The gorgeous seaside city of Busan in South Korea is a perfect holiday destination with white sandy beaches offering mesmerising coastal views.

Soaring high mountains form a backdrop as you spend your day exploring the city that’s filled with artsy streets lined up with local street food, lively nightlife and cultural sights and markets.

But we know most visitors prefer ocean views, so we’ve had a look at all the properties near Busan Beaches.

Here are some of the best hotels in Busan near the lovely azure beaches of the city that offer the most luxurious holiday experience for both family vacations and a romantic getaway.

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Songjeong Beach

The beautiful Songjeong beach offers an intimate setting as it is a small beach that attracts less crowd.

With reliable waves and shallow waters, it offers a warm and welcoming experience for the whole family filled with boat trips, paddling and surfing, as well as charming beach festivals.

These hotels boast majestic ocean views of Songjeong while offering luxurious amenities.

More importantly, Songjeong beach is easily accessible via public transport.

1. Hotel Laon

The lively beachfront Hotel Laon opens up the best views of the ocean right from the comforts of your cozy room.

Set along the lovely Songjeong Beach, Hotel Laon has spacious family rooms equipped with high-end amenities, including private bathroom with free toiletries and shower.

All the rooms offer beautiful views of the ocean from the sleek floor-to-ceiling windows amidst a contemporary setting.

Wake up to hearty American breakfast every morning with a tasteful café setting and views of the ocean.

The hotel also offers free parking, housekeeping, 24-hr reception and a vending machine.

  • Guest Rating: 8.7
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 39, Songjeonggwangeogol-ro, Haeundae-gu, 48073 Busan, South Korea

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2. Brown Dot Hotel Songjung

Enjoying a prime spot right in the center of Songjeong beach, Brown Dot Hotel Songjung offers cozy rooms with great views.

Go out for a romantic walk by the beachside anytime of the day, or surf and indulge in a variety of water sports during your stay.

The hotel is close to the Songjeon Station and only a 5 minutes’ drive away from Haeundae beach if you want to explore another beach.

Rooms offer a refreshing vibe with tasteful furnishing and stunning views of the ocean, along with posh private bathroom fitted with tubs and luxurious marble flooring.

For more fresh air, check out the rooftop terrace which offers an ideal setting to enjoy enthralling panoramic views of the city and ocean.

There are a variety of great seafood restaurants close to the property, as well as pillow menu available for a delightful staycation by the sea.

  • Guest Rating: 7.9
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 30, Songjeonggwangeogol-ro, Haeundae-gu, 48073 Busan, South Korea

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Haeundae Beach

Showcasing the true beauty of South Korea, Haeundae beach has an urbanized setting and is a very popular holiday spot.

It is loved by locals and tourists alike for its lively vibe with a variety of colorful festivals happening round the year and exciting watersport adventures to indulge in.

These hotels do full justice to the beauty of the deep blue waters surrounded by the city’s skyline by offering captivating ocean views with luxurious facilities.

3. Signiel Busan

The swanky high rise Signiel Busan is a luxurious hotel located in the LCT tower and is a prominent landmark in Haeundae.

It provides a beautiful setting with charming views of the ocean, and is close to the Dalmaji Hill and Marine City.

Rooms have an imperial vibe with exquisite Italian bedding and urban interiors, along with private bathroom and balconies opening up to panoramic views of the ocean.

The hotel also offers a separate lounge for the family at Salon de Signiel.

A delectable and indulgent dining experience is brought to you by world-class chefs with lounge and in-room serving, along with a refined on-site Chinese restaurant.

There’s outdoor activity garden for kids, as well as a luxurious spa and infinity pool for the adults to unwind and relax.

  • Guest Rating: 9.0
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 30, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, 48099 Busan, South Korea

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4. Paradise Hotel Busan

The chic Paradise Hotel Busan boasts an energetic vibe with beautiful views of Haeundae beach.

Overlooking its scenic charm and beauty, the hotel is only a few minutes’ walk from the famous Sea Life Busan Aquarium.

All guest rooms are equipped with high-end amenities including cosy quilled headboards, tasteful layout and breathtaking beach views.

Upgraded suites have a more spacious setting with separate dining areas and airy balconies, while the club rooms give access to a private lounge offering complimentary breakfast.

There are three on-site restaurants with a wide range of cuisines, along with a classy British-style pub and a lobby lounge.

You can also find a casino on property, an infinity pool with views of the sea, and a relaxing sauna.

  • Guest Rating: 8.8
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 296, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, 48099 Busan, South Korea

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5. Park Hyatt Busan

Encompassing the high-rise buildings right across the Busan Marina, Park Hyatt Busan is a lively hotel 1.2 miles from Haeundae beach.

The 5-star hotel has an upscale setting and boasts partial marina views.

Contemporary rooms are loaded with all the basic amenities along with luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows that are a feast for the eyes.

Enjoy posh facilities like flawless granite bathrooms equipped with rainfall showers and an extra TV.

Alternatively, opt for the upgraded suites for wine fridges, whirlpool tubs and cosy fireplaces.

In the morning, dine at the on-site restaurant offering breakfast on the 32nd floor with amazing views of the city and ocean.

There’s also a cake shop and French eatery for a more laid back setting.

Other amenities offered at the hotel include a spa, an indoor pool, a spacious lounge and a gym.

  • Guest Rating: 8.8
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 51, Marine City 1-ro, Haeundae-gu, 48120 Busan, South Korea

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6. The Westin Chosun Busan

Westin Chosun Busan overlooks Haeundae beach in all its glory along with an inspired layout and 5-star accommodation.

The hotel is conveniently located near a bus stop, and is close to the Busan Exhibition and Conventional Center.

Most of the rooms come with sea views and all have high-end amenities including minibars, so you can grab a cool drink while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

To access the exclusive lounge of the hotel, opt for the club-level rooms, or upgraded suites for added living area and whirlpool tubs.

Along with complimentary breakfast, the on-site dining options are diverse, including an Asian restaurant, an Irish pub and an Italian café.

The glamorous top-floor cocktail lounge has a great range of drinks to enjoy with amazing views of the ocean, and there’s also an indoor pool, sauna and hot tub on property.

  • Guest Rating: 8.5
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 67, Dongbaek-ro, Haeundae-gu, 48100 Busan, South Korea

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7. Shilla Stay Haeundae

Situated right across the street from the lovely Haeundae beach, Shilla Stay Haeundae is a posh high-rise hotel.

It is only a few minutes’ walk from a metro station and the Sea Life Busan Aquarium.

The rooms offer a contemporary setting with all the basic amenities and posh floor-to-ceiling windows offering gorgeous views of the sea.

With upgraded suites, you can access the exclusive rooftop terrace with bar, a hot tub/sauna and an outdoor pool, all boasting gripping ocean views.

If you wish to access the rooftop terrace without the suites, you can do so for a fee.

  • Guest Rating: 8.1
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 46, Haeundae-ro 570beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, 48093 Busan, South Korea

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8. Lavi De Atlan Hotel

The one-of-a-kind, sleek beachfront Lavi De Atlan Hotel offers high-end rooms with the most enthralling views of the ocean.

Blending in with the beauty of the beach, the elegant hotel is also just 200 meters from Busan Sea Life.

Decorated guest rooms await your welcome with a cozy setting offering all the basic amenities and private bathroom.

Lovely views of the ocean and the city’s skyline can be enjoyed from every room of the hotel.

There’s also a rooftop terrace with free access that offers panoramic ocean views.

Tasteful on-site restaurants offer a fine range of cuisines to indulge in, and you can get private beach access from the hotel to enjoy some intimate evening strolls.

  • Guest Rating: 8.0
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 37, Gunam-ro, Haeundae-gu, 48095 Busan, South Korea

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Gwangalli Beach

With humble waves, scenic mountainous backdrop and the iconic Gwangan Bridge featured in Marvel’s Black Panther movie, Gwangalli beach has all the right elements to make for a memorable beach vacation.

There are many great beachfront hotels embellishing the coastline of the beach that tailors to every individual’s need.

It is one of the more popular beaches where you’ll also have access to plenty of coffee shops and nightclubs.

9. Gwangan Hound Hotel

The posh high-rise Gwangan Hound Hotel boasts majestic views of Gwangalli beach with a modern layout.

It is only a short walk to the Geumnyeosan subway station, perfect for travellers who want to explore the greater Busan area.

All the guest rooms offer a minimalistic, cozy layout with work desks, seating area and all the basic amenities.

A few rooms also have a self-standing bath by a window, along with an electric kettle and fridge.

The main feature of the hotel is its beautiful rooftop terrace that overlooks the azure waters and mountains.

Breakfast is served on the ground floor in a common lounge area, and direct beach access is available from the hotel.

  • Guest Rating: 8.5
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 12, Namcheonbada-ro 33beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Suyeong-Gu, 48303 Busan, South Korea

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10. Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Gwangan

Tucked along the coastline with only 3 minutes’ walk from Gwangalli beach, Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Gwangan offers posh accommodations and high-class amenities.

The hotel has a luxurious setting and is located near the Shinsegae Centum City shopping complex and Busan Museum of Art.

Lobby and reception area of the hotel has a sophisticated layout with warm colors and wooden furnishing.

The rooms come with private bathroom, flat-screen TVs and all the other basic amenities, as well as lovely ocean views.

Some of the upgraded suites also include complimentary mini-bar to blow off some steam with your favourite drinks within the privacy of your room.

With an impressively diverse dining options, you can enjoy Korean, Japanese and American cuisines in a romantic and modern setting.

  • Guest Rating: 8.4
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 276, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Suyeong-Gu, 48283 Busan, South Korea

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11. H Avenue Hotel Gwangalli branch

Enjoying a prime spot in the bustling Suyeong-Gu neighborhood, H Avenue Hotel boasts a modern layout with wonderful views of Gwangalli beach and its iconic bridge.

The hotel is only a short distance from the famous Busan Museum of Art and Marine City.

All the rooms have posh floor-to-ceiling windows offering captivating views of the ocean, and are equipped with flat-screen TVs along with high-end amenities.

The famous honeymoon suite is ideal for couples with an idyllic setting and romantic ambiance for a much needed private time.

Amenities include a tasteful on-site restaurant, and access to beachfront activities such as windsurfing and canoeing.

There’s a lovely rooftop terrace offering panoramic views to enjoy with your favourite drink.

  • Guest Rating: 8.4
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 29, Millaksubyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Suyeong-Gu, 48283 Busan, South Korea

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12. Ocean 2 Heaven Hotel

With a fantastic beachfront location, Ocean 2 Heaven Hotel brings the best of the Gwangalli beach at your disposal.

The hotel is a few minutes away from the Busan Cinema Centre, Centum City and Busan Museum of Art.

Well-furnished guest rooms have a laidback setting with separate seating areas, private bathroom and hot tub.

All the rooms come with posh floor-to-ceiling windows to appreciate the impressive skyline of the city beautified with the deep blue waters.

Along with high-end amenities, housekeeping facility is also provided on request.

Relish the a la carte or American breakfast, and absorb the views from the comforts of your room while sipping the afternoon tea from tea/coffee makers in all rooms.

  • Guest Rating: 8.3
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 5~6F, 42, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro 278beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Suyeong-Gu, 48283 Busan, South Korea

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13. Gwanganli Hotel 1

Tucked across the street from Gwangalli beach, the upscale Gwanganli Hotel 1 boasts a unique marble-effect décor.

The nearest subway station is just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, and the Sea Life Busan Aquarium is easily accessible by bus.

With a contemporary setting, the rooms are capsule-styled with wonderful city views and shared bathrooms.

Upgraded suites offer views of the ocean along with en suite facilities and a more spacious setting.

There are two casual cafés to get you caffeine fix, and breakfast is available at a fee.

Rooftop terrace adds a nice touch with captivating panoramic views of the ocean.

  • Guest Rating: 8.3
  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Address: 203, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Suyeong-Gu, 48303 Busan, South Korea

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14. Kent Hotel Gwangalli by Kensington

The elegant Kent Hotel Gwangalli by Kensington overlooks the majestic ocean and is a short bus trip from Gwangalli beach.

It is also close to the Millak waterside park and is at a walking distance from the bus stop.

With a polished look, the rooms come with private bathrooms and tea/coffeemakers as well as minibars to kick off with your favourite drinks.

Upgraded suites offer the best views of the city or ocean, and have a more spacious setting with separate living areas.

Feast on your favourite cuisines with an impressive selection from three buffet-style restaurant.

There’s a swanky rooftop bar which combines delicious cocktails with mesmerizing views.

Mor importantly, with its location you can get direct beach access from the hotel.

  • Guest Rating: 8.1
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 229, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Suyeong-Gu, 48303 Busan, South Korea

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15. Busan Premium V Hotel

The luxurious Busan Premium V Hotel is situated 1.6 km from the Gwangan Bridge and overlooks the beautiful ocean.

The non-smoking hotel is a few kilometers from Busan Museum of Art and Centum City.

Guest rooms boast a contemporary setup with minimalist layout and earthy tones, along with all the basic amenities to keep you comfortable.

Views of the ocean and city can be enjoyed from some of these rooms, and they all have private bathroom with free toiletries.

Delicious American breakfast is served every morning for the guests.

The hotel also has a pool, and offers free parking with 24-hour front desk service.

  • Guest Rating: 7.3
  • Address: 51, Namcheonbada-ro 33beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Suyeong-Gu, 48303 Busan, South Korea

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16. Hotel Aqua Palace

Enjoy captivating views of Gwangalli Bay with an idyllic setting and indoor water park with your stay at Hotel Aqua Palace.

The hotel is a few minutes’ walk from Gwangalli beach, and a short metro ride to Sea Life Busan Aquarium.

With a laidback and spacious setting, the rooms offer all the basic amenities along with posh floor-to-ceiling windows and tea/coffee makers.

The airy suites add gorgeous chandeliers and separate living areas along with lovely bay views.

If you’re going as a family, you’ll love the indoor water park with an enjoyable 100 meter long slide, hot tub, spa treatments, wave pools and geothermal baths.

On-site dining include a refined restaurant, café and a casual bar, as well as a few banquet halls.

  • Guest Rating: 7.2
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 225, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Suyeong-Gu, 48303 Busan, South Korea

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Songdo Beach

Filled with enthusiastic swimmers and day visitors, the charming Songdo beach has an energetic vibe with a great variety of cafés and restaurants around.

Along with these luxurious beachfront hotels offering amazing views of the ocean, you can also take a cable car ride or walk along the Songdo skywalk to enjoy striking views over the bay, especially at sunset.

17. Fairfield by Marriott Busan Songdo Beach

Enjoy a comfortable beachfront stay near the Songdo Beach while indulging in a number of fun activities and fine amenities at the Fairfield by Marriott Busan.

The hotel has high-end facilities and is a short distance from the bustling Jagalchi Market, Gukje Market, Busan Port and Busan International Ferry Terminal.

Guests have access to the Amnan Park coastal trekking course along with unparalleled views of the ocean.

Rooms have a modern setting and are fitted with desk, along with private bathrooms, wardrobe and all the basic amenities.

On-site restaurant offers a fine variety on their menu, and there’s a tasteful breakfast buffet every morning.

Other amenities include a shared lounge, fitness center and 24-hour front desk.

  • Guest Rating: 10
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 113 Songdohaebyeon-ro, Seo-gu, Seo-Gu, 49269 Busan, South Korea

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18. Best Western Plus Busan Songdo

Just a few steps from the Songdo beach, the lovely Best Western Plus boasts a luxurious living with a terrace and bar.

The hotel is only 2 miles from Gukje Market and Jagalchi Market.

Guest rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows with wonderful views of the ocean and are equipped with all the basic amenities.

Upgraded suites offer a more spacious setting.

Their artistic architecture and layout opens up to ocean views with large fitted glass windows.

If you’re hungry, check out the on-site restaurant which offers a fine selection of cuisines.

Best Western Plus also has a laidback bar, a terrace with breathtaking panoramic views and 24-hour front desk.

  • Guest Rating: 7.7
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Address: 97, Songdohaebyeon-ro, Seo-gu, Seo-Gu, 49269 Busan, South Korea

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19. Brown-Dot Hotel Songdo

The budget-friendly Brown-Dot Hotel is only 50 meters from the Songdo beach and offers comfortable rooms ideal for couples and families.

It is close to the Gukje and Jagalchi market, as well as Gwangbok-Dong.

Humble guest rooms are well-equipped with all the basic amenities including a microwave, flat-screen TVs and desk.

All the rooms have private bathroom and wardrobes, while upgraded ones offer amazing views of the ocean and city.

Hearty American breakfast is available every morning at the hotel.

With the Busan International ferry just 6 kilometers away, you can explore the city by water easily and enjoy a number of water sports with direct access to the beach.

  • Guest Rating: 7.4
  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Address: 47, Chungmu-daero 34beon-gil, Seo-gu, Seo-Gu, 49269 Busan, South Korea

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Dadaepo Beach

Holding immense natural beauty and tranquil ambiance, the Dadaepo beach is a hidden gem in Busan.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the city with the coast being home to a colorful variety of migratory birds, making it an excellent spot for bird-watching.

There are a number of places to stay here, but we only found one hotel that ensures you can enjoy Dadaepo beach, the scenic green cliffs, refreshing ocean breeze and gentle waves.

20. Oia Hotel Dadaepo

The quaint Oia Hotel Dadaepo is located within 1.4km of Dadaepo Beach and offers comfortable accommodations with high-end facilities.

The hotel is near the Busan China Town and Gukje Market.

Guest rooms have an elegant layout and all the basic amenities, along with private bathrooms fitted with showers.

Some of the upgraded rooms offer wonderful ocean views and have a more spacious setting.

There’s delicious breakfast offered every morning with Asian and continental options for the guests.

Other amenities include a bar and direct access to the beach to enjoy mesmerising sunset with your favourite drinks.

  • Guest Rating: 8.1
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Address: 45, Dadaedong-ro, Saha-gu, 49523 Busan, South Korea

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Map of Busan Hotels Near Beaches

With a variety of beautiful beaches, you’ll never find yourself short on options when exploring the beaches of Busan.

Although any of these hotels will make for a memorable stay, I personally love the Hotel Aqua Palace, as it has a unique setting with an indoor water park, ideal for families with young kids!

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Busan HotelsBeachRatings
Hotel LaonSongjeong Beach8.7
Brown Dot Hotel SongjungSongjeong Beach7.9
Signiel BusanHaeundae Beach9.0
Paradise Hotel BusanHaeundae Beach8.8
Park Hyatt BusanHaeundae Beach8.8
The Westin Chosun BusanHaeundae Beach8.5
Shilla Stay HaeundaeHaeundae Beach8.1
Lavi De Atlan HotelHaeundae Beach8.0
Gwangan Hound HotelGwangalli Beach8.5
Best Louis Hamilton Hotel GwanganGwangalli Beach8.4
H Avenue Hotel Gwangalli branchGwangalli Beach8.4
Ocean 2 Heaven HotelGwangalli Beach8.3
Gwanganli Hotel 1Gwangalli Beach8.3
Kent Hotel Gwangalli by KensingtonGwangalli Beach8.1
Busan Premium V HotelGwangalli Beach7.3
Hotel Aqua PalaceGwangalli Beach7.2
Fairfield by Marriott Busan Songdo BeachSongdo Beach10
Best Western Plus Busan SongdoSongdo Beach7.7
Brown-Dot Hotel SongdoSongdo Beach7.4
Oia Hotel DadaepoDadaepo Beach8.1
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