Japan is a prime romantic destination, and Kobe isn’t an exclusion. 

Kobe, the seventh-largest city in Japan, sits between the Osaka Bay and the Rokko Mountain Range. 

Kobe is the birthplace of Kobe beef and a famous place to try unique pure sake. 

With fancy hotels and thriving nightlife, Kobe is an ideal destination for a honeymoon. 

We’ve done some research and found the ten best luxury hotels to enjoy your romantic getaway in Kobe.

1. Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland defines luxury and resembles a superior 1930s hotel. 

Sophisticated rooms feature terraces with views of the Port of Kobe and the ocean. 

You can stay inside in an extra-long bed or a relaxing spa bath, or visit the hotel’s rooftop terrace for a mini date. 

Awarded by The Michelin Guide Kobe, the hotel has three dining options.

There’s a French restaurant Le Coeur, Teppanyaki Restaurant, and Cafe Grand Blue. 

At Teppanyaki Restaurant, chefs serve traditional food made in front of the guests, using Hyogo ingredients.  

Cafe Grand Blue holds live jazz performances every night.

Add exceptional drinks, food, and premium cigars and you’ll have an amazing night. 

A must-visit is the Le Pan Kobe Kitano Bakery, with exclusive authentic bread and sweets. 

Don’t skip the SPA, designed for women and offering spring baths, saunas, and massages.

  • Guest Rating: 9.6
  • Address: 650-0042 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo-ku Hatoba-cho 7-2 , Japan

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2. Arimasansoh Goshobessho

This hotel is a series of ten ryokan villas with a modern Western touch.  

Rooms highlight local culture with Japanese woodworks, high ceilings, and comfortable modern furniture. 

A forest surrounds the hotel, and couples can enjoy picturesque views from the room’s terrace. 

For a romantic and relaxing time, get in a spacious bathtub, or ask the hotel staff about aromatherapy and massages.

Spice up your stay at Arima Onsen, which will help you relax and retreat in a traditional Japanese way. 

The hotel’s French breakfasts come with a Japanese twist, and the dinners are a fine example of Yamake cuisine. 

And if you need a break from all the relaxation, the complex offers tennis, horse riding, and even fishing. 

  • Guest Rating: 9.5
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 958, Japan

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3. Oriental Hotel

Located in the historic Kyu-Kyoryuchi area, Oriental Hotel is ideal for a honeymoon. 

The hotel is one of Japan’s first Western-style hotels.

Its history dates back to 1870, and the hotel benefits from a well-done renovation from 2010.  

The rooms have spacious bathtubs and low-set furniture.

There are incredible harbor and cityscape views with a magnificent Mt. Rokko. 

The best way to enjoy the Oriental Hotel is to take your partner to one of the many restaurants on site. 

Choose The House of Pacific for its open-kitchen layout, Teppanyaki restaurant for grilled Kobe beef, or the Sushi Kanbe.

For a different experience, try The Journey’s international menu, or enjoy a cocktail or two at The Bar J. W. Hart. 

  • Guest Rating: 9.2
  • Address: 650-0034 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo-ku Kyomachi 25, Japan

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4. Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama

Taketoritei Maruyama is a genuine onsen ryokan designed to make your honeymoon unforgettable. 

The hotel has four private open-air hot springs – all part of the Arima Onsen, one of Japan’s oldest hot springs. 

You can enjoy traditional Japanese-style superior rooms or a luxury suite with an indoor or alfresco golden and silver onsens. 

Take your yukata robes (included with your stay) and enjoy a relaxing soak in your private bathtub. 

Indulge in Japan’s rich culture with tatami floors, low-set seating, and bedding in the room.

For dinner, have a Kaiseki dinner course, featuring traditional Japanese dishes. 

Thanks to the hotel’s location, the restaurant’s chefs use fresh local ingredients from the sea and mountains.

  • Guest Rating: 9.2
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 1364-1, Japan

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5. Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan

To celebrate your honeymoon in an authentic Japanese style, go to Arima Onsen Gekkoen. 

It offers two types of ryokan – korokan (Western style & comfort) and yugetsusanso (real Japanese touch).

Spacious and comfortable ryokan rooms usually come with a large outdoor bath and incredible mountain views. 

You can take advantage of the healing Arima Onsen at this hotel and visit a large bath and an outdoor hot spring.

For a romantic and secluded experience, take your yukatas (provided by the hotel) and enjoy one of the three types of private baths.  

Before or after a relaxing SPA session, have a romantic Kaiseki dinner served at your room, or indulge in the hotel’s all-you-can-eat buffet. 

At Gekkoen, you definitely won’t get bored as you can have a tasty drink at the bar, sing your heart out in the karaoke room, or visit a late-night ramen shop. 

The hotel offers cool bonuses like massage chairs, spontaneous cooking classes, or free beer in the lobby. 

  • Guest Rating: 9.1
  • Address: 651-1401 Hyogo, Kobe, Kita-ku Arima-cho 318 , Japan

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6. Hotel Okura Kobe

Adjacent to Meriken Park and Kobe Port Tower, Hotel Okura Kobe is a luxurious 35-story hotel. 

No matter what room you choose, there’s a guarantee of an unforgettable and romantic view. 

West View rooms offer a view of the famous Kobe Bay, while East View rooms look out on Kobe’s urban part and Osaka Bay in the distance. 

North View rooms are for sightseeing the magnificent Rokko mountain range, and South View rooms are for a picturesque Kobe Port. 

At Hotel Okura, there is something for all couples, as the rooms come in Western and Japanese styles or their combination. 

Dining at this hotel is an exceptional experience that allows you to savor the best Japan and Asia offer. 

Check out Teppanyaki Sazanka with Kobe beef steaks, Sushi Hamaiso with ingredients from the Seto Inland Sea, and Tempura Nishiki.

After dinner, enjoy beautiful Kobe while tasting crisp premium sake from the Nadagogo brewery, served at the hotel.     

  • Guest Rating: 8.9
  • Address: 650-8560 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo-ku Hatobamachi 2-1 , Japan

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7. Kobe Kitano Hotel

Kobe Kitano Hotel, located in the sophisticated Kitano district, is a European-style hotel with a Japanese twist. 

It’s a 30-room miniature boutique hotel that will provide the solitude your honeymoon deserves. 

Rooms are luxurious, designed in French style with unique British furniture.  

Run by prominent Chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the two restaurants, Ash and Igrek, offer exquisite gastronomy. 

At Ash, you can expect world-class dishes from the finest local ingredients. 

At Igrek, you’ll enjoy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in an open kitchen style. 

To add to your carefree romantic vacation, try out a Japanese hydrotherapy bath in the room. 

And if you feel adventurous, there’s always horseback riding, golf, fishing, or sailing.

  • Guest Rating: 8.9
  • Address: 650-0003 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo-ku Yamamotodori 3-3-20, Japan

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8. Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel

Since 1995, the Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel has been one of the best hotels in Kobe Harborland. 

Surrounded by the ocean, the hotel’s rooms always feature a fantastic view from the spacious balcony. 

Among other pleasant amenities, you’ll find some nightwear and slippers to get into after a refreshing bath time. 

For an intimate evening, head to the bar on the top floor, where you can enjoy a drink with the city skyline and majestic Kobe Port views. 

Dining options include a buffet restaurant, an Oriental steak house, and a Sekitei Japanese restaurant.  

After a tranquil day or active sightseeing, stop by at the Pier Lounge for seasonal desserts and an afternoon tea.

  • Guest Rating: 8.6
  • Address: 650-0042 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo-ku Hatoba-cho 5-6, Japan

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9. Kobe Portopia Hotel

Kobe Portopia Hotel is a perfect choice if you want to stay far from the city’s hustle but still close to the main attractions.

The hotel divides its rooms by concepts and floors – an executive premium quality room, a concept room with the view of Kobe skyline, or a Japanese room. 

Here you’ll enjoy beautiful views of the Bay and extraordinary comfort with en-suite baths and deluxe toiletries.  

There are thirteen food and beverage options, each with a specific theme and refreshments, and marvelous ocean views.   

For superb grilled beef, try the Sky Grill Buffet Gococu or Tajima Teppanyaki Grill. 

You can also plan a romantic dinner at the French restaurant Trente et Un or an oriental encounter at the Chinese restaurant Shukei En. 

After a rejuvenating swim in an indoor pool, come by for a relaxing break at the La Belle Cour Tea Lounge. 

  • Guest Rating: 8.6
  • Address: 650-0046 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo-ku Minatojima Nakamachi 6-10-1 , Japan

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10. ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe

ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe is a central hotel, perfect for those looking for a mix of comfort and modernity. 

There are standard rooms and Club Floor rooms with Kobe and Mt. Rokko views, so don’t hesitate and opt for a city view.  

All guests are in for a treat with complimentary breakfasts and evening cocktails. 

But, if you want to explore Japan through its cuisine, try one of the hotel’s seven restaurants. 

For a Japanese pleasure, try Kobe Nadaman, Teppanyaki Kitano, JIN Sushi, and wonderful Kaiseki at Tankuma Kitamise. 

Don’t forget to pamper yourself at the Angsana Spa during your stay, which offers a sauna, massages, and beauty therapies. 

If you’re an energetic and enthusiastic couple, you’ll appreciate the location. 

A few minutes from the hotel, there is the Shin-Kobe station with easy access to Osaka (a perfect one-day trip). 

  • Guest Rating: 8.1
  • Address: 650-0002 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo-ku Kitano 1 , Japan

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5-Star Kobe Hotels Map

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What’s the best 5-star Kobe hotel with a private bathtub?

Kobe Kitano Hotel has a beautiful en-suite Japanese hydrotherapy bath. 

It’s a unique experience that will help all your muscles relax. 

While soaking in the bath, let your body and soul rest to the fullest.

Which 5-stars Kobe hotel has open-air baths?

The best place to enjoy your private Onsen is at Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama

If you don’t mind bathing with other guests, try out Arimasansoh Goshobessho or Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan

All three hotels have beautiful and tranquil surroundings.

What’s the best 5-star Kobe hotel with a private balcony?

Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland shows the alluring vistas of Kobe on a spacious terrace in every room. 

If you want to feel closer to nature, Arimasansoh Goshobessho is an excellent choice.

They have expansive balconies with fascinating views. 

For an astonishing ocean view, it’s worth staying at the Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel.

What’s the best 5-star Kobe hotel with romantic restaurants?

For a traditional Teppanyaki dinner in a romantic ambiance, opt for Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

Praised by residents and travelers, this restaurant is one of the best in Kobe and matches its recognition by The Michelin Guide Kobe. 

For a perfect dinner with exceptional cuisine, visit Ash – a French restaurant at Kobe Kitano Hotel.


5-Star Kobe HotelsGuest Rating
Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland9.6
Arimasansoh Goshobessho9.5
Oriental Hotel9.2
Arima Onsen Taketoritei Maruyama9.2
Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan9.1
Hotel Okura Kobe8.9
Kobe Kitano Hotel8.9
Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel8.6
Kobe Portopia Hotel8.6
ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe8.1

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