Known for its stunning natural beauty, Hiroshima Prefecture is ideal for relaxing getaways. Get ready to soak your cares away with our guide to the best hotels with private onsen. From incredible sea views to tranquil open-air baths, you’ll enjoy the rooms we’ve found. But before you dive in, here are our best picks in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Most Romantic Ryokans

  • Azumi Setoda – With beautifully designed private onsens, this ryokan is perfect for couples. The Twin Rooms open onto a private garden and the large wooden tubs are ideal for an intimate soak. With a lovely garden view, the French-inspired restaurant is perfect for romantic dinners.
  • Tomonoura Shiomachi Hotel – A blend of historic charm and modern comforts make this the perfect romantic getaway. The Partially Open-Air Suite is ideal, with a private onsen that opens onto a secluded garden and patio. For an intimate evening, the cafe bar is quiet and cozy, and you’ll love the special local cocktails.

Best Family Hotels

  • Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto – With spacious rooms and a variety of amenities, this is one of the best family hotels in Hiroshima. The Rooms with Tatami Areas are big enough for 8, but if you want a private onsen, choose the Suite with Open-Air Bath. With 3 public baths, plus delicious breakfasts and dinners, there’s something for all ages.
  • Hotel Ofutei – Hotel Ofutei is considered one of Hiroshima’s top family hotels. The Japanese-Style Rooms are big enough for 6, but the Suite and Semi-Suite are more comfortable and spacious. The kids will love the pool! You can also enjoy free drinks and snacks in the lounge.

Most Affordable Hotels

  • Randor Residence Hiroshima SuitesRandor Residence is one of the most affordable hotels in Hiroshima. With room for six and an onsen tub in the bath, the Executive Suite offers great value for the money. Book your Hiroshima holiday in May and enjoy rates starting at $128 USD.
  • LiVEMAX RESORT Miyahama Ocean ViewWith fantastic ocean views and relaxing hot spring baths, you would pay a lot more at other area hotels. With an open-air wooden tub, the Superior Suite is spacious and affordable. We recommend booking in June when prices are as low as $200 USD.

Things to Consider

1. Miyajima Hanarenoyado IBUKU Bettei

This hotel is highly rated for its traditional charm and authentic ryokan experience. Everyone loves the Deluxe Double Rooms, but the ones with the tatami area and open-air bath are the best. You’ll love soaking in your outdoor onsen while enjoying the sea and island views. Guests raved about the kaiseki meals featuring a variety of local dishes. Others mentioned the service, especially the pickup and drop-off service from the train station.

  • Guest Reviews: Our room was huge with a private bath and a view overlooking the water. The kaiseki meals were delicious.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Deluxe Rooms
  • Address: 739-0454 Hiroshima, Miyajima, Miyahamaonsen 1-21-48, Japan

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2. LiVEMAX RESORT Miyahama Ocean View

For a seaside escape with top-notch facilities, LiVEMAX RESORT is a popular choice. All the Suites feature open-air baths, but the Deluxe Suites are the biggest and the best. You’ll love the Japanese design and the open-air wooden bath overlooking the sea. The facilities are much better compared to other hotels. They have an outdoor pool, hot spring baths, and a sauna. Guests thought the food was overpriced compared to other restaurants nearby.

  • Guest Reviews: The room was amazing especially the spa on the balcony. The food was delicious but expensive. 
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Deluxe Suites
  • Address: 739-0454 Hiroshima, Hatsukaichi, Miyahama Onsen 2-13-10, Japan

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3. Randor Residence Hiroshima Suites

Modern and comfortable, Randor Residence has apartments with private onsen. Visitors liked the convenient location, close to Hiroshima Station and other attractions. The suites are well-designed with kitchens and hot tubs, but we prefer the Executive Suite. It’s the most authentic with a cypress tub, tatami room, and futon beds. There’s no restaurant, but lots of excellent food options close by.

  • Guest Reviews: Great location close to Hiroshima Station. Loved the Japanese-style room with futon beds and a private bath.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Executive Suites
  • Address: 732-0821 Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Minami-ku Osugacho 13-9, Japan

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4. Ryokan Onomichi Nishiyama

For a traditional Japanese experience with private onsen, this ryokan won’t disappoint. The Quadruple rooms are the most authentic, with tatami floors and wooden tubs. For the best stay, you’ll want to choose the one with futon beds and open-air bath. Breakfast and dinner are included, and guests commented on their quality and value. Korin Lounge is a lovely spot to hang out too, with complimentary tea, snacks, and alcohol available.

  • Guest Reviews: Our room was beautiful and spacious. The breakfast plus dinner option was top quality and a great value.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Quadruple Rooms
  • Address: 722-0052 Hiroshima, Onomichi, Sanbacho 678-1, Japan

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5. Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto

Featuring a blend of tradition and luxury, this hotel is among Hiroshima’s finest. It’s perfect for families, especially the Deluxe Japanese-Style Rooms and the Suite. Each one features 4-5 beds and a private open-air bath. The public baths are excellent. They also have a free shuttle to and from the ferry. For food, the breakfasts and Kaiseki dinners were well-reviewed, particularly the seafood and local dishes.

  • Guest Reviews: Big rooms with a beautiful view, great onsen, and the kaiseki meals were off the charts.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Suite with Open-Air Bath
  • Address: 739-0522 Hiroshima, Miyajima, Hatsukaichi-shi Miyajimacho Minami-machi 364, Japan

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6. Hotel Miyajima Villa

With stunning views and its location close to Miyajima Ferry, this hotel is a popular choice. For the best stay, we recommend the Suite with Mountain View. You’ll love the views from the bathing area, while you enjoy a soak in your private tub. A lot of guests also mentioned the onsen for its panoramic sunsets. The breakfast is good, and the lounge is a popular hangout spot with free drinks and ice cream.

  • Guest Reviews: Great room with a free massage chair. Loved the bar! It was open late when everything else was closed.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Suite with Mountain View
  • Address: 739-0588 Hiroshima, Miyajima, Miyajimacho 1165, Japan

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7. Hotel Ofutei

If you’re looking for a quiet retreat with breathtaking views, you’ll be impressed with Hotel Ofutei. For the best private onsen, choose the Semi Suite with View Bath. You’ll love the authentic Japanese tub and the ocean views are incredible. Guests loved the Kaiseki dinners, especially the seasonal dishes and local seafood. The lounge is also very convenient, offering free alcohol, soft drinks, and snacks.

  • Guest Reviews: Everything was perfect. Beautiful room with great breakfast and dinner, plus a convenient shuttle from Fukuyama station.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Semi Suite with View Bath
  • Address: 720-0201 Hiroshima, Fukuyama, Tomo-cho Tomo 136, Japan

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8. Migiwatei Ochi Kochi

Migiwatei Ochi Kochi is one of Hiroshima’s top hotels, offering traditional charm and modern comfort. All the rooms feature private open-air baths with beautiful views of Seto Inland Sea. But with room for 6, the Family Suite is the biggest and most comfortable. Guests also enjoyed the hotel’s private open-air bath with views of the surrounding islands. The breakfast is good too, but the Kaiseki dinner’s local delicacies is our favorite.

  • Guest Reviews: Beautifully decorated room with a great private onsen. The dinner was lacking in taste and a bit overpriced.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Family Suites
  • Address: 720-0201 Hiroshima, Fukuyama, Tomochotomo 629, Japan

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9. Itsukushima Iroha (厳島いろは)

With an unbeatable location on Miyajima Island, Itsukushima Iroha offers a relaxing escape from city life. Previous guests recommend the King Suite with Ocean View. They loved the bathing area with its private onsen and rain shower. There’s also an open-air bath on the 5th floor with the best views of the sea and Otorii Gate. Most guests enjoyed the hotel’s food featuring the freshest seafood and seasonal dishes.

  • Guest Reviews: The tasting menu for breakfast and dinner was a great way to try Japanese foods. The bath in the room was perfect.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: King Suite with Ocean Views
  • Address: 739-0559 Hiroshima, Miyajima, Miyajima-cho 589-4, Japan

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10. Azumi Setoda

Azumi Setoda is a top choice among area hotels for its modern facilities and top-notch amenities. For the most traditional stay, the Triple Rooms have everything from tatami floors and futon beds to garden views. You’ll love the private bathing area with its wooden onsen tub. An added bonus is free access to Setoda’s community bathhouse. The French-inspired dinners has good reviews, but some preferred the lower-priced local restaurants.

  • Guest Reviews: Great experience with an in-room wooden soaking tub. Dinner was expensive, but the local restaurants were cheaper.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Triple Rooms
  • Address: 722-2411 Hiroshima, Onomichi, Setoda-cho Setoda 269, Japan

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11. Tomonoura Shiomachi Hotel

Located in the historic fishing village of Tomonoura, this hotel is a relaxing retreat. The Partially Open-Air Bath Suite is everyone’s favorite. You’ll love unwinding in your wooden tub surrounded by a secluded patio and Japanese garden. Guests also have complimentary access to hot spring baths at Ofutei and Keishokan Sazanamitei. Guests thought the restaurant needed more Western options, but loved the bar’s cocktails.

  • Guest Reviews: Massive room, the semi-outdoor wooden bath was great. Breakfast was good, but it needed more Western options.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Partially Open-Air Bath Suite
  • Address: 720-0201 Hiroshima, Fukuyama, Tomochotomo 808-1, Japan

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Hiroshima Prefecture Hotels Map

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Best Private Onsen Suites

Hiroshima HotelsBest Rooms
Miyajima Hanarenoyado IBUKU BetteiDeluxe Rooms
LiVEMAX RESORT Miyahama Ocean ViewDeluxe Suites
Randor Residence Hiroshima SuitesExecutive Suites
Ryokan Onomichi NishiyamaQuadruple Rooms
Miyajima Grand Hotel ArimotoSuite with Open-Air Bath
Hotel Miyajima VillaSuite with Mountain View
Hotel OfuteiSemi Suite with View Bath
Migiwatei Ochi KochiFamily Suites
Itsukushima IrohaKing Suite with Ocean Views
Azumi SetodaTriple Rooms
Tomonoura Shiomachi HotelPartially Open-Air Bath Suite
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