Ready for a cozy stay in Sapporo? Dive into ultimate relaxation with our guide to the best hotels featuring heavenly onsens. Imagine soaking in warm, soothing waters after a day of exploring. From traditional vibes to modern comforts, we’ve got your perfect onsen retreat covered. Let’s make your Sapporo stay extra bubbly – read on to find your ideal soak spot!

Hotels with Private Onsen

  • Suizantei Club JozankeiMost of this hotel’s rooms and suites have indoor baths that access the hot spring waters. You can choose from a variety of tubs, including cypress, bedrock, and marble.
  • Kuriya Suizan If you’re looking for a private onsen the Suites are your best choice. Choose from either a private open-air bath or a relaxing hot spring bath.
  • HanamomijiBoth the Premium Twin Rooms and the Premium Suites feature free-flowing private hot spring tubs. They’re the hotel’s signature rooms and come with sweeping views of the Jozankei Mountains.
  • Jozankei Onsen Yurakusoan – Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or as a family, you’ll find a room with private onsen. With a Twin, Triple, or Quadruple Room, you’ll enjoy the rejuvenating waters of a private hot spring bath.
  • Onsen Ryokan Yuen Sapporo – If you’re seeking a hotel with private onsens check out the suites at Onsen Ryokan Yuen. Both the Garden and the Family Suites’ standout feature is a refreshing open-air bath.

Best Ryokan for Families

  • Hanamomiji Hanamomiji’s Premium Suites are ideal for families. They have everything you need – six beds, a spacious living area, and a hot spring bath that everyone can enjoy.
  • Jozankei Tsuruga Resort Spa Mori no Uta At this resort, check out the Cottage with Open Air Bath. This large cottage comes with five beds and lots of living space. There’s a private onsen, plus breakfast and dinner buffets are included.
  • Onsen Ryokan Yuen Sapporo – Here, we recommend the Family Suite. It’s a bit smaller compared to the previous two hotels but there’s plenty of room for four. Yo’ll have a double bed, two futon beds, and a relaxing open-air bath.

Most Affordable Onsen Hotels

  • HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Sapporo ParkThis is one of the most affordable onsen hotels, with budget-friendly rates and quality facilities. For the best value, book a Comfort Double Room in April, and pay only $59 USD per night.
  • La’gent Stay Sapporo Odori HokkaidoCompared to nearby options, La’gent Stay has the most affordable rates and a genuine onsen experience. Rates may vary throughout the year, but the Moderate Double Rooms can drop to just $84 USD per night.

Best Locations

  • Jozankei Onsen – Jozankei Onsen is one of Sapporo’s best areas, known for its natural hot springs and mountain views. It’s a popular destination for visitors seeking an authentic onsen experience. You’ll find a wide range of hotels and ryokans, including Shogetsu Grand and Kuriya Suizan hotels. 
  • Sapporo City Center – This is one of the best areas to stay in Sapporo due to its central location. You can access both Sapporo’s major attractions and relaxing onsen experiences. The area has several onsen hotels, including JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo and Tenza Hotel & SKYSPA Sapporo Central.

1. Suizantei Club Jozankei

Known for its upscale Japanese style, Suizantei Club Jozankei is one of Sapporo’s top onsen hotels. Guests raved about the rooms with tatami floors, futon beds, and cypress baths. In the Suite with Marble Bath, there’s room for five and a luxurious marble onsen. The resort also offers an open-air bath, with a jacuzzi and sauna. Food options include Japanese breakfasts and Kaiseki dinners, with both getting good reviews.

  • Guest Reviews: The hot springs in our room made for a wonderful stay. We loved the food and the service.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Suite with Marble Bath
  • Address: 061-23303 Hokkaido, Jozankei, Minami-ku Jozankeionsennishi 2-10, Japan

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2. Shogetsu Grand Hotel

Its scenic location in Jozankei’s hot springs district makes Shogetsu Grand a popular onsen destination. For the biggest and the best room, we recommend the Japanese-Style Family Room. With 4 futon beds and a traditional living area, it’s perfect for small groups. Previous guests raved about the hot springs, with a large public bath, private baths, and a steam bath. The food was a big hit, especially the breakfasts and Kaiseki dishes.

  • Guest Reviews: We loved our Japanese room with the mats and the futons. I enjoyed relaxing in the hot spring bath.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Japanese-Style Family Room
  • Address: 061-2302 Hokkaido, Jozankei, Minami-ku Jozankei Onsen Higashi 3-239, Japan

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3. Kuriya Suizan

Kuriya Suizan captivates visitors with its modern design and tranquil onsen experience. Families love the Suite with Hot Spring Bath. With two bedrooms it’s big enough for six and everyone can enjoy the private onsen. There’s also a public bath and hot tub for guests, plus several relaxing hot springs nearby. Some mentioned limited onsite dining options, but most reviews gave high marks to both breakfast and dinner.

  • Guest Reviews: We loved our stay. Our breakfasts and dinners were delicious.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Suite with Hot Spring Bath
  • Address: 061-2303 Hokkaido, Jozankei, Nishi 3-chrome 4, Japan

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4. JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

With direct access to Sapporo Station, JR Tower is the ideal onsen retreat. Located on the upper floors, The Executive Rooms offer the best views and access to the rooftop spa. Here you’ll find facilities for men and women, including onsens, jacuzzis, and saunas. It may be pricey, but the breathtaking views and the onsen experience make it worthwhile. The Sky Restaurants get the best reviews for delicious food, top-shelf cocktails, and nighttime views.

  • Guest Reviews: Our room was comfortable and the onsen was excellent. We loved the location next to Sapporo Station.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Executive Double with Spa Access
  • Address: 060-0005 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Kita5 Nishi2-5, Japan

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5. Hanamomiji 

Hanamomiji sets itself apart from other hotels with its ryokan vibe and inviting onsens. For a luxurious Japanese experience, we recommend the Premium Suites. It’s the signature room with an attached hot spring bath and views of the surrounding mountains. There are open-air baths throughout the resort plus a swimming pool and sauna. You won’t go hungry, as the hotel’s breakfast buffet and Kaiseki menu are both praised by guests.

  • Guest Reviews: My tatami room was clean and spacious. The Kaiseki dinner was excellent.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Premium Suite
  • Address: 061-2303 Hokkaido, Jozankei, , Minami-ku Jozankeionsen Nishi 3-32, Japan

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6. Jozankei Tsuruga Resort Spa Mori no Uta

With its tranquil forest setting, Jozankei Tsuruga Resort stands out for its fusion of nature and modern comfort. If you’re looking for a private retreat, choose the Cottage with Open Air Bath. You’ll love relaxing in your hot spring or sunbathing on the terrace surrounded by Jozankei Forest. You won’t have to worry about meals as the breakfast and dinner buffets are both included. The Forest Spa was well reviewed with both indoor and outdoor hot springs getting positive comments.

  • Guest Reviews: The onsens were brilliant, hot and relaxing. We enjoyed the breakfast and dinner buffets.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Cottage with Private Open Air Bath
  • Address: 061-2302 Hokkaido, Jozankei, Minami-ku Jozankeionsen-higashi 3-192 Japan

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7. Jozankei Onsen Yurakusoan

Jozankei Onsen Yurakusoan stands out for its Japanese architecture and inviting atmosphere. Each room is designed in the traditional style, with tatami floors, screens, and futon beds. The Quadruple Rooms are the biggest, with a hot spring bath overlooking the mountains. Yurakusoan offers a variety of relaxing hot springs, as well as a sauna and after-bath area. The restaurant offers an authentic Kaiseki menu with the dinners being especially popular.

  • Guest Reviews: I loved that I had my onsen in my room to use. Every meal was delicious.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Quadruple Room
  • Address: 061-2301 Hokkaido, Jozankei, Minami-Ku Jozankei Onsen Higashi3-228-1, Japan

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8. Onsen Ryokan Yuen Sapporo

Ryokan Yuen Sapporo’s blend of traditional charm and modern comforts, make it one of the city’s top onsen Hotels. Whether you’re traveling solo or as a group, the Garden or Family Suites are the best choice. Each is designed in Japanese style with a private open-air bath. Guests loved to indulge in the hot springs in one of the ryokan’s soft stone tubs. They serve a delicious breakfast from 7am to 10am but go early because they do sell out.

  • Guest Reviews: Excellent value for money and the breakfast was one of the best meals I’ve had in Japan.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Suites
  • Address: 060-0001 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Kita1Jo Nishi7Chrome 6, Japan

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9. La’gent Stay Sapporo Odori Hokkaido

In a city known for its hot springs, La’gent Stay’s modern design sets it apart from Sapporo’s more traditional hotels. If you’re planning to enjoy the onsens for an extended stay, we recommend the Residential Double Room. It has everything you need including a spacious living area and a small kitchen. Reviewers agreed that the hotel’s standout feature was its traditional hot spring bath. It’s open in the early morning and late at night, making it easy for guests to enjoy the warm rejuvenating waters.

  • Guest Reviews: Perfect location. OMG, the onsen was so lovely! Beautifully decorated for a relaxing experience.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Residential Double Room
  • Address: 060-0062 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Minami 2-jo Nishi 5-chrome 26-5, Japan

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10. Jozankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei

Joankei Daiichi Suizantei’s variety of private and public onsens make it a top choice among Sapporo hotels. Many of the rooms feature open-air or cypress baths, but the Suite SHIHO with Onsen is the best. It’s spacious and stylish with a private hot spring bath guests can enjoy 24 hours a day. Outside your suite, there are large indoor and open-air baths, plus jacuzzis, saunas, and a relaxation area. Guests raved about the food, especially the grilled dishes and the kaiseki meals.

  • Guest Reviews: My room was spacious with a nice view. The onsens were big and very relaxing.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Suite SHIHO with Onsen
  • Address: 061-2303 Hokkaido, Jozankei. Minami-ku Jozankeionsennichi 3-105, Japan

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11. Sapporo Prince Hotel

Sapporo Prince Hotel’s location and panoramic city views set it apart from other area hotels. Located on the Royal Floor, the Royal Suite Rooms are the most luxurious. Guests highlighted the private elevator and the nighttime views from the suite’s jetted tub. The open-air hot spring is exclusively for guests, and you can enjoy it from early morning till late at night. Sapporo Prince’s restaurants got great reviews too, but the French restaurant was the favorite.

  • Guest Reviews: Great stay but we were disappointed that we had to pay.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Royal Suite Room
  • Address: 060-8615 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Minami 2 Jo Nishi 11, Japan

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HOTELS MYSTAYS PREMIER’s modern style and cozy atmosphere make it one of Sapporo’s favorite hotels. The Executive Rooms are the best with plenty of space, stylish designs, and scenic river views. It may be compact, but Parkside Spa’s public bath gets good reviews. Guests loved to relax in the salty spring water and then unwind in the jetted tub or sauna. The breakfast buffet has a lot of positive feedback along with Bettei Nakajima’s kaiseki menu.

  • Guest Reviews: Our room was clean and comfortable we thought the onsen was amazing.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Executive Room With River View
  • Address: 064-0809 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Minami 9-jo Nishi 2-chrome 2-10, Japan

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13. Hotel Monterey Edelhof Sapporo

Hotel Monterey Edelhof’s European charm and Japanese hospitality make it a top choice for visitors. The Premium Floor Suites are the most spacious with room for four and the best views of Sapporo city. At Karlovy Vary Spa guests can soak in the large public hot spring, then relax with a sauna or a massage. Some reviewers were disappointed with the extra fee for using the spa and onsen. Travelers loved the buffet breakfast, both for the food and the spectacular views.

  • Guest Reviews: Beautiful hotel, but it would have been better to have the onsen included in the price.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Premium Floor Suite Room
  • Address: 060-0002 Hokkaido, Sapporo Chuo-ku Kita 2-jo Nishi 1-1, Japan

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14. Jozankei Manseikaku Hotel Milione

Hotel Milione stands out among onsen hotels for its Japanese charm and authentic experience. Some reviews mentioned small rooms, but the Japanese-Style Rooms have plenty of space. With tatami floors and 5 to 6 futon beds, they’re ideal for groups or families. You’ll love relaxing in the spacious hot spring bath with its mountain views and flexible hours. The buffets got high marks, both for the food and the live cooking exhibitions.

  • Guest Reviews: We booked the family room and had more than enough space. The food was better than expected.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Japanese-Style Room
  • Address: 061-2302 Hokkaido, Jozankei, Minami-ku Jozankei-onsen Higashi Minami 3-chrome Japan

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15. Hotel Emisia Sapporo

Its sleek design and easy access to public transportation sets Hotel Emisia apart from other hotels. Couples enjoyed the Junior Suite with its cozy vibe and scenic views. Most raved about the facilities at Spa Alpa, including the hot baths, infrared sauna, and steam room. But some were disappointed that access to the baths cost extra. The Sky restaurant was a popular choice for its buffets and spectacular nighttime views.

  • Guest Reviews: There is an onsen downstairs, which I recommend. Everything is very clean. Free onsen access would have been great.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Junior Suite
  • Address: 004-0052 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Atsubetsu-ku Atsubetsuchuo 2-jo 5-5-25, Japan

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16. Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Sapporo

Solaria Nishitetsu’s sleek, modern design offers a stylish retreat for travelers. Some rooms may be small, but the Premium Twin Rooms are spacious and comfortable with floor-to-ceiling views. Guests loved the hotel’s large indoor and outdoor public baths. You’ll find facilities for men and women, and the best part is they’re free for hotel guests. Visitors enjoyed the various dining options, especially the Japanese and Western breakfast buffet.

  • Guest Reviews: This was by far the best hotel we’ve ever stayed in Sapporo. We loved the onsen facilities.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Premium Twin Room
  • Address: 060-0004 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Kita 4Jo Nishi5chrome 1-2, Japan

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17. Tenza Hotel & SKYSPA at Sapporo Central

Tenza Hotel & SKYSPA offers travelers a comfortable and refreshing stay in central Sapporo. For the best experience, choose the spacious Suite Room with the soaking tub in the ensuite bath. The onsen may be smaller than other hotels, but most enjoyed the hot spring waters, sauna, and rooftop views. And the best part is it’s all free to hotel guests. The after-bath relaxation area was a big hit, with a large TV and soothing massage chairs.

  • Guest Reviews: My room was very pleasant to stay in. I enjoyed the public bath and the food was fantastic.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Suite Room
  • Address: 060-0062 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku Minami 2Jo Nishi 8Cho-me 6-1, Japan

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Sapporo Hotels Map

Find More Sapporo Onsen Hotels

Best Sapporo Rooms

Sapporo HotelsBest Rooms
Suizantei Club JozankeiSuite with Marble Bath
Shogetsu Grand HotelJapanese-Style Family Room
Kuriya SuizanSuite with Hot Spring Bath
JR Tower Hotel Nikko SapporoExecutive Double with Spa Access
HanamomijiPremium Suite
Jozankei Tsuruga Resort Spa Mori no UtaCottage with Private Open Air Bath
Jozankei Onsen YurakusoanQuadruple Room
Onsen Ryokan Yuen SapporoSuites
La’gent Stay Sapporo Odori HokkaidoResidential Double Room
Jozankei Daiichi Hotel SuizanteiSuite SHIHO with Onsen
Sapporo Prince HotelRoyal Suite Room
HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Sapporo ParkExecutive Room with River View
Hotel Monterey Edelhof SapporoPremium Floor Suite Room
Jozankei Manseikaku Hotel MilioneJapanese-Style Room
Hotel Emisia SapporoJunior Suite
Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel SapporoPremium Twin Room
Tenza Hotel & SKYSPA at Sapporo CentralSuite Room
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