Nagoya is one of the most underrated locations in Japan.

While most individuals tend to flock to Tokyo and Kyoto, Nagoya also has plenty to offer.

From the gorgeous Nagoya Castle to its delicious food, there’s much to do in Nagoya.

If you’re planning a vacation to Nagoya, staying in a hotel with an onsen is a must.

After all, there’s nothing like soaking in natural spring water to relax your muscles after a day of exploration.

Here, we’ve found the 15 best luxury Nagoya hotels with public onsen bathhouses.

Each of these hotels come with their own set of amenities, that will make your stay a special one.

1. Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Nagoya

Newly opened in 2019, Nishitetsu Hotel Croom is one of the top-rated luxury hotels in Nagoya.

The hotel is close to the subway along with a plethora of shops.

Rooms are comfortable and clean, but of course, their onsen is the best feature.

Ladies especially, will love the special toiletries as you unwind and relax after a day of exploration.

From makeup remover to a Dyson hairdryer, the hotel has thoughtfully prepared an extensive range of amenities.

After a relaxing soak, head back to your room that comes with plush beds along with a massage pillow for a great night’s sleep.

In the morning, you can also feast on a delicious breakfast buffet before heading out.

Some of the dishes the hotel has include Hitsumabushi – glazed grilled eel on rice, along with Kishimen – a unique type of Japanese flat noodles with rough and crinkled edges.

  • Guest Rating: 8.9
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 460-0003 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Nishiki 3-4-3, Japan

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2. Daiwa Royal Hotel D-City Nagoya Fushimi

Situated in the Naka Ward district of Nagoya, you’ll love this luxurious hotel and its gorgeous onsen bathhouses.

Both the women and men bathhouses have unique themed settings that resemble a bamboo grove.

While the men’s bath has a brown aesthetic, the female bath is adorned with bright colours that’s accented by gold highlights.

Both baths come with showers and lockers, while the woman’s bath also comes with additional amenities such as a Dyson hairdryer.

If you’ve got tattoos, you would need to cover it with a special tattoo cover sticker.

The hotel also has special designated women-only floors for women who are travelling alone.

In the morning, grab breakfast from the extensive buffet spread that incorporates organic ingredients and superfoods.

You can also enjoy local specialties such as Miso Katsushi and Kishimen.

  • Guest Rating: 8.9
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 460-0008 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Sakae 1-5-21, Japan

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3. Hotel Androoms Nagoya Sakae

If you want to soak in a large soothing onsen to unwind tired muscles, you’d want to stay at the Hotel Androoms Nagoya Sakae.

The bath opens at 6 am and is open til 2 am in the morning.

Perfect for guests that want to relax in the bath after a day of sightseeing.

After a hot soak in the bath, you can drop by the cafe on the first floor for a refreshing ice-cold beer.

Rooms at the hotel are stylish and simple and come with a design that’s inspired by the extensive greenery surrounding the hotel.

In the morning, choose to have breakfast at the cafe, or have it delivered to your room.

If you choose delivery, you’ll get a boxed breakfast set that comes with a salad, chips, along with a drink of your choice.

The hotel bakes all of their bread fresh every morning, so you’ll be getting some freshly baked baguettes as part of your morning breakfast.

  • Guest Rating: 8.9
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 460-0002 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Marunouchi 3- 6-8, Japan

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4. Vessel Hotel Campana Nagoya

If you’re feeling fatigued, the public onsen at Vessel Hotel Campana Nagoya will have you feeling rejuvenated in no time at all.

Their large public bath also comes with a sauna along with a wide variety of amenities to cater to your needs.

The bath amenities provided by the hotel are also of premium quality and has Argan oil along with a gorgeous white tea scent.

In the women’s bath, guests can also enjoy the mist sauna which is great for detoxifying the body.

Vessel Hotel also provides bath amenities for children so they can relax and unwind at the bathhouse.

Each bath has a clean and spacious dressing room along with a locker that comes with an attached key so all of your valuables are safe.

If you’d like to take a break during your soak, feel free to grab some milk and ice cream.

In the morning, feast on an extensive buffet that consists of a classic breakfast menu along with Nagoya Meshi.

Other fantastic amenities at the hotel include unlimited movies and a comfortable Simmons pocket coil bed for a great night’s sleep.

  • Guest Rating: 8.9
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 450-0002 Aichi, Nagoya, Nakamura-ku Meieki 2-30-7, Japan

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5. Daiwa Royal Hotel D-CITY Nagoya Nayabashi

A short subway ride will take you to Daiwa Royal Hotel D-City Nagoya Nayabashi.

Both the women and men’s public onsen at the hotel are tastefully decorated and have an urban aesthetic that’s reminiscent of New York City.

The hotel also set up a private powder room in the women’s bath so you can ensure you’re looking fresh after a soak.

For those with tattoos, you’d need to purchase a special tattoo cover stick to cover them up.

The rooms at the hotel are also uniquely furnished.

One of the rooms even has a completely pink aesthetic with a wall backdrop that looks like a present.

Other amenities in the room include a massage cushion, air purifier, clothes steamer, plush towels, and more.

For food, head to the hotel’s restaurant that serves up fresh vegetables delivered directly from farmers.

In the morning, you can also opt for a nutritious breakfast that brings out the flavors of Aichi.

  • Guest Rating: 8.8
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 460-0008 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Sakae 1-2-27, Japan

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6. Mitsui Garden Hotel Nagoya Premier

Just a 5-minute walk from JR Nagoya Station is the Mitsui Garden Hotel Nagoya Premier.

The hotel houses a traditional onsen that’s exclusively for guests.

Take a relaxing soak in the bath as you admire the courtyard sculpture modeled after the image of a “sea of clouds”.

The ladies’ spa also includes a stylish powder room that comes with ample lighting.

Feel free to visit the public onsen in your nightwear and slippers.

If you have tattoos, however, you will be prohibited from entering the public bath area.

Rooms at the hotel are also spacious and you can choose to stay in either the Deluxe View Bath Twin or the Junior Suite Twin.

All rooms come with Mitsui Garden Hotel’s original pillow menu where you can choose your preferred height and firmness.

In the morning, don’t forget to enjoy the Japanese and Western-style buffet that is prepared with carefully selected produce from Japan.

  • Guest Rating: 8.7
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 450-0002 Aichi, Nagoya, Nakamura-ku, Meieki 4-11-27, Japan

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7. Nagoya Kanayama Hotel

Less than a 5-minute walk from Kanayama Station is Nagoya Kanayama Hotel.

The hotel has a ladies-only floor that also houses a public onsen exclusively for ladies.

There, you’ll be able to find a wide selection of amenities that you can use.

While the ladies’ bathhouse is situated on the 3rd floor, the men’s bathhouse is on the 2nd floor.

With unique underwater lighting and mosaic style, the bathhouse also has a bed-style bath where you can stretch your legs and relax.

All rooms in the hotel are also specially fitted with wooden floors so you can take your shoes off and feel right at home.

Before heading out to explore the city, feel free to grab some breakfast from the Grill Dining & Wine Restaurant Kanayama Terrace.

  • Guest Rating: 8.6
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 460-0022 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Kanayama 4-6-25, Japan

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8. Kuretake Inn Nagoya Hisayaodori

At the Kuretake Inn Nagoya Hisayaodori, you’ll be welcomed with a drink service that consists of about 10 types of alcohol and soft drinks.

Highballs are also available, and you’re welcome to enjoy their Cassis liqueur that can be paired with oolong tea, grapefruit juice, and soda.

The hotel consists of separate onsen bathhouses for men and women, and can each accommodate a maximum of 5 people.

For your convenience, the hotel also comes with laundry facilities and a vending machine.

The rooms are spacious and include a large bed along with a writing desk.

The hotel also has specially designed mattresses that use high elasticity to firmly support your body.

Before heading out in the morning, don’t forget to grab some breakfast from the Japanese-Western style buffet.

There, you’ll be treated to an extensive spread of drinks along with various egg dishes, four different types of soup, and a wide variety of curry and freshly baked bread.

  • Guest Rating: 8.5
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 461-0001 Aichi, Nagoya, Higashi-ku Izumi 1-12-32, Japan

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9. Dormy Inn Premium Nagoya Sakae

The Dormy Inn brand is known for their onsen hotels all across Japan, and this particular branch is of no exception.

Soak in the natural hot spring that comes with separate men and women baths along with a sauna and outdoor bath.

There’s also a cold bath, and the sauna even comes with a television.

After soaking in the hot spring, all your muscle aches should be soothed.

Rooms at the hotel come with modern interiors, furnished with Serta beds that will provide you with quality sleep.

In the morning, enjoy the hotel’s breakfast before heading to downtown Nagoya to explore the different shops and restaurants.

  • Guest Rating: 8.4
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 460-0003 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Nishiki 2-20-1, Japan

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10. Kuretake Inn Premium Nagoya Nayabashi

At Kuretake Inn Premium Nagoya Nayabashi, there are separate male and female onsen that can accommodate up to three people.

On arrival, indulge in the hotel’s welcome drink service that consists of a variety of alcohol and soft drink options.

Pair your drinks with some delicious snacks such as rice crackers and chocolates prepared by staff.

If you need additional amenities, you can rent out humidifiers, irons, and even memory foam pillows and desk lights at the hotel.

The hotel even has a comic corner where you can rent out comics in the evening.

Rooms are comfortable and come with a special mattress that helps to evenly distribute body pressure for a great night’s sleep.

You’ll also love the extensive buffet-style spread that has bread, eggs, vegetable salads, miso soup, curry, and much more.

  • Guest Rating: 8.3
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 450-0003 Aichi, Nagoya, Nakamura-ku Meiekiminami 1-2-12, Japan

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11. Sanco Inn Nagoya Nishiki

If you’re feeling tired, refresh yourself at the Sanco Inn Nagoya Nishiki.

Take a dip in the onsen that will rejuvenate your skin with natural ingredients.

The water is meant to help alleviate various symptoms ranging from stiff shoulders to lower back pain, fatigue, and more.

When using the bathhouse, bring the towels from your room.

Those with tattoos are not allowed in the bathhouse along with individuals that have high blood pressure.

On the ladies side, you’ll be treated with Premium Mikimoto cosmetics and other face cleansing products.

Rooms at the hotel come with comfortable beds, down duvet, and a 32-inch wall-mounted television.

Upon your arrival, you’ll be provided with a welcome drink.

You’ll also have access to the hotel’s other amenities such as a vending machine corner and coin-operated laundry.

  • Guest Rating: 8.3
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 460-0003 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Nishiki 3-7-23, Japan

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12. Nagoya B’s Hotel

After a tiring flight or journey, there’s nothing quite like soaking in a public onsen at Nagoya B’s Hotel.

The bath also comes with both an attached hot tub along with a sauna and massage chairs.

At the hotel, you’ll also be provided with a range of amenities from shampoo to shavers and toothbrushes.

Gym buffs will be happy to know that there’s a variety of exercise machines that you can use at the hotel.

Washing machines and dryers are available so you can clean up after a quick workout.

There’s a convenience store to pick up snacks and drinks, but the breakfast on their first floor will provide the best feed during your stay.

  • Guest Rating: 8.2
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 460-0003 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Nishiki 1-16-2, Japan

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13. APA Hotel Nagoya Sakae Kita

Conveniently situated from Hisayodori Station, APA Hotel Nagoya Sakae Kita will provide you with a comfortable stay.

The hotel has both a public onsen and open air hot tubs on the 15th floor, opened from 6 am – 10 am; and 5 pm – 2 am at night.

Stay in either a single, twin, or double room with cozy furnishings.

Rooms also come with a unique mattress called “cloud fit”, designed to simulate sleeping in the clouds!

Before heading out, choose to either have an a la carte or buffet breakfast at the hotel.

A short 10 minute walk from APA Hotel Nagoya will take you to the shopping center Oasis 21.

After a day of exploration, you can then unwind once more in the onsen bath before relaxing in your room.

  • Guest Rating: 8.2
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 460-0002 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Marunouchi 3-18-30, Japan

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14. APA Hotel Nagoya Sakae

Just a 5-minute walk from Sakae Subway Station, this comfortable hotel is perfect for a relaxing stay.

Soak in the hotel’s indoor hot spring onsen, or take in some fresh air from the outdoor bath.

There are also spa facilities at the hotel along with a spa and wellness centre.

Choose to stay in either a single, twin or double room that comes with a 32-inch LCD television where you can access on-demand movies.

Grab either a buffet or American breakfast in the morning before heading out to explore surrounding Nagoya.

The hotel is situated near plenty of attractions including Osu Kannon Temple and Nagoya Castle.

  • Guest Rating: 3 stars
  • Star Rating: 7.5
  • Address: 460-0008 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Sakae 4-10-16 , Japan

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15. Nagoya Crown Hotel

At Nagoya Crown Hotel, you’ll be able to soothe any tired muscles from traveling.

The hotel has an onsen that’ll help relieve both joint and muscle pain.

Take your pick from the indoor or outdoor hot spring, and relax in a comfy massage chair after your soak.

Rooms are also comfortable and come with all the amenities you need from a refrigerator to a humidifier.

A breakfast buffet is served every morning at the hotel along with lunch and dinner.

Some dishes served include homemade pickles, specially made tofu, and classic Nagoya rice dishes.

In the evening, grab a drink at Hitotoki – the on-site lounge bar to wind down for the evening.

  • Guest Rating: 7.5
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 460-0008 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku Sakae 1-8-33, Japan

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Map of Nagoya Hotels with Onsen

While all of the hotels listed above are fantastic, I love the Vessel Hotel Campagna Nagoya.

Not only does the hotel come with a mist sauna, but it also has amenities for children and provides snacks like milk and ice cream.

They also have plush beds in all their rooms along with unlimited movies.

If none of the hotels are to your liking, there are many more Nagoya hotels with onsen for you to explore.

Find More Nagoya Hotels with Onsen


Nagoya Onsen HotelsStarsRatings
Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Nagoya48.9
Daiwa Royal Hotel D-City Nagoya Fushimi38.9
Hotel Androoms Nagoya Sakae38.9
Daiwa Royal Hotel D-CITY Nagoya Nayabashi38.8
Vessel Hotel Campana Nagoya38.9
Mitsui Garden Hotel Nagoya Premier48.7
Nagoya Kanayama Hotel38.6
Kuretake Inn Nagoya Hisayaodori38.5
Dormy Inn Premium Nagoya Sakae48.4
Kuretake Inn Premium Nagoya Nayabashi38.3
Sanco Inn Nagoya Nishiki38.3
Nagoya B’s Hotel38.2
APA Hotel Nagoya Sakae Kita38.2
APA Hotel Nagoya Sakae37.5
Nagoya Crown Hotel37.5
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