Are you looking for a camping site in Jervis Bay?

This beautiful village is just a 3-hour drive from Sydney, popular for its natural attractions.

There are a number of camping grounds, caravan parks, and holiday parks near the bay.

We did some research and found 12 of the best places to camp in Jervis Bay for couples, families, and even your pet dogs!

So pack your bags and get ready for the perfect weekend getaway.

1. Surfside Cudmirrah Beach

Lodged in between beautiful Swan Lake and Cudmirrah Beach – check out Surfside Cudmirrah Beach.

They offer beach style holiday cabins with modern interiors and all the slick amenities that’ll keep you happy.

With inbuilt patios to overlook the gorgeous greenery, you’ll have plenty of options for activities nearby.

Swim in the lagoon located minutes away, or take to the sands as you paddleboard and kayak atop the high seas.

Stay at their 2 bedroom holiday cabin, featuring 1 XL double bed, 1 L bed, and 1 bunk bed.

Or stay at their 1 bedroom caravan cabin, which will house 1 double bed and up to 3 sofa beds!

Bring your dog and enjoy a complete trip with the whole family.

  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Address: 54 Collier Drive, 2540 Berrara, Australia 
  • Dog Friendly: yes

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2. Laguna lodge

Stay at laguna lodge for the aquatic views as you stay at this little watery inlet.

By far the coziest spot to visit if you like river hopping.

In and around Laguna Lode, there’ll be plenty of waterways to splash around.

With bike tracks and a heated swimming pool, guests will be able to partake in a diverse range of activities.

Situated nearby, are all the clubs, restaurants, theatres, and grocery stores you will need at Jervis Bay Village.

Their waterfront 1-2 bedroom units fit between 4-6 people, usually with at least 1 double bed, along with a single, or bunk bed alongside.

Or up the antics with their “Waterfront unit 6” person 2-bedroom option, inhabiting 1 double, 1 single, and 2 bunk beds!

  • Guest Rating: 9.6
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 160 River Road, 2540 Sussex inlet, Australia
  • Dog Friendly: no

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3. Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola

Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola is the perfect spot for adventure laden families itching for some active fun!

Located on the south coast of NSW, this cool joint is trapped 360 degrees by National Parklands, and is just 15 mins from the beachfront!

Hike, swim, golf (on their impressive 9-hole), kayak, and/or explore the lake.

And if the sun’s got your feet beat, BUT the kids are still whining, then just take them to the on-site splash park!

Best for parties of 6-8 persons (plus their pet dogs).

Start off at their “Two-Bedroom Villa”, with 1 large double bed and 4 bunk beds.

Or move up to their max “Three Bedroom Apartment”, with 2 large double beds and 2 bunk beds.

  • Guest Rating: 9.2
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 1 Norman Street, Lake Conjola NSW, 2539 Conjola, Australia
  • Dog Friendly: yes

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4. The Cove Jervis Bay

Nestled within the bosom entranceway of Susses Inlet, you’ll have direct access to Bherwerre Beach.

Welcome to The Cove Jervis Bay.

Whilst the drive inland to reach this haven might be long, you’ll be thanking your sore eyes the moment you arrive.

From angelic views of the blue ocean and inlet river views to the sheer volume of activities, you’ll never get bored!

Indulge in scuba diving, swimming, surfing, boating, fishing, and even whale watching!

Stay at their 5 people 2-bedroom beach cabin, or supersize your trip with their 23 7-bedroom “Fun House”.

Big enough for 23 guests!

That’s 5 large double beds, 5 single beds, and 8 bunk beds…insane, we know!

  • Guest Rating: 9.0
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: Ellmoos Road, Jervis Bay Territory (via Booderee National Park), 2540 Jervis Bay Village, Australia
  • Dog Friendly: no

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5. Sussex Palms Holiday Park

Delight your stay with some colorful cabins set within Sussex Inlet, only at Sussex Palms Holiday Park.

46km from Nowra, relax within the small sea arms that’ll have you cherishing this little family-oriented venue.

Beautiful rivers and views will ensure any cabin you stay at to be ripe with excitement.

And the beach is only 5 minutes away!

Though they also do have a seasonal pool should you demand salt-free water.

Catering between 2-4 people, stay at their 2 people double bed cabin.

Or supersize to their “Three-Bedroom Chalet” with 1 large double, 1 single, and 1 double bed.

  • Guest Rating: 8.8
  • Address: 21 Sussex Rd, 2540 Sussex inlet, Australia 
  • Dog Friendly: no

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6. Amaroo Resort

An accommodation with even more accommodating activities!

Welcome to Amaroo Resort where you can let your dogs roam around.

Offering a silvered platter of fine fun things for the whole family to do.

Children’s playgrounds, billiards, hiking trails, bowling, even take up skiing if your feeling dangerous!

Or work up a dangerous sweat rummaging through their on-site snack bar.

Jervis Bay Village is a mere 41km away, so you won’t be too far from the main community hubs.

This place works best for larger families or one’s requiring complex planning made easy, as they have a ton of rooms!

Book their low end “Two Bedroom Cottage” featuring 2 XL beds for 4 people.

Or when in doubt, go “Genghis” with their massive “Four Bedroom Cottage” for 8 people!

That’s 1 XL, 1L, and 2 sets of bunk beds, family gathering will never be less private again!

  • Guest Rating: 8.7
  • Address: 166 River Road, 2540 Sussex inlet, Australia 
  • Dog Friendly: yes

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7. The Woods Farm Jervis Bay

This one is for the woodsy folks who dream of tents, grass, and low key “glamping” extravaganza!

Stay at The Woods Farm at Jarvis Bay, situated upon 40 acres of gorgeous farmland within Tomerong forest.

But woodsy folk aside, they even have farm animals on-site, just for you animal lovers!

Ponies, alpacas, cows, chickens, ducks, peacocks, and more!

But if the “barn” ain’t your style, then Hyams beach is merely 11km away.

But who needs the beach when The Woods will hook you up with their personal reflective pool!

Plus, there’s a playground for the kiddos.

Come for the “modern camping nirvana” aesthetic, stay for the offered list of cozy and fun activities.

This place is perfect for large families, especially if you have pets.

Starting with their “Glamping” tent for 4 featuring 1 XL bed and 1 sofa bed.

Or try their “Three-Bedroom Stablehouse” containing 2 L beds, 2 single beds, and 2 sofa beds.

  • Guest Rating: 8.7
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: Lot 3 Bayly Rd, 2540 Tomerong, Australia
  • Dog Friendly: yes

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8. Jervis Bay Holiday Park

This is another awesome contender for the top camping site.

Stop by Jervis Bay Holiday Park for your fill of family fun.

A splash zone, heated outdoor pool, children’s playground, and a river bend lake right next door.

Located in Huskisson within NSW, check out these high rise mini villas, which will accommodate all the family members you got, including your pets!

The 6 person “Bushmans Cabin” fits 1 double bed and 2 bunk beds, whereas the “Four-Bedroom Premium Villa” fits a 8.

That’s 2 L double beds as well as 2 sets of bunk beds.

And they even have 2 specialist training gyms right down the road, in case you need to pump those “guns” before that beach trip.

  • Guest Rating: 8.6
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 785 Woollamia Road, 2540 Huskisson, Australia
  • Dog Friendly: yes

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9. Riviera Caravan Park

Another Sussex inlet caravan city dweller, with a predominant calm side – check out Riviera Caravan Park.

Here it’s all about simplicity, tranquility, and taking solace in the calmer, more simple things in life.

Offering what mother nature intended all along, go fishing or hiking and simply catch up on the sunny vibes.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ is the mantra of this hip place, which even features a quaint garden.

For families, stay at their “Two-Bedroom Waterfront Cabin” offering 2 double beds and 1 bunk.

Or bring an extra member to form an even 6, and stay at their 6 person ‘One-bedroom cabin” with 4 single beds and 1 double bed.

As we said, it’s all about simplicity, so pack up the family, a good book, a fishing rod, some suntan – and chill out.

  • Guest Rating: 8.6
  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Address: 158 River Road, 2540 Sussex inlet, Australia 
  • Dog Friendly: no

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10. Calm Waters Waterfront Cottages

As the name suggests, Calm Waters Waterfront Cottages is all about the…well, “calmness.”

Gorgeous cottages encased around beautiful white picket fences, stay here for the views and the “lifestyle.”

Pristine gardens, idyllic cottage residences, quaint river docks, it ain’t got much, but there must be a reason it’s rated so highly!

Stretch out and catch some rays with family members, as they’ll be little else to do, other than gawk at the wonderful area and views itself.

Sussex inlet’s cutest little spot caters to guests between 4-6 people.

From their “Bungalow-Waterfornt Tent” with 2 rooms, 1 large double bed, and 2 bunk beds to their 6 person special.

The 6 person special being their ‘Bungalow with Garden View” featuring 2 bedrooms, 1 large double bed, and 3 sets of bunk beds.

Though trust us when we say, their “garden view” option will the damn near cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

  • Guest Rating: 8.6
  • Address: 187B Jacobs Drive, 2540 Sussex inlet, Australia
  • Dog Friendly: yes

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11. Haven Holiday Resort Sussex Inlet

One of the more laidback establishments out there, come to Haven Holiday Resort for their location and quaint setup.

Lodged right at the river mouth of Sussex inlet, you’ll have front-row views of the river AND the wicked calm seas.

Around 30km from Jervis Bay, Haven Holiday Resort houses up to 8 people.

Their 6 person “Two-Bedroom Apartment” contains 1 double, 2 singles and 1 sofa bed.

Whilst their largest offering houses 8, aptly named the “Executive Suite”, with 3 bedrooms, 1 double, and a whopping 4 single beds.

Quaint houses with sprawling grasslands along with access to a pool, a river, and of course the mesmerizing beach itself.

“Hole in one” we’d say.

  • Guest Rating: 8.5
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: Lot 138 Pacificana Drive, 2540 Sussex inlet, Australia 
  • Dog Friendly: no

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12. Worrowing Jervis Bay

Located more inland north of Bream Beach, Worrowing Jervis Bay differs from the rest of its beach-loving competitors.

Here it’s all about the woods, and the woods you shall experience with their forest-themed houses with modern interiors.

And it makes sense based on the fact that they reside on a historic 250-acre coastal farm property.

They feature a homestead with formal gardens, paddocks, rolling hills, damns, trees, even a wedding shed!

But don’t worry about being isolated in nature.

Worrowing is less than 10 minutes drive from all the beaches, national parks, and main attractions of Jervis Bay.

Start small with their 2 person “Worrowing Boat Shed studio” room featuring 1 double bed.

Or host a full-fledged party within their 13 person “Bechfront Five-Bedroom House.”

This whopper will come with 4 large doubles and 5 single beds.

  • Guest Rating: 8.4
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 81 The Wool Road, Worrowing Heights, 2540 Huskisson, Australia
  • Dog Friendly: no

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Jervis Bay Holiday Parks Map

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Which Jervis Bay camping sites offer the best glamping experience?

The Woods Farm Jervis Bay features a camping-style layout, dolled up with exclusivity and fine decorum

From our perspective, this place is the top glamping location out of the bunch, hands down.

Which Jervis Bay holiday park has the best beach access?

Haven Holiday Resort Sussex Inlet and Surfside Cudmirrah Beach will provide you with direct or near-direct access to the sandy beach lands themselves.

Which Jervis Bay holiday parks are best for couples?

Worrowing Jervis Bay is the best for couples, as its idyllic private set up away from the main roads makes it the most exclusive, and cozy.

Which Jervis Bay holiday parks are best for families with kids?

The Woods Farm Jervis Bay will likely be the most appealing and sure-fire hit with the kids.

This is due to their interactive open-aired co-living situation with varied barnyard animals, like peacocks, cows, and ponies.

What’s the best Jervis Bay holiday park that allows dogs?

Calm Waters Waterfront Cottages, Jervis Bay Holiday Park, The Woods Farm Jervis Bay, Amaroo Resort, Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola, Surfside Cudmirrah Beach all allow dogs.


Jervis Bay Holiday ParksRatings
Surfside Cudmirrah Beach9.6
Laguna lodge9.6
Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola9.2
The Cove Jervis Bay9.0
Sussex Palms Holiday Park8.8
Amaroo Resort8.7
The Woods Farm Jervis Bay8.7
Jervis Bay Holiday Park8.6
Riviera Caravan Park8.6
Calm Waters Waterfront Cottages8.6
Haven Holiday Resort Sussex Inlet8.5
Worrowing Jervis Bay8.4
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