Tokyo is known for having one of the most vibrant food scenes in Asia.

So if you’re planning a trip to the Japanese capital, prepare for an amazing gastronomic experience.

From dinner cruises to eclectic restaurants, you’ll have no shortage of memorable food experiences in Tokyo.

Keep reading to discover the 17 best tokyo food tours and dining experiences for families.

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1. Tokyo Robot Restaurant

Be amazed by Tokyo Robot Restaurant.

This one of a kind eatery is located in the Kabukicho district, otherwise known as the red light district.

This themed bar is known for its dinner performances, which include robotic monsters, dancers, lasers, and plenty of neon colours (in essence, kids will love it!).

Think of it like a Japanese, sci fi-style cabaret show.

At one point, neon tanks emerge and do battle with samurais and ninjas.

We promise, you haven’t seen anything like it!

Shows are 90 minutes in length and performed 4 times each night.

Food is served throughout the evening, so you can indulge in some local food while taking in this spectacular show.

  • Address: Robot Restaurant, 1-7-1 Kabukicho B2f, Kabukicho, Shinjuku 160-0021 Tokyo Prefecture
  • Show Times: Between 1pm and 9:30pm

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2. Traditional Yakatabune Cruise

We bet your family has never been on a houseboat cruise.

Well now’s your chance!

Houseboat cruises on the Yakatabune have a long history in Tokyo, which makes this an extremely popular activity for travelers.

In addition to the novelty of dining on a floating houseboat, you can expect some seriously delicious food.

High quality cuisine is the name of the game, with cruises serving 10-course meals made up of Japanese-style dishes.

Cruises are three hours in length and go around both Tokyo Bay and down the Sumida River.

  • Departure Point: Funasei, Japan, 〒140-0001 Tōkyō-to, Shinagawa City, Kitashinagawa, 1-chōme−16−8 船清ビル
  • Departure Time: 5:30pm
  • Duration: 3 hours

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3. Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise

For a luxury dining experience with your family, look no further than this Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise.

Getting out on Tokyo Bay is a must while visiting the Japanese capital, and there’s no better way of doing this than on a giant yacht.

This 2.5 hour sightseeing cruise will take you out on the bay.

Once on the water, you will be treated to a gourmet dinner made up of international dishes.

One complimentary drink is also included.

Finally, as you indulge in your delicious food, be sure to look out the window.

The cruise will pass by major Tokyo attractions such as Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree.

  • Departure Point: Symphony Cruise, 2-chōme-7-104 Kaigan, Minato City, Tōkyō-to 105-0022, Japan
  • Departure Time: 6:30pm
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

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4. Tsukiji Fish Market Food & Culture

Japan is known for its fresh seafood.

When you arrive in Tokyo, you’ll find most tourists flock to the Tsukiji Fish Market.

This famous culinary destination dates back over 80 years.

However, it can be a daunting place for visitors given its size and bustling nature.

That is why a local guide is recommended to accompany you and your family, showing you the ins and outs of the market.

During the tour, you will try numerous Japanese foods and learn about the market’s history and culture.

If you’re a sushi lover, then be sure to add a sushi making class onto your fish market food tour.

You will learn how to make sushi so you can apply these skills when you return home.

  • Departure Point: Shin-ohashi-dori Avenue, Shin-ohashi-dori Ave, 3-chōme-15 Tsukiji, Chuo City
  • Departure Time: 8:30 am
  • Duration: 3 hour

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5. Walking Food Tour of Shibuya

Shibuya is one of the busiest neighbourhoods in Tokyo.

Although it’s known for its business and commercial attractions, few people realize just how good the food is in this area.

Discover another side of Shibuya on this walking food tour.

Over the course of three hours, you and your family will get to experience the best authentic street food that Tokyo has to offer.

Your local, English-speaking guide will take you to the best “off the beaten path” foodie spots that are sure to delight your tastebuds.

Throughout the day, you will get to try everything from a Wagyu beef skewers and Okonomiyaki to “Kare Pan” and different kinds of sushi.

  • Departure Point: Hachikō-mae Square, 2 Chome-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan
  • Departure Time: 1pm or 4pm
  • Duration: 3 hours

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6. Challenge Sumo Wrestlers and Chanko Lunch or Dinner

A meal and a traditional sumo wrestling show?

Sounds pretty great to us!

When in Tokyo, don’t miss out on this unique dining experience.

This Sumo Wrestlers and Chanko Lunch or Dinner experience incorporates the traditional Japanese meal of hot pot with a live wrestling show.

Learn behind the scenes stories of sumo wrestlers and the history of the sport.

You and your kids will even have an opportunity to wrestle with the retired athletes.

The tour is available just two days per week: on Mondays for lunch and dinner and on Thursdays for lunch only.

  • Departure Point: Ryōgoku, Sumida City or Asakusa, Taito City
  • Start Time: 12pm or 5:30pm
  • Duration: 2 hours

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7. Tokyo Local Food & Drinks with Bar Hopper

Bar hopping in Tokyo is like nowhere else in the world!

That is why when travelling in the city, it is a must to experience its bar culture.

On this Tokyo Local Food & Drinks with Bar Hopper tour, you will visit local bars in Tokyo’s Ueno, Shinbashi, or Ikebukuro neighborhoods.

Your local guide will take you to all the best spots beloved by locals, ones you otherwise likely wouldn’t know about.

You will be taken to three traditional izakayas, otherwise known as small bars that serve drinks and small plates of Japanese food.

Indulge in a few food and drink samples and perhaps even start chatting with a few regulars.

  • Departure Point: Okachimachi Station, Shimbashi Station or Super Hotel JR Ikebukuro-Nishiguchi
  • Departure Time: between 3pm – 6pm
  • Duration: 2 hours

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8. Asakusa Local Food and Drink bar hopping Tour

Transport yourself back in time in Asakusa.

Asakusa is one of Tokyo’s most historic neighbourhoods, with many buildings and temples dating back to the 19th century.

Beyond the history, the area is known for its thriving street food and many bars.

That is what makes this the ideal spot for a Food and Drink Bar Hopping tour.

On this 3 hour tour, you will visit Asakusa in the evening, when the area’s bars and restaurants come to life.

Your local guide will teach you about different kinds of local alcohol like beer, sake, and shochu.

You will also get to sample multiple authentic Japanese foods.

  • Departure Point: Taito City, Kaminarimon
  • Departure Time: 5pm
  • Duration: 3 hours

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9. Local Food and Drink on Sunamachi Ginza Street

Get off the beaten path and experience a part of the city that some locals don’t even know about: Sunamachi Ginza Street.

Sunamachi Ginza Street is one of the best shopping streets in Tokyo.

The street is mostly made up of family-run businesses selling osozai, or prepared food.

It has been around for over 60 years and offers insight into Tokyo’s local culinary culture.

Over the course of the 3.5 hour walking tour, you will sample delicious drinks and food, learn about the history and culture of the street, and meet lots of local vendors.

Lunch is included in all tours and you can expect to come away with plenty of insider tips from your English-speaking guide.

  • Departure Point: Sumida City, Kōtōbashi
  • Departure Time: 11am
  • Duration: 3.5 hours

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10. Kabukicho Izakaya Food Tour

Although Kabukicho is famous for being the red light district of Tokyo, it is also a foodie paradise.

Specifically, it is the backstreets of Kabukicho that offer some of the most delicious food in Tokyo.

Sushi, yakitori (skewers), and ramen are all popular foods here.

In addition to street food, your guide will take you to some of the neighbourhood’s best culinary attractions.

These include multiple karaoke bars and the famous Robot restaurant.

Your tour will end in the Golden Gai, Tokyo’s drinking alley and most popular spot famous for its tiny bars.

  • Departure Point: Shinjuku Station East Exit Police Box
  • Departure Time: 5pm
  • Duration: 3 hours

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11. Adventurous Japanese Food Tour

If you’re an adventurous eater who is willing to try almost anything, then this is the Tokyo food tour for you.

This Adventurous Japanese Food Tour spans two and a half hours in length and is not for the faint of heart.

Although sushi, ramen, and curry are popular Japanese foods, you won’t find any of that on this food tour.

Instead, expect to try dishes that you’ve likely never heard of before.

For example, delicacies include blowfish and horse sashimi.

You can bet that you won’t be able to find these dishes at home!

To ensure the best possible experience for guests, tours are limited to just 15 people.

  • Departure Point: Ginza Station
  • Departure Time: 5:30pm
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

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12. Maid Cafe Experience

Japanese culture is extremely unique and nowhere is that more evident than in Tokyo.

This Maid Cafe Experience offers a culinary tour unlike anything else in the world.

During this two and a half hour tour, you will be introduced to the city’s famous Otaku culture.

Gain a new perspective on the country’s love of anime and manga by visiting many anime-related establishments, such as maid cafes, in Akihabara.

Maid Cafes are authentic and servers may only speak Japanese, which is why it’s best to go with a local guide.

Once at the maid cafe, you will be able to enjoy a beverage of your choice and even take a photo with the waitresses, who are dressed in maid costumes.

Later in the tour, you will visit a toy vending machine and get a photo shoot at Prikura.

  • Departure Point: Akihabara Station, 1 Chome-17-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tōkyō-to 101-0021, Japan
  • Start Time: 1pm
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

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13. Soba-Making with a Master in Tokyo

Are you and your family fans of soba noodles?

Then you will love this class!

Although the thought of making these tasty noodles from scratch probably never crossed your mind, it’s actually not too difficult.

And there is no better place to learn than in Tokyo!

Throughout this 4.5 hour culinary experience, you will learn how to make the famous Japanese buckwheat noodles from a soba master.

The soba expert will take you through the process step by step, and of course, you’ll get to eat them after!

Plus, your instructor will teach you about the history of the noodle and about Japanese culture more generally.

This is a great chance to interact with a local and learn a new culinary skill!

  • Departure Point: Koiwa Station
  • Start Time: 9:15am
  • Duration: 4.5 hours

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14. Wagyu Beef and Kaiseki Ryouri Tokyo Cooking Class

Learn how to make two of Japan’s most famous dishes in one afternoon.

This Wagyu Beef and Kaiseki Ryouri Tokyo Cooking Class will have you preparing a total of 7 to 8 dishes over the course of three hours.

Wagyu beef is known for its refined quality, while kaiseki ryouri is the name of a traditional multi-course meal in Japan.

With the help of local culinary experts, you will learn to make a multitude of Japanese dishes.

You will make appetizers, dessert, and everything in between.

And at the end, you will get to reap the benefits of your hard work by enjoying a gourmet lunch of your own making.

  • Departure Point: Cooking Sun Tokyo, 18 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0016, Japan
  • Start Time: 9:30am
  • Duration: 3 hours

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15. Japanese Bento Box Cooking Lesson

Bento boxes are a huge trend around the world right now, but did you know the culinary tradition began in Japan?

Bento boxes are a source of pride among the Japanese, known for their neat and appealing aesthetic.

On this three hour tour, you will learn how to make a beautiful bento box for yourself.

You will also get to visit a Japanese home, providing the ultimate local experience.

Your expert guide will teach you the rules and techniques of making a bento box, and give you ideas for the best types of fillers to include.

Before you go, you will be given an English recipe sheet to take home so you can recreate them.

  • Departure Point: Shinagawa City, Nishigotanda
  • Start Time: 10am
  • Duration: 3 hours

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16. Japanese Sweets Making and Tea Ceremony

Sushi, ramen, and bento boxes are all delicious, but what about dessert?

Japan is also known for its many sweets and of course, green tea!

And this Japanese Sweets Making and Tea Ceremony allows you to gain insight into these two aspects of local culinary culture.

On this 2 hour tour, you will learn how to make the traditional Japanese treat of Wagashi.

You will also be served green tea in a special tea ceremony.

For the tea ceremony, you will be given traditional clothing to change into.

It is during the ceremony that you will get to indulge in the colourful confection you made and the yummy tea.

  • Departure Point: Shinjuku City, Kabukichō
  • Start Time: classes between 10am and 6pm
  • Duration: 2 hours

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17. Geisha Performance with Kaiseki Course Dinner

Enjoy dinner and a show on this 2.5 hour Geisha Performance and Kaiseki Course Dinner experience.

No trip to Japan is complete without exploring geisha culture.

This tour combines a traditional multi-course kaiseki meal with a live geisha performance.

Watch the graceful geishas in front of your very eyes while you are treated to an authentic meal prepared by a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Tour groups are small in size, making this ideal for families.

This is a once in a lifetime experience and is something you and your family are sure to remember forever.

  • Departure Point: 4-chōme-17-3 Honjo, Sumida City
  • Departure Time: 6pm
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

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As you probably know by now, Tokyo is brimming with exciting food tours and experiences for families.

From a trip to the famous Robot Restaurant to a dinner cruise on a yacht, you will love exploring the culinary scene of the Japanese capital.

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