Imagine sinking into soothing hot springs, surrounded by Yokohama’s beauty. Dive into a world of relaxation with our guide to the top Yokohama hotels featuring onsens. From serene views to rejuvenating waters, we’ll show you the best suites at each hotel. There are basic stays like capsule hotels to luxury 5-star Japanese rooms. Before we review each venue, here are some tips to get you started.

Private Onsen Suites

  • Yokohama Royal Park Hotel – This hotel’s Japanese-Style Suite is the best choice for guests looking for a private onsen in Yokohama. With tile floors, wood-paneled walls, and a wooden tub, it’s a traditional bathhouse right in your room.

Best Onsen in Yokohama

  • Yokohama Minatomirai Manyo Club – Described as more like a resort, this hotel offers several indoor and outdoor hot springs for men and women. Besides the onsens, they offer spa treatments, foot baths, and saunas.
  • SPA EAS – There’s no accommodation here, but it’s another highly-rated onsen if you just want to relax. Capsule Plus Yokohama Sauna & Capsule is the closest hotel. There’s also a basic onsen at this hotel, but it’s only for men.
  • Sky Spa – Close to Yokohama Station, the onsen facilities are extensive here. On top of the baths, they have saunas, massage packages, and even co-working spaces. Capsules are available for overnight stays.

Cheapest Onsen Hotel

  • Gran Customa IsezakichoIn a city where onsen hotels vary in price, Gran Customa Isezakicho’s Capsule Rooms are perfect for travelers on a budget. With no-frills accommodations, guests can enjoy an authentic onsen experience. If you book your stay from December to February rates are as low as $23 USD per night.
  • APA Hotel Yokohama KannaiThis hotel stands out as one of Yokohama’s most affordable onsen options. The Double Room’s cheap rate is perfect for travelers wanting to enjoy a traditional onsen. Plan your visit between December and February and you may find a room as low as $55 USD per night.

1. Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

Located on the upper floors of the Landmark Tower, this hotel offers amazing views of Yokohama. For the best onsen experience, we recommend the Club Japanese-Style Suite. Guests love the suite’s traditional style, with its futon beds. tatami floors, and private onsen. Some visitors mentioned how the decor added to the calming space. The Sky Lounge was a popular spot too, known for its great cocktails and panoramic views of the city.

  • Guest Reviews: The staff were very nice. Conveniently located near cruise port, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: The Club Japanese-Style Suite
  • Address: 220-8173 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Nishi-ku Minatomirai 2-2-1-3, Japan

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2. APA Hotel & Resort Yokohama Bay Tower

The high-rise APA Hotel & Resort overlooks the lovely Tokyo Bay. It is located just a 5-minute walk from Bashamichi Station, Yokohama Cosmo World and Cupnoodles Museum. Guest rooms are typically quite small, but affordable compared to other hotels. It might be worth booking the Superior Twin Rooms for a bit more space. The highlight of the hotel is its large public onsen baths. There’s also a large outdoor pool, 3 indoor pools, and a free gym.

  • Guest Reviews: There was a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from our room. Onsen on the 4th floor was clean and modern.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Superior Twin Rooms
  • Address: 231-0002 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Naka-ku Kaigandori 5-25-3, Japan

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3. Yokohama Minatomirai Manyo Club

Set in Yokohama’s popular Minatomirai district, this is a top choice among the city’s onsen hotels. The Japanese-style Rooms are the best choice, with authentic mat floors and comfortable futons. Guests loved the extensive onsen facilities, with both indoor and outdoor baths. The dining options were also well-reviewed, including a Japanese restaurant and a 24-hour Western/Asian buffet. Yokohama Minatomirai Manyo Club is by far the best stay if you want the complete onsen experience.

  • Guest Reviews: This place is more of a resort than a hotel. Fantastic onsen facilities!
  • Star Rating:4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Japanese-Style Rooms
  • Address: 231-0001 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Naka-ku, Shinko 2-7-1, Japan

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4. Gran Customa Isezakicho

Capsule hotels are all the buzz in Japan, and Gran Customa Isezakicho is one of the finest in Yokohama. It is only a 5-minute walk from Isezaki-Chojamachi Station. There are mixed and gender-segregated sections with capsule pods and shared bathrooms. What’s more impressive are their facilities including private rooms and manga collection. The onsen here is just another bonus. After a hot bath, make sure you take advantage of the free food! You can eat as much as you want.

  • Guest Reviews: The facilities were very good for a capsule hotel. It was a great value for the money.
  • Star Rating: 1 star
  • Best Rooms: Capsules
  • Address: 231-0033 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Naka-ku Chojamachi 7-115, Japan

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5. Super Hotel Shinyokohama

Super Hotel Shinyokohama is a modern 3-star hotel close to Shin-Yokohama Station. With a snug and comfortable setting, the rooms boast a minimalistic layout with all the basic amenities. While they’re quite small, they do the job for a short overnight stay. More importantly, the hotel has a pubic onsen for both men and women. You can expect to have all the basic onsen facilities including a powder room for the ladies. Complimentary breakfast includes Western and Japanese dishes and is served buffet style every morning.

  • Guest Reviews: The hot spring bath was great. There were lots of restaurants nearby.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Triple Rooms
  • Address: 222-0033 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Kohoku-ku Shinyokohama 2-6-20, Japan

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6. Escale-Yokohama

With a humble setting, Escale-Yokohama has a homely vibe. The hotel is located next to Motomachi-Chukagai station and Yokohama Chinatown. Guest rooms have a modest setting with all the basic amenities. They also have Japanese-style rooms so you can emerse yourself in their culture. The gender-segregated onsen hot spring comes with a sauna and is the highlight of the hotel. After a relaxing bath, dine at their casual restaurant and breakfast buffet.

  • Guest Reviews: The room was very large for a good price. Great location next to Chinatown.
  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Best Rooms: Japanese-Style Rooms
  • Address: 231-0023 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Nakaku Yamashitacho 84, Japan

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7. Hotel Route-Inn Yokohama Bashamichi

This is a very simple hotel close to Bashamichi Station. Rooms are a bit small, but all the essentials are there for a comfortable night. Like other hotels in Yokohama, their onsen is quite clean. Men and women have access to designated bathing areas daily. Guests have also mentioned that breakfast is also excellent.

  • Guest Reviews: The large Japanese-style bath was a great plus. The buffet breakfast was amazing.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Twin Rooms
  • Address: 231-0007 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Naka-ku Benten-dori 4-53-1, Japan

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8. APA Hotel Yokohama Kannai

Just a short walk from Kannai JR Station, APA Hotel is a good option if you prefer an open-air onsen. Like most rooms in Japan, their guest rooms are very compact but they do have all the basic amenities. Besides the onsen, they have a sauna and offer in-room massages. There’s also a tasteful spread at the breakfast buffet every morning. While staff make the stay more enjoyable here, there have been comments about noise levels.

  • Guest Reviews: The room was very bright with great city views. The public bath on the top floor was clean and well-kept.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Double Rooms
  • Address: 231-0013 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Naka-ku Sumiyoshi-cho 3-37-2, Japan

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9. Capsule Plus Yokohama Sauna & Capsule

Capsule Plus Yokohama is a capsule hotel only 5-minutes from Yokohama station. The best accommodation is the Premium Cabin which includes towels, pajamas, and other amenities. Be aware, the Premium Cabin, the sauna, and the onsen are for males only. For a more upscale onsen and spa experience, we recommend SPA EAS located nearby. You can enjoy the open-air setting, with natural hot springs and saunas for both men and women.

  • Guest Reviews: Perfect for solo trips. Exceptional value for money!
  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Best Rooms: Premium Cabin
  • Address: 220-0004 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Nishi-ku Kitasaiwai 2-1-5, Japan

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Yokohama Minatomirai Manyo ClubJapanese-Style Rooms
Gran Customa IsezakichoCapsules
Super Hotel ShinyokohamaTriple Rooms
Escale-YokohamaJapanese-Style Rooms
Hotel Route-Inn Yokohama BashamichiTwin Rooms
APA Hotel Yokohama KannaiDouble Rooms
Capsule Plus Yokohama Sauna & CapsulePremium Cabin
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