exhibits depicting the history of the dam, or check out the view at the observation deck.

Explore inside the powerplant to get an idea of the massive power generated by this engineering wonder.

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Colorado River

The spectacular Colorado River is usually visited through the Black Canyon, referred to as such because of the black volcanic rocks surrounding the area.

The Colorado River runs through the US states of Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California.

It is a major tourist destination for the breathtaking views, and the wide variety of recreational activities offered in its vicinity such as whitewater rafting, boating, fishing, bird watching, hiking and biking.

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Zip Line

Let the thrill-seeker in you break free by experiencing the zip line at Grand Canyon West!

Head over to the Hualapai Ranch and prepare for an adrenaline-pumping ride.

The zip line lets you glide quickly over the most breathtaking views of the canyon.

Zip along with speeds reaching 40 mph.

You’ll be amazed by the views as you speed across the Grand Canyon.

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Hualapai Village

The Hualapai Village will let you experience the thrill of being in an actual Western town.

It is complete with authentic dwellings, cowboy games, cattle drives, and gunfights.

You can even go on a wagon or horseback ride to the edge of the Grand Canyon West Rim to get the most spectacular views.

The village also has a genuine recreation of an Indian Village.

It offers you a chance to shop at the Hualapai Village for superbly-designed handicrafts and souvenirs.

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The Grand Canyon West Rim is full of almost-endless possibilities to experience magnificent views, do thrilling activities, and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

A tour to the West Rim is the perfect choice if you want to avoid the huge crowds on the South Rim, but you still want to feel the magic that only one of the seven wonders of the natural world can offer.

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