2 Week Japan Itinerary for Couples

Are you planning a 2 week holiday to Japan with your loved one and have no idea how to organize your itinerary? I had the exact same problem!

With its rich history and culture, hi-tech innovations, its attention to detail and clockwork efficiency, there’s definitely a lot to see.

In this article, we’ll look at my personal experiences in Japan and guide you through the best cities to visit and attractions to see.

Japan Itinerary

In our romantic trip to Japan, we are going to be visiting the 3 great cities:

All of these places have something extremely unique to offer our itinerary. Here’s a snapshot of how I arranged my schedule:

DayScheduleWhat’s HappeningTransport
Day 06 pmFlight to Kyotoplane
8 pmCheck-in at Hana Touro Hotel GionJR Haruka and transit to local train
Day 18 amKinkaku-jiBus
9:30 amRyoan-jiBus/walk
11 amNinna-jiBus/walk
1 pmKozan-jiBus/walk
2:30 pmShimogamo ShrineBus/walk
4 pmKamigamo ShrineBus/walk
6 pmKawaramachiBus
Day 210 amImperial PalaceBus/walk
1 pmNijo CastleBus/walk
3 pmNishi Hongan-jiBus/walk
4:30 pmTojiBus/walk
6 pmGionBus/walk
Day 39 amNanzen-jiwalk
11 amHonen Templewalk
1 pmPhilosopher’s Pathwalk
2 pmGinkaku-jiwalk
4:30 pmKiyomizu-deraBus/walk
7 pmKiyamachiBus/walk
Day 410 amKyoto International Manga MuseumBus/walk
12 pmNational Museum of Modern ArtBus/walk
2 pmToei StudiosBus/walk/subway
6 pmKawaramachiBus/walk/subway
Day 510 amFushimi-inari TaishaSubway
4 pmArashiyamaSubway
8 pmKawaramachiSubway
Day 6
8 amTrain to OsakaTrain
10 amCheck-in at Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza ShinsaibashiSubway
10:30 amNambawalk
2 pmShinsaibashi and AmerikamuraSubway/walk
5 pmDotonboriSubway
Day 7
10 amOsaka CastleSubway
1 pmMomofuku Ando Instant Ramen MuseumSubway
4 pmShinsekai, Tsutenkaku and Abeno HarukasSubway
7 pmOsaka BaySubway
Day 8
10 amUniversal StudiosSubway
6 pmUmedaSubway
Day 9
9 amTrain to HimejiTrain
11 amHimeji CastleWalk
4 pmSumiyoshi TaishaTrain
6 pmKitashinchiSubway
Day 10
7:30 amShinkansen to TokyoShinkansen
11 amCheck-in at Hotel Gracery ShinjukuSubway
12 pmMeiji Shrine and Yoyogi ParkSubway
3 pmHarajukuWalk
5 pmShibuyaWalk
7 pmShinjukuSubway
Day 11
10 amOdaibaSubway
2 pmHanayashikiFerry
5 pmAsakusa and Senso-jiWalk
7 pmTokyo SkytreeSubway
Day 12
10 amImperial PalaceSubway
1 pmAkihabaraSubway
6 pmUenoSubway
Day 13
10 amIkebukuroSubway
1 pmNihonbashiSubway
3 pmTokyo Dome CitySubway
6 pmRoppongi and KaraokeSubway
Day 14
7 amTsukiji Fish MarketSubway
10 amGinzaSubway
1 pmTokyo StationSubway
3 pmTokyo Metropolitan Government BuildingSubway
6 pmLast Dinner and DepartureTrain

Day 1-5 : Exploring Kyoto Culture & History

Kyoto is vintage, classical Japan. Capital of the country for over a thousand years, history and culture is the very essence of the city. While not as flashy and modern as Osaka or Tokyo (in fact, Kyoto is very much on the quaint side), Kyoto is where the emperors used to reign, the samurai used to rule, the geisha used to serve and the very religious, political and historical identity of Japan came to be. Absolutely teeming with palaces and temples, Kyoto is a city where you can just lose yourself even if you have a cursory interest in history. As Kyoto is packed with amazing things to see, we’ll be spending 5 days here first to get an understanding of what makes Japan so special.

5 Day Itinerary in Kyoto

As Kyoto is packed with amazing things to see, we’ll be spending 5 days here first to get an understanding of what makes Japan so special.

I’ll show you a path to see all the most popular temples, museums and tourist areas in a timely manner!

Day 6-9 : Fun at Osaka Attractions

Now Osaka is not AS famous as the massive Tokyo or the charming Kyoto, but that’s not for a lack of things to see and do. In fact, Osaka was my personal favourite city to travel in Japan thanks to its incredibly modern and streamlined infrastructure, its laid back and positively happy-go-lucky attitude and the incredible selection of original food that is entirely unique to the city. In fact, according to Japanese stereotypes of themselves, Osaka is THE commercial and fun city to be in. People are generally considered to be a lot more informal, fun loving and relaxed compared to Tokyo and it’s easy to see why. We will be spending 4 days in this fantastic city.

4 Day Itinerary in Osaka

We’ll be checking out the most beautiful castles in Osaka and enjoy a day of fun at Universal Studios.

Day 10-14 : Japan’s Most Popular City – Tokyo

The global metropolis that lies at the heart of Japan. Everything that you can find in Tokyo is both over the top and cutting edge. This is, by far, the largest city in the world right now and you can feel it all the time. Whether you’re looking out over its endless concrete, steel and glass landscape from the top of Tokyo Skytree or enjoying the very best of what Japanese cuisine has to offer in its back alleys, Tokyo is the image of Japan that comes to your mind when you think of the country. In that regard, we are going to be leaving this most special of delectable treats for the last leg of our journey and will spend a glorious 5 days there.

5 Day Itinerary in Tokyo

I’ll show you how to arrange your schedule so that you can see all the popular tourist areas in Tokyo, including modern wonders like Tokyo Skytree and historic landmarks like the Imperial Palace.

How to Travel Around Japan

Quite possibly the most convenient way to travel around the Japan would be to use the JR pass. This pass is made and distributed by the Japan Railway Group (JR), a collection of companies that offer transportation services. This pass will allow you to have unlimited access to the trains and shinkansen that connect the different cities of Japan and even allow usage of certain buses and subway lines. For our trip, I recommend you to take the 14 day JR pass as it will not only allow you to save some money but also to have a more convenient trip. If you can’t speak much Japanese, this will be ideal as you won’t have to lineup and explain the passes you want every time you want to go somewhere!

14 Day JR Pass

  • Up to 4 business days shipping via FedEx.
  • After the purchase, the local supplier will send you a JR Pass exchange voucher to the provided mailing address.
  • Exchange your Exchange Voucher for your JR Pass at any exchange office in Japan upon arrival.

What to Bring

  • Appropriate clothes. Japan is surprisingly chilly, windy and rainy in autumn and winter. In summer, it is ridiculously hot and humid.
  • Shoes that you can take on and off easily. Basically whenever you enter a temple, castle, palace, hostel or someone’s home, you will take off your shoes. And God save you if you have to tie and untie your shoelaces every time.
  • Want to climb Mount Fuji? Bring your hiking gear. Also take note that you’ll need 2 days to make the full climb. You can finish it in just one day but there’s a reason that achievement is sometimes referred to as “superhuman”.
  • Gifts! If you make a friend in Japan, they’ll be very grateful.
  • Adapters for Type A outlets.

Tips and Tricks

  • Google Maps is your friend. Google Translate is your savior. The average Japanese person is not proficient at speaking in English. But given that they’re also on average very polite and thoughtful, they will patiently wait for your fumbling attempts to mangle the Japanese language via Google Translate and do their best to help you out.
  • Get multiple day bus (for Kyoto) and subway tickets (for Osaka and Tokyo). Multiple day passes for Tokyo are unfortunately only available in the airports but if you just go to the subway station, you can buy a Suica card that you can put money in.
  • 7-11s, Lawsons and Family Marts are amazing if you want food on the go, buy or reserve tickets for buses or sights (it’s all in Japanese) or you just want to go to the bathroom. It’s totally fine to just go in and use the bathroom and leave.

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