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Sounds of Silence Dinner at Uluru

The Sounds of Silence is a nightly dining and entertainment experience hosted by the Ayers Rock Resort at Yulara.

Just a short distance from Uluru, the Sounds of Silence offers you a chance to enjoy the unique Australian atmosphere of the Red Centre along with an evening of luxury.

You will share a multi-course dining experience under the stars.

You’ll have views of Uluru and the stunning desert environment while enjoying a variety of local entertainment.

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What can you expect at the Sounds of Silence Dinner

Stunning Surrounds

The Sounds of Silence experience takes place on the outskirts of the Ayers Rock Resort, located in Yulara.

The event begins as the sun it setting, offering stunning views over the surrounding Red Centre and the iconic shape of Uluru in the distance.

The sunset provides you with an opportunity to see the many different colours and shades of the rock formation.

This is not often witnessed by day tripping visitors.

Also visible from the Sounds of Silence experience space is the shape of Kata Tjuta, another rock formation around 25 kilometres from Uluru.

Between these two famed Central Australian icons and with little sign of civilisation in sight, the Sounds of Silence event is like few other fine-dining experiences in the world.

Food & Wine 

The views may seem like the main attraction, but it is the silver-service buffet that draws the most attention.

You can enjoy the unique food throughout the evening.

This is paired with atmospheric wine and beer options from the highest quality Australian producers, 

At sunset, the dining experience begins with canap├ęs and light drinks.

Then an Australian buffet is served with a number of bush tucker-inspired foods,

This includes local ingredients like crocodile, kangaroo, barramundi, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Following the main course, you are presented with an array of desert options, coffee, tea and after-dinner drinks.


Sounds of Silence provides performances and presentations throughout the evening.

These include a sunset didgeridoo session, a traditional welcome dance performed by local Anungu dancers and a stargazing presentation by an astronomer.

The vairety in entertainment provides an interesting perspective on the unique Uluru landmark.


Entry to Sounds of Silence 

There are a few different options for visitors who want a grand entrance.

Arrival by camel through the desert or flying in via helicopter.

Both options allow you to see the beautiful natural environment during sunset.


The Sounds of Silence eventis essentially outdoors in the middle of the dessert.

This means organisers cannot totally stop nature from interacting in the evening.

Insects can be something of a hassle, especially during summer.

To help prevent them from negatively impacting on your evening, wear a non-scented mosquito and bug repellent.

How to get to Sounds of Silence Dinner

The Ayers Rock Resort hosts the Sound of Silence dinner.

You can drive there yourself, but the most convenient way to enjoy the experience is via an escorted tour guide.

Join a 3 day tour so you can see Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta and enjoy the Sounds of Silence dinner.

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