Is Japan next in line on your travel wishlist?

Consider visiting Kobe, a large city that’s famous for its beef, its picturesque Chinatown, and the medieval Taisan-ji An’yō-in shrine.

Other than its cuisine and attractions, Kobe is known as a major destination for onsen or hot springs.

Some of the hotels in Kobe are adjoining these popular springs, and they offer guests access.

We have found 13 classy hotels in Kobe where you can soak in the rejuvenating natural pools.

1. Arimasansoh Goshobessho 

Arimasansoh Goshobessho is located within a stunning complex, surrounded by tranquil gardens.

Typical for elegant Japanese guesthouses, this 5-star establishment combines authentic wooden interiors with comfortable and modern amenities.

Stay in a spacious, 2-story villa that comes with a minibar, balcony, hangout area, and magnificent traditional tatami flooring.

The hotel’s Arima Golden Hot Spring is located outside, surrounded by nothing but calming greenery and the sound of the gentle hot waterfall.

If you’re in the mood for something else, Arimasansoh Goshobessho also houses a spa centre, a tennis court, and horse riding tracks.

For a neat breakfast or sophisticated dining experience, visit the on-site Restaurant Gosho Bessho where Japanese and fusion dishes are served.

Finish the day with a glass of sake or Japanese whisky paired with local delicacies in The BAR POCO D’OURO.

  • Guest Rating: 9.5
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 958, Japan

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2. Nakanobo Zuien

Nakanobo Zuien is an up-scale hotel northwest of the city, close to the majestic Mount Rokko.

Wooden floors, classic Japanese furniture, and splendid views from the rooms are courtesy of this elegant onsen resort.

Most of the 49 rooms at Nakanobo Zuien have a private open-air hot bath, a chic minimalist design, and a generous living room with a massage chair.

In terms of onsen, Nakanobo Zuien has a golden and silver bath with unique healing purposes, a private family bath that can be reserved, plus 2 public baths.

Sourced from regional farms and the sea, the ingredients at the hotel’s restaurant genuinely shine through the skilled hands of the chefs.

Furthermore, Nakanobo Zuien has a lounge-bar, a cafe, and a shop full of sweets and souvenirs.

  • Guest Rating: 9.4
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arimacho 808, Japan 

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3. Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama

Based within a vibrantly green bamboo forest, Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama is a relaxing spot northeast of Kobe city proper.

Unwind in Kobe’s mountain ranges and reside in the suite with an open-air bath for the optimal feeling of luxury.

This suite – the best choice in the resort – offers a TV with DVD and Blu-ray player, coffee machine, and is decorated with an admirable tatami wooden floor. 

Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama pampers guests with a Kaiseki, a traditional Japanese multi-course meal that displays the chef’s skills and magnificent flavours.

In the morning, you can opt for a Western or Japanese breakfast before heading to the onsen.

This resort is located at the Arima onsen, one of the oldest and largest hot pool complexes in Japan.

  • Guest Rating: 9.2
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 1364-1, Japan

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4. Arima Grand Hotel 

At Arima Grand Hotel, you’ll be catapulted into a world of class, luxury, and comfort.

Here, at the foot of some of Kobe’s most majestic mountains, you can indulge in fine cuisine, an extensive garden, and large outdoor pools.

We recommend staying in one of the Japanese style rooms, where the views of the mountains and the garden are unspoiled. 

Also, you’ll benefit from high-quality bath amenities, a sofa set, and an indoor veranda.

Breakfast and a sumptuous Kaiseki dinner are included in the room rate, so you’ll sure be feasting on incredible Japanese food.

This resort has 2 public hot pools, and 1 private one, which is available upon reservation.

Arima Grand Hotel also has a spa centre, where you can amuse yourself with aromatherapy and body care treatments.

  • Guest Rating: 9.2
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arimacho 1304-1, Japan

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5. Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo

Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo is a historical inn with roots in the 12th century and is based in the famous Arima onsen area.

As the name suggests, the resort is located within the Arima onsen area, one of the most well-known and long-lasting onsen hotspots in Japan.

Pairing a historical ambience with comforting accommodation, Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo is an oasis of tranquillity. 

Pick the Japanese suite Tenraku for exclusive access to a bathhouse, board games in your cosy room, and a traditional dining area.

With the meal plan, you’ll be able to devour a magnificent multi-course breakfast and dinner, created with high-quality ingredients.

For some needed downtime, this onsen hotel provides guests with a library and a bar that serves splendid sake and international wines.

  • Guest Rating: 9.1
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 858 , Japan

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6. Hyoe Koyokaku

This high-end onsen resort lets you experience Japanese comforts, combined with stunning hot pools.

Hyoe Koyokaku features a brilliant indoor bathing complex plus outdoor springs, surrounded by gardens.

Do you need more relaxation after bathing?

This 4-star hotel offers beauty treatments, massages, and aromatherapy as well.

Other than unwinding bathing facilities, the hotel provides guests with snuggly rooms full of neat facilities.

The guest room with an open-air bath is a favourite, as you’ll have a private hot bath that provides partial views of the mountainous surroundings.

Spoil your tastebuds with the multi-course kaiseki dinner with Kobe beef, and a splendid buffet spread for breakfast.

  • Guest Rating: 9.1
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 1904, Japan 

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7. Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan

Based in a hypermodern building northeast of Kobe city, this extravagant onsen hotel is a feast for the eye.

Apart from its looks, Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan has a long list of amenities, ranging from different hot spring baths to in-room dining opportunities and a karaoke bar.

Pick from 9 baths to soak in, or enjoy the warm natural river that flows right next to the hotel.

To add to the joy and pleasure of your stay, this onsen resort houses a late-night ramen shop, souvenir venue, karaoke facilities, and a bar.

The massive rooms here blend a traditional design with modern-day conveniences.

Most of the rooms feature a furnished patio with forest views, and a private bathroom and seating area.

Just like many onsen hotels, a Kaiseki feast and buffet breakfast spread can be enjoyed in the restaurant or in the room.

  • Guest Rating: 9.1
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 318 , Japan

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8. Kobe Minato Onsen Ren

Unlike most hotels on this list, Kobe Minato Onsen Ren is located at the Osaka Bay, near the centre of Kobe city.

Some of the cool in-room features here include a minibar, a furnished balcony with great views, a flatscreen TV, and a private bathroom with a tub.

In a contemporary environment, you’ll find several types of hot springs and a large outdoor spring pool. 

On top of the natural pools, this hotel provides guests with a spa centre, a gym, and an indoor swimming pool.

The hotel’s restaurant serves exquisite Japanese cuisine, using nothing but the freshest ingredients.

Also, there’s a free shuttle to and from Sannomiya train station for guests who choose to stay at this luxury 4-star onsen hotel.

  • Guest Rating: 9.0
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 650-0041 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo-Ku, Shinkocho1-1, Japan 

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9. Arima Onsen Takayamaso Hanano

Arima Onsen Takayamaso Hanano is based in the magnificent Arima onsen area in Kobe’s highlands.

Pick the suite room with tatami mats, a dining area, and a lounge with superb views of the green environment around the hotel.

For your relaxation, the resort has a shared indoor and outdoor hot pool.

Arima Onsen Takayamaso Hanano has excellent meal plans.

There’s even a vegetarian kaiseki meal for herbivorous eaters, as well as a traditional kaiseki option.

Book your tours through the area via the concierge service, or stay in the hotel for a massage or body treatment in the spa facility.

The comfy lounge is an excellent spot to read a book, unwind, and soak up the spectacular scenery in this mountain resort.

  • Guest Rating: 9.0
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 400-1 , Japan

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10. Okuno Hosomichi 

Amidst the forests of the Kobe region sits Okuno Hosomichi, a luxurious inn with fantastic rooms and suites.

For a stay in ultimate luxury, the suite with spa bath comes highly recommended.

Besides your personal outdoor bath, this accommodation has a massive seating area, snacks and drinks, a coffee machine, and a patio.

Tea, sweets, and beverages in the minibar come for free, and so do a Japanese bathrobe and toiletries.

Some of the guest-friendly amenities of Okuno Hosomichi are a vending machine with drinks, massage sessions, and hot spring baths.

Dining in here is a spectacle for both the eyes and tastebuds, as the award-winning chef at Okuno Hosomichi dishes out stunning plates of food.

  • Guest Rating: 9.0
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arimacho 1683-2, Japan

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11. Motoyu Kosenkaku

Motoyu Kosenkaku is a 4-star resort in the well-known Arima onsen area, roughly 20 kilometres north of downtown Kobe.

This resort was established in 1956 and houses 66 guest rooms.

They have their own hot spring source and several types of baths for different health properties.

Spend your holiday in a tranquil environment and enjoy the extensive garden complex, cafe, shop, and bar for refreshments in the evening.

The rooms are simple but serene, with typical Japanese mats on the floor, a dining table, and a private balcony for hanging out.

In the on-site restaurant, you can either order classic French food or fine-dining Japanese fare.

Go with the multi-course kaiseki menu, or pick up some delicate a-la-carte dishes.

  • Guest Rating: 8.8
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arimacho 1455-1, Japan

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12. Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers

Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers is situated on Rokkō Island, not far from central Kobe.

Boasting gorgeous double and twin rooms with amazing city views, this hotel is a compelling choice if you wish to stay close to the centre.

Inside most of the dwellings, you’ll find complimentary drinks, a coffee machine, fridge, and TV with a Bluray DVD player.

The spa centre hosts numerous onsen baths, as well as saunas and beauty treatments.

Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers is home to 5 dining venues, an indoor pool, and a tennis court to release some energy.

For your food cravings, you’ll have a choice of French, Chinese, or Japanese restaurants.

  • Guest Rating: 8.5
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 658-0032 Hyogo, Kobe, Higashinada-ku Koyocho-naka 2-13, Japan

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13. Negiya Ryofukaku 

Are you longing for a calming weekend getaway?

Negiya Ryofukaku provides guests with a lavish and unforgettable onsen experience.

In the middle of the forest, you can jump into several indoor and outdoor hot pools, plus some smaller private baths.

Of all residences, we like the Japanese traditional room with an outdoor bath in particular.

This residence has a private hot bath encircled by a bamboo grove, a porch, and a spacious living room. 

The list of complimentary toiletries is impressive, as guests can use yukata bathrobes, a shaving kit, and heaps of fragrant essences.

Optional, you can arrange a magnificent dinner in your own room or a bento box-style breakfast in the restaurant of Negiya Ryofukaku.

  • Guest Rating: 8.4
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 1537-2, Japan

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Map of Kobe Hotels with Onsen

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What’s the best Kobe onsen hotel for families?

At Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan, both the in-room and hotel facilities are quite impressive, and good for a family getaway.

They have a Japanese style-room that can accommodate up to 6 people.

The tatami woven mats, the traditional dining area, and the window-facing lounge are all utterly charming.

Outside the rooms, you’ll be entertained in the ramen restaurant, karaoke bar, souvenir shop, and many hot spring baths.

What’s the best Kobe onsen hotel for honeymoons?

Regardless if you’re aiming to have a relaxing or active honeymoon, Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan caters to all your needs.

With 9 hot pools to choose from, a sauna and massage services, you can unwind completely during your post-wedding trip.

Select the Hollywood twin room so you can also enjoy a private open-air bath.

For a unique romantic experience, check this article:

10 Best Romantic Love Hotels in Kobe

Which Kobe hotel has the best onsen hot spring in room?

At Hyoe Koyokaku, some of the rooms come with a personal hot bath in the open air.

You could almost spend the entire day in the outdoor tub, as the views of the mountainous surroundings and the town are magnificent.

Which Kobe onsen hotels has the best views?

If you book the suite with a spa bath at Okuno Hosomichi, you’ll be pampered with an attractive outdoor bath.

This open-air bath overlooks the forest, and especially in autumn, the views of the foliage are striking.

Which Kobe onsen hotels has the best food?

Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers has by far the best and most dining venues.

Thanks to the presence of 5 restaurants, cafes, and bars, you won’t have to leave the premises for excellent food.

You can pick from a French grill restaurant, a venue with Chinese delicacies, a Japanese eatery, a teppanyaki grill bar, a cafe with light meals, and a coffee house for your caffeine fix.


Kobe Onsen HotelsStarsRatings
Arimasansoh Goshobessho59.5
Nakanobo Zuien49.4
Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama59.2
Arima Grand Hotel49.2
Arima Onsen Tocen Goshobo49.1
Hyoe Koyokaku49.1
Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan59.1
Kobe Minato Onsen Ren49.0
Arima Onsen Takayamaso Hanano49.0
Okuno Hosomichi49.0
Motoyu Kosenkaku48.8
Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers48.5
Negiya Ryofukaku48.4

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