Get ready to explore Beppu’s best hotels with private onsens! Known for its volcanic mountains, Beppu is incredibly popular for its natural hot springs. Whether you fancy traditional ryokans or luxurious onsen hotels, we’ll show you where to stay. There are budget-friendly rooms, lavish suites, and hotels with extensive facilities. But before we dive into each onsen hotel, here is a summary of our top picks.

Best Beppu Ryokans

  • Kannawaen – Kanawaen’s authentic Japanese atmosphere and hospitality make it one of Beppu’s best ryokans. You’ll love the authentic tatami rooms with real open-air hot spring baths. They also offer two larger private baths, plus authentic teppanyaki and kaiseki meals.
  • Beppu Showaen – Beppu Showaen earns its place among Beppu’s ryokans with authentic charm and a relaxing atmosphere. The Japanese –Style Houses are the most authentic with an open-air bath and an indoor hinoki tub. Plus, they serve Japanese breakfasts and Kaiseki dinners in the privacy of your room.

Most Luxurious Onsen Hotels

  • ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa – With its lavish amenities and breathtaking views, ANA InterContinental is one of Beppu’s most luxurious hotels. You’ll love the Panorama Suites with sweeping views, a private onsen on the terrace, and a spa bath in the ensuite. You can also book a private onsen room at the spa.
  • AMANE resort GAHAMA – Amane resort Gahama is a top destination for those seeking a lavish onsen getaway in Beppu. The Luxury Rooms are everyone’s favorite since it has a private onsen and pool. Also, the view from the public infinity bath is incredible. Top that off with a delicious Japanese breakfast and you’ll have the best stay here.

Most Affordable Onsen Hotels

  • Beppu NagomitsukiThis is a good choice for travelers on a budget. The Standard Double Room is a great value, with its tatami area and a semi-open-air bath. Plan your visit in June or July when rates start at $164 USD per night.
  • Ryokan SennariThis is a charming yet affordable choice among Beppu’s onsen hotels. The Japanese Style Superior Room with Open Air Bath offers a traditional ryokan experience and great value. Rates may vary, but in some months, the rates can drop to $228 USD per night.

Things to Consider

  • Open-Air Onsen – All Kannawaen’s Western Style Rooms offer open-air onsens including Deluxe, Premium, and Superior rooms. AMANE resort SEIKAI is another good hotel with open-air baths in their Twin Rooms and Luxury Suites.
  • Private Pool & Onsen AMANE resort GAHAMA’s Luxury Rooms feature both a private pool and onsen. Their other hotel, AMANE resort SEIKAI’s, has private pools on the terrace and open-air baths in the Junior Suites
  • Kaiseki (food) – Most hotels on this list offer Kaiseki meals, but these three stand out. Our favorite is the Tenku Yubo Seikaiso’s 3 Kaiseki options of wagyu beef, fresh seafood, and tempura. Beppu Nagomitsuki and Seaside Hotel Mimatsu Ooetei are also excellent options for their local seafood and beef Kaiseki dishes.
  • Hotels near Beppu StationRyokan Sennari is conveniently located a short 2-minute walk from Beppu Station. Slightly further is Tenku Yubo Seikaiso, about a 10-minute walk.
  • CouplesANA InterContinental’s One-Bedroom Panorama Suite is perfect for couples. What could be more romantic than an onsen on the terrace and a soaking tub with a view from the bath? The Luxury Rooms at AMANE resort GAHAMA’s are also designed for couples, fitted with a private pool and onsen.
  • Families Kannawaens’s Premium Western Rooms are perfect for families. They’re big enough for 8 and everyone will love the open-air bath. With 6 beds and plenty of space, Ryotei Matsubaya’s Maisonette is another top choice.

1. AMANE resort GAHAMA

AMANE resort GAHAMA stands out among Beppu’s onsen hotels for its exceptional service and amenities. The Luxury Rooms are the most authentic, with a private onsen, tatami area, and a terrace with a private pool. Guests raved about the infinity public bath with a jacuzzi and dry sauna. They seemed to prefer these facilities over the onsite spa. The food was well-reviewed, especially the Japanese breakfasts and full-course dinners.

  • Guest Reviews: The maisonnette was huge with a private outdoor onsen. A luxury stay at an affordable price.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Luxury Rooms with Private Pool
  • Address: 874-0023 Oita, Beppu, Shoningahamacho 5-32, Japan

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2. Kannawaen

Kannawaen is a top choice for travelers seeking an authentic hot spring retreat in Beppu. For the best onsen experience, we recommend the Premium Western Style Rooms. You’ll love the traditional tatami area, plus the indoor and open-air baths. Guests also enjoyed the two onsite natural hot springs and the sauna. The dining options were well-reviewed, including the Teppanyaki and Kaiseki restaurants.

  • Guest Reviews: Beautiful room with indoor and outdoor onsen tubs. The kaiseki and teppanyaki restaurants were excellent.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Premium Western Style Rooms
  • Address: 874-0045 Oita, Beppu, Kannawa 345, Japan

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3. Beppu Showaen

Beppu Showaen is a popular destination for travelers looking to relax in Beppu’s hot springs. For the best private onsen choose the Superior Japanese-Style House. You’ll love the traditional furnishings, but the indoor and open-air baths are the stand-out features. Guests also enjoyed the Japanese breakfasts and multi-course dinners served in the room.

  • Guest Reviews: Our traditional Japanese-style room was beyond expectations. The hot spring baths were fabulous.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Superior Japanese-Style House
  • Address: 874-0820 Oita, Beppu, Beppu Otobaru 3783-1, Japan

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4. AMANE resort SEIKAI

This resort is very popular in Beppu with luxurious amenities and breathtaking views. Guests all agreed the Junior Suite is the one they would recommend. You’ll love everything about it from the sea views to the private pool and open-air hot spring bath. Most guests opted for the oceanfront hot spring, jacuzzi, and sauna instead of the spa. You’ll enjoy the dining options, including Kaiseki meals, French cuisine, and seafood.

  • Guest Reviews: Our room was big with a private bath, but the decor was a bit dated. We loved the complimentary drinks.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Junior Suite with Open Air Bath
  • Address: 874-0023 Oita, Beppu, Shouningahama 6-24, Japan

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5. Terrace Midoubaru

Terrace Midoubaru is one of Beppu’s top hotels, praised for its private onsens, and stunning views. Everyone loves the Twin Rooms, but we recommend the ones on the second floor. You’ll have a better sea view while you relax in your semi-open-air bath. The in-room massage and the public hot spring bath were well-received by travelers. Several guests remarked that the breakfasts and the Kaiseki dinners were some of the best they’ve had.

  • Guest Reviews: The room had a private onsen next to a window with a great view of Beppu. It was money well spent!
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Twin Rooms
  • Address: 874-0831 Oita, Beppu, Horita 5 Kumi, Japan

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6. Ryotei Matsubaya

Celebrated for its Japanese charm and hospitality, this is one of the top private onsen hotels in Beppu. Guests recommend the Maisonette for its blend of modern and Japanese styles. You’ll have a great view on the upper floor while relaxing in the veranda’s open-air bath. Visitors raved about the five hot spring baths, especially the ones for couples and families. According to reviews, the seasonal Kaiseki dinners were a stand out too.

  • Guest Reviews: The room was perfect with a tatami room and private onsen. The traditional breakfasts and dinners were delicious.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Maisonette
  • Address: 874-0822 Oita, Beppu, Kankaiji 3, Japan

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7. ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa

ANA InterContinental is well known for its lavish accommodations and its exclusive onsen experiences. Couples and families will love the One or Two-Bedroom Panorama suites for their amenities and sweeping views. The private onsen rooms are a separate space big enough for six with a lounge and an outdoor bath. There are also separate onsens for men and women, plus a relaxing steam sauna. Guests enjoyed the restaurants, but the food was more Western than traditional Japanese.

  • Guest Reviews: We enjoyed the family onsen it was so quiet and private. Our suite far exceeded all expectations.
  • Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Best Rooms: Panorama Suites
  • Address: 874-0000 Oita, Beppu, 499-18 Oaza Kannawa, Aza Sarukawa, Japan

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8. Bettei Haruki

According to reviews, Bettei Haruki sets itself apart with its attentive customer service. Guests loved the Japanese-Style Room, especially the open-air hot tub gazing out on a Japanese garden. You’ll also enjoy one of their creative Kaiseki meals, served in the privacy of your room. Other visitors preferred a soak in the hot spring waters at one of the hotel’s three private onsens. They also offer in-room massage service to guests.

  • Guest Reviews: Our in-room onsen was great, but the hot spring water was really hot. The kaiseki course dinner was exceptional.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Japanese Style Rooms
  • Address: 874-0834 Oita, Beppu, Shin-Beppu 4, Japan

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9. Ryokan Sennari

If you’re seeking an authentic onsen retreat in Beppu, Ryokan Sennari is an excellent choice. Decorated in traditional Japanese style the Deluxe Rooms are a guest favorite. You’ll love soaking in the open-air bath while enjoying the Japanese Garden. You can also reserve one of 3 hot spring baths, so you can enjoy a private onsen experience. Everyone liked the breakfasts but raved about the Ryokan’s specialty, a traditional multi-course Kaiseki dinner.

  • Guest Reviews: Beautiful traditional Japanese ryokan with a large comfortable room. Everything was perfect from food to onsens.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Japanese Style Deluxe Rooms
  • Address: 874-0933 Oita, Beppu, Noguchi-Motomachi 2-18, Japan

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10. Beppu Nagomitsuki

At this hotel, all the rooms are modern Japanese-style, with a semi-open-air hot spring bath. But the Deluxe Twin is the best choice – it’s the largest with a lovely rock onsen. The Japanese breakfast was well-reviewed, but the kaiseki menu is a hit with guests and local foodies. You’ll love the local seafood and mountain dishes carefully paired with the area’s best sake.

  • Guest Reviews: A beautiful place to stay with private onsen baths in each room. The public bath was nothing special.
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Rooms: Deluxe Twin Rooms
  • Address: 874-0032 Oita, Beppu, Shoninhonmachi 411-5, Japan

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11. Seaside Hotel Mimatsu Ooetei

Seaside Hotel Mimatsu Ooetei is a popular choice for onsen getaways in Beppu. For the best experience book the Japanese-Style room with its open-air bath overlooking Beppu Bay. Guests also enjoyed the public Hinoki baths, both with incredible sea views. The traditional Japanese breakfast got rave reviews, but the Kaiseki Mimatu was everyone’s favorite. Guests especially enjoyed the area’s featured dishes of fresh seafood and wagyu beef.

  • Guest Reviews: We booked a room with a private onsen overlooking the ocean. The traditional breakfasts were different but delicious.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Japanese Style Rooms
  • Address: 874-0920 Oita, Beppu, Kitahama 3-14-17, Japan

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12. Tenku Yubo Seikaiso

Based on visitor reviews, Tenko Yubo Seikaiso stands out among Beppu’s private onsen hotels. Guests all agreed the Twin Room with Open Air bath was the best choice. You’ll love relaxing in your private hot spring while taking in the sea views. You can also choose from 4 rooftop private baths, or a public bath on the hotel’s observation deck. The ryokan breakfasts were good, but the beef, tempura, and seafood Kaiseki options were everyone’s favorite.

  • Guest Reviews: Fantastic sea view from the room and it was so close to Beppu station. The public onsen was small and a bit dated.
  • Star Rating: 4 stars
  • Best Rooms: Twin Room with Open Air Bath
  • Address: 874-0920 Oita, Beppu, Kitahama 3-14-3 , Japan

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Beppu Hotels Map

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Best Onsen Rooms

Beppu HotelsBest Rooms
AMANE resort GAHAMALuxury Rooms with Private Pool
KannawaenPremium Western Style Rooms
Beppu ShowaenSuperior Japanese-Style House
AMANE resort SEIKAIJunior Suite with Open Air Bath
Terrace MidoubaruTwin Rooms
Ryotei MatsubayaMaisonette
ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & SpaPanorama Suites
Bettei HarukiJapanese Style Rooms
Ryokan SennariJapanese Style Deluxe Rooms
Beppu NagomitsukiDeluxe Twin Rooms
Seaside Hotel Mimatsu OoeteiJapanese Style Rooms
Tenku Yubo SeikaisoTwin Room with Open Air Bath
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